1999 Solo Tour
Providence, RI
November 30, 1999

Updated December 1, 1999

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Tori was part of the WBRU Downcity Siege in Providence, RI on Tuesday, November 30, 1999. Tori played solo at the piano at Veteran's Memorial Auditorium. Other artists playing the Siege included Guster and Vertical Horizon. Net proceeds benefited the RI SPCA.

Set List

Take To The Sky
Cloud On My Tongue
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Encore 1:
Never Seen Blue

Encore 2:
Somewhere Over The Rainbow


From Marla Tiara

December 3, 1999 - At the Providence Tori show, along with 2 T shirts from the 5.5 weeks tour and the tourbook, they were selling packs of stickers for $10. The pack contains 4 stickers - one is the "is that what I taste your supernova juice" picture from one of the tour shirts, one is the "half face" picture, and 2 are another Tori picture that I honestly can't remember right now.

From Richard Handal

December 1, 1999 - Richard called me after the show in Providence. Richard said, "It was swell." Tori played a little over an hour, from 10:51PM until 11:54PM. It was a relaxed performance all night long. Tori was very much in control and at ease with herself. Nothing seemed forced. It was a most enjoyable evening.

Take To The Sky, which opened the show, had a special attention-getting introduction.

From Carrie B. (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

December 1, 1999 - I just got back from an amazing show! I have to admit I dozed off quite a bit during the first two acts (Vertical Horizon and Guster), but Tori was amazing!!!! I haven't written down the setlist yet, but she started out with Take to the Sky, and she did the following songs (probably not in order, I'm utterly exhausted and these are the ones I remember):

Take to the Sky, Bliss, Lust, LOVESONG!!!!, Concertina, ICICLE, Winter, Cloud On My Tongue (she told a funny story about guys not thinking it through before they ask women out before this song), Teen Spirit, JUAREZ (she saidd "okay, lets see if we can do this", and played the song while banging on her piano chords at the top of her piano), Suade, SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW!!!!!! I'm sure there's more I;m forgetting.

All solo, just like the old days :)

What a great show!

I got all three sets -- Vertical Horizon, Guster, and Tori recorded. My seats were WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY back in the venue though, so it didn't come out as good as I hoped. So I won't transfer it to CDR (not even going to try), but if anyone wants a tape of it let me know. And if you recorded it and it came out better than mine, I'd love a copy :) I'll be recording the CT show on Thursday too.

There was someone in a leather jacket snapping pictures of Tori constantly during the show, and it looked like he got some awesome shots. So there will probably be great pictures surfacing. She looked very casual -- jeans and a nice black top. It also looks like her hair was shortened.

From Richard Handal (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

December 1, 1999 - I was moved to express a few thoughts on last night's Providence show. This isn't exactly a review, but anyhow...

Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence, Rhode Island, 10/30/99

"The whole air seemed alive as if the tongues of those great cold, hard metal things had become flesh and joy. They burst into being screaming with delight and the city vibrated. Some wordless thing they said touched something so deep inside you that they made tears come."
--Emily Carr (Canadian painter, 1871 - 1945)

I've learned that there's no way to know in advance from one show format to the next how Tori's going to drive when she comes out of the garage. On the '96 Dew Drop Inn tour she had a sports car, and proceeded to lead us at great speed through mountainous hairpin turns--pushing her limits and ours, seemingly daring herself to see how hard and how fast she could lead us without drifting over the edge of a cliff.

Those shows were often quite scary, and they came to seem sometimes like some sort of ritual testing ground of naked human emotion: How much feeling could she get in touch with, dig out and project toward to us? How much could she take, and how much could *we* take? She seemed to be keeping few secrets hidden, and on any given night anything and everything was fair game. I loved those shows with an abiding passion. Some of the deepest emotions I ever experienced in my whole life came around on that tour, and I never forget to this day how important all of that was and is to me.

The band shows last year and this seemed as if countryside jaunts in the family SUV. She used a more powerful one for the arena shows than she did for the smaller venues, but all were larger-than-life experiences, developed in no small part to impress with their pure might. Surely, she went off-road and utilized four-wheel drive over rugged terrain at points during these shows. Unlike some people, I loved the band shows a great deal, and to see how well she was ultimately able to pull off her vision of them gave me feelings of pride in her abilities as a talented and varied performer. And I liked having a few solo piano songs within the paradigm of a band concert. The shift at those shows between the types of instrumentation was pulled off in a way that seemed both casual and appropriate, and we got to experience the best of each world. For all their sheer force of energy, the band shows were approachable, engaging, welcoming, and often even joyous. I loved the hell out of the band shows.

It was with a huge amount of trepidation that I attended the solo piano show last night in Providence. I didn't think my nervous system these days could take a harrowing concert of the type the DDI tour came to exemplify. Frankly, I didn't enjoy watching her having to bear the bulk of the musical burden on her shoulders then, and even just for her to have endured the wear and tear on her body as she did in '96 took a visible toll on her as well. I mean to refer to more than just a physical toll, but also to an emotional and spiritual one. I don't know what all she was going through out there on the road in '96, but we saw enough of its effects on her as a person that I came to be quite concerned for her by tour's end. And although I attended nearly three dozen DDI shows, merely by reading accounts of those shows and talking with people who were there, one could readily tell that bubbling beneath the surface, there was a lot going on with her that year. I was relieved when it finally came to an emotional and life-changing conclusion.

I was therefore extremely relieved when I attended last night's solo piano outing in Providence. Yes, she had her lithe sports car, but instead of taking us out at a breakneck pace, she seemed a calmer, less furtive and more seasoned pilot than I had ever seen at a solo show. I am perfectly content not to have to follow her at top speed along dangerous curves. Being led with introspection down dark and winding country roads suits me fine. It's more than enough for me to be able to accompany her on these journeys, no matter what their nature. It's great to simply be with her, and there surely was plenty of her in this Providence concert.

Tori has shown that she can pull off a variety of show formats. She has nothing to prove anymore. Now seems to me to be an upcoming time off the road to regroup musically, and simply to live. I think that holds true for many of us, including those of us who go to the shows.

I believe she needn't worry who's going to be around the next time she emerges from her garage to take a spin. I'm confident that many of us will be there with our thumbs out hoping to catch a ride, waiting to see where she has decided to take us next. I continue to have an immense amount of faith in her musical sensibilities, and where they steer her on her personal musical journey. And I love her very much.

From Catherine West

December 1, 1999 - i just got back and i'm still just in awe. this was my second time seeing tori and it was wonderful. it was just the girl and her piano and she was sooo good!! she came out and looked so cute with her jeans and nice button down shirt. she started playing and singing something that turned out to be Take to the Sky and i thought i was going to die because that song is one of my all time favorites. after that she did Bliss which also ROCKED!! i don't really remember everything she played and the order but she played Winter, Icicle, Cloud on my Tongue, Never Seen Blue, a kick ass version of Juarez and started it by saying "okay let's see if we can do this" and then she started to hit the strings on the inside of the piano. it was so good!!! (i think that was part of the first encore but i forget because i'm still in awe!) she did Concertina, Lust, Suede, Smells Like Teen Spirit and another cover song that i know the words to but don't know who sings it but it was cute because she said that she would sing it in the 80s in her tight jeans, her big hair, and her tube top. she ended the night with her beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. it was so good and i'm so happy. when she did Cloud on My Tongue, she started with a tori story. she asked the guys that when they pick up women do they think it through. so she talked about this guy that showed up one day and said "i've flown in all the way from Borneo to see you" and she went on to say how he had a ticket for her and him to go back to Borneo and she said yeah but my boyfriend's right behind you and he said so and she said that he would deny the whole thing ever happened to this day and she said "and now i've written a fucking song about him" and she started playing. i loved every minute of it. she was so great (as always) but tonight she sounded so good like when she did Juarez it was so moving because at the end she sang no angel came for my little girl and there was so much emotion in the theater it was great. i hope that tori doesn't stay away too long. just long enough to get some rest and relaxation (o: and then comes back to see us because i still need to hear cooling live but tonite was great because i got to hear Take to the Sky live!! Definate highlight of the evening!!

From Daks Desjardins

December 1, 1999 - OH MY F***ING GOD.

I just got back from Providence.. I am so exhausted.. I live North of Boston so it took me forever to get back.

I had 11th row center tickets, and when Tori came on I moved up to like the 3rd row. I could've practically smelled her from there i was so close.

Take to the sky: I was hoping she wouldn't do this one, I am sick of hearing it I don't really like it, but it was the first song so it made it less painful.

Bliss: I was kinda expecting this, since it was a single here. Very powerful.. I kinda miss the band though.

Lust: Very pretty voice on this one. Before the song she said something about husbands expecting more from their wives or whatever...

Love Song: She started playing this one and I didn't recognize it, until the "whenever I'm alone.. " part.. Some kid in front of me had a cure t-shirt with the lyrics to this song on the back of his t-shirt. Needless to say he literally had an orgasm when she sang this one. This was definately the highlight of my evening. Most unexpected, most beautiful..

Icicle: ok song... Some girl next to me learned that it was about masturbation and she in turn had an orgasm. Tori gave the finger to the crowd at the end of the song it was funny.. I felt really bad 'cuz I'd been taking lots of pictures with flashes during this song and I thought she was pissed at me... then I thought, well, many other people are doing it!

Winter: interesting performance. On the live in NY video she is so sad when she sings this one. It's one of my Tori favorites, and i have now heard it live twice. The other time was at the tweeter center when she told the people in the front row to eat her pussy or whatever. This time the song was uninterrupted, and 6 minutes of pure extacy.

Concertina: *dies* i wanted to hear this one so badly.. I had the Musique Plus version and I was really really hoping for this. At 2 spots in the song she repeated the same line twice.. It was weird... I bet most people didn't notice it.

Cloud On My Tongue: She told a funny story before this one. I'm happy she did, 'cuz I now know what the hell this song is about. It was awesome to hear it. It was better than on still orbiting.

Before Suede, i screamed out "DOUGHNUT SONG!!!!" .. she looked at me for a second kinda implying "Dream on, you freak" and I just yelled "please?" and everyone started laughing.. I made such an ass out of myself... oh well

Suede: I don't like this version of the song. It's better with the keyboard. It just doesn't sound together.

Smells Like Teen Spirit: WHy does she play this one so much?

Never Seen Blue: Really nice song. People really love this one.

Juarez: *DIES AGAIN* when she started to bang on the strings I screamed out "JUAREZ!!!!" 'cuz I was probably the only one there who had heard the version from London being the Tori freak that I am... And she started singing it and people looked at me like.. "what are you a psychic or somethin'?" :)

And finally Somewhere over the rainbow: I might be a psychic, 'cuz I KNEW she was going to do this one. It was PERFECT. I started semi-crying, like everyone else, I was touched. It was absolutely perfect.

It was awesome all in all. MUCH better than the show in Mansfield and the one in Lowell (sort of). She only signed like 2 autographs outside afterwards it was freezing out! :)

From Debbie tinnirello

December 1, 1999 - well i just got back from the providence show

Tori was wearing a button down black shirt and jeans and some cute black shoes from belgium (but we'll get to that

Vertical Horizon gets a thumbs down from me...really bad REM, that's how i'd describe it. Guster is a great band, i have liked them for a while it was great to see them again.

although i was thrilled to be seeing Tori i was worried that it was going to be a tori's greatest hits show b/c it was for the radio station. i should have known tori doesn't work like that.

so here we go

take to the sky- cute into, slower than usual, she seemed to be enjoying when people were clapping along although i couldn't bring myself to do it.

bliss- i like it much better solo

lust- little story about how she got married (a funny thing hapend to me recently...i got married), i'm not a huge fan of this song but the piano is gorgous.

love song- told this little story about how when she was in LA she used to wear tube tops from retail slut. i thought this was going to be glory of the 80s at first, then i thought it was giong to be entienne, but it was better it was the cure! very very happy to have heard this, done wonderfully.

icicle- i would have adored this song except there was a girl who was talking about 2 rows behind me, she had been doing it all along and i thought i could ignore it, but i couldn't so i walked over to where she was and told her i didn't pay money to hear her talk and that she need to shut up. she was very rude and i was about 15 seconds from killing her. but icicle was wonderful anyway.

winter- god bless tori! i haven't heard this song live yet, everytime i see her it's on the set list and never gets played. made me very teary eyed (the annoying talking girl was kicked out of the theater at this point)

concertina- a little slower than usual, this song is phenomnal on the piano.

cloud- before the song some girl yelled "tori where did you get your shoes?" she holds her feet up and says "belgium!" she then told the story about the guy who tried to convince her to go away with him while her boyfriend was right there. at the end she said..."you know i know that now he would never remember this happended and i wrote a fucking song about him" very cute beautifully played (however the annoying girl came back and was kicked out again)

suede- no one said this before but suede was special tonight b/c it wasn't on the synth, completely on the piano. i had been dying to hear this live and i was thrilled.

teen spirit- never expected it. this made me lose it. in the middle she did a "i know your here sometimes, i can feel you" now i'm assuming she ment Kurt and not her grandfather but either way it made the song very powerful

then Tori left the stage but she wasn't done

never seen blue- i was faked out, i was expecting 1000 oceans but was soooooo happy to hear this. very very beautiful

juarez- i was praying to hear this song but when she didn't play it in the first set i kind of gave up on it. this was one of the most powerful music preformances i have ever seen...it totally took me aback. the highlight of the evening

tori goes away again

over the rainbow- when she started this people in the audience we yelling "here in my head, baker baker blah blah" but i was wonderfully suprised to hear this. very nice, a great ending to a superub night.

oh by the way, i talked to mark a little after the show and got the set list, it was identical to what she played on stage.

From ThomasRS

December 1, 1999 - Take To The Sky Sounded great. She was banging the beat on the side of her piano and some people in the audience started clapping along...which faded in and out.

Bliss This was a great "old-style" Tori concert with all the talking in between the songs and interaction with the audience. This was the only song where it seemed like there would be a bit lacking without the band. The first time at "Steady as it comes..." I think it was a TINY bit...but the crowd starting screaming, so it covered. :-) However, she adjusted and the second time it was like she was playing piano, singing, playing drums, playing strings, and totally blowing everyone away at the same time.

Lust She started with a story where she said that a funny thing happened to her when she got married and a lot of guys think their wives won't be as exciting when they get married...and then said...umm...they might be wrong. Someone posted in a review earlier that she said something about guys EXPECTING more from their wives. Umm...misquote! Maybe it was Meatloaf in disguise?!?!?! :-)

Lovesong It took me a minute to recognize this because I hadn't heard it much before...great, though.

Icicle Sounded great.

Winter Ok, I've always thought this song sounded really nice...but it effected me a LOT last night. I was a big ball of emotions from her music so far, but this just broke me and I started crying. It said something to me like "Make yourself happy," so it was almost like tears of hope...getting out of a sad situation. Concertina was next, and I just continued crying through that song. It was so beautiful.

Concertina (see above :-)

Cloud On My Tongue Tori told a long story. She asked if guys "planned" before making a move on girls. My friend turned to me and was like, "Doesn't she know all the guys in the audience are gay?" Ok, so it's not a totally TRUE statement, but it was funny. Anyway, she said something to the effect of (yes, I'm paraphrasing!) , "I was playing in South America and this guy...no...not him...not who you're thinking.. BEFORE him...showed up from Borneo and said he knew I had 4 days off and had tickets. He wanted me to go with him. I said 'my boyfriend's right over there' and he said 'so'? And to this day I bet he doesn't remember that, and I wrote a fucking song about it. Something funny....both my friend and I knew the song...but could NOT remember the title, until she got to the title line and we looked at each other and laughed.

Suede Cool...interested sounding version. The "little sister" part was really awesome.

Smells Like Teen Spirit First time I've heard it live. I was happy.

Encore 1:

Never Seen Blue Ok, I didn't know what this was until she sang the title line, either. I've heard it listed in set lists, but never "heard" it. Nice song.

Juarez This was great. Tori's been playing with the lid off oh her piano recently (looks strange, sounds great) and beat on the strings for a considerable part of the song. Sounded wonderful.

Encore 2:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Wonderful. After the concert, the stage door was on the way to the car, so we waited there. There weren't a lot of people...maybe 50 or so? Maybe more. Anyway, some obnoxious, maybe drunk girl walks by and says "What are you people nuts? Its 20 degrees out." (it was) and starts mocking Tori singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in a horrible voice. If stares could burn, it finally got warm out there! A girl in the crowd put her in her place in a very nice way...no yelling or screaming. Tori came out, said hi a few times and met just a few people for less than a minute, then got into her limo.

Wonderful show. Can't wait to see her on Thursday!!

From jessica

December 1, 1999 - Tori was absolutely fanominal! She looked fantastic sporting her black stiletto heals from Belgium! She seemed so happy and relaxed. She was also very talkative, which is always nice. She told us about how husbands shouldnt underestimate the sexuality of their wives after they are married... then she played Lust which was incrediable!!!! Tori then went on to play cloud on my tongue, but first telling us of the man who left Borneo to visit her while she was touringa few years ago. She was smiling and joking , and then played Cloud which was breathtakeing!!!

The highlight came to me at the end of the show when tori played Juarez with minimal piano, only her using the srings as drums!!! It was amazing ... and the end of the song she was singing so powerfully .." No angel came for my litttle girl" It was so strong and I had goose bumps just watching her! At the end of the show, tori graced us with never seen blue, which she seems to like to play in providence, seeing as how she played it in 98 on the plugged tour explaining how she had prrfprmed it on the pele tour when it was not completed. It was amazing , ofcouse. By far, the best part of the show came after the second encore, when she calmly walked to the piano and gently played Some where Over the rainbow....... talk about tears!

The show was on of the best I have ever seen tori preform, mostly because she was alone with just the Bose...WOW


December 1, 1999 - This was the best show I have ever been to. It was the best meet and greet. Tori came right up to me like we were pals..and hugged me got pics withme .signed stuff..i almost died! and the show was great, i had won front row from the hosting radio station WBRU and i swear when your front and center you swear she's singing into your eyes. my mom and aunt went with me..and my mom had written an importnat note to tori and handed it to her limo driver at the meet and greet..requesting angie..(long story) any how ..she didnt play it.. but joel did walk right up to my mom after the show and hand her the printed set LIST!!! tori left with my note and my lil puppy dog i threw onstage.

One of the best shows yet!!! yesterday was yet another "Best days of my life" :)

From AntKnee

December 1, 1999 - Right now all i can say is it was

A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

Post alot late rbut for now!! Juarez was cute and awesome! Winter- tears swelling, Lust Awesome live! Concertina Beautiful
Nevr seen blue absolutley beautiful!!

My favs!! I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY TAKE TO THE SKY!! and TEEN SPIRIT!! both were absolutley astounding! me soo happy!!!

Personla highlight!! and note!! THANK YOU to the girl who through the envelope into the limo! you took it from a cute girl, Julie she had it there for me ! Tori got my drawing!! yay! So unbelievably happy! :O)

From Cat

December 1, 1999 - It was sooo good!! All I can say is that Take to the Sky rocked and i'm so glad i heard it live finally!! Winter was beautiful and i got all teary eyed too (o: Never Seen Blue was wonderful also! The story about Cloud on my Tongue was awesome too. And her shoes from Belgium were cute too!! Need sleep so maybe i'll be back with more comments (o:

From cttoriluvr

December 1, 1999 - Oh my, I think this show was by far my favorite show of all time. The set was great...I wont repost it...but here are some details... Tori was wearing a black button down shirt, her hair was curly (no extensions), she had a black ribbon like choker around her neck and she wore blue jeans and a pair of very funky black stilleto type heals (I was the one that asked her where she got her shoes, which he replyed "in belgium"). Ok so she comes on take to the sky was a fun surprize opener...
before lust she said something along the lines "so if any of you guys get married or are married and think that your wife wont be exciting, think again..." something like that... before love song she said that she used to play this song when he had her her hair hair-sprayed up to here and she bought her clothes at retail slut and that she wore tube tops ... before cloud she talked about I believe the Anthony Kedis incident that the song is about..she said that this guy came down to the souther part of the world where she was and asked her to go to borneo with him and she said to him "my boyfriend is right over there" and then she said he said "so" I can't remember it so well.... during juarez she hit the inside of the piano during the drum parts, it sounded really cool... Over the Rainbow just put a big old smile on my face...I didn't expect it... Overall she seemed happy to be there...Can't wait for wallingford on Thursday....


From Moonstone6

December 1, 1999 - WOW!! What a scrumptious night! Tori's vocals were amazing from chilling screams to almost silent clicks. Every song had it's original element. She banged on the piano chords to the beat of Juarez; told a story explaining Cloud on my Tongue and joked around with the guys in the audience. She seemed to be in a great mood, humorous with us and yet still playing many of her deep songs. The crowd was great and un-interrupting during tori's best parts, she put us in a trancelike state once again. Our MD recording also came out great (thanks for being an awesome audience),email me if you're interested in a copy. What a perfect night it was.
ohh it's sleeptime, goodnight!

From Abstraction

December 1, 1999 - What? It was Tori with her Bose!!! Jesus it took me a few to really understand where I was. Four lights, two smoke machines.
We crept into row five during Guster, two open seats in the aisle. When Guster ended four in front of us were jacketing up, they gave us their seats. Ten or fifteen before T came out, Joel popped out and those in front of us condensed, we climbed seats. second row center!!!! I couldn't stop saying "Yes Yes Yes"
The Bose was wheeled out, everyone went bozo. You've seen the set list, how about the Tori Stories??? Well She Told us guys that if we think our wife will be boring then, maybe we ought to .....think agian.
Then, do us guys think it out before we come on to a chick?? "Well this guy didn't, and I won't mention names,... but he came before..., you know..., not him, before him,he showed up and said, "I came all the way from Borneo to see you" I said, " Why didn't you call first?" "Well I think maybe he had dysentary so maybe he had an antibiotic soap in his back pocket. I said that's my boyfriend standing right over there, and he said...so. He doesn't remember that, and I've written a fuckin song about him" Then she went into " Cloud"
Anyone that was ever concerned about the girl loosing touch with her piano....FORGET ABOUT IT!!!
She is still there!!! Full Command!! I promise. It was the old, the microphone, piano bench molesting Tori. Voice careening off the walls. She brought the most electric to acoustic, she pounded the strings with her hands in Juarez, as in London.
She glared, she stARED, SHE looked HOTTTTT She loved every minute of it.
Marcel got his dew cut short.
I'm still in shock.
"Somewhere over the rainbow" would cripple the hardest of hearts. Our Goddess in Full Effect.;
See you all in CT!!!!
I love this life!!!

From TwinkleGrrl

December 1, 1999 - just to let you guys know, yes, there was a meet and greet. it was at about 1:30-2:00, and was really awesome. there was maybe like 20 of us there, if that, and there was no pushing or shoving or anything. she was asking ppl their names and personalizing the stuff she signed (i can die a happy girl now...i have my saty single signed!!!) it was definitely worth sitting around in the freezing cold (we put new meaning to 'all the girls here are freezing cold' - lol). ooh, and one more thing, somewhere over the rainbow was a request...my friend nicole asked her in a letter that she wrote and handed to tori at the m&g. just wanted to share, 'cause i'm so happy for her. =)


ps: green blanket crew lives again! =)

From choirboy66

December 1, 1999 - hey everybody! a quick review before i go to work (yuck).

the show was amazing. the mere thought of seeing tori solo again almost seemed foreign to me. it had been soooo long! i was very nervous beforehand for the first time in many shows, i think because i really had no idea what to expect.

she was absolutely radiant. very happy, totally in control of what was going on. i was in a complete trance. i hadn't heard take to the sky since 94, and it was a great surprise. i was very surprised to hear so much from TVAB, but it was very beautiful stripped down to nothing but the piano. the covers were great; i think that lovesong was the absolute last thing i would have expected to hear, and i was very surprised.

all in all it was fantastic. it really reminded me why i love tori so much. i can't wait until tomorrow! see some of you there!

From Antigone

December 1, 1999 - Simply put, this was one of the most amazing shows I've been to in a long time. I've seen Tori solo, and this performance made me hope she continues solo for a long long time. *swoon*

Suede solo piano! (With the Little Sister part) Running up that Hill during Lovesong! Winter! Juarez!

I wish I could see her again and again and again. But as I write this tickets for the WFNX AIDS benefit in Boston are going for around $2000, which I can't afford.

Simply amazing. I'm exhausted today but it was worth it. Oh and Mark gave my friend a setlist to give to me - someone else posted on the dent that he gave them one too and I thought that was funny - he must have a few copies.

(Some girl told my friend that Joel was Tori's husband. That was probably one of the funniest things all evening. Oh and I actually liked Vertical Horizon and Guster - I've had a long history of disliking guster stemming from interviewing them long long ago but I am probably being unfair to them - and bitter - because they're quite talented.)


From St. Theresa

December 1, 1999 - Well, I posted elsewhere but let me just repeat some of my stuff since I love to babble so much.

I missed the real meet and greet and I was so pissed at myself for running late. But I was assured that she would be coming out again to leave the venue, so a few of us stayed. Well, I just happened to be at the front of the barricade so I was an arm's length away from Tori but couldn't get anything signed or get a picture with her because I'm just not pushy. Everyone told me afterwards you HAVE TO BE.

F that. I got my gift to her (thanks, Joel.) People said before she came out she was in a bad mood. When she first came out to leave, for a moment she seemed (and please don't freak folks, this was my very first impression) sort of uppity and very unimpressed that there were people standing out there to see her. I thought for a split second, wow, maybe Meathead was right and she really is too big for her briches. But then I realized she just had somewhere to go, was probably just stressed and of course, Joel was pushing her along, so really, I think that explains that. She did light up when she saw Angel from the Dent and gave her a hug. And she told everyone she wouldn't be back until the show and NOT TO STAY THERE -- she said to go get WARM.

Someone also said that she had committed to these gigs a long time ago and wouldn't be doing them otherwise. She also told someone she was NOT touring Europe this spring.... Hmmmmm.

We didn't watch the first two bands. But we did hear Guster from downstairs and they sounded good. At that point all you want is Tori when you've spent the whole damn day there and you're old and cold (and drinking too much wine.) While we were downstairs, Craig from Ohio, who hung with us for the night (HAVE A SAFE TRIP, CRAIG!) spotted Mark running by and went and said a quick hi. My goodness is he a modest, cute little thing.

We sat in our seats for oh, 2 minutes? I met one of the people who bought one of my extra tickets, but I didn't ever get to see Magic Monkey (who bought my other.) Were you there???

We noticed people were crowding the stage so I said to my friend, "What the hell are we doing here?" We went up toward the stage and I watched the whole show leaning up against a seat in the front row. Beautiful view! It was a TOTAL view from where we were...we could see the entire length of the piano keys as well as her face most times....absolutely PERFECT!

It was fun to have her set be a surprise. When I saw her on 5 1/2 weeks, I really knew what to expect. But not tonight.

Icicle was special because we had just been listening to Tea with the Waitress and Tori's quote about how her nice warm hand is much more comforting than a stale wafer. Love that.

She was really sexing the show up, especially at the beginning in Take to the Sky where she grabbed her crotch and butt a lot, lol.

What really stood out to me was how strong her voice was the whole night. Absolutely beautiful. There seem to be times when she wimps out of the higher notes, taking them down a couple of octaves, but not this show. High, low or in-between, she sounded great. I love the way she smacks her lips together at the end of some words, or throws in a whisper at the end of a line.

I could really have done without Concertina and Suede, especially the latter becaue my favorite part of that song ("Oh, little sister....") was really downplayed. I kept thinking she was about to do Yes, Anastasia, the only song I truly wanted to hear. But, alas, it would be something else. Just a tiny letdown, but not when it turned out to be Juarez -- which was GREAT - so, so powerful.

Her little story before Cloud was familiar, but I still thought she was going to do Sugar -- I was so sure of it I was saying it outloud. That's ok...those first few piano notes of Cloud are always so sweet to hear, so warmly familiar.

You know...while anticipating a show, or talking about one afterwards, my eyes really well up, and I keep warning people I will probably cry the whole show, but I don't. It's like I'm stunned, in a daze, not believing it's all real ("This is not really happening....") I forgot to look at her hands during the parts I really really wish I could when I'm listening to her recorded stuff: The jam sessions in Winter, Juarez and Teen Spirit stand out in my mind as times when I couldn't get my eyes off her face and forgot to watch her damn hands. Sigh.

She really hung on some lines in Concertina, repeating "I've got a fever above my waist, you've got a squeezebox on your knee."

Lust was so beautiful and I liked to let myself think she had read the letter I'd written to her in the limo before the show. I had told her how it spoke to me and quoted the line that includes "and he waits..." so when she talked about marriage beforehand and hung on that line, I really thought she had me in mind.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

I couldn't help but get the impression that maybe there was trouble in paradise. Could have explained her mood and the comments before Lust. "Funny thing happened -- I got married. Guys, if you think your wives aren't exciting anymore -- think again." I hope not. I am inspired by her good marriage to believe that love is possible even after a lot of shit and baggage....

Meanwhile, FNX tickets are being auctioned off way way out of my range. This hour's pair is up to $1700!! OY VEY! People keep saying that will probably be a short gig but I dunno...she's the only act and people are spending so much money...I think she'll really do it up Friday night. Sigh.

Oh, well, I'll be in CT tomorrow night. Two shows in three days, seeing her up close, seeing Mark, getting her a gift, getting such a beautiful show, great set right up front.... How can I complain.

Um, I always manage to complain. Nevermind.

From abbe

December 1, 1999 - Oh Wow.

I'd been so busy convincing myself during the Plugged and 5 1/2 weeks shows I went to that it was still the same Tori and she
still had the same power to grab an entire auditorium and pour raw energy out of the piano at them, that I had managed to think i was getting the real thing at those shows.

No. Last night was the real thing, and
much as I like the plugged songs and
every now and then they do grab me as much (Sugar & Little Earthquakes plugged come to mind), the girl and the piano still has some magic to it that I forgot how much I'd

the setlist has all been posted, so I'll
just comment that Lust was the song that
completely knocked me away this time,
and opening with Take to the Sky was great but made me wish even harder for Flying
Dutchman than ever...

one question for those who said they talked to Mark last night- was he in fact the guy with the longish light brown hair who was at the left side of the sound board before the show? I've never been sure enough it's him to go ask... nor sure whether he'd be annoyed by having people talk to him "because he's Tori's husband". Oh well. There's always
Thursday. =)

From Howling Zoe

December 1, 1999 - truly a magical evening. I slipped off the plan right on time and stepped out into the air and thought (oh beautiful cold!!! hurrah for its been so long since I felt thee) which after an hour tunred into (I CANT BELIVE ITS SO FUCKING GODDMANED COLD WHAT EVIL THOUGHT INVADED MY HEAD AND MADE ME THINK ID BE SOOL WITH THIS) at the venue there were throngs that vacated after each set to smoke and we all sat there blue lips and fingers thinking this is a good day to quit.

First of all, I have to say that the openers were good, but you know, an HOUR!!!!!! each????/ what crap. Its a weeknight for gods sake! Tori didnt come on until 10:45... to catch our bus back to Boston, we left right after Somewhere started. And I asked AMark for a setlist but he was busy with the show. It was amazing. How chatty CAthy was she? And I hear lovesong and ttts live.. which makes me thrilled. Juarez was HAUNTING... and does anyone else thing she played it cause of the 300 bodies they found there the other day? anyways... all in all GREAT>

final note. We were not the only people running to make the last bus. There were four other girls. At some point they were ahead of us and we think they went to Kennedy Plaza instead of Greyhound. So they missed the bus. We had the driver float past Kennedy Plaza for you, but we didnt see you.. I am SO sorry.I hope you were able to catch the 2:45........ We felt bad the whole night cause of that.

From TalkNormal

December 3, 1999 - 'll try not to reiterate what's already been mentioned (really amazing show, etc.), but just to throw in my $.02...

I have to say that i was very, very happy with the solo renditions of the TVAB songs, Juarez in particular, although I couldn't see too well (a girl with a very large head positioned herself directly in front of me). It sounded like she was hitting the strings on the inside of the piano during the verses. Very cool. As much as i love the band, i really prefer seeing tori all by herself.

I was thrilled to hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Tori was beaming while she played it. Perfect ending for the show.

Anyhow, one minor gripe: Since Tori sans band is definitely not a rock concert, I don't really understand why people feel the need to stand up. Personally, I can enjoy a show much more when I'm comfortable.

Not anything to lose sleep over though. I was unspeakably happy to see Tori again... period.

signing off,

From BlowTheEnd

December 3, 1999 - OK I'll try to keep this short...Last night's show was so awesome.. It was only my second Tori show ever. During the Plugged tour, I had pretty much excepted the fact that the days of Tori and just the piano were over. I guess I was wrong. She talked a lot last night and seemed to be in a really good mood. Like others have said, her voice was really really strong. OK I don't know how I should do this...I guess I'll just talk about some of the highlights for me:

She seemed really into this one..alot of energy during the chorus especially.. I really liked hearing this one solo.

A big surprise and it is still stuck in my head

I was really hoping to hear this one.. Someone else has already commented on how she repeated certain lines like the "I got a dub on your landscape" line.

I blurted out "WOW!" when I realized what she was playing. I really thought she was gonna play Little Amsterdam.. I couldnt believe she played the whole thing on the piano. It sounded really cool.. The "little sister" part was different but really cool .I REALLY liked this one.

REALLY REALLY good.. I loved this one.. I dont know what else to say.. It sounded like she was singing "I know youre out there somewhere", maybe to Kurt, near the end.

So then she left for a minute and came back and launched right into.. **NEVER SEEN BLUE**
She played this at the other concert I went to (Plugged at PPAC) and I was happy to hear it again.

OK when I saw her reaching into the piano I yelled out "OH MY GOD!!" ..I have an mp3 (which is permanently on my playlist) of her doing this in London.. I couldnt believe she was playing it like this again. This was my favorite part of the night. It was really sad though when she was singing "No angel came for my little girl" Incredible incredible incredible

A surprise and a good ending to the night

I was SO impressed with the whole night.. I was afraid we would only get like 8 songs but I was wrong again. All the travelling and money I spent was all worth it.

From RasinGirrl

December 3, 1999 - I will post more another time. I am so very tired and it's almost 6 at night the day after.

I saw Tori once in 96. That was the first time I saw her. In my opinion, 1996 was the best tour and album (pele). Those shows were Tori to me.

I like the band in it's own way. But you can't put it next to Tori solo. I wish with all my heart for that again but I know it won't be. It kinda hurt seeing her like that last night because it was almost a tease.

I wish there weren't so many Venus songs. I'm not big on that album being a "girl and the piano" fan. (yes i know there's josephine and lust but it's not the same)

Lovesong. I almost passed out. Literally. I started to hypervenalate. Really. I said "if this is lovesong....." then it was "OHMYGOD" (i hope no one near me was booting it because it was really loud)
I have always wanted to hear this. It reminded me so much of 96.

I have never heard teen spirit live. It was amazing. Not as good as some I have heard where she goes off but it just added to the "96 feel" for me.

Rainbow... Uh. She did that at my first show and I haven'theard it since. Wonderful. Once again I bawled.

I really did get my wish of the old day for one night. ::sigh::

From URAwinner

December 3, 1999 - Wow This show was one of the best I've ever seen. Just a black curtain, a black bosey and Tori. That was it! It is so hard to compare Tori solo with Tori plugged...they are like 2 different forces: Tori with the band is like a ball of energy circulating through the room while Tori solo is like a conversation between Tori and the audience. It totally seemed that way this show...the auditorium was *tiny* and even in row X I had a great view and she told many sToris...it just seemed really low key. For me, the absolute highlight of the show was Never Seen Blue...it was beautiful. But Somewhere Over the Rainbow was a close 2nd and a *perfect* ending to the show. I wasn't even thinking of leaving the show to get to the after-show MnG but to my surprise, we passed the stage door on the way out only to see a handful of people waiting there. So we also waited for about 15 mins....secutiry was understandably anal since there were no barricades and Tori only came out for like 1 minute. Since I've met her before, I just wanted to catch a glimpse of her and I did see her - she was adorable, wearing a little flowered scarf around her head.

I wasn't really satisfied with the idea of the Mansfield show being the last that I see for a while but this show will *definitely* tide me over until we "touch horns" again


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