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September 16, 1999

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On September 16, 1999, Tori appeared on radio station WXPT 104.1 The Point in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN during the 5 1/2 weeks tour. She performed 4 songs alone at the piano in front of a small studio audience and answered several questions. Here are the songs she performed:

Purple People
1000 Oceans

Tori answered questions during the three pauses between songs. She talked about why some songs are b-sides and don't appear on regular albums. "Sometimes songs don't want for Rolling Stone to even have a chance to urinate on them." She talked about how success has changed her. "Well, at first I was a bit of a dickhead...." "I drawn to people now for kind of what they're thinking about and what they've developed as a person, than that they have all access area passes to your [bleeped out.]"

She talked about RAINN and the controversy over MP3s on the internet. Here is a direct quote from Tori talking about MP3s and the opposition that many people in record companies have to the format:

    "I think record companies are nervous about the net because, in a good way, it wakes them up a little bit. They get a little lethargic and think they're above the law -- so does radio. And um, I think that's why other mediums are important, and MP3 is not, uh, you know, a pure virgin. It's not like that is a perfect, um, place without it's own problems. I'm not -- It's not like the.. there is a... um... incredible integrity like we've never seen happening on the internet. These questions get brought up too with each medium, but I do think that sometimes you need a different medium just to shake things up a bit. And then something will shake MP3 up in another few months or a year and I think that is exciting, that's how things don't stay stagnant for too long."

She talked about Steve Madden and the shoes he designed for RAINN, and talked about the fact that producers have tried to make her change her music and how she avoids that and the dangers of standing up for your vision.

She also gave a brief introduction to each of the 4 songs. I should have a complete transcript here soon.

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