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Added October 6, 1997

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What kind of phrases do you get if you reaarange the letters in A Dent In The Tori Amos Net Universe? Toriphile Dan The Kitti man sent me the following anagrams to answer that question!

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Rearranging the letters of 'a dent in the tori amos universe' gives:

Her video-nastie menstruation.
Deviation menstruates heroin.
Heroins menstruate deviation.
Video-nastie heroine tantrums.
Inhumane rotter video-nasties.
Sedative heroin menstruation.
Ovaries enthused termination.
An inverted smoothie urinates.
Deviation menstruates in hero.
Introvert to inhumane disease.
I'm a trendier ovation enthuses.
The sunniest, dreamier ovation.
I nauseate introvert hedonism.
Introvert as heinous dementia.
Hideous variation resentment.
Invite sorehead menstruation.
Not trashier, envious dementia.
Divine smoother urinates neat.
Soviet, handiest remuneration.
Heavens! tremendous initiator.
Sheer deviation menstruation.
A hardiest, temerous invention.
A heinous dementia introverts.
Sedative hero in menstruation.
Intuitive or handsome earnest.
I'm the inane evasions tortured.
Heavens! in temerous tradition.
Is inhumane or rotten sedative.
On this sedative remuneration.
Her mutant, senior video-nastie.
Over-rated, inhumane, nosiest it.
Is not inhumane, dreariest vote.
It isn't overhead enumerations.
Venomous irritate sainted hen.
Ahem! it isn't erroneous deviant.
The reservation mountainside.
I'm the deviant, erroneous saint.
An inherent, timorous sedative.
Deviation as temerous thinner.
So menstruate in her deviation.
Heroine tantrum video-nasties.
The rude termination evasions.
I'm the dearer, sunniest ovation.
Smithereens urinated ovation.
Not sedative, inhumane rioters.
Deviation menstruates on hire.
Deviation here menstruations.
Deviations menstruate heroin.
Inhumane video-nasties retort.
Is not over-rated, inhumane site.
Is not over-rated, inhumane ties.
Heavens menstruate or in idiot.
Deviant or this temerous inane.
Oh man! nuttier, senior sedative.
Sedative urinates in the moron.
I'm the deviation ensnares rout.
O man! her nuttier video-nasties.
It isn't over-rated, heinous mean.
Sure! hardiest, eminent ovation.
It isn't overhead mountaineers.
Oh dear me! not urinates invites.
In venomous neater, hardiest it.
Unmotivated heroin irateness.
Uneven and smoothie irritates.
Video-nastie or human interest.
Video-nastie tortures main hen.
Is not overt, inhumane steadier.
Hedonist varieties manure not.
On nuttier, handsome varieties.
Darn it! even smoothie urinates.
Motivated senior hen urinates.
A tastier, hideous environment.
Envied rant smoothie urinates.
The video-nastie urinates norm.
Inhumane rotation deserves it.
Evade not inhumane, sorriest it.
A hideous intervention master.
To a trendier, inhumane soviets.
It is not dearer, inhumane votes.
Time-honoured neatness trivia.
Smoothie urinates dear invent.
A hedonist mountains retrieve.
I've sorehead instrumentation.
The insane, venomous irritated.
Venture in steamier sainthood.
Is underneath overestimation.
Venom urinates irate hedonist.
No! this sedative remuneration.
Advertise on this enumeration.
Not trashier video-nastie menu.
Video-nasties hotter in manure.
Derivation or inhumane testes.
It is over-rated, inhumane notes.
It is over-rated, inhumane onset.
It is over-rated, inhumane stone.
The dire evasion menstruation.
Ovaries mean nuttier hedonist.
A dirtiest, inhumane overtones.
It is not more heavens urinated.
Denominator urinates thieves.
Urinated honest, tiresome vain.
An intuitive sorehead monster.
Sorehead vomits nuttier inane.
Hated sunnier overestimation.
Is not deviant heroine matures.
Deviant, temerous heroin saint.
I'm this deviant, erroneous neat.
Sedative hire on menstruation.
I'm the inane evasions tortured.
To inhumane reservation edits.
Heated revision menstruation.
Eminent as a hideous introvert.
Soviet, inhumane, dreariest, not.
I'm a trendier ovation enthuses.
Overhead meaner institutions.
Neater, handiest, timorous vein.
Manoeuvre in tastier hedonist.
Darn it! the noisiest manoeuvre.
Dear! the envious terminations.
Driven neat smoothie urinates.
Oh man! sure interest deviation.
O man! ruttish, serene deviation.
Mean senior video-nastie truth.
Her nuttier video-nastie moans.
Her nuttier video-nasties moan.
Mere derivation on enthusiast.
Inhumane irritant devotees so.
Ahem! it is not nude reservation.
Irate madhouse interventions.
Dear! temerous hen invitations.
I'm introvert, hideous, sane neat.
Introvert hideous inane mates.
Hideous mate introverts inane.
The rude, steamier innovations.
Enthused in a merriest ovation.
Indeterminate ovation rushes.
Overhead nutrition meatiness.
Shove urinates determination.
Invite urinated sane smoother.
Oh no! Sure! transitive dementia.
No! nuttier, handsome varieties.
Venomous dirtiest, inane hater.
Irritated envious, honest mean.
Vomit nuttier, insane sorehead.
Steadier vomit urinates on hen.
Her deviant urinates emotions.
I am the sunnier sedative or not.
So retrieved to inhumane saint.
I'm sane deviation tortures hen.
I'm a honest video-nastie return.
Oh! menstruate neater division.
A hedonist, minute reservation.
I'm a hedonist reservation tune.
South reservation in dementia.
Nuttier, neat hedonism ovaries.
Oh dear me! suit as intervention.
Invasion or the under-estimate.
Introvert hideous, insane mate.
Oh man! soviet trendies urinate.
Soviet, inhumane or reinstated.
Heavens! it is not mere duration.
Heavens riot underestimation.
Heavens smut in deterioration.
Urinated a smoother intensive.
Damn authorities intervene so.
Invest to or inhumane steadier.
Manoeuvre in the dissertation.
Envious, handiest or terminate.
Oh! unassertive determination.
Vomit urinated sanest heroine.
In dearer motivation enthuses.
I'm the deviant, erroneous saint.
Sedative, mutant, senior heroin.
O man! deviation truth eeriness.
Deviation trusts mean heroine.
Run honest, steamier deviation.
Horse menstruate in deviation.
Temerous deviation hen in star.
She menstruate or in deviation.
Tournaments hire video-nastie.
Video-nasties in the numerator.
I'm introverted as heinous neat.
Steamier divot urinates on hen.
I'm the saner devotion urinates.
Evasions or intermediate hunt.
Evasions hurt on intermediate.
Intervention madhouse satire.
Hedonist, mature, neat revision.
The tremendous, irate invasion.
Oh! meatiest environs urinated.
Soviet, inhumane, torn steadier.
I'm the dearer, sunniest ovation.
Is not inhumane, steadier voter.
Retard inhumane, noisiest vote.
Heavens! underestimation or it.
Meaner institution overheads.
Invite hardiest, enormous neat.
Native, unrestrained smoothie.
In horrendous, meatiest native.
Retrieve as hedonist mountain.
Oh man! Dear! severe institution.
It is neater hatred in venomous.
Nine irritates venomous hated.
Intimations venture sorehead.
Veterans urinated in smoothie.
Oh dear me! nuttier, noisiest van.
Enthuse in dearer motivations.
Handiest remove urinates on it.
Is inhumane sedative on rotter.
I'm the deviation ensnares tour.
Deviation or inhumane streets.
I'm southern, earnest deviation.
Inherent deviation matures so.
Hint temerous, saner deviation.
Thin, temerous, saner deviation.
Deviation on the merriest anus.
Ha! video-nastie torments urine.
Mourn this neater video-nastie.
Devote inhumane, senior artist.
O dear me! nuttier evasions hint.
Oh dear me! isn't nuttier evasion.
Inhumane reservations to diet.
Inhumane reservations to edit.
Ahem! tedious inane introverts.
I'm irate renovations enthused.
Is not inhumane, dreariest veto.
Hardiest votes in enumeration.
Is rude heavens to termination.
Heavens! I rioted menstruation.
Heavens! Darn! tiresome tuition.
Heavens! it is not routine dream.
Heaven-sent, timorous dear in it.
In heaven-sent, timorous tirade.
Determination haves routines.
Overhead institutions rename.
Invert urinated sane smoothie.
Severest, inhumane idiot on rat.
Not manoeuvre in this steadier.
Adventure in nastier smoothie.
Ahem! it is not senior adventure.
A transmitted, envious heroine.
Over-use handiest termination.
Intuitive, honored, sane master.
Never! Oh dear me! as institution.
Deviant ruins neater smoothie.
This deviant, sore enumeration.
Theories invade menstruation.
Not inhumane, sorriest deviate.
Oh no! irate divine menstruates.
An it smoother urinates envied.
Envied in smoothie restaurant.
Sure! I'm the resonant deviation.
I'm neat deviation southerners.
Honest deviation urine master.
No! deviation menstruates hire.
I'm the deviation ensnares rout.
Deviation or her sunniest mate.
I am the video-nastie on returns.
Haunt on merriest video-nastie.
Deviations menstruate in hero.
I am the video-nasties on return.
Oh dear me! nutrient it evasions.
Her nuttier evasions dominate.
Darn it! in the temerous evasion.
Shout reservation in dementia.
I'm outer intervention ass-head.
Threatened invasion moisture.
Ahem! tedious, insane introvert.
Ties introvert inane madhouse.
Is introvert, hideous, mean neat.
Introvert dementia as in-house.
It is not over, inhumane dearest.
I'm a sunniest vote, ironhearted.
Heavens or suited termination.
Timorous heavens tired in neat.
Heavens! tedium in restoration.
On heavens irritates on tedium.
Heavens! tortures mean in idiot.
It urinates overhead mentions.
Eminent situations overheard.
O dear! thieve in menstruations.
Handiest, temerous or an invite.
Varieties or eminent thousand.
Intervene a handiest, timorous.
It isn't a madhouse or intervene.
O dear me! this vein urinates not.
Ensnared via nuttier smoothie.
Severest idiot or inhumane ant.
Oh dear me! serve an institution.
Venomous earth dirtiest inane.
Venomous heart dirtiest inane.
Venomous irritated in the sane.
Hen detains venomous irritate.
Hen irritates venomous detain.
It is inane adventure smoother.
Oh dear me! envious, transient it.
I'm the deviant sooner urinates.
It is not deviant heroes manure.
Deviant or the noisiest manure.
I'm a serene deviation on truths.

The following are the longest words made using some of the letters:


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