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A Tori appearance on The World Cafe radio program was broadcast as part of the show's 10th anniversary celebration on Monday, March 4, 2002. I was initially told that they broadcast Tori's 1994 appearance on the program, but then Toriphile Jeff Beiter emailed me to let me know that what they broadcast was actually Tori's 1992 appearance on the program. Here is Jeff's report:

I listened to the broadcast this week, and it was definitely not the 1994 appearance. This was a repeat of Tori's first appearance on the show, in 1992, when the World Cafe was only 6 months old. David Dye interviewed Tori about various subjects, and she performed several songs from Little Earthquakes live. This was a really great interview!

-Silent All These Years

You can read a full transcript of Tori's appearance on this program at the Really Deep Thoughts fanzine web site. (Thanks Richard Caldwell.)

Just to be complete, I will include a report on Tori's 1994 appearance on The World Cafe that I received from Toriphile peepingtommy:

I have a bootleg of the [1994] world cafe interview. It's my favorite one actually. Other than the world cafe interview... on the concert part of the disc tori sings a version of purple rain that sounds very similar to what eventually became hey jupiter.

Anyway, the interview was recorded on 3-18-94.

The interviewer's name is David Dye

It discusses LE and UTP, highlights:

tori discusses violence
discusses origins of "pretty good year" as a sequel to winter and what she needs to say to Greg.
plays pretty good year with electronic sounding piano
talks about string arrangements on UTP
talks about Bosendorfer where they come from "the little man in austria that goes out in the forest and knocks on the trees"
it takes about 68 weeks to make a bosendorfer
talks about icicle, layers, nothing's really about one thing (tori's afraid to say the M word).
good girl bad girl case, what defines which?
tori wants respect from her father but she aligns with the magdalene... etc.
plays icicle live
tori loves pumpkin pie and wanted pumpkin pj's
me and a gun, didn't tell her parents about "it" until after LE was out.
going after the institution: "We're talking about
history. this is not my opinion. this is about a misuse of power here and that's what we're talking about. We're talking about making humanity feel like they should be ashamed, like they're terrible. Like if you don't agree with them.. then like you know, cut the balls off the men, rape the women and butcher the children."
cuts to LP version of God
talks about cloud on my tongue and not being able to cry in front of a certain person
live cloud on my tongue
talks about George Porter Jr. from the Meters and trent reznor: they met at the tate house but "that's his story" talked him into singing on past the mission.
lp version past the mission
live baker baker

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