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Zanesville Times-Recorder
November 4, 2002

Added November 27, 2002

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A positive review of Scarlet's Walk appeared in the November 4, 2002 edition of the Zanesville Times-Recorder, which is a newspaper in Zanesville, OH. Thanks to Lucy for sending it in.

New Tori Amos is best yet

By Kara Cravenor

How could anyone forget that heart-breaking song "Me and A Gun?" Would you believe that it's by a pop rock singer Tori Amos?

"Me and A Gun" was about Tori's past experience of being raped by a fan on the way home from playing at a local show. Tori has had six great albums, all breathtaking indeed. Her latest album "Strange Little Girls" was released in September 2001. "Strange Little Girls" was a great album with songs that were originally sung by men, resung by a women's perspective.

Tori went from heavy metal rockers Slayer's song "Raining Blood" to rap star Eminem's song "97 Bonnie & Clyde."

Now the talented 39 year old is back with her seventh album, "Scarlet's Walk." Tori Amos' new album is a chronicle tale of a woman's journey across a troubled American landscape. The album is a sonic travelogue full of heartrending encounters, unlucky lovers and teary-eyed observers.

As she travels from coast to coast, each song represents a specific stop along the way. This album is considered to be Tori's most brilliant work since "Little Earthquakes." This album was released Tuesday. Don't be left behind, check it out!

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