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Quotes from a 2002 interview with Women Who Rock Magazine

Added August 17, 2002

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Tori was interviewed in New York City on August 14, 2002 for Women Who Rock magazine. The interview with exclusive photos will appear in that magazine's Fall 2002 issue, due on newstands late September 2002. A writer on the staff of the magazine has sent to the Dent two quotes from the transcript of that interview that will most likely not appear in the magazine, but are of great interest to Toriphiles. With the blessing of the magazine, I have placed those quotes on the Dent! Tori comments on songs from Scarlet's Walk being released to the public too early and on her participation in online message boards. See the quotes below along with commentary from someone who was part of the interview interview:

Usually to do an interview, the journalist is given an advance recording of the full-length CD, which we are allowed to keep. But regarding the Tori interview, the Epic publicist Fed-Ex'd me a box containing not just a CD, but an actual CD walkman with the advance CD inside the GLUED SHUT walkman. An enormous set of headphones was actually glued into the walkman as well. The only thing you could do was press play, rewind, fast forward and adjust the volume. I wondered if they attached those huge headphones to discourage people from listening in public, but that's just my own assumption. They were completely impenetrable walkmans. The publicist required me to return the walkman by hand to her on the day of the interview. Mark Hawley and his partner prepared 20 of these walkman's to be circulated among the press. During the interview, the topic of Mp3 downloading and Scarlet's Walk came up. This is what Tori had to say:

"I've got to tell you that when [Epic] was going on and on and on and on to you about copy protection, and this and that and the other thing, and the glued-shut recorders-- It's because it's not time that it's out yet. It's just not time. You didn’t even hear the finished masters. Mark was the one who sat at night gluing those things shut. That's why you had to return them to us. I wasn't ready for people to just go and listen to it. It's like opening Christmas presents before Christmas morning."

And regarding Tori's participation in the forums & fan message boards:

"I just think it's none of my business. Because, you know, people have to feel that they can talk about the music and talk about how they feel without feeling like Big Sister's watching. I don't want to be invasive, and I think it's really none of my business. If people need to air things out, they should be able to air things out. I think, if I'm really gonna walk my talk, then you have to let the music live. There will be disagreements and discussions with people. Sometimes it incites passion or whatever. Discussions that might hurt my just might rub me the wrong way. 'Cause look, we're human, ya know? So I just think it's better to just let people have their privacy. And besides, I think the girls [songs] are strong enough to be able to take care of themselves out there."

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