1999 Solo Tour
Denver KBCO Benefit Concert
December 9, 1999

Updated December 12, 2000

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Tori and Bruce Cockburn performed a sold-out benefit concert for radio station KBCO in Denver/Englewood, CO on Thursday, December 9, 1999 at The Gothic Theatre. Tori performed solo at the piano. The set was really poignant because she performed a cover of "River" by Joni Mitchell. This is a cover I don't recall her doing before. (You can read lyrics to the song and see the albums it had appeared on here.) She also played "Here. In My Head" and "Flying Dutchman" (2 songs my friend Stacey who passed away a year ago loved...) During the show someone told Tori that Meatloaf said something bad about her. Tori's reply was something like, "All I will say about Meatloaf, is that I like mine well cooked." (Go here for background on the Meatloaf incident involving Tori.)

Set List

Thanks to Meredith Moseley for being the first to send me the set list and to Robert for being the second.

Take to the Sky
God (intro)
Sister Janet
Spring Haze
River (Joni Mitchell cover)
Flying Dutchman
Here. In My Head



You can see photos from this concert and the meet and greet earlier that day in my Ears With Feet photo album.


From Meredith Moseley

December 10, 1999 - This is a monster review... Sometimes I get carried away with details...

I arrived at the Gothic around 5:30, and apparently had just missed the Meet and Greet. It was "fucking freezing," as Tori herself would say later, and I joined the line on the sidewalk outside the theatre. At 6:40ish some Gothic security come out and started announcing to the line to have ID's and tickets ready at the door, and that they would be letting us in in about 20 minutes. No cameras or recording devices, blah blah blah...

Chairs had been set up on the floor inside. The theatre was wonderfully small. It had a balcony around the top, and the floor was tiered. My friend Beth and I sat in the middle of the second row of the first tier, so the view was almost perfect. The bar was at the back of the floor area. The balcony had colored Christmas lights strewn from the railing, which stayed on during the performances. The stage, which looked very small (probably because the curtain wasn't quite all the way open), had Tori's Bsendorfer, a microphone in the middle for Bruce, two speaker monitors for his set, and his guitar-very sparse. There was a big white KBCO backdrop.

A KBCO radio guy came out and said hi, thanked us for being there, and told us what the Emergency Family Assistance organization is all about. Then he introduced Bruce Cockburn, who took the stage.

There was obviously a fair number of hard-core Bruce fans, which I was glad to see. He did 10 or 11 songs. He had a very nice voice and could do some great things with his guitar, which I thought was especially apparent in his first song. I thought I didn't know who he was at all, but it turns out I have a song of his on a folk compilation CD. Before his last song he said something about Tori being soon, and everybody cheered, and he said, "which I'm actually looking forward to," referring to her set. After his last song he put his guitar down and left the stage, and I thought for sure he was going to come out and do at least one song for an encore-I thought the crowd's cheering merited another short appearance by him. But the lights came up and the music came on, and the guys came out to reposition the monitors and set the stage for Tori.

During the set change, the KBCO guy came out to tell us that the bar would be closing shortly before Tori's set. Then he came back out to introduce her.

She came on from stage left with the help of Joel's flashlight, waved to the standing, screaming crowd as she crossed in front of the piano, and then sat and started a brilliant performance. She was wearing dark blue jeans, black thin high heels, and a scoop neck multi-colored shirt that flared a bit at the wrists. She played a little piano improv, then started in on...

TAKE TO THE SKY, so distinctive with its bassline. She slapped the front of the piano like she's done in the past, and some of the audience was clapping with the beat. At the "my heart is like the ocean" part, she abandoned the bassline and was just playing in the upper register of the piano-that was a nice change. This was really good.

Next she started playing and singing "...don't come through... don't come through..." so I thought she was going to play GOD, but this little God teaser morphed into the opening hypnotic piano part to BLISS. There was a nice echo effect in the mic, especially in the beginning. The refrain was good, even without the band, but I thought the song lost a little bit of steam near the end with "bliss of, bliss of, bliss of..." However, I was impressed at how much intensity was in this song without the band-just goes to show she's in her element playing solo.

After Bliss, she stopped and talked to us for a minute. This is not a direct quote, but I'm sure that it's pretty close: "Hey, how's it going? Thanks for coming to visit. [then, in a sort of silly young voice she said, while moving her arm from one side to the other to imitate her back-and-forth travelling schedule:] She's gone from here, then she went over the big water, then she came back... [guy yells out "I love you Tori!"] Love you back. [then, in her normal voice] But girls you think you've had a long night..." and then she hit the top of the piano a few times (as if it were a knee-slapper).

She went right into SISTER JANET, which I have to say was a standout in this concert. I don't think I've ever heard this one live, and I'm so glad she did it because it was great. It was very much like the studio version, but with all the nuance and immediacy of a live performance. Really really great.

Next she played MARIANNE, which started with a piano intro based on the piano part in the middle of the song-not the more gentle part on the recorded version. In general, I think this song was more agitated (that's not quite the right word-it just wasn't as calm as it usually is) than usual, like in the piano part; the parts that are usually more intense, like "the weasel squeaks" and "hha hha hha, she could outrun" were a bit more steady. It was like the song was on a higher level. The end was great-she finished singing and then the piano boiled itself own to one beautiful single note. After this slightly more excited version, this ending was particularly effective-made me hold my breath.

Then she says, "So some guy asked me to do this, like he hasn't heard it like seven times. Yeah, I'm lucky." I don't know quite what she meant about being lucky. She began the piano intro to HONEY, playing it longer than the usual into is, but then she stopped abruptly and said, "Marcel, what is this fan doing up here?" She looked behind her. Then she said something about it being (or not being?) "100 degrees. I don't know how you do it here-it's FUCKING FREEZING." During this, a guy had come out and crossed the stage to fiddle with the fan behind her, which was not a fan at all, but a fog machine. Realizing, she laughingly said, "Oh, it's the fog machine." She went into a big story about a woman they met while playing a show in Germany. There was so much, but here is my paraphrasing (my shorthand's not that good!): "We were doing a show in Germany and there was this German woman. This woman-do you remember her name Marcel? Joel, do you remember her? [Joel, visible standing just at the edge of stage left, held up his hands with wide eyes as if to say "I know nothing"] I think her name was Hilda [?]... She's backstage, looking at Jon playing and says [with an accent:] 'You want fuck onstage?' And Jon's like drooling at this woman, and she's saying, 'You want fuck onstage?' [somebody yelled out "backstage!"] No, no ONstage. She's German, they don't care about that. [laughter] Marcel knows her sister, but that's another conversation." I don't know how the story ended, except that someone had gone over and told Jon that she was saying "You want FOG onstage?" Laughter.

Then she went directly into HONEY again, with almost no intro. I've only ever heard this with Caton, and I must say that it is really good with just Tori. It's a little more mysterious. She sang the word "tied" with a lot of grovel in her voice and stretched out a lot-like she does with "girrrrl" in Precious Things. She also sang "turned Back one last time," instead of just "turned one last time" like on the record. I really liked this version, and I'm sure Honeyboy did, too (the requester-I first ran into him in Boulder at Macky in 96, requesting this song by giving her a jar of honey).

After Honey came SPRING HAZE. At first I thought the transition into the "uh-oh" part was abrupt, but I think that's because I've only heard this with the band. It actually wasn't that abrupt-just different. The "why does" part was longer than on the record; she repeated it a few times. She used some chest voice there. The last "drown" was stretched out like on the record, but this time she made it breathy in the middle. It was like, "Dro - hhhhha - own." I love this song, and I was glad to hear it. Sounded really great. I liked being able to hear clearly the words "so I get creamed"-very cool.

After Spring Haze she turned to the audience for a second and made horns with her fingers over her head. She was mostly in the dark, but the people who saw it cheered. It was so cute.

LUST came next. The lighting was cool for this. As she played the intro there was nothing but a white light from above and slightly from behind her, which was broken up into laser-like beams that fell on her. Everything else was completely dark. When she started singing, they added a soft amber light from stage left, keeping the laser light on. It looked really cool, and was good for the song. The second to last time she sings "waits," she prolonged the note and played the piano under it for probably twice as long as on the record. This songs lends itself well to being played solo. It really made you hear the delicate piano part, and listen to the words. Lovely.

I should mention that the audience was really great-probably one of the best I've been part of. They were, in general, very quiet and attentive during the songs, going crazy with screaming and clapping between. If you were there and you're reading this, thanks for helping to make the show so great!

She talked to us in a pretty serious voice after Lust, saying, "So somebody asked me to do this. I haven't done this since I played bars. [Somebody's name], remember when I played bars? [a guy sitting somewhere behind me answered "yes"] It was pretty funny." Then someone yelled something like, "I'm going to kick Meatloaf's ass!" She said, "You're going to kick Meatloaf's ass?" "Yeah!" "Why are you gonna do that? Do you like his ass?" Laughter. People down in the front were saying something to her, and then she said, "Oh, did he say something mean about me? [they told her yes] Oh, well... [she shrugged it off like an old lady, but then said:] All I can say about Meatloaf is, I hope it's well done." Lots of laughs from the audience.

After that exchange, she started to play the most moving song of the night for me, Joni Mitchell's RIVER. It's my favorite Joni song, and to hear Tori play it... Oh my god. It moved like Joni's version, but Tori's voice and piano style made it more mellow. I could only sit there and listen with tears in my eyes-really really incredible. If anyone has a recording of this show, no matter how bad, please let me know because I must have that version on tape. I don't think most of the people knew it, because there was no huge reaction when she started it. I just gasped. Incredible incredible incredible. One of my most moving Tori concert moments.

She followed with FLYING DUTCHMAN, which I've always wanted to hear live since I first saw her in 94. Yay! It was good. I thought she could have taken it a little faster. She used her chest voice at the end ("they can't see..."). The recorded version is a bit more exciting than this was-faster and more lively-but hearing it live made it exciting enough.

Next was HERE. IN MY HEAD. One of my favorite b-sides of all time. This was the most unique version I've ever heard of it-she never sang the "hey, do you know what this is doing to me" line. She got around it somehow by playing the piano and singing other parts. I think she said "don't you see" a few times during one non-traditional part of the song. I don't know how to explain it except to say that it didn't have the crisp feel that it usually does-its whole mood was different. And good! Very very good indeed. I was very happy to hear it. It, like Marianne, boiled down to a single note on the piano-yummy.

She stood during the applause, leaned over Bosey, and started beating the bass strings of the piano. She would do this, then play one note on the piano, then beat, then the note... Then she sang the opening of JUAREZ at the keys, returning to the beating of strings on the word "came"-she sang the whole second verse while beating the strings, returning to the keys at "no angel." AWESOME effect!!! She's said that his song is from the desert's point of view, and the eerie, breathy, empty sound of beating on the strings made it sound like the desert. Awesome awesome awesome. She sang "time to keep it UP, time to keep it in." Also, the first time she sang it she said, "the cowboy is HER friend." At the end of this song, it was like the tonality changed or something, and she started singing "no angel came" really really loudly in her chest voice. Then she sang " no angel caaaame - for my little girl." She sang this over and over, very loudly, before returning to a calmer ending for the song. I'm really glad she didn't have the band with her, because this version kicked so much more ass than it ever has with the band. The kind of version that gives you chills.

She stood, waved, touched some hands, then exited stage left. We stayed standing and cheering while a guy come on and reset her microphone. She came on almost immediately after her was done-I don't think she was backstage for more than a minute, which was good.

She played CONCERTINA as her first encore. It was exquisite. She sang the "fever/squeezebox" line twice in a row both times it appears. Other than that, this version was not very different from when she's done it before. But it was just as beautiful. Great song.

The last song of the night was COOLING, another of my favorite b-sides. This was really great-really heartfelt and just moving. They used the same lights as for Lust, which I thought was also a good choice for the song. Great, great, great! It was nice to hear this one.

After Cooling, she stood up slowly and waved goodbye, touching hands, waving, and then she left the stage. Despite our desperate screaming, there was no second encore and they turned up the lights and music.

FABULOUS CONCERT. A real treat. This was one of the best I've seen, at least in the top three. It was like an hour and a half of secret time-what could be better than that?? Tori was totally at home solo at the piano-I couldn't help but think that that's the way she should be seen. Thanks to everyone who was there for great energy and a fabulous night!

Boulder, CO

From Stacy Delmonte

December 10, 1999 - Wow, this was one of the best concerts I have ever ever ever seen! Tori did a meet and greet which was really casual....it wasn't set up at all so when it happened everyone was really surprised...it was just like all of a sudden they said stand behind these ropes because Tori's coming out...nobody really was prepared for it, so that brought about a lot of good things-no pushing, no waiting in cramped quarters, and a very calm meet and greet. I hugged Tori and she said she missed me, which meant the world to me! We talked about the books she recommended for me, her astrologer, and how the show was 21 and over. She kept telling joel to see about getting the under 21's in...as it turned out they were very lax about it, probably because of joel's talking to them. Someone under 21 simply had to have a "guardian" and go in with that guardian and then get their hand X'd and that was it! Anyway, the venue was SO SMALL!!!!!!!! About 500 or so....it was amazing....During Bruce you were about to get anything from the bar and also sushi.....it was so wonderful being able to sip wine and eat sushi while waiting for Tori. Tori was breathtaking...I've never been to a show where I cried this much over the beauty and rawness of the emotions that she was exchanging with us. It was almost too powerful because I left there feeling completely "drugged"-on a major Tori high! I could barely walk, talk, eat....I just walked almost in circles, unable to explain my feelings to anyone. It was incredible!

There was a crowd by the back door after the show...but after a little bit joel came out and said that it was too cold and that Tori was just going to go right into her Limo...I didn't wait after that....my experience was just too wonderful!!!

Just wanted to let you know some thoughts on the show.....The best Christmas present I could have ever had:)

From Meredith Moseley [Meredith's first email about the show to me.]

December 10, 1999 - The set list for the 12/9 show in Denver: Take to the Sky
(part of God)
Sister Janet
Spring Haze
River (Joni Mitchell song)
Flying Dutchman
Here. In my Head

Review to follow tomorrow. Great show, particularly the fabulous moving version of "River"---WOW.

Meredith Moseley
Boulder, CO

From Kai

December 10, 1999 - I just got back from the Denver show. While I don't have the setlist, it was the most beautiful, incredible thing I have ever witnessed. Specifically, Tori played Flying Dutchman (my favorite song, I never thought she would play that!!) and Here. In My Head.....

...I also wanted to tell you about the meatloaf comments. In the pause between songs, a guy from the audience yelled out, "I'm going to kick Meatloaf's ass for you!" Tori didn't understand at first and asked until she understood. She said, "Do you like kicking asses?" And the guy replied, "He said mean things about you!" Tori said, "Really? Meatloaf said mean things about me?" And we all yelled, "Yes" Tori said, "All I will say about meatloaf, is that I like mine well cooked." And we all laughed!

I'll share this story I emailed MikeWhy. I was around when his close friend, Stacey Russell (read about her on the Dent, PLEASE!!), passed away. It's a very sad story that has really touched me. Stacey was very ill, and in ICU. They were going to go to the Nashville 1998 concert, and Stacey was too sick to go. Mike didn't want to leave her, but she insisted. Mike was very sad, and Tori asked him about it. Her told her about Stacey, and Tori asked him what her favorite song was. It was Here. In My Head.

Tori played Here that night, and it was so beautiful. Mike went back to Louisville, and found out that Stacey had passed away that night. I have always thought that she might have passed away while Here was playing. I lost a very close friend of mine around the same time. I cannot listen to Here without thinking of Stacey and my friend, Gary. Mike gave her this legacy.

I have never cried at a concert, but I teared up for Dutchman. It's my favorite song, and I never thought I would hear it. Then Here. I cried. For Stacey, and Mike's love for her, and my friend Gary.

Thank you, Tori, for sharing this with us. For giving us this gift. It was the most magical night of my life.

From furry (Robert)

December 10, 1999 - I hold in my hand one of the Greatest sets list of all time IMHO.

Where should i start...i'll do a review first then i'll comment a bunch

take to the sky
god (as an intro to...)
Sister Janet
Spring Haze
Joni Mitchell cover(not a case of u)
Flying dutchman


OPENING ACT: Bruce Cockburn (pronounce Co-burn) was fine...nothing too flashy, and he was, i think, overwhelmed by the 'tori-turnout'. his set had two highlights. First he was telling some story about an indian reservation, and how a oil company is takign it over, and someone in the audience yelled "wuse". bruce then replied "fuck off". that was kind of funny (i later found out the person that yelled was calling the oil company a wuse not the cause of saving the reservation. The second funny thing is that his portion of the audience was rather small, and there were two guys dress in white sitting up on the balcony that danced the entrie time, and played the "air-acoustic Guitar".


Take the sky - this was a nice change from the God intro that she had been using for the 5.5weeks tour. I knew it was coming just by checking the set lists from the other christmas shows.

God/Bliss - hereing a tid bit of God like that was just what the doctor ordered. then she swept into bliss. I can not tell you HOW amazing the low end of the Bosey sounded without the band. it absolutely Roared.

Sister Janet - this was great to hear live. I kind of got the feeling alot of the audience did not know what song it was until she sang the sister janet line. one thing that needs be mention about this was that when tori sang the line with marianne in it, she stopped eyeing the audience, and began to stare sort of up at the ceiling or at the spot light, as if she saw marianne. very touching.

Marianne - I kind came the conclusion that was not originally on the set list, but during her sister janet marianne experience she felt almost an obligation to marianne herself to play it. It felt as if tori was not singing to us, but rather to marianne.

Honey - "so, there's this boy that asked me to play this, and..." I didn't catch exactly what she had said, because i was in total bliss because i knew she was refering to me. everyone around me sort of patted me on the back, so to speak. it was my one second in the spotlight. so she began to play then...

Story - she started by talking about a fog blower that was behind her and asked marcel, think, to move it. the she went into the story that was about a some one she knew in germany that had large breast, and was asking some performer if he wanted to "fok on stage?" and she kept repeating it "fok on stage? fok on stage?" as it turned out the woman was asking if he wanted fog on the stage. tori also said something about how it was "fucking freezing". then back to honey

Honey - As brilliant as ever, and as you can imagine, i was on top of the world.

Spring Haze - this is a great, great song. and for the past month i had been really anxious to here it live. and solo, it couldn't been better!

Lust - I never really tried to understand this song at all. I am fairly sure it has alot to do with mark though. and she could not stop looking up at him in the engineer's booth, and grinning. I really enjoyed.

More chit-chat - There was a guy that was one row infront of me and two seat to my right, and after lust he yelled out "i'll kick meatloaf's ass" refering to the comments meatloaf had made about her a few weeks back. and tori didn't really understand what he had said. and repsonded by saying "You kick ass?" the the audience as a whole sort yelled that he'll kick MEATLOAF's ass. tori looked confused. it was like she had NO idea what we were talking about. so i yelled out " he said bad things about you". and tori innocently replied "all i know about meatloaf is it better be cooked all the way through"

the River - this was that joni mitchell song i was speaking of. i was unfamiliar with it. but i'll tell you, it sure look as if tori was having a great time remember how to play it. she had said something about not playing it since the bars.

Flying Dutchman - at this point it really dawned on me that it was a very special show. This was not a show for any forteen year old that liked cornflake girl. this was a show for us, the EWF. so many besides, and no silent all these years. again the low end the bosey really sound spectaular.

Here. in my Head - I never give this song enough credit. I really love it, but neglect my ears. it truely is beautiful, and live, and solo made it all the better.

Juarez - this was my first time hereing it live so i was somewhat shocked by thebang on the piano. and because live you can HERE what she is saying, i've come to the conclusion that i LOVE this song. once more, the piano sounded great.


Concertina - i don't listen to the radio a lot, and apparently KBCO 97.3 has been playing concertina a bunch. so this morning that was the song playing on the radio when my alam went off. and of course it got stuck in my head. so it was a real treat hereing it

Cooling - what can i say about cooling? it is, was, and always will be one of the greats. tori looked like she was having a bit of fun playing it.

From Alannah Rose Selene

December 10, 1999 - Okay! Wow...first of all, I don't have the set list in order, so excuse me right off the bat! This show was B-SIDE HEAVEN! Off the top of my head, she did:

Take to the Sky
Sister Janet
Flying Dutchman
Spring Haze
here.in my head
some song about skating on a river??

I'm sure I left something out. I couldn't be bothered wasting a moment writing it down when I could be watching! Anyway...when I got to The Gothic at 5pm, I was a little worried about how far back in line I'd be. But it worked out well, there only seemed to be 60 people there at the most. I guess I just missed Tori popping out to say hi...the line got kind of messed up after that from what I understand. They let us in around 7pm and people were mostly friendly from where I was...there wasn't much pushing. We did get the pat-down, but it went fairly fast. I have to say, I am SO glad they made the concert seated, even if the chairs were all squished close together. I got dead centre, 7th row, with no arguing, pushing or saving seats around me. Amazing! Bruce Cockburn came on around 8.15, and while I think he is very talented, I found him very boring! His voice is lovely, and his songs were enjoyable enough, but it just didn't do anything for me and made the time drag while we waited for the "princess of pop" to come on (ha ha). Tori came on around 9.45, and jumped right into an intro and then Take to the Sky. She really pounded the piano tonight...there was nothing melancholy about this show! I'm the wrong one to ask about the song order...like I said, I just wanted to enjoy it and not worry about getting it all down. It was just b-side after b-side! Goddess, it was great! She did seem a bit like she was rushing to fit all of the songs in, but it was still great. She sounded great, the venue was beautiful, the lighting was, well, lame (oh well!) and it felt like a full concert to me, even though she only played until about 10.50 or so. She did one encore, with Cooling and
one other (geez, I'm in a haze!) I think... Okay, those are the basics. I left out a lot but I just wanted to get something on here and let people with more energy write the details. GODDESS IT WAS GREAT!!!

From ChoirBoyGhost

December 10, 1999 - Yep it was Joni Mitchell(spelling?) "The River" amazing song had NEVER heard it before great song. Didnt say hi to us Alannah Best show i've ever been to and probably will ever be to. I was fortunate to find most of the Denters there and we all had our own little spot in line..right in front of the Auto Pawn lot Right in front of the Red Porsche Hi Josh,Amy,Rachel,Emily,Chrysta,Robert(Furry), Zorbit(nice hat), Kai(Flyyyying...Dutchmannn) Hope to see all of you guys soon. That was an amazing evening and im glad we all got to be a part of it

From littleearthquake

December 10, 1999 - Wow! This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! Tori did do a meet and greet briefly in front of the venue around 5ish. Steve was not there, just Tori and Joel. It was very calm and relaxed-no barricades, just a rope surrounding the front of the crowd. It was COLLLLLLLD so she didn't stay long. I got to hug her and talk to her and it was pure bliss The concert was amazing! 2nd row back-wonderful! Somehow seeing Tori solo made me tearful the whole show-she was in such a good mood, complained about the cold(I agree! It was freezing out there! ), and it was truely a treat for the EWF. A Christmas present to us all. Wow. I'm still in shock. I left the venue completely speechless and full of Tori's energy. Simply wonderful!
The setlist is already posted but some of the highlights for me were Concertina, Bliss, Sister Janet, and Flying Dutchman.

From EmilyS

December 10, 1999 - Well- I went to sleep last night... emotionally drained. It was so.... fucking... AMAZING! I got the the theater at about 9 a.m. and sat next to furry.... and Kai and Chrysta of course. I also met some very hopeful, very ready-to-do-anything-to-see-Tori younger fans. Lots of scheming wentt on as to how they were going to get in to this ":21 and over" show. (All of the ones I met did!!)

When Tori' came out to do the impromtu meet and greet most of us ahd NO CLUE as to what was going on. I kind of ended up inthe bact but still next to the side rope thingy. I caught a glimpse or two of her and had a nice little chat with one of the owners of the Gothic. I'm going to say this now even though I'm sure some will disagree... The Gothic was fabulous! The people who work there were really nice for the most part, and they put up with a lot (The owner even argued with Englewood police officers about some early arriving fans getting to keep there tent on the sidewalk... he was on OUR side) Anyhow, it was great.

Also I listened to the Bose being tuned because my car was parked right by the backstage. Woo hoo.

I loved hereing Joni Mitchell covers by Tori. Also Flying Dutchman was a treat. I cried as well, Kai. We were thirst rown on the left and I swear Tori looked right over at us a couple of times... (a dream)

People I met and I'm so glad: Ryan (better known as the guy woth the kermit puppet and the straw cowboy hat), Anna, Melissa, Sarah, Melissa II, David, Stacey, Matt, Sean (ChoirBoyGhost), John(the cool security guy), and I got to hang out with Robert(furry), Chrysta, and Ann (Kai).

All can really say that's accurate is wow.

From ChoirBoyGhost

December 10, 1999 - I think just about everybody cried during dutchman..I was a bit teary myself. That was the song I requested and couldnt believe she actually played it. Every song that we all requested got played it was so amazing. Probably the best setlist I've ever seen her do. By far probably the funnest time i've ever had that I can remember. Being able to hang out and meet with the other Denters helped that cause alot. If I didnt I would have just been standing there for 8 hours bored out of my mind.

Oh yeah..and Yay me for resisting the temptation to smoke during the whole day. I quit smoking about 6 days ago and last night was the most difficult night to NOT smoke because it was such an emotional time for me . Proud of myself *woohoo*

Anyone else get chills during Cooling? I think that song really shows how wonderful her voice is. Especially near the end. Also..did anyone ELSE find that huge KBCO banner on the stage horribly annoying? I mean a sticker or two here and there fine..but this thing was huge. Who wants to see a banner as a backdrop for Tori. Not I said the little red hen.

From Chrysta

December 10, 1999 - Well, the entire concert was so amazing. Emily and I got to the Gothic about 8:30a and froze our butts off all day, hanging out with Kai, furry, Zor, Ryan(Kermit!) and his friends. I talked for a while to Sean and Josh, too. Everyone was so great, it was a wonderful day despite my blues.

There were quite a few people trying to but in line after Tori came out and we kept pushing them back (not physically pushing, just asking them to move back). There were a group of Bruce fans who tried to butt in line. I told them I was in line behind furry and the woman said "well, I've been here since 2p!" I said I got there at 8:30a and she said, "oh well, I'm right behind you then". Yeah, right.

Ok. So it was a mad crush when they started to let us in. It was going kinda slow at first because they were checking ID's and searching us and some people in the back were pushing everyone forward, but security was stopping us from rushing inside. Needless to say I got rather squished, but it wasn't so bad because by that time I was damn cold and it made me warmer!

But then the same group of Bruce fans were pushing people out of their way, pushing people not forward, but to thier left so they could get through. One guy shoved me out of the way and then the woman I talked to earlier tried to push me out of her way and I said "excuse me" and just stepped in front of her.

So let it be known I won't tolerate anyone saying Tori fans were rude to the Bruce fans because I thought the Tori fans were all very polite and the Bruce fans were pushing people around! (With exception to the Tori fans in the first few rows who kept leaving their seats and coming back WHILE Bruce was playing! One guy in our row left and came back 4 or 5 times while Bruce was playing. I thought it was pretty rude! However, Matt (the Waiter) was in the 2nd row and got up only once and did so between songs. Yay to Matt!)

Emily, Kai and I were in the 3rd row. Very close to the stage. It was an incredible experience.

I cried during Sister Janet (when Tori mentioned Marianne), Marianne, Spring Haze (a song close to my heart), Lust, the Joni Mitchell cover, Flying Dutchman and Cooling. I was a teary mess, but in a good way!

I really let the tear works flow during Juarez when Tori started singing "No angel came for my little girl, No angel came for my little love". Oh my god, I thought I was going to die. I really felt her grief, her sadness, her loss. It was beautiful and touching.

Hello to all the very cool EWF's I talked to yesterday. You are the best! The concert was so much better for all of your enthusiasm and comraderie (sp?).


From Eric D. Kenney

December 10, 1999 - Oh my god! What an amazing show! Well beside the fact the KBCO never said that the concert was 21+ and most everyone in line was under 21, the show was fantastic.

I got to the theater around 2:30, Tori finally showed up, I mean arrived at the theater around 5PM. We had a M&G and many people brought to her attention that the show was an unadvertised 21+ show, well Tori and Joel said, "We'll take care of it." And they did, we are allowed in, either we needed an adult sponsor or we had to wait until everyone else was inside, I found an adult sponsor. After 4.5 Hours of standing in the cold, we were finally allowed in.

Bruce Cockburn was pretty cool, but most of us didn't care about him.

Tori came out sat down at Bosey which was almost the entire length of the stage. She was wearing a flowery top and jeans, and actually looked like she had gained some weight. But I also heard somewhere that she is pregnant, so who knows. But on with the setlist. (I can't remember the exact order, but here was all the songs, the first two and the last 3 are correct, but in between I can't remember)

Take to the Sky
-Talked to the audience a little bit, told a story about a German lady with big breast who wanted to fuck on stage. It was very humorous- Marianne
I Wish I had a River--some Christmas song that I had never heard, that she hasn't played since she was doing bars. Here in My Head
Flying Dutchman
Juarez--Oh my god! What an amazing song! For the drum beats she beat on her piano strings, it sounded so haunting. Sister Janet
Then she played a song between me and my friend and this wonderful girl I met, did not know the name of it. I can't even remember who it went. -Encore-

Just as an afterthought, this was the best concert I have ever been too, not only was the fantastic, but the people at the Gothic Theater were really cool. I found it really cool that cameras were allowed, I got some really good pictures (I hope) and I will post when I have them on-line.


From shadowfaerie

December 12, 1999 - I agree with everybody, fabulous show. Although I would say that I would have liked more variety of record songs than just the ones off of Venus, and the one song from Pele. Oh well, the b-sides were treat enough. I've always wanted to hear Flying Dutchman, that song gaves me chills!

The only downfall to the evening was the flat tire I got on the way home! Oh, and the fact that our seats seemed to be in the middle of the Bruce Coburn fanatics, but thats ok because they left when Tori started.

From Zorbit

December 12, 1999 - Ok, I just got up from catching up on my sleep. I got to the venue at 5:30am, I was the first one there without a tent and definitly wished I had one! So, it was around 0 degress when I got there and thankfully once the sun rose it got much warmer out. Not to say that it still wasn't cold. My Santa Hat kept me pretty warm though! So basically we all just hung out and waited all day. I got to meet furry, Stacy, Jenn, and see David, Melissa, Sara, Bryan, Kai, and Chrysta again.

I was pretty much about to forego the idea of Tori coming out at all when the guy came out and said she was coming to say hi. People were pretty good they didn't push or shove or anything when she did come out. She had the coolest hat on, it totally matched her eyes. I was able to request Cooling and she told me she would try to play it. She didn't stay outside very long at all, I was excited nonetheless. The line did lose form after she left, but mostly a bunch of us tried to hold it together. I didn't have anyone try to cut in front of me or anything like that. Some people did appear that weren't there to start with but I still got a fantastic seat. When they opened the doors I got pushed into this ID security guard and couldn't get by him because he was looking at these other girls' tickets who didn't have ID's.

I got fourth row center seats so had a perfect view. Everyone else has covered the songs and the setlist so there's not much to add there. Other then when she started playing River I too gasped, I found her rendition exquisite compared to the other artists I've heard who have covered the song. It was fantastic that all of the songs she played had been requested. She was very talkative and seemed to be in a great mood. Of course I melted when she played Cooling and looked at me in the middle of it. I've once again made the decision that I made two months ago after Magness, by the time she tours next I HAVE to find a job that is flexible and earn lots of money! And a boyfriend who can watch my Iguana while I'm gone would be nice too! By the way Joel is incredibly nice. I was just always so scared of him because he looks so intimidating but he told me he liked my hat and patted me on the head! I might have to just join the Joel fan club!


From Alannah Rose Selene

December 12, 1999 - So, was there an after show meet and greet? Anyone?
It's funny, I thought the audience was a little noisy. I could hear people in the balcony chatting every time Tori paused to take a breath during her songs, and it really irritated me! I guess I was just spoiled from previous shows where you could hear a pin drop while she played. But she really pounded the hell out of that piano! I was so emotional today...I cried in the car, thinking about the show. I cried at work. I couldn't even tell my coworker about the show without getting teary! It's insane...but in a good way. I just can't get over the show...my first thought when it was over was
"that was a piece of history that people are going to talk about for the rest of their lives". WOW!!

From Zorbit

December 12, 1999 - No, there wasn't an after show m&g. They had set up the rope things again and a ton of people were waiting behind them but Joel came out and told us that she wasn't coming out, it was to cold. That we should all go home. That's when I talked to him. I still can't get over how nice he is.

From Magic Beans

December 12, 1999 - Selene--

Where I was sitting it sounded nice and quiet. That's too bad that you could hear people chatting. Lame. I guess I'm just used to the recent trend in the shows--a screamfest. I can't stand that.


From Timbles

December 12, 1999 - Hey hey everyone, I just got back from Denver at about 7 o'clock this morning. Now, i'm back in good ol' Norman ,Oklahoma. So, this trip was REALLY worth it. At first I was scared, because I knew I was taking a chance, only being 19. Yet, I went. So, this is how it went for me. I arrived at the Gothic around 2ish. And first thing saw KIP, yay. So, we both waited around, met new people, about froze to death. So, time for meet and greet. They set up the ropes, and I was placed in the back, but against the rope. She came out and everything was good then. She went to the corner of the rope first, taking off her right glove to sign stuff. I then took this opportunity. I said, 'tori , I have a question.' and she of course said 'what is it?' that's when i asked her to play "flying dutchman" for me. She then took off her left glove, and wrote 'Dutch' on her left hand. saying, "i'll see what i can do."
soooo, then that was that. It was about time to enter the place. Okay, about this time, I started randomly asking people, "will you be my guardian?" so, luckily my friend was saying that he had an "uncle", so, I then latched on to them. So, I got in successfully, with two BIG X's on the back of my hands. which was okay. being frisked was another thing, but hey. I managed to sneak a camera. so, yeah, the concert was AWESOME!! i managed to get 3rd row center. ( I was the one wearing the dark snow-flake sweater.) And she played my song! WOO WOO. And i met SO MANY cool people there. And even riding the grey hound was worth it! so, that's that. I may get the pics developed soon. I'll post them when I do. later! Timbles

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