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Radio station 96.5 WTIC's Acoustic Cafe
November 16, 2002

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Tori performed for radio station 96.5 WTIC's Acoustic Cafe on Saturday, November 16, 2002. Tori performed in front of a select group of 30 people. (Most were contest winners.) Tori performed these songs in this order (Thanks Beth!):

A Sorta Fairytale

Here are some reports from fans lucky enough to be present during this small, intimate performance!

From Elizabeth Kennedy Turnbull:

Tori did a small performance on Saturday afternoon at Tapeworks recording studio in Hartford, CT. This event was for winners of a contest through the radio station 96.5 TIC FM. It was broadcast live on the air and is called the "Acoustic Cafe". We stood outside in the rain waiting for about 1/2 hour for them to let us into the studio. The performance was slated to begin at 1:00 but it started probably around 1:15 or so. We were shown into a very small room with three rows folding chairs going in a half circle around the piano. There were about 35 to 40 of us crammed into the small room. Joel came in and gave us the "rules" and told us Tori would be out in a minute. Tori came out wearing a CUTE little pink beret, jean shirt belted at the waist, denim skirt, black tights and boots. She sat down at the piano and told us about how she and Tash were going to go for a walk in the park but it started to rain so they just watched DVDs instead. :) She started an improv about how her life isn't just hers any more and how Tash is her world but things get crazy. Then she sang Crazy, Pancake, A Sorta Fairytale and Strange. She stood up and did the little "bye bye" wave with her hands in front of her face and walked out. We sat there for a few minutes and started forming a line so everyone could meet her. We went up two by two (contest winners brought a friend with them). Joel was in a very good mood, talking and joking with us when we were waiting to see her. I was wearing a sweater with one of the 101 Dalmatians on it and Tori kind of poked me in the chest where the doggie was and said something like "hey, that's Lucky, I know him". I gave her a card and she signed my journal. My friend Meredith asked her to sign her 12" vinyl of God, which had previously been signed by Dave McKean, and Tori was quite impressed with it. We had our picture taken with Tori and then we left. Tori was very sweet. I have attached the picture of me, Meredith and Tori. :)

From Paul D:

I was fortunate enough to win some tickets to see her in a recording studio in Hartford CT where she played Crazy, Strange, A Sorta Fairytale and Pancake(personally one of my favorites off the new album). It was a 30'x40' room with her a baby grand and 40 other folks. I will tell you it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I am forever ruined because of it she has the most unbelievable voice. I have never heard her this way and probably never will again. I then got to meet her(snuck a little hug) and had her sign my Under the Pink songbook on the Icicle page. When I told her why I chose to have her sign that page she said she would play Icicle for me tonight at the Wallingford show. As you can see from the early reports she did and then some. Songbird was awesome. Crucify was really neat. 25 songs later I am emotionally spent and more in Love with Tori than before if that is possible. Well thanks for letting me rant I am so happy to have met her and get a song played for me. The only problem I see is it will never get better than the double dose of Tori and the special song she played (plus the hug too).

From Temple Symonds:

I have been a huge fan of The Dent for some time now and this weekend I was so completely fortunate to meet Tori at an 'Acoustic Cafe' atTapeworks in Hartford, CT. It was a radio promo from 96.5 WTIC FM where she played for about 50 of us. She played Crazy, A Sorta Fairytale, Strange and Pancake. She also told a cute little story about Tash in which they were about to go for a walk in the park that morning but it started pouring and Tash decided she's rather watch DVD's instead. Here's the picture of us that was taken there. We had a conversation about my name. She asked me if my parents were hippies, into Greek Mythology or if they just did it in a Temple and I told her she would be surprised how little I asked about their sex life and she looked at me for a second with a little grin and said, "Fair enough." I was absolutely thriled to meet her. I have been a fan since I had to ask around about who it was that sang 'Crucify'.

From Megan Donnelly:

Tori performed for 96.5 TIC FM in Hartford, CT. It is what the station calls their Acoustic Cafe. They aired the performance live on their station while approximately 30 or so people were fortunate enough to win tickets to see her performance....including me. I don't know if you could get a copy of the recording from this but I'm sure many people would love to hear it. She sang Crazy, Strange, a Sorta Fairytale and Pancake. It was just her and the piano and did a short meet and greet afterwards. Although I love her concerts, seeing her perform these songs five feet away from me in a recording studio.....well, it's hard to explain just how amazing it was. I just thought I'd let you know since you didn't have this in your list of November tv and radio performances.

From Jim Bianco:

We arrived there at 12:40, because the letter stated that you wouldnt be allowed in after 12:45. We waited outside for about a half hour in the freezing rain. There were a group of girls standing at the door waiting, and every once in a while they would sing like Cooling, or Cornflake girl. I thought it was really cool to see other Toriphiles. They let us in a little after 1, and we were escorted down a hall into a very small room with folding chairs and a piano.There were three rows of chairs, and some people had to stand against the wall. We were asked not to take photos during the performance and warned about Joel's wrath if we did. Then she was introduced and came in, I couldnt get over how tiny she was. She told us something about taking Tash to a park. She performed so beautifully, and had the cutest little beret sideways on her head. Pancake was absoultely amazing!! When the show was over, we were taken by row back down the hall to meet her, have one thing signed and get one photo per set of two. My bf and I were at the end of the second row. Tori was standing , asked my name, shook my hand, and I gave her this genealogy report I had done on Margaret Little with some old photos. (I am a genealogist) She signed my Japanese SATY , and then a designated woman took our camera, and took photographs. Joel was standing there next to her watching like a hawk. Tori was so exited with the report she kept flipping through it and holding up the line. So finally they took our picture. Tori told her to take another one, and then told her to get one more. My camera shut down and then she told the promoter lady to take one with her camera. She asked if we had a request, and I said Mother. She said she would play it that night(Wallingford) or the next (Providence). She was so beautiful, I was on cloud 9 all day.  

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