Stabbing Westward have covered "Me and a Gun" in concert

Updated February 28, 2001

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This is not recent news, but I wanted to add it to the Dent since it is interesting and because I like to keep track of artists who cover Tori's songs. If you check out the F.A.Q. for the band Stabbing Westward at the Everything I Have to Give web site, you will see that the band has covered "Me and a Gun" during their concerts. I have no idea how often they do this live. Toriphile Rebecca reported that they did it at Rockfest on May 25 1996. I am not sure if they have done it recently. Here is what Toriphile Veronica (Black Dove) says about this:

    I don't know if anyone's already told you or not, but the band Stabbing Westward does a live cover of Tori's Me and a Gun. A lot of people may think it strange for a man to cover this song, but Andy (the singer) is very sensitive about these things. My friend (a huge Stabbing Westward fan) told me that Andy had a girlfriend who had been molested as a child, and she did not come away from it in a healthy state of mind. She used Andy, f*cked with his head, and was just a bad human being. He never blamed her, but he's a little bitter about it.

I have received some corrections to Veronica's statement above. Amy Fredericks and Marie report:

    Just want to clear something up, since I am a Stabbing Westward fan (besides being a tori one). The lead singer of SW is named Chris Hall. Andy Kubiszewski is the drummer. So I don't know how the facts about who is singing Me and a Gun in the band and why work out. Of course, it's not against the law for the drummer to step up to the mike.

Augusta Davis reports:

    There were a couple of errors in the Stabbing Westward story about them covering 'Me and a Gun.' First of all, Andy was the drummer, but is not anymore. Second, the person who had a bad relationship with the girl was indeed the lead singer, but his name is Chris. I read the story to my husband who is also a huge Stabbing Westward fan and he noted the errors.

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