5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Las Vegas, NV
September 24, 1999

Updated December 5, 1999

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Tori performed in Las Vegas, NV on September 24, 1999 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl
Riot Poof
Blood Roses
Silent All These Years (solo)
Merman (solo)
Professional Widow

Precious Things


From Denise Lynch

December 5, 1999 - My name is Denise and I'm mailing you from Ireland. I mailed you previously and mentioned that I would be going to Tori's Vegas concert on Sept 24th. You asked me to give you my review on my return. I'm sorry it took me so long, but here it is....

Well, I made it to Mandalay Bay and what a memorable night it was! I was sooo excited - I couldn't believe I was seeing Tori live and in Las Vegas of all places!!!

The first thing I would say is that we got 4 excellent seats!!! Considering I booked the seats by credit card over the phone from Ireland, I was well impressed with our location. We were sitting facing the side of the stage, and Tori was exactly facing us! I could see her clearly! I couldn't have picked better seats had I gone into the concert venue myself!!

Tori opened with "God" and proceeded to play and sing like only she can. I have to admit that I felt her band drowned her just a bit though. When the band left for a while and she performed "Silent all these Years" and "Merman" by herself, it was just magical. The audience were captivated and I wanted those two songs to last forever - they were so beautiful. I would have loved to hear her perform more song just by herself, but I guess she needed the band for her new material.

I've always read other people's Tori concert reviews and each and every one always talks about leaving the concert feeling very emotional and special. I have to admit I felt that way as I left the Mandalay Bay Hotel that night. It was a magical experience, difficult to put into words, and one of the highlights of my year.

I long for the day that Tori will come to Ireland to perform, but in the meantime, I'm willing to travel "a 1000 oceans" if I have to to, to experience her truly unique, beautiful, music again.

Best Wishes,

Tori's biggest Irish fan

From Richard Handal

September 25, 1999 - Richard called me on the phone after Tori's set in Vegas. This show was unusual in that is was being taped for a Tori/Alanis pay per view telecast rumored to be shown around January 2000. There were 7 cameras filming both Tori and Alanis; including one on a boom which was swinging over Tori and the audience and one or more Steadicams which were being guided around on stage.

That Tori would be tired for this show would be understandable given her schedule leading up to this concert. She was apparently shooting a new video for much of yesterday. Then she did a breakfast with KROQ radio appearance in L.A. that morning before performing that evening in Las Vegas. Richard said that the cameras moving around her, plus the TV lights going on and off in different parts of the audience throughout the show were distracting for him and surely for Tori also. Richard felt bad that Tori had to deal with all that at the end of such an exhausting 2 days.

Tori performed from 8:37PM until 9:59. In this arena, there were 9,000 available seats. It was a solid show through Suede. Then things seemed to begin falling apart.

During Professional Widow, she felt she messed up enough to stop (although Richard didn't notice any screw-ups), and then guided the band through an amusing impromptu song, "Things fuck up sometimes." Then during the next song, Hotel, there seemed to be a problem with the microphone slipping, and she called for a technician to come out and take care of it. She then continued with the song from the beginning of that verse.

For whatever reason, during the "hang ten" part of the Waitress, while the TV crew had the lights on over much of the floor seating, Tori proudly kept the middle finger of her hand raised and motioned for the entire audience to do likewise, which they did.

Richard said he hoped that Tori did not take it as hard has she seemed to.

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Here is the set list for the show:

Cornflake Girl
Riot Proof
Blood Roses
silent all these years

professional widow
the witress

precious things

Big news:
They taped this show from start to finish with 7 cameras and said it would be shown on national television!! Does anyone know anything about this?

After Sugar she said something like, "You're going to be on the telly, so, thanks for exposing yourselves."

She goofed on Professional Widow and ended up singing "things fuck up sometimes" or something similar for a while.

During The Waitress she flipped off the audience.

The show started late and continued running late, because of the taping maybe?

Finally, it was a great performance, probably because of the cameras.

Thanks to the girls sitting behind me for help with the setlist.

From Kevhej :

I have seen Tori twice: once in Anaheim and now in Vegas. Both times I have been quite impressed with her versatility and artistic nature. It was wonderful to watch her botch Professional Widow and go right into a tongue and cheek retort of "sometimes things get fucked up." Whereas most other musicians would cop out and restart the song, disrupting the connection with the audience.

Although many seem to disagree with me, I feel that her playing with the band really adds to her emotional complexity. Songs like Sugar, Waitress, Blood Roses were excellant and the band simply rocked!

Tori's live performance also illustrates a pairing with herself and the audience. It as if the People Who Come to the Shows and Tori herself blur into one entity.

In short, I loved the set list, I love the new albumn, I love her live performances, and I love her. In today's world of music where creativity has given way to marketibility, Tori serves as a powerful inspiration to all.

From Frogboy:

well some very interesting things happened at this show. usually i leave a concert feeling high, i left Vegas feeling really low.

Meet and Greets just aren't what they use to be. unlike Phoenix, i was able to approach Tori this time, she signed something for me, but never bothered looking at me while she did. she also ignored me while i talked to her, opting instead to talk to a certain someone whom who all know, one of those who follows Tori to every show. anyway, Tori felt it more important to talk to him. her decision, oh well. as for the show, you have her setlist. Tori's performance, despite the fuck ups was an improvement from Phoenix. mainly because the sound was so much better.....i have to say what the highlight of the night for me was...i have waited eight years to hear "Silent All These Years" live, and tonight it happened. she sang it perfect too. however, "merman" did not compare to her performance at the Pond last year, she rushed through it, another tendency that is becoming more frequent. i thought that she sang "Hotel" better than she did last year in San Diego. i was thrilled to hear "Bliss" finally, though i wasn't to hear "Suede" or "riot poof." i'm sorry, and this is all a personal opinion, but after being a Toriphile for eight years, Venus is the first time that Tori has ever disappointed me with her music. the changes in her live performances are also a little unsettling. anyway, her voice sounded great tonight.

here is Alanis' setlist and some comments. my heart went out to Alanis tonight, who played to a rude and rowdy crowd; many of whom left before she came on, but at the end those of us who were still there made her know our appreciation.

BABA: very clean, and powerful. she kind of filtered it for the t.v. taping, but powerful as always.
RIGHT THROUGH YOU: i love the background during this song. HAND IN MY POCKET: a crowd pleaser
WOULD NOT COME: i LOVE this song live!!! the drum patterns and guitar riffs are awesome.
ARE YOU STILL MAD: i was suprised that this half passed out crowd liked this one so much.
*as she attempted to introduce her band, her voice cracked and she said "Excuse me..." and proceeded to loudly clear her throat. it was hilarious.*
THAT I WOULD BE GOOD: so appropriate for tonight... YOU LEARN: always, my favorite part of the show. FORGIVEN: the sometimes forgotten rebel. always intense. THESE ARE THE THOUGHTS: i can't believe she sang this again considering the luke warm response it got in Phoenix. i was thrilled though, i love this song and so did the crowd tonight.
RIGHT THROUGH YOU: i've missed this one!
SO PURE: i am always amazed how much the crowd gets into this song, this is the point where Alanis rekindled the crowd. she took a moment after the song to ask: "Are you alright out there?" YOU OUGHTA KNOW: you know it brought the house down. UNINVITED: yummy
IRONIC: the perfect ending, the few of us that were still there filled that arena with noise.
that's all for now, i need to head to Irvine.

From Chi:

I was also at the Vegas show.
I was wondering why Tori didn't seem to talk as much as she had on her live cd's but her
being tired is probably why. I didn't mind though. This is the first time i've gotten to see Tori and i wasn't disappointed at all.

Firstly, i loved the lighting. I felt like it really added to the songs and complimented them as well.

Secondly, i liked that she messed up. Those are some of my favorite parts of the live cds, when she just makes stuff up 'cause there was a flub. It, to me, makes the show more exciting and fun.

As always, Tori's band was awesome. They are excellent muscians and they work well with Tori.

Alanis was also realy excellent. She's not my favorite, but i really liked her live show. I'd pay to see her in concert again as well.

Overall, the show was fantasic. It was well worth the trip.

From GINA . C:

tori was FEROCIOUS. I thought Waitress would never end...had closed my eyes to enjoy then opened them just in time to take in her finger. i figured she was mad at the cameramen, who were constantly in her face. her bandmates were staring at her, waiting for her cue to end the song. as an aside: Ellen DeGenres (?) and Anne Heche were at the show. Anne was groovin' to Alanis. Ellen looked bored.

i've been to a few shows on this tour and can say that i have not encountered a single rude person i could positively identify as an Alanis fan. the people i would cross the street to avoid were all Tori fans--no joke. after hearing Alanis' interview on KROQ, i have great respect for her as a person. she's very intelligent and...englightened. she's introverted and direct, unlike tori, who is outgoing and elliptical.


From Joe Petersen:

I just got back to Montana from Las Vegas. This was the first Tori concert to which I've been. I'm very glad I went all that way to see her. Despite the fact that I'm 21, my mother begged me to find someone who would go with me. None of my close friends understand my fascination with Tori, so I asked my 47 year old father to go with me. He went to the concert as well and we had a great time in Las Vegas together. I do have a gripe however. Did anyone else think the bass parts were about 10 times as loud as they needed to be or did it sound completely normal? Tori's voice and piano were much concealed. I barely heard Caton the whole time. I'm not complaining about Mr. Evans; I listen for example to the Sessions at West 54th performance and Venus Still Orbiting and I love the way the music sounds and I love what Jon does for the songs. It was simply too loud. I thought the mixer dudes would figure it out make a change, but it didn't happen. Maybe I'm just an old man at 21 or maybe I'm an ignorant Montana hick for thinking I could go to a Tori concert without wearing earplugs. My dad liked the show and said that he understands why I prefer Tori to Alanis. Although I do like Alanis, I wish I had been sitting by more Tori fans. Man, I'm just being Mr. Negativity huh, so I'll close by wishing you all sucess in attaining your goals. Work hard. Good evening.
Joe Petersen

From God:

This show was much better than Phoenix - which was still a good show. Toris voice was in top form tonight, unlike Phoenix where it seemed she didnt fully trust her vocal cords; though nobody else seemed to notice. The acoustics were better here too, but not great. The set list was wonderful, though Im still waiting for Lust and Josephine. I felt the performance of each number was superb except for Merman, which I like very much but which seemed a little bit dry tonight - I cant really explain why. I have no idea what the problem was during Pro Widow, but the recovery with the Things Fuck Up Sometimes improv was VERY entertaining and kept things moving right along. The mic problem during Hotel slowed things down for a minute and dulled the impact just a bit, but short of having the sound stacks fall out of the ceiling, theres not much that could really ruin this one for me; its just a beautiful song and a stunning showcase of her vocal ability.


This was the first time Ive had the distinct displeasure of having loud, rude, obnoxious drunks near me on this tour. There were three of them in the group in the third row in section 1, stage left - the right side for those facing the stage. They werent really fans of either Tori or Alanis; in fact the alcohol clearly led them to believe that it was THEIR show. I was concerned before the show even started that they were possibly going to be annoying because they reeked of beer (from 8 feet away) and were making loud, obnoxious comments and laughing loudly at each others stupidity and inane jokes even then, but sometimes people do this before the show and then stop once the show begins, so I certainly wasnt going to say anything at that point. Since my seat was so close to theirs, I decided to get up and go to the concession stand for a bottle of water so as not to have to listen to them before the show. Just as I came back, the show started and I left my seat in the row in front and to the right of them and went into the aisle - nearer to the center of the stage. Suffice to say, this didnt solve the problem for me because they were still only about 8 feet away from me (I was now to their left) and they never stopped yapping and laughing throughout the entire first half of the set. I got more and more aggravated as time went on but didnt want to do anything which would worsen the situation. I lost it though, during Silent All These Years, when they were alternately yapping loudly, laughing, and then one of them decided to start singing along in a slightly mocking tone. I shouldnt have done it, but I got in their faces with a can you please shut the f*ck up while Tori is singing request. After saying this 3 times (a little closer to their faces and angrier each time) they backed off for a while, but started up again sometime later at which point the guy next to me had heard as much as he wanted to tolerate and gave them the same message without the profanity. Shortly after that they were a little less noisy overall because they then knew that there were at least two people pissed off, but they still never completely stopped the b.s. The point of all this is that when Tori flipped the bird during The Waitress, it was directly at them. Shes done this before, but she held it an especially long time tonight. Afterwards, I turned around and asked them how it felt. They didnt have anything to say.

If Tori and the guys hadnt been so damn GREAT tonight these drunken fools might have ruined this show for me. They didnt.

One other note: the cameras werent really that distracting to me since I was close enough to watch and concentrate on Toris facial expressions for most of the show. If you were further back, though, they might have been annoying - especially the boom cam swinging out over the audience. Also, it will just be my bad luck that some goofy cameraman will have caught my anger with the drunks. Having some people know what I said to these idiots isnt all that embarassing. Having it appear on TV would be, but I couldnt stop myself at the time.

As usual, I did not go to the m&g but still met some very, very nice people while hanging out at the hotel before and after the show. Hi!

From Violence of Summer:

Okay, okay. Before I rant and rave about everything under the sun, let me just say that Tori totally rocked. The band rocked. The setlist was good, but I really wanted "Crucify" or "China". But that's okay, I'm glad I at least got to see her! "Bliss" rocked, and "Blood Roses" knocked my socks off! Go Tori! I didnt notice the screw up during "Professional Widow". The "things fuck up sometimes" thing was good, but my friend kept asking "Why is she saying that?" Because, leave me the fuck alone. She also thought that "I believe in peace bitch" was "I believe in Jesus" But she's cool, I love her. That being said, let me go on my kick of what sucked.

Something that really pisses me off is when Tori is up there, entertaining us, and everyone has to SCREAM. INCREDIBLY LOUDLY. AFTER EVERY LINE. I went to the show so I could hear Tori, not a bunch of people scream during "Silent All These Years". I know, you're excited, but sheesh, if it's that exciting shut up so you can hear the frickin song. Thank you. Please dont kill me, I'm only voicing my opinion. That's pretty much all that pissed me off, except for that damn boom blocking my view the whole time. But I could see the little TV at the mixer, so I watched that when it got in the way.

Alanis rocked too. I didn't retch like I thought I would! And I was terribly glad the dancing girls in front of me were there for Alanis, and not Tori, so I could see! I even came away thinking I'd like to see her again sometime. I LOVED the background she had. I want one.

The tour merchandise was good, I had a hard time making up my mind. And everyone I waited in line with was really nice. I didnt experience anyone trying to start trouble. All in all, I had a great night. And that's my story.

From Father Lucifer:

Hey Everyone! I just got back from Vegas on my trip to see TORI AMOS!!! I had a wonderful time on the trip - Vegas is an awesome place to visit cause there is lots to do - there would have been more to do if I was 21. I got kicked out of many casinos... Anyways, the concert was part of the 5 1/2 weeks tour which means Tori Amos and Alanis Morisette both co-headlining.... It was a great show, I managed to bootleg Tori's set (I will be putting it on a CD for those who would like to trade for any other 99 bootlegs). This concert was amazing, but odd because I actually enjoyed ALANIS more than TORI. For those of you who know me well that is not something you expect me to say - but read on and find out why. There is a big story behind this whole experience, but I'll start with the setlists:

LAS VEGAS, NV 9/24/99

Cornflake Girl
Riot Poof
Blood Roses
Silent All these Years
Professional Widow/Things fuck up sometimes Hotel
The Waitress
Precious Things


All I really want
Hand in my Pocket
Would not Come
Are you still Mad
Sympathetic Character
That I would be good
You Learn
These are the Thoughts
Right through You
So Pure
You oughta know
Thank You

Durring the day me and my sister went to the meet and greet. It was a good meet and greet experience (compared to what I've heard from past 99 experiences!) We waited in a crowded cramped little gate for about 3 hours.... It was incredibly hot so we were all sweating and dying, but the security came and opened the arena door and blasted us with air conditioning which helped. We met some really nice tori fans - some of them were from seattle, and we all had a good time while we waited. Finally at about 4:00 or so Tori came out! She looked really cool in a long black dress, her hair wild, and some crazy makeup on (I took a lot of pictures which I will have developed soon!). She spent at least 15 minutes with us, probably more like 20! She seemed in a really good mood - there were LOTS of people there... probably 50 or 60 in the gate, and at least 100 spectators not in the gate... we had been there since noon so we were up front! I got a picture with Tori, and got a chance to give her my CD... she was really nice. I asked her for sister janet, and she said "Ooooh... I don't think that's gonna happen tonight - BUT I'LL TELL YOU WHY - we are filming the show for a pay per view special, so I gotta stick to the well known" or something along those lines... She told us about the Glory of the 80s video, how she had filmed it the day before and was wearing a 14 foot dress, and was in an old fashioned torture chamber. Someone at the meet and greet said "Tori! Merman is coming tonight!!!" and tori said sarcastically "she is???" and the guy said "Yep - don't you remember we talked about it last night? IN MY DREAM" and tori wrote it down on her hand, and wound up playing it for him! It was really cool. Many of the fans were quite irritating, yelling and distracting Tori while she was trying to talk to others, but most of us kept our cool. This was my 5th time meeting tori, so I wasn't nervous! I was excited, but I was able to keep my cool and not freak out, so was my sister, and most of the other big fans there - the people in the back were yelling and throwing things, but as one fan said THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE NOON TO MEET HER like us rather than showing up at 3:00 and expecting to push up front.

On to the concert... We had very expensive seats, but they were on the side facing her BACK! This wasn't what was bad about it though... throughout the entire show, the SEVEN cameras on stage (filming the event for pay per view) were blocking our view of tori. They moved around a bit, but for 90% of it they stood right BEHIND tori, and since we were on the side, these men with camera's blocked our view. I was SO upset. On top of that, the fans around us (behind, beside, and in front) were drinking, loud, and irritating. Talking through the show (that wasn't so bad, cause they didn't talk loudly - suprisingly, it didnt' affect my bootleg) getting up and down to get booze, and just moving around and distracting me. It really took from my attention, so I really wansn't able to get into tori as much as I should have. After Tori's set, we went to guest services and complained that we came all the way from canada to see her, and our view was obstructed. Needless to say they felt sorry for us, a guard came up - a nice old guy, and pulled out of his pocket TWO FRONT ROW CENTER SEATS and winked!!!!


I had never had such an amazing view for a concert - from up there, there were less drunks, NOTHING obstructing our view, and the sound was incredible. Seeing a concert from up front makes all the difference in the world! Because of this we were really able to get into her set, and we enjoyed her show more than tori's. Tori was definatly better, but alanis was far more enjoyable for me. I wish I could have seen tori up close too. For those of you who won't give alanis a chance, you are just being stuborn and dumb, because she was quite amazing in concert - her band was VERY tight (just as good as tori's) and she was quite entertaining.
The whole concert lasted from before 8:00 to about 12:15am! Tori played for her alloted 75 minutes (13 songs) but alanis played for almost 100 minutes (16 songs). Not to mention, Tori's set was quite lame - big silver things (that's all I can call them - they didn't look like anything) and a pretty bad light show. The lights for plugged 98 were far superior. She definatly took a backseat to alanis, who's set was large and beautiful - a big vine like gate in the background which would close and open to reveal videos, ect... On to the details: Tori was first, and when she came on stage, I got excited as usual, but the excitment went away fast when my attention was distracted by many annoying camera men in my way. She looked really great in a greenish shirt and jeans:

GOD: Not a good opener in my opinion. I like how she started it backstage a capella, but it is too upbeat for an opener for Tori. It was good, but it just didn't work. I think Precious things was about the best opener she could pick. Good performance though.

SUGAR: This seems to be a staple on this tour, but it is a favorite of mine, and I was so happy to hear it! Incredible loud performance with the "just watch what they'll do" improv like on the live CD.

CORNFLAKE GIRL: I knew this was coming because she is filming for pay perview. Honestly, I have heard this song at every concert I've been to and I'm a little tired of it - good as always though.

RIOT POOF: This is where I started to try to ignore the people around me and the camera men, and I really got into it! Riot Poof live is incredible! You could hear her voice better than on the CD, and she played more piano than on the CD... it was amazing. I loved it - one of the hilights of the night. After the bridge she finished off the song by repeating the "it will all find it's way in time" bit, but she screamed it powerfully...

BLISS: Really good! It was quite the crowd pleaser, and it really filled the place up with sound. Much more powerful than the letterman performance.

BLOOD ROSES: I was really happy to hear this, cause I love the mp3 I have of it! This was considerably more intense than from earlier on the tour. It went on for almost eight minutes! And by the end she was just shaking and rambling and growling - wow - it was the best blood roses I've ever heard. So much improv. I love it with the band. Another hilight of the show.

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS: I kind of figured she would play this - being pay per view and all, but I was pleasantly suprised. I have it on about 100 bootlegs, and it is the same every time, but watching her play it in concert is much more beautiful. She really hit this one right on, and it was another hilight. I have never seen her do it in concert before.

MERMAN: the guy at meet and greet had his dream come true - literally. It was a beautiful choice! 'I love this song' claimed my sister as it started, and it was probably the hilight of the night. I don't think she has done it much on this tour, and it was a real treat. She let it go on a bit longer than usual - it was a great performance.

SUEDE: I was happy to hear this one, cause it's one of my faves from the new CD! She played it mostly on the keyboard with one foot on the floor the other foot on the bench - durring this song we could actually see her when the camera man moved... it was a good performance. However, I would have prefered something else cause this one doesn't show off much of her vocal talent - it's very slow and stays the same.

PROFESSIONAL WIDOW: this was amazing! So much power! The best part though was durring the "rest your shoulders" verse she messed up and stopped, and started singing the improv (some of you will remember she did this improv once on the plugged 98 tour) "THINGS FUCK UP SOMETIMES" WITH the band! It was one of those fun tori moments that everyone loves! It was really great - it melded back into the "rest your shoulders" part and she finished the song off fiercly.

HOTEL: I nearly died. I have wanted to hear this song in concert for so long! It was SO well performed, and the lights were powerful and added to the song. It was a good one to do in vegas since the city runs on hotels, and you meet so many people there - it was really neat. The problem was that I couldn't see her one bit durring this, and it really upset me. But a great performance of a great song nonetheless.

THE WAITRESS: Wow... powerful. It was longer than usual. Went on for about 10 minutes rather than the usual 8 and a half. More like the performance on Venus - very good stuff.

PRECIOUS THINGS: as an encore this song just didn't work. I thought it would be a powerful closer, but when the loud drums started I just didn't feel like it was the end of the show. I am so used to it as the opening piece. This particular performance was nothing special - she didn't go wild much I think she held back because of pay per view... it was good though, and it's my favorite song, so I enjoyed it. I wish she had closed with something slower though - I don't belive it would have been inapropriate at all... Merman would have been such a perfect closer.

Since we were so close up for alanis, the entire atmosphere was better. The sound, the lights, the performance everything seemed so much more intense - Her show was amazing, and alanis delivered a solid performance. Rather than trying to concentrate so intensely as we did for tori, we just danced and had a good time at alanis - being up so close meant there were NO distractions - the whole audiance behind us. We stood the whole time...

BABA: My favorite song on the new CD, and it worked so well as an opener! So much power behind it. Alanis' band was bombastic and provided a really good backup for her.

ALL I REALLY WANT: This one was fun - we all sang along. Since we were so close we could really see Alanis. She opened her mouth a lot, but she was really cool - she was wearing an odd litttle dress over top of jeans, and she has the wildest long hair!

HAND IN MY POCKET: A newspaper photographed took a photo of me and my sister and said it was going to be used in the paper!!! He made us sign a paper saying that was ok!

WOULD NOT COME: A definate hilight for me! This song is incredible live, with the intense electric guitar, and the crazy synth noises - Alanis went crazy at the end of this and danced around, bashing her head around.

ARE YOU STILL MAD: In concert is much better than on the CD. I really enjoyed it - the band was great on this one.

SYMPATHETIC CHARACTER: Me and my sister love this song, and it was really well performed!

THAT I WOULD BE GOOD: Beautiful - the slowest song of the night, and when she played the flute it was great!

YOU LEARN: This song is wonderful in concert, a lot of fun.

FORGIVEN: another hilight. very powerful.

THESE ARE THE THOUGHTS: She introduced it as a B-side - pretty lame song if you ask me.


SO PURE: Dedicated to "all those who think they can't dance" She played the guitar on this, and everyone sang along - it was another fun song.

YOU OUGHTA KNOW: This rocked! She started it out slower, but still very intense, and it built up to the quick rap like ending before it exploded into the last chorus! I loved it!

UNINVITED: as usual preceded by a 5 minute piano solo while alanis sat on stage and coughed (yes she coughed! We thought she may have been sick)

THANK YOU: Encore. This song was also very well done. The girl right behind us said "I wish she'd play ironic cause that was me and my best friend's favorite song, and she died recently"

IRONIC: It was a really great last song - the girl behind us cried it was really sweet. It was slow and pretty at the beginning, but it got loud and was a great ending to a great show!

Like I said the show didn't finish till 12:15am! So I definatly got my money's worth! All in all the 5 1/2 weeks tour was a great experience. Tori was amazing, but things ruined it for me, but I don't mind BECAUSE I am seeing her again solo in seattle in less than two weeks, and I had a great meet and greet experience, AND alanis made up for it, AND I GOT A REALLY GOOD BOOTLEG OF TORI! If anyone wants to trade e-mail me. fatherlucifer@prismnet.bc.ca


From MoonDust:

I just got back to Texas a few hours ago from Nevada, and I just wanted to make a few comments. I really tried to make the Vegas dinner but it didn't work out for me this time.
I showed up at the Hotel around 6pm and was wondering around trying to find the venue. I ran into a very nice boy at a map inside the hotel, and knew instantly that he was there for Tori, it was the glitter, tori shirt and plugged necklace that gave it away! He was very pleasant and ended up behind me in line to get in. I also met a girl from Gutamala who was there for both Tori and Alanis, So Hi! if you 2 read this! I spotted a large group of EWF hanging around a water fountain, but i didn't say anything to them, i am really shy sometimes and i didn't want to freak them out, i know i really should have said something but, oh well. I decided to sit near them next to the fountain and just soak up the positive energy and watch the people head over to the venue. I saw a guy from the Toriphile special and Shannon, i belive is her name, who runs the " Barbados" site. While waiting in line i spotted Choirboy! I never got around to making my laminate , but i fully plan to for the Austin show. He was able to get his laminate signed by Tori! I feel kinda bad because i didn't talk to him more, i was with my cousin who knows nothing of Tori and my existance as an EWF and I felt like I needed to talk to him instead. We waited forever it seemed to get in. I was afraid something went wrong. I think that i saw Meganatrix and the little gang who went to the dinner, but i lost them. One of the girls had long red hair and this blue sparlky skirt. I was going to take a look at her shirt, but a bunch of people got in the way, if it was who i thought it was, the shirt would have said something about believing in Faeries. I really wanted to meet them!poo on me. Choirboy was the only one i saw with a laminate.
I am really lucky that i was in a pro-Tori section, L 208, the 2 couple on my right were there for Alanis, but knew a couple of well known songs, and the 2 guys to my left looked like Alanis people, but surprisingly left after Tori! I was expecting the worst! My seats sucked for the most part, and the camera that was on the boom stick, or whatever, kept getting in my way, but i still enjoyed the show. I think that Blood Roses sounded best tonight. I really loved it when she repeated, " you gave him your blood and your warm little diamond part" three times, very effective! This was the first show out of 6 that i have heard a major tori improv, " Sometimes things get fucked up"! i felt priveliged to witness that. I left after the 4th Alanis song, and i could hear someone say "they must be Tori fans", but i was polite, i left after a song. That's pretty much all i wanted to say about the show. I am anxious for the pay-per-view show, then i will actually get to see those priceless facial expressions! Choirboy, please mail me if you read this, i would like to see how your "adventure" went!

From doorlet:

needless to say my whole day of september was in some crystalline float-girl stage...cuz tori was that night!! i went to the meet and greet, and arrived around 1:30, cuz i had to work...and although i met some of the most beautifully sweet people (elizabeth and isabelle and karen and choirboy! hi!), there were also some people hanging onto a bunch of negative energy that made me sick. i mean, if you've met tori 4 billion times, at least don't push the girl with the wings and the urge to meet tori after 7 devoted years around! i mean, this is vegas, my town, and i couldn't even come close to her...although steve did give her these black angel wings that i made for her...which he insisted on wearing! at least i got some photos whilst hanging off of the barrier in
a perfectly horizontal imitation of me, although i think someone's bag was in the way. don't be pissy at the people in the back, they probably did have good reasons for not being able to get there in time, although these silly girls in pink wings (not lbue like mine) got there right before and bullied their way up to her. ARGH! i wanted to kick them. so the show....i had really shitty seats apart from my best friend, but during blood roses we misfangled our way down to superclose. the show was great, i laughed a million times at her lovely expressions.....but i think she flipped off those people in the front who kept making the hang-ten sign while she was singing the "hang-ten" part...it probably was a joke that became misunderstood. during waitress, when she went on forever, i was so enthralled....practically creaming....i love that song live, it has to be one of my favorites! the night turned ugly however, when i was mugged of my tori merchandise!! this evil man (who i was about to give a steel-toed hello to, but i'm little and he ran fast) ripped my bag out of my hand and took off...i cried soo much, but
elizabeth-the-australian held my hand and choirboy hugged me hard when he found me later. what a horrible human to take advantage of my emotional state during the encore of precious things (which always puts me in a trance during the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrl yell). and at a tori show! rah! but, i look forward to the next time i get to see her (this was my third) and maybe fate will give me a lil kiss one of these days and let me meet the woman who's changed a lot of my life. i have so much fayth in some tori fans, who were just adorable and kept calling me "drew barrymore" at the meet&greet...it restores my lost hope that there still are beautiful, devoted people out there who are accepting and into it for the music, not to be petty and compare hoe many times they have seen her or what b-sides they have. thanks for beign so great, gang! you know who you are!
-jessica rabbit
(otherwise known as the drewian doorlet)

From Reux21:

Well, I've never posted to this thing, but have read it a lot. At any rate, I was able to see three tori concerts on this tour, 2 of them in the midwest, but when I found out that Tori was going to be in Vegas on my 21st birthday, I knew where I wanted to be. Anyways, some thoughts for y'all.

This was the first concert where I was actually a distance back. There were a couple of advantages for this. I had never gotten to see the light show really in full effect, and I thought it was wonderful. Though I couldn't see the sweat dripping off of her brow or anything near the such, I got to see the whole picture for the first time. The other plus was that I got to sit throughout its entirety ('cept for encore), which reminded me of the old days.

Okay, everybody bitches about the crowd so you can read all about that in previous posts. Yes, people do talk during the concert, but that is expected. Think about it. I'm not an alanis fan, but if she were playing first and I arrived early, I may talk without realizing that I am ruining anyone's show. Not everyone is a Tori fan. Sitting back aways, I also a lot of people come in and out, but it was all in waves. Very strange.

Well, you know the setlist. Highlights for me: the fuck up thing was awesome, though I agree with everyone else, I didn't hear her fuck up. Merman seemed to have a twinkle intro. I swear she was going to play twinkle, but out came merman. Beautiful song. Silent all these years, I was not one to cheer, cause I like to hear Tori instead of shout at her the whole time, but it was cool that the whole crowd went bolistic then.

The middle finger:
Give it a rest. I don't think we need to evaluate Tori's maturity level here. Yes she is 36, but the woman has been through more than enough shit to know who she is, and what she's doing. At any rate, I questioned why she was doing it, but I'm sure she had more than enough reason.

Well that's it for now. It was an excellent 21st birthday present. And Vegas is an interesting town. Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon though.

Take care all,

From Zorbit:

I also was at the Vegas show. I must say my experience was quite different from most posts though. Luckily, I was in a section where no one was drunk, no one talked and no one was rude. I loved the show! The camera's didn't even get in the my way. I agree it was wonderful to be able to sit down for the whole concert! Tori's performance was fantastic, she didn't seem tired at all. The only downside of my seats were that I couldn't see her facial expressions. I didn't hear her screw up in widow either but I sure did love the improv. Getting to hear that and Merman in the same night was to good to be true for me. I stayed for the first 4 songs of alanis set but couldn't handle much more. I'm just curious does she always pace back and forth on the stage when she pe rforms, I would think it would wear her out. I will definitely be making it the frequent trip to Vegas to see Tori in concert, I had so much fun there. Especially staying at the Luxor!

From lisa071570:

ok so I posted this this to Violet's toritour list so if you've already read it, move along...
ok so I just got back from my trek to Vegas and L.A. (to vegas and back) but here's my take on vegas.
So my lesson learned for the Bakersfield trek was always doublecheck your directions...the lesson learned for Vegas was "always make sure you really have that much in your checking account...."

it wasn't until I got to Vegas (and after stopping for lots of fast food and a tape version of Venus for the rental car) that I realized I'm a fucking moron and that I had actually written down a deposit twice so I was $6 overdrawn...broke in vegas sucks...although I guess I should've spent my quarters and try to win some money, but oh well. Oh and no room at the inn either in Vegas (unless you wanted to pay a nice price of $325 a night...)

so ok, the review: first I drove like 90 miles an hour (I flew into Burbank and rented a car to drive to vegas and back) to get to the meet and greet which was very hot...they passed out water so that was good. It didn't start until at least 4:00 and I had forgotten my camera in the car so no pics - I don't remember what she was wearing but she looked cute - as usual I only saw one Dent laminate (choirboy) and I saw Dor and got some pictures from her (to all the people who have been dissing poor Dor - she's very sweet and wasn't even anywhere near the cattle pit...) so ok, lots of people and I tried not to push but I probably did (sorry everyone) someone gave tori some devil horns and she put those on...someone gave her some fairy wings and Joel had those on for a bit :P. I got my picture signed (just barely) so I was happy.

so the concert was very vegas - you know, lots of "hey we're in Vegas and since there's nothing to do here :P let's go to a concert and drink lots of beer and not pay attention" I was on the floor on the left-hand side and the lights went down and no one on my side stood up...so I moved to the right side to be with the Tori fans..I moved up and ended up in the sencond row - dead center very cool - also bizarre because everyone on my left was talking and not paying attention and everyone on my right (except for the two obnoxious girls next to me who were laughing during Merman - and only cheering when the cameras panned on them) was dancing and singing...very bipolar evening...

oh and btw - they were videotaping the whole thing!!! (I didn't stay for Alanis cause like I said, no room at the inn, so I had to head back to L.A.) Tori said we'd be "on the tele" and thanked us for exposing ourselves :P

so God rocked, sugar rocked - I love it with the band! Cornflake Girl was next with a bit of oooh ooh at the beginning, Riot Poof (this is like my favorite venus girl - I just love the beat!!), bliss - rocking as usual, Blood roses was next with just a tiny bit of hurt again, SATY - I was absolutely in tears and I rarely cry at Tori shows but I was bawling....next for secret time was Merman but I swear she did a little of Cooling's piano first (Cooling /Merman was what was written on the set list...) merman was gorgeous - my first time seeing it live...still in tears and ready to kill the chicks next to me for laughing (probably at me cause I was crying but who knows), then there was Suede - it's starting to grow on me....Professional widow was next and it was hilarious because she stopped at the bit "rest your poor shoulders" after a few lines and said she fucked it up but for the guys to keep going...so she sang a bit of "things fuck up" -- very cute and Tori (I couldn't tell if it was staged, but I didn't think she messed up...) then she did Hotel where she had to stop again at one point (the band kept playing) because her mic at the keyboard wouldn't stay up - it kept falling down everytime she tried to lift it back into place...so she restarted it too...then Waitress - at which point she was completley playing to the Tori fans to the right of me who were dancing and singing and hanging ten - it was cool and I was jealous. She gave the middle finger too during waitress...I don't think it was to anyone in particular but I couldn't tell from where I was...and of course Precious things - which always kicks ass....

I met Shannon (of 20/20 fame) and gave her a hug just cause I felt I needed to hug her...so I'm a goof...then I was off for my lovely ride through the desert to L.A....I saw the Tori mobile too on my way and beeped and waved at the girls inside (I think it said the Tori Amos experience or something - I saw another that said Tori Amos - On the Bomb ) teehee.


From lou c.:

I just wanted to join in on the ranting. The Las Vegas was the worst concert experience I have ever had, audience wise. I've been in mosh pits, been trampled and shoved, and never felt so disrespected as I did at the Vegas show. I had bleeder seats and right off I identified the row in back of us as trouble. Well I could smell the trouble from their beer breath fumes. Not that theres anything wrong with having a beer. Anyway, the show started, Tori was electric and intense. Then she began Silent and the laughing and talking began. My friend and I were crying from the beauty but were having trouble actually HEARING Tori because they were so loud. I turned around with tears in my eyes, touched the ringleader lightly and asked her to please be quiet. She started to tell me how it was her friends birthday and they were happy, etc, in which case of COURSE they had the right to ruin me and my friends night. We drove from San Diego to hear those monsters babble about where they get their hair done. During Merman they became louder and louder. It was then said that Tori had no talent. I would've busted heads, but then I'm glad that such animals can't appreciate Tori. They missed a step during the evolution process. I believe in peace . We then got up to move and sat down next to what appeared to be a quiet couple. They seemed to sense that we were trying to enjoy the concert and began to talk. The man in front of us whipped out his CELL PHONE and proceeded to make what looked like several different calls. At this point the war started, and Tori knew. We moved again, but at this point we were near the end of the concert. Tori gave the finger to them all during waitress. I did too. I was waiting for a bomb to go off, I felt so much negativity from the people around us. Anyway, I just sincerely hope that Tori knows that it was just bad eggs that night and no reflection on her performance, because she was such a warrior.

From Super D:

I was towards the back by the mixing boards - I thought the Bass was way too loud. It drowned out a lot of the piano. I have been to four shows in the last year, this was by far the worst. I think she lost a lot of the crowd about halfway in and never regained it. I read from a lot of the post that she was tierd.... but that alone wasn't it...the set list needed a lot of work as well. She would have done better to use Raspberry Swirl or similar song to get the crowd going... but she didn't.

AM came out full of energy and saved the night... I have never been that much of a fan of Alanis, but she did give 110%.

All in all it was an OK evening... I will have last years Baltimore, Austin and Pittsburgh shows to remember. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.


From DirtyDougFishySmeathDish:

Okay... It could be that Las Vegas was a trip that felt it would never fall into place and then it finally did, a trip that turned out to be a huge bonding experience for me and five friends, a trip that I will always remember, but I have nothing but good to say about Tori's show. My only hopes for the show were that she would sing "Suede" and say the word "pussy" at least once (after hearing it on Sugar on the live CD, it's like my fave part :-)). I didn't expect either. I got both. Anyway, of course there was something missing, but Tori has a way of making the most of it anyway. I thought flipping off the camera was very appropriate, actually-- Waitress is a pissed off song, she was in the most passionate part of the song, and it just worked. I don't know. I'm sort of pissed, too, that they sprung this pay-per-view thing on all of us, and i truly believe they told Tori, "Do some of your more popular songs, don't do anything weird that will turn off a national audience, worry more about the cameras than your live audience," and that's just not Tori. I wish she had interacted more with the audience as a way to make up for what the pay-per-view ruined, but oh well. I am just thrilled to see her again in Salt Lake on October 10. Oh, I "met" each of the following famous people:
1) Joel Shearer, Alanis' guitarist (who chatted with us for a long time and was way way way sweet).
2) Anne Heche
3) Ellen DeGeneres
4) Kathy Najimy
(okay, so I just saw those three, no meeting) 5) Dask Mihok, Alanis' boyfriend, who played Benvolio on Romeo and Juliet (actually, my friend shook his hand and talked ot him, I just hung out :-))


From Lady Rose:

I'm a bit late in writing this cause I've never been to this site before. Anyway, I travelled all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii to see Tori and all I can say is that it was worth all the money and the plane ride. I went with my boyfriend who got me into Tori's music a couple years ago and 3 others. Although I didn't recognize half the songs and couldn't hear Tori for about 3/4 of the set cause the band was too loud I was so happy to watch her perform that I could have left the concert during the intermission and been a happy girl. But I'm glad I stayed for Alanis cause I only didn't know 1 of her songs and it was damn fun to sing along with her. She sure moves around a lot!! Hehe, my neck was getting whiplash from looking back and forth so much. I know a lot of people were writing about Tori sticking finger but I'm ready to pass out and don't have the time to read through all of it. So if anyone wants to email me on why she did it I'd be grateful (alohapals@juno.com), I thought it was cool. The best part of the concert for me was when she sang Silent All These Years, I started crying cause her voice was so beautiful. The suckiest thing was waiting around after Alanis' set, we were all just moping there like "WHY didn't Tori play the piano for Uninvited???". Then the yellow suits came and told us we had to leave. I wanted so bad for them to do something together, but then if they had I probably would have died hehe!

I hope I'm in the pay per view taping!! I was able to catch the camera over me once and waved just in time heehee! Anyone want to blabber on about the concert feel free to email me, we can chat on icq or something. I was in 2M12, right behind a row of people at least a foot taller than me. Grr! I would have made a great ballerina judging by the way I had to stand to see her.


Vegas Show hmmm. Considering Vegas is the sunken city of hell where every one is on bad coke or too much alcohol I should not have expected much from this concert. Tori is too real for this city of pretentious tourists and angry Gamblers. The cameras filming the show seemed to try and soil Tori's spirit, though she is too strong to let any media or obnoxious Alanis fans ruin her music. The Las Vegas show was basically a war between true art and wannabes that can't appreciate anything that isn't stamped and labeled "cool." This concert made me feel as though societies appreciation for music is fading. Concerts have now become a breeding place for everything I have ever wanted to escape from. What happened to listening to music because it has a place in your heart not a peace of your image? I was truly disappointed when the women sitting behind me started laughing because my friend and I were crying during the performance of merman. Do people have any respect? Why are so many people fake and unaffected by art and appreciation for life through art? People were talking on there cell phones and laughing too preoccupied to even gain a little piece of something that the could have taken a bite of by listening to Tori's music.

From Roadrunner:

Meet/Greet-Managed to come up front, or, the guards changed the barricades making me come come up front. Anyway, Tori comes out and walks straight over to me: "Hi honey, how are you?" Then she saw the book I wanted to give her: "Oh, The Little Prince..." She took it and got ready to sign it, and I'm like "No, it's for you. It's one of my favorite books, and I just wanted you to have it...I wrote something in it, so..." Tori:"Thank you very much sweetie!", while stroking my hand.
I forgot to take pic's, but finally caught up after the demezmerization...*G* Pics will be send to The Dent soon. The concert-My friend and I, lucky as we are, managed to fool a security guard (we only had one wristband, so my watch had to suffice for a second band...*g*) and get all the way in front. It was magical as usual. I really hope PPV DOESN'T cut out the "mistakes"! *Hotel-Tori messed up tightening the mic on the keyboard, so as she was singing, it kept sliding further and further down. She almost started to laugh and had a big snicker on her face as she hunched over, trying to keep with it. *g*
*Waitress-The Flip Off-OH MY GOSH there was intensity during that song! However, it didn't look like she did it to a camera...More like it was directed to somebody in the audience. I tried to see who it was, 'cause she genuinely looked like she was VERY pissed off at somebody there...I couldn't see who it was...almost looked like a girl standing a few feet away from me, but I don't know...Anyway, my friend has a great shot of it on camera.
*Sugar-I was excited to hear this-I've wanted to hear it live ever since I got a bootleg from a New Jersey show last year. *Bliss-So much better live, I think...
*Precious-Always nice to hear, 'cause it's basically my life growing up. *Blood Roses-AAAHHH!! AMAZING live!
*Professional Widow-AAAAH! AMAZING live!
*Father Lucifer-AAAHH! AMAZING live! *g*
*Merman-Wow...I almost cried...It's so beautiful beyond words... All the new stuff and the rest...I'm so good at summarizing! *g* No, but it was all good. I can't wait to see Tori and my bopping head on Telly-The camera hovered over our heads several times...Hhhmmmm...I don't think I was picking my nose just then...Was I?! ;p


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