5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Tampa, FL
August 20, 1999

Updated June 17, 2000

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Tori performed in Tampa, FL on August 20, 1999 at the Ice Palace Arena during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses

Silent All These Years (solo)
Take To The Sky (solo)

Little Earthquakes
Glory of the 80s
The Waitress

Precious Things


The most recent reviews appear below after my own (Mikewhy).

From Mikewhy

September 3, 1999 - Everyone I talked to after the Tampa show said Tori and the band had more energy this evening as compared to Ft. Lauderdale. I did not really notice this myself...the show seemed as energetic and exciting to me tonight as it did 2 nights ago, but I trust the judgement of those who claimed tonight's show was better. I did notice that The Waitress tonight was longer and more powerful. Most people were amazed at how similar the set list in Tampa was to what it was in Ft. Lauderdale. Tori did replace Professional Widow with a beautiful Little Earthquakes, and did a different pair of secret time songs. I figured Tori and the band did not have much rehearsal time before the tour and I figured the set lists would get more diverse as the tour progressed. (A prediction that proved to be true!) A similar set list did not keep me from enjoying the show. Blood Roses is so spectacular in its new form that it always makes the show for me.

Here are a few observations about Tampa:

The opening act started a little after 7:00PM! They decided to start the opening acts earlier so that can try to have the show over around 11:00PM. Sadly, most people did not realize this and Greta Gaines, who I really like, played to a mostly empty arena! That was a shame because Greta did a song called "Purple Jesus" that was awesome! She ran out of time in Ft. Lauderdale and did not get to do it there. An electrifying performance for that one!

I noticed that Tori's hair was shorter than it was in Ft. Lauderdale. She must of used hair extensions at the earlier show.

The venue was indoors like Ft. Lauderdale.

People started the dreaded clapping during Take To The Sky, but it thankfully died down quickly.

This was the first night that they started selling Tori concert programs or tour books. They are really nice and $15. Some people noticed however that the Alanis tourbook is only $10! They were selling them outside the arena before the show and they tend to sell out quickly, so buy yours right away.

I got sun burned fairly badly despite strong attempts to avoid it. I am not use to that intense Florida sun!

When we arrived in Tampa the evening before, my traveling buddy Danica and I saw the sun set over the Gulf on a beach near Clearwater. Very beautiful. It is interesting how different the Ocean looks and feels on the Gulf side as opposed to the Atlantic side.

During Take To The Sky, Tori gave the finger once right when she sang "Have a seat while I Take To the Sky" It goes really well with the song if you ask me!

Right when Tori was going to play Silent All These Years (I think) she told the audience she needed lip gloss. I started getting ugly flashbacks to the Chicago club show I saw in 1998 when Tori said that and was actually pelted from all sides with the stuff. Miraculously, that did not happen this time and by the time the song was over someone in the crew got some lip gloss to her. Tori looked happy about that, "Ah, this is the stuff."

Once again I enjoyed Alanis's set. She sang "Would Not Come" which she did not do in Ft. Lauderdale. I decided that "Would Not Come" is my favorite Alanis song live. There is something so appealing about the deep bass of the drums and the way Alanis sings that song. It will always be a highlight for me and I hope Alanis does it often. I also really noticed how much Alanis toned down the anger in her song "You Ought To Know." It is sung almost low key and slowed down. Very interesting and different from the album version. Alanis set list was one song shorter tonight, which made her set equal in length to Tori's. (In Ft, Lauderdale Alanis was on the stage about 12 minutes longer than Tori was.) Overall though her set list was nearly identical to the previous show. I hope that changes. She did come out for her encores wearing some kind of animal mask on her head which was really cute. I think it was the mascot for a local sports team, but I am not sure. Here was Alanis's set list:

All I Really Want
Would Not Come
Hand in my Pocket
Are you Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
So Pure
You Oughta Know

Thank U

I also want to say how much fun it is to meet everyone at these shows. I met some people from the forum, others who enjoy the Dent, and some friends from previous tours. The same thing applied to Ft. Lauderdale two days ago. For me, 30-40% of the fun of seeing all these shows is meeting all these great people. So hello to everyone I met! Some of the people I met at the meet & greet, which took place around 4:00PM. Excessive heat kept me away from the barricades, but talking with everyone was fun.

From Billboard Online

Added to the Dent June 17, 2000 - The following review of the Tampa show appeared at the Billboard web site on August 23, 1999.

Alanis, Tori Offer Two Approaches To Angst

If Lilith Fair was all granola and good times, then Alanis Morissette's pairing with Tori Amos might be thought of as the battle of the Trauma Queens, a high-profile concert trek led by two artists unafraid to air their angst through their music.

It's a tact, as Eddie Vedder knows, that makes for exciting arena-rock. Which was precisely the fare offered by Morissette and Amos during their four-hour set Friday night in Tampa, Fla. The date -- the second on their cleverly named 5 1/2 Weeks tour -- showed that despite their affinity for spleen-venting, the two artists couldn't be more dissimilar in their performance styles.

Morissette, who plays God in Kevin Smith's forthcoming film "Dogma," could be nicknamed Our Lady of Perpetual Motion. She ceaselessly roamed the stage, microphone in her right hand, left arm flailing, waist-length locks whipping around. However, despite the dizzying display of energy, she rarely clicked with her workmanlike back-up quintet, which made the music and lyrics seem eerily disconnected.

No surprise, then, that although Morissette displayed apt musicianship -- she strapped on a guitar for "Are You Still Mad" and played a flute for "That I Would Be Good" -- her vocals drew the largest cheers. She unleashed her greatest intensity on the hits that once ruled the world, including "Hand In My Pocket," "You Oughta Know" and a closing "Ironic."

In contrast to Morissette's sound and fury, Amos remained seated for nearly her entire performance. Nestled between a grand piano and electric keyboards, and straddling a bench, she took great pains to communicate with the audience and her three band mates.

The preacher's daughter skipped several early stunners -- including "Me And A Gun" and inventive covers of Nirvana and Led Zeppelin -- in favor of material from 1998's "From The Choirgirl Hotel" and "To Venus And Back," a double studio/live album due Sept. 21 from Atlantic.

Amos' most recent work, including the new single "Bliss," combines piano-based pop with art rock, contemporary dance rhythms, and willfully obscure lyrics; the blend stood up well live. For longtime fans, she also tossed in such favorites as "Crucify," "Cornflake Girl," "Silent All These Years," and an encore of "Precious Things."

The 5 1/2 Weeks tour wraps Sept. 26 in Irvine, Calif.

-- Philip Booth, Tampa, Fla.

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From amberdb :

Here is tonight's setlist:

Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses
(quiet time)
Silent All These Years
Take To The Sky
(band comes back)
Little Earthquakes
Glory of the 80s
The Waitress
Precious Things

I did not get there in time for the opening act. All I heard while I was waiting in line at the merchandise booth was the performer saying "Are you all ready to see Tori Amos?!?" and lots of applause. There were programs at this venue, and although it was $15 I was very pleased with it. Pictures on the front and back are black and white and appear to be from the new album (which is also the title of the program: tori amos to venus and back 1999). The inside front page has a very clever intro written by Neil Gaiman. He works in the titles of songs from the upcoming album as well as a couple old ones in his story about going "to venus and back". Then there is a shorter intro by Tori herself with a cute story of how rehearsal for this tour went from being called "Tori Boot Camp" to "Booty Camp." The rest of the program is filled with tour photos from Plugged 1998 of Tori and the boys. Every other page has a snippet of lyrics from one of the new songs. I didn't get a good look at the T-shirts but I do know (from the girls in front of me) there are two different necklaces (presumably the rasberry swirl one and the new one).

On to the show. I didn't experience any hostility from Alanis fans. Maybe I'm naive but I really couldn't tell the difference and saw alot more people wearing Tori shirts than Alanis ones. I was 5th row on the floor and everyone around me appeared to be diehard EWF!!

God - Just like Ft. Lauderdale it started with Tori singing acapella from backstage. Otherwise it was very similar to the Plugged 98 version minus the "You dropped the bible on me Sweet Jesus" improv. Very energetic and appropriate for the first song. Tori was wearing dark stretch blue jeans, black platform sandals?, and a light pink blouse with poofy shoulders and a very high neck (it looked something circa 1900). Her hair was straightened but the Florida humidity got to it by the encore when some of her ends had gone curly (much like mine!).
The boys - Caton was wearing black pants, T-shirt and hat with sunglasses (which he took off halfway through the show). Jon (who was looking mighty cute by the way) was wearing black pants/jeans with a black button up shirt that had some sort of satin green pattern design on the front. Matt was wearing black pants with a royal blue button up shirt and has shaved all his facial hair. Sugar - Almost identical to the Plugged 98 version but I was ecstatic to hear it b/c it is one of my all time favorites. Crucify - completely different mechanical sounding intro. I don't think anyone recognized it until Tori started singing the first verse. During the verses it was just the techno sounds with Tori singing and the whole stage black with only spotlights on her. Then the chorus would come and the piano and band started playing with full lighting. It was a nice remix to an old favorite and Tori did a few funky moves while singing the verses since her hands were free.
I think this is where she stopped to say hello and introduce the band. It may have been after CG but I'm pretty sure it was now. She said she and Alanis were just laughing backstage and that it was "yummy" touring together.
Cornflake Girl - completely different intro (some funky techno sounds) but otherwise similar to what we heard on the last tour. I kind of missed the "You bet your life it is" acapella beginning. Bliss - absolutely amazing. You could really see Tori and the boys enjoying themselves on this one. Lots of energy and better than the Letterman performance (not saying that was bad - just that everybody got more into this one).
Blood Roses - once again didn't recognize this one until she started singing. She played it all on piano with the band. Some of the lyrics were cut in this remix but not very many (I'm thinking the last parts of the second verse but I'll have to check to make sure). A very refreshing change to a song I always felt had more potential if played differently.

Silent All These Years - need I say more. Before she started playing she said she needed lip gloss badly. Then she said she wrote this while in one of her moods while living behind a church. This song is always moving, but it really applies to a situation I'm going through right now so I completely lost it and burst into tears. Words don't quite describe it but suffice to say she sang and played beautifully. Take To The Sky - Before she started playing a roadie brought her lip gloss. She said "Ah, this is the stuff" and then put some on. TTTS is one of my favorite B-sides so I was very excited. She started by beating on the piano to establish the beat before starting to play. I was worried because everybody started clapping to the beat and that really gets on my nerves, but it died down once she started singing. It was hilarious because when she sang "take a seat" she always lifted her butt off the bench and pointed to it and then pointed up to the ceiling when singing "take to the sky" (once using her middle finger!). Little Earthquakes - I had not heard this on the last plugged tour and I was very impressed. Jon looked like he was really having a good time. No improvs or new parts added, just the same song with a little more kick. iieee - started with the pre-recorded tori singing "iieee" and then the band kicked in. Reminiscent of the Plugged tour but I was glad she sang it. Only because I saw her in 1998 fairly early on before she expanded the improv part and this time she did the whole "I know you understand the way I feel / you shove it in my face / repeat / then why (which she really this note/word for a long time and showed off her amazing voice!).
Glory of the 80s - I only know this was the song b/c before she started singing she said something about it being circa 85. The song was very upbeat with an almost YKTR feel. Before it began and even during the song she and Jon would look at each other and giggle. All of it is on piano with the band. I couldn't make out most of the lyrics though. The Waitress - Same long intro as before. Tori stood up and drank something from a coffee cup while the guys played. The hang ten/devil bitch outro was outstanding and she seemed to extend it longer than I've heard before. Even though others have expressed concern as to why she would close with the same song as last tour, I think it was perfect and the guys seemed to be jamming just as hard as Tori was. Precious Things - Identical to most Plugged 98 versions. Although I've heard it at every show it's still my all time favorite Tori song. It was strange for it to be the last song though - it just felt like she should keep going!

Overall a very good with high energy levels from Tori and the boys. Unfortunately the acoustics left alot to be desired and at times I felt like I was at Metallica concert. Compared to the Plugged show I went to it was not as good but that is no fault of Tori's. I had planned to stay to check out Alanis but my poor feet urged me otherwise. Since others had warned that seeing may be difficult I wore my platform shoes. Much to my dismay everyone in front of me stood for Tori's entire set so I too had to stand. By the middle of Precious Things I was dying to get out of there and it had nothing to do with Tori! I just knew they would stand for all of Alanis and I'm not that big a fan of hers to feel it was worth it. If you have any specific questions on the show post them and I try to respond quickly.

From Dor:

The show was great.
I was disappointed that the setlist was pretty much the same. But her energy level was up like a hundred percent from the show before. She was her old self again! She messed up the beginning of iieee and instead of the first little "iiaahahh" she sang "i fucked up" and it was really cute. The "Hang Ten" part of The Waitress was legendary. I'm still getting over it. She was so into the songs and I was really impressed. Completely restored my faith in her live performance. Hugs to everyone I saw today and Hugs to Mikewhy. See you at Denny's after you leave the Alanis set!


From Swirly:

Ok, just got back from Tampa...
I'll try to answer some questions..

Tori was wearing a peach colored shirt, nothing fancy..actually kinda plain. Her hair was down, straight and wild.

The energy level compared to Wednesday was much higher...the crowd was sooo into Tori and she seemed energized by us. It was mesmorizing.

I couldn't believe she played 'Silent All These Years' but it was fantastic.

She gave the finger twice during 'Take To The Sky'...I don't know why, exactly, but it was really funny.

The meet and greet was around 4:00, I am told, but I missed it. There is no meet and greet after the shows.

Highlight of my night...I met Tekdeth, ToriVamp (sniffling behind me) and I met Joel, who signed my ticket and was very kind to me.

Tori was the bomb tonight...probably my second most favorite of her concerts ever!

From BrianO:

Well, I was psyched that the tour stopped in my home town, Tampa. I just got back from the show which I enjoyed a lot. The crowd was wonderful--no problems at all. Security was tight too. I was frisked and checked out before going in.

I missed Greta Gaines but I heard the last song. She's got a nice voice--too bad I missed the set.

Tori came on at around 8pm. She was dressed in a pink long sleeved shirt and jeans and looked great. She started with the acapella version of God. I was really pleased how into Tori the people around me were. I heard nothing insulting--only good. That really pleased me.

Her full set was:
Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses
Silent All These Years
Take to the Sky
Little Earthquakes
Glory of the 80's
Precious Things.

Highlights for me were Iieee, Bliss, Sugar, Blood Roses and the Waitress. I really liked how everyone got into "Take to the Sky" and clapped along. Overall, there was tons of energy and even though the show was only 80 minutes, it was still great.

Also, I could hear Tori pretty well considering the size of the venue.

Alanis surprised me and put on a pretty good show. Musically, she is more gifted than I thought. She played the guitar, hermonica, flute, and piano. She also played the whole stage and danced a lot. Overall, not bad.

The stage setup for Tori was pretty simple. It was a black curtain with pieces of silver cloth (like tin foil) all over. Her light show was good.

Alanis had a big screen with this carving of a tree in front of it. Images were projected through. Her setup was nice.

Overall--it was a really exciting evening. Tori and Alanis both kept up the energy.Just in case you wanted , I also have Alanis' set list:

All I Really Want
Would Not Come
Hand in my Pocket
Are you Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
So Pure
You Oughta Know
Thank U


From Stara:

Hey Everyone,
Just got home. Needed to check my mail desperately before i get out of here. So here's my review:

I got there a little after 6 a.m. there were already many people there. the number system proved itself to not work I think everyone had there share of Tori.
The concert started around 8, 8:15. I was so excited . It was so amazing. Tori's energy level was sky high. The set list was wonderful, but almost the same as Ft. lauderdale .
I bawled my eyes out because she Played "Silent All these years" For me. It was amazing..
I stayed for Alanis even though I wasn't planning on it. It was actually not that bad. it was very energetic. I don't know how she spinns around like that, and not hit her head on the mic. Ok, well, Im off. See all of you wonderful people soon. Love,

From blukamel:

What should I say....What can I say?
I do not think anyone will be disappointed! Tori was (in the words of the CORNFLAKE TIGER) "GGGGGGGRRRRReat". You could tell she really enjoyed playing with the BAND. I must say that I probably would have been better off not having floor seats...as everyone was standing and I am such a shortcake, but who can blame them.
Acoustics..were so-so.
Tori solo was pure MAGIC!!!!
Everyone has posted the Set-List...
On a side note,the only evidence of the "Al-Mighty" Alanis was a short Tori-set and of course the red-neckish tour merchandise with AM allover it. (As if your everyday JOE BLOW would know what THAT stood for) I must also say that Alanis had a lot bigger selection of merchandise(but we all know quantity -vs- quality) and Tori's stuff was selling out. ****TIP #1--BUY THE TORI PROGRAM OUTSIDE IF THEY HAVE A BOOTH SET UP!!IT WILL SELL OUT!
They told me it was available inside, only to be redirected outside after, and lo and behold...gone, gone, gone.

Back to Alanis...everyone was really nice and from my area everyone was great.
On another side note...I didn't actually stay to see Alanis, though after reading someones post about her running around like a Monkey(FL post) I was real tempted.
But alas, all that standing...(in platforms no less) had taken its toll. ALL IN ALL......>AWESOME!

From I:

Tori, Tori, Tori, Tori! Awesome! The concert was very good. She played with an incredible intensity that was have I mentioned Awesome! What did Tori have on? Well, she looked very comfy in her blue jeans and long sleeve pinkish colored shirt. They still had the necklaces for sale as well as the key chain. I bought a Tori program for $15 Has some great pictures in it. The crowd seemed very well behaved. I was worried after reading some of the stuff about the Ft. Lauderdale concert but the people around me were very nice. The biggest annoyance was the great line ride to get in. Yes they searched and frisked. Because of this we only got to hear the last 2 songs of Greta Gaines which was a shame because she didn't sound too bad. Tori came on a little after 8:00 and
played till about 9:30. We stayed for about 3 songs on Alanis and we couldn't take it. We gave it an effort but it was obvious that Tori for some reason was an opening act. All and all it was a great show and I am jealous for anyone out there who is getting to see a Tori only show. This one was good but way too short.

From ToriVamp:

Wow that show was amazing. I wasn't able to go to the meet and greet as I had class. (Damn that college education) The people at the Ice Palace were rather rude about the usage of their bathrooms and ATM machine. Actually all the local merchants were stingy about their bathrooms. One wanted me to pay two bucks! TWO BUCKS to pee! Hell no I missed the opening act which surprised me as I entered the arena around 7:30 and she was leaving the stage.

Tori was amazing as usual. She was wearing a white shirt, jeans and the rope belt. Her hair was down and straight.

I was a little worried at first that the set list was going to be exactly like the Fort Lauderdale one. However when she broke into Silent All These Years at "Quiet Time" I started bawling. That is my favorite song and the first time i heard it live and in person. And then to top that all off she played one of my favorite Bee Sides, Take To The Sky.

She was adorable during the show. During Blood Roses she grabbed her crotch when singing' Sometimes you're nothing but Meat".

During Take to the Sky she stuck her toungue out and stuck her middle finger up while singing "My priest says you ain't saving any souls" I thought that was VERY appropriate. Before singing Glory of the 80's she goes "Get out your hairspray we're going to 1985"

As for the ALanis fans the only I didn't notice any animosity. I was actually talking to some in the restroom (you know how girls love to chat in there )) And they were asking me questions about Tori and her albums. The one girl said she had never heard Tori before and liked her alot but wanted an album sans the band. She preferred Tori and the piano. Everyone was really friendly at the concert (except the bastards in the bar across the street wanting me to pay Two dollars in my hour of need after a two hour car trip. Little do they know I snuck in and used their toilet anyways! *evil laugh*)

I noticed that the floor held more EWF than the balconies. When Alanis was on more of the screams came from above me. Alanis was pretty good. She was kinda cute always thanking everyone and calling us beautiful. I thought it was hilarious when she came out in the head of the Tampa Bay Lightening Mascot. Her set was awesome with cool lightening and video. However I have to admit I was still in my state of Tori Bliss so I wasn't paying too much attention. But all in all a good show!

From cry4dawn:

Eeek... 7:30am and I just got home finally! Tori was incredible! The performance was unbelievable and a lot better than Wednesday in Ft. laud. The Alanis fans that I saw WERE cool, respectful, and well behaved... another bonus. Just a note to all of you... I met an old friend there who knows Jon and Caton, talked to them Thursday, and said that Tori will not be doing any post-show M n'Gs this tour (Information that would have been very useful on Wednesday!) MERCH UPDATE:

I posted a pic of the necklace on the Ft. Laud #2 forum ... there is also a keychain i didn't see before (also $10) that is basically that same Venus Envy pendant on a keyring and chain (My recommendation is to just buy 2 necklaces... make a keychain and keep the cool USA washer and beads for something useful).

They did have the tour booklet tonight (I feel so bad for all the Ft. Lauders that missed out on it ) It is very nice, and has a very very cool introduction from Neil Gamen!

I know everyone wanted pics of the shirts... my friend Coral bought em all and will probably be scanning them today so keep looking.


From AspasiaFaith:

Such a night!
Such a day - - -!!
OK, TAMPA is the city of no pancakes. That's all I'll say about the meet-n-greet waiting. My friend Christa and I were fiending and there were no pancakes to be found. They must've been hiding!! Oh well.

The show rocked.

Loved it loved it loved it. LOVED IT!!
Tori was so wonderful, as always.

Interesting puppet-show drumfest at meet'n'greet . . .

Liked Tori's velvet thong-sandals.

Sound was kind of "buzzy" for lack of a better word.

Alanis! She's a very cool girl! I particularly loved her spinning-around and around dance - that dizzied her and led her to fall! She's goofy and adorable! And she kicks some ass!

Anyway- gotta go have some pancackes now. Wish I could see another show. Maybe I will . . .

'Twas so much fuN!

From welshwitch:

hey....i went to the tampa show and looking back at the set list for the ft. laud show: did she play for longer down there? b/c it seems like there are a lot of songs [cooling, professional widow, etc] that were not played...maybe it balanced out....
just wondering.

anyway, the energy of the show was absolutely amazing. i was on the floor level [amazing seats] and surrounded by EWF. matter of fact, many of the seats were empty for alanis. so this is definitely an opposite of what i expected [the crowd overrun with alanis junkies ]. overall it seemed to be much more of a tori gig.

but, i stayed for alanis...determined to give her a chance....and one thought that came to me is that alanis is not much of a personal artist. my friend remarked how much it had the feeling of a backstreet boys-esque performance, b/c she did very "rehearsed" things, and never made eye contact ONCE with the crowd. just paced, back and forth. that's just something i thought was interesting, and maybe why i'm not a huge fan of hers. but live and let live....

as for the set list, it's already been established. but some cute things that i don't know if have been said:

*during 'waitress' in the beginning tori held a tea cup in both hands...sipping on it....very cute.

*yes, the finger for 'take to the sky' was just....amazing.

*there was a cry for lipgloss.

*she called [i BELIEVE matt chamberland] her "creet-chhhaa" [creature, in torilanguage]...and the band as a whole her "brothers". too cute.

*"hang-ten" during 'waitress' was adorable. a lot of the people in the front were doing the hand jestures before she started, and so she sort of picked up on that. very very cute.

other stuff i'm sure i'm forgetting...i'm a little in awe of it all to tell the truth.

one thing i'd like to know is....in 'iieee' the live version [like sessions, and on plugged tour] she has that extra, non-album ending of "you took my little girl" which always gives me chills..that and the wailing of "WHHHHYYYYYY"....but this time she didn't sing it with those words. she made some jestures to her belly while she said "sacrifice" but that is it. any thoughts?

ok, that's it for now!

i snuck in a camera [and BOY do you NOT want to know where/how!!!!] so i'm off to the one hour photo place! i'm just hoping at least ONE came out good! i took 2 rolls.....half of one at the M&G, and a whole roll at the show. we'll see!

*love and glitter*

From foppa:

Looks like I am the only person who was slightly disappointed in the show. First, the song list was almost identical to Wednesday night. What has happened to Tori's spontaneity? Saw her 4 times last year, and there were only 4 songs she played every night, everything else was different. Second, since this was a short show, wouldn't it have been nice to get rid of the 15 minute version of "The Waitress" and heard an extra couple of songs?

"Blood Roses" was very funky and different. I wasn't sure that I liked it when I left last night, but this morning woke up singing it the way she did last night. "Bliss" was fantatastic!! And "Little Earthquakes" was stunning as usual. Would have prefered to have heard both "Hey Jupiter" and "Cooling" over "Take to the Sky," but such is life.

Tori sounded wonderful, and very fired up, not knocking that at all!

From Mr. Jim:

With this, I have have seen Tori 11 times in concert, one more than I've seen my pre-Tori favorite, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. While it took just about 25 years to accumulate 10 ELP concerts, it took only a few years with Tori. And let me tell you this show, Tampa, was WONDERFUL and probably the best show I've ever seen. The good seats, 6th row, had a lot to do with it, because seeing such performances from two talented artists up close like that is just about all anyone can ask for. If anyone at the show wants to know I was the one that almost hit the roof during Tori's performance of Bliss. I should have gotten an Olympic Gold for that one!

As always, Little Earthquakes rocked. I was a little more subdued during this one because I as totally transfixed, just basking in Tori.

I just love the new arrangement of Blood Roses. Someone has got to make an Mp3 of this one, quickly!

I loved Alanis's show. And I'm glad this show is not the last one for me because I would like to see her again. She's accompanied by some very good musicians, especially the drummer. THIS GUY CAN PLAY!

If you plan to leave after Tori and miss Alanis, maybe you should reconsider. Alanis can put on a very good show.

5 and 1/2 weeks rules!

From Natalia:

I was at the Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale shows , and I know I'm going to catch hell for this.... BUT THE SOUND ENGINEERS JUST HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!.
The musicians are not " too loud", their relative value in a song is determined over at the board. It's impossible for them to manipulate the amplifiers
Maybe the sound guys just like a big, bottom- heavy sound, i don't know. Perhaps it was meant to sound the way it does. And I'm certainly not saying that Tori's sound people are incompetent. Perhaps they just do not have the experience needed in the live sound area . Perhaps they are studio guys at heart, I don't know . But the sound is terrible , and it's their fault. NOT Matt Chamberlain's,Jon's, Caton's , or Tori's.

From Xplotiva:

I woke up around 6:30 and left my house a few minutes after 8. I got to the Ice Palace around 9:00. I went and met up with my friend Darren and his friend Amy. Then I got a number on my hand for the meet and greet. I was #42 and had little hope of meeting Tori. So, we waited all day in the hot sun. There were probably about 85-100 people at the meet and greet. This security gaurd came out and said that most of us weren't going to get to meet Tori or even get anything signed. He said that the people in the front were the ones who lucked out and would get to meet her. The whole numbering system ended up not working as planned because these rude people insisted that they had to meet Tori even though they didn't wait all day or anything. Those rude people actually shoved in front of people that had been there since 2:30am. I couldn't beleive there insensitivity. I really expected more compassion from EWF. This is the FIRST time that I have ever met Tori fans that weren't nice. Oh well, Tori came out right after the security guy and went to the right hand corner of the barricade. I was behind probably 5 or 6 people and I had pretty much lost hope of getting to meet her. My first glimpse of her I smiled so big. I was so happy. Then she actually looked at me and I called her name. She motioned to me to wait a minute. When she was done talking to the first person she went up to and hugged, she came over to the very edge of the barricade and said "Ok, I can talk to you now." I handed her my gift, which was an antique sterling silver faerie compact and an uncut piece of peridot. Peridot is her birthstone. She said "Thank you, that is so beautiful. This was so nice of you." I didn't get to say much else other than telling her thanks for sharing her talent with all of us. She shook my hand and asked me what my name was and then she signed my Tori Stories promo booklet. It was the best experience ever. Euphoric, to say the least. I then moved back out of the way so that she could talk to others waiting. By this time it was around 5:00 I think. I needed food and some cold water. So, Darren, Amy, and I all went and ate at this cafe place across the street. Later, we met up with some of Darren and Amy's friends. Everyone was so nice. We had a good time. I met sooo many new people! I can't wait to see everyone again.
Now, on to the review of the actual show.

Here's what I wrote down during Tori's set: 1. GOD - she did the first few lines of God from backstage. I got teary eyed as soon as I heard her voice. Then she burst out on stage and everyone went crazy. She was smiling and waving and blowing kisses to the crowd.
2. SUGAR - this song was great. That's all I can say. Too hard to describe with words.
3. CRUCIFY- this song was pretty long, but very good. 4. CORNFLAKE GIRL- she did this cute little sound towards the end "drrrrrrr" It sounded like in that old Dee-Lite song "Groove is in the Heart" where the girl does a sound with her tongue on the top of her mouth "drrrrrrrr." I hope I didn't lose you guys there. I guess it's a little hard to explain a sound, especially since I have to type it and I can't just make the sound for you to hear. 5. BLISS- this song is excellent. I love this song so much. She performed it perfectly, even better than on the Letterman show. 6. BLOOD ROSES- she did her crotch touching thing when she sang "chickens get a taste of your meat girl" and also when she sang "sometimes you're nothing but meat". She had her arms crossed and resting on top of her head when she sang "I've thrown away those graces."
After this song it was quiet time without the band. She said "I don't have any lipgloss!" And with that, she went into the next song. --------------------------------------------- QUIET TIME:
7. SILENT ALL THESE YEARS- I can't describe how good it felt to hear this song. It was just beautiful!
Right after this song a guy came out onstage and handed her some lipgloss. She said "Ok, this is the stuff!" and then began playing after she applied some.
8. TAKE TO THE SKY- Oh my god! I can't beleive she played this. This is probably my favorite song. And all day I was trying not to get my hopes up, because I didn't think she would play it. It was so amazingly beautiful. Right after she sang "Have a seat while I" she shot a bird and then sang the rest of the line "take to the sky." It was really funny.
--------------------------------------------- The Band then came back onstage.
9. LITTLE EARTHQUAKES- wonderful song, performed very well! 10. IIEEE- in the beginning she did this cool shshshshsh sound. She wasn't shushing the audience or anything, that's just how she started the song off. Also, here's something my friend Darren noticed that I didn't happen to catch
11.GLORY OF THE 80's- At the beginning she said something slong the lines of "Ok, get ready to go back to the 80's." I read on the dent that she actually said "Get your hairspray ready because we're going back to the 80's." I didn't hear that myself though, so don't quote me on that one.
12. THE WAITRESS- She was holding a mug in her hands in the beginning and sipping from it. She did her typical "hang ten honey" thing, but she said "hang ten, hang ten honey, I'm gonna go where she goes. Hang ten, hang ten honey, I'm gonna get me some!" And while she sang "I'm gonna get me some" she did a hang ten sign and slid her hand up the middle of her chest. After the song, she and the band left the stage. --------------------------------------------- ENCORE:
13. PRECIOUS THINGS- This was so good, but that is to be expected because it rocks anyway. When she said "so, you can make me cum" she had her fingers up in the air in a weird peace sign looking thing, but she used three fingers. Also, when she sang "nice girrrrrrrl" she did another crotch touch thing. Close to the end she sang "You'll be mine" over and over.
--------------------------------------------- Ok, well there's the setlist. The show was probably the best Tori show I have seen yet. But it was only my fourth Tori show, so hopefully there's many more great Tori shows to come. I stayed for Alanis, even though I'm not much of a fan. I think she puts on a really good show. I was surprised at how nice she was also. After every song she said "thank you" in this cute little voice. Also she spun around on stage a lot. She actually fell down one time. I'm very happy that I gave Alanis a chance. She definately earned my respect. She'll never be as special to me as Tori is though. The crowd got along pretty well over all. I only hear one rude comment from an Alanis fan:
I was sitting next to this guy and his girlfriend. After the Tori set, I turned and said "I'm assuming you guys are Alanis fans?" He looked at me and said "Tori SUCKS! I just looked at him and said in reply "I don't think that was a very nice thing to say!" And he just shrugged his shoulders and turned away. I looked over at the girlfriend and told her that I was a Tori fan, and that I was going to at least give Alanis a chance. And she didn't say anything. Oh well, I tried to be nice. Overall, this was a great show. I did miss the opener Greta Gaines though. If anyone has any questions feel free to e-mail me with them. With faeries and clovers and love in TORI, Christina

From sair:

ok. i went to the tampa show. i thought it was amazing. but really, ANYTHING tori[and alanis] is amazing to me. it was my 2nd tori show, and 1st alanis.

you guys already know the set list and everything, so yea. i became teary eyed after she walked out on stage. i had just been waiting for that night for the past 4 months. tori was great. i was extremely pleased that she played SATY, cornflake girl, and little earthquakes.... and of course, as always, precious things. [my ALL TIME favorite song, by anyone]. i know she plays that one a lot, so i was expecting it. it was all great. i loved the lip gloss thing. "ah, that's the stuff"

i live in st. augustine, right south of jacksonville... so it was around a 4 hr drive in the rain to tampa. my whole family went, just so i could see tori it was my birthday present we got there around 5... ate at the maceroni grill.. wehre you can draw on the tables w/ crayons... and i drew tori's and alanis' names in very large letters... i was having fun

i was kind of dissapointed in my seats, just because i know if my mother wasn't so computer illeterate we could've gotten better ones. we were on row 28 on the floor. everyone was standing up during tori's preformance, so i was on my tip toes[me being 5'5] the whole time. there were people in front of us who were qute tall and kept moving around. but i managed to keep tori in veiw for all of the concert.

now i'm a very large fan of alanis' too... so yea. i thought her preformance was great.. she was VERY energetic, and wonderful. I LOVED THE SPINNING! she didn't sing the song i wanted her too though, that was disapointing. it was so great though. plus many of the tori-only fans left before she came on, so we moved up and down our row a lot, and i didn't have to stand on my tip toes anymore.

before the show, i bought my 'stuff' one of the purple baby tori tees and an alanis poster + sticker i'm wearing my tori shirt to the first day of school on monday... i can't wait to show it off. a few of my friends call me 'tori' because i talk about her a LOT

THE ONLY time i noticed rudeness from other fans was from a tori fan, actually. my row was right in front of a walkway, so we had people walking by us all the time. during alanis' time on stage, some girl walked by and said obnoxiously to each person she passed "tori". i found that annoying.

but all in all, it was an incredible experience. i saved my gum, as i did from teh last time i saw tori

From torigirl:

Tampa and Fort Lauderdale were great! It was so nice to see Tori and so many EWF again Tekdeth it was very nice to meet you My only comments are:
The Alanis fans annoy the hell out of me. They talk during Tori, scream obnoxious shouts out at Tori during her performances, and basically dont seem to have an appreciation for her.
The only other thing would be I wish Tori could elaborate more on the songs, like in the past, but I know there are now time restraints placed on her. The answer only seems obvious....I guess that'll only happen after the L.A. show

p.s. Tekdeth--I made my flight on time Hope yours was ok...

From Tekdeth:

I loved the Tampa show. I had 7th row left side and got to see all of Tori's handwork especially on Cornflake Girl! I stayed for Alanis but I spent most of the time eating cotton candy with Torigirl Kerri was with me also. I loved when Tori gave the middle finger during Take to the Sky, it was great. The sound was great where I was also, not as loud as Ft. Lauderdale thank goodness. Alanis was loud as usually. There was a neat Alanis story though. Off to the side a mom and her daughter were singing to the lyrics. Me and Torigirl wanted to see the 10 y/o sing F*** her when that part came. Instead the mom covered her ears and the girl rolled her eyes.

PS Torigirl, I am glad you caught your flight. I was paranoid and got to mine 1 and a half hours early. I think I am getting use to flying now. I think I like it.

From St.Theresa:

Wow...Great Woods sure has changed! And not only the name. I've never seen the screens or the bleachers and I've been on that lawn many, many times.
Too whoever so cleverly called Alanis (A-Lame-Ass), I really think this Alanis-bashing shit is childish. If Tori wants to tour with her, then let her. They obviously respect each other and if you don't see any parallels or similarities, you're blind.

To hear that kind of crap from a Tori fan...well, it reminds me of the line "I believe in peace...BITCH!"

It's too bad they couldn't mix it up -- taking turns coming out. That would take care of the Tori-only or Alanis-only walk out thing. JEEZ...you make it sound like she's playing with Madonna.

From muhammedmyfriend:

well, what can i say, the show was AWESOME... highlights were silent all these years, precious things and blood roses. Only my 2nd tori show but the best so far, i just wish that there had been more of it. did anyone manage to tape the show? i tried but the guards got my recorder when the frisked me. if so, email me at muhammedmyfriend@hotmail.com.

From Marcus Lambert:


Well I just got back from Tampa about 1 hour ago. Wow, what a great show!!! From what I have read from the Ft. Lauderdale reviews, it was WAY better in Tampa. Everyone seemed to like both Tori and Alanis, or even if they didn't, they chose not to show it and just have a great time. I got upgraded to first class on BOTH my flights, which just made the trip even better!!!!
Back to the Tampa show...
The show actually started earlier than expected, probably around 7:10pm. I FINALLY got INSIDE the venue at about 7:15pm and that Greta Gaines woman was playing, so I guess they just decided to start early to get finished earlier. It took FOREVER to get inside the venue though. It was ridiculous. There was actually a HUGE line to just get in!! The security people were frisking EVERYONE! HEAD TO TOE!!! I have never seen this before in my life! Well, I had a camera too, and since I am sneaky and determined to take pictures, I hid the camera (since it is ultra small and slim) in my sock on the inside of my leg. I got the camera in since they just pat down the outside of your leg!!! Heh heh! Hopefully, if the pictures come out, I will try to post them here. The venue took a while to fill up, most probably due to the early start and since some people's tickets said the show started at 8pm! These people in front of me were made since they came right after Tori started. But they showed me their tickets and they said 8pm, weird! Tori came on looking more beautiful than ever in a pinkish kind of tank top thing and pants. I think the pants were black or a dark color, but due to the lights I could not tell the exact color. I was getting a little worried since Tori's set was EXACTLY as the Ft. Lauderdale show set that I had read to start off with! She then began to change by singing Little Earthquakes and um, in solo time she sang Silent all these years and Take to the sky (this was awesome! I never thought I would get to hear this live!). Let me think, um, she sang Precious things as the encore again. Oh yeah she sang iieee, but I really don't remember what other songs she sang that were different, but I know there were more and I'm sure someone has already posted the set-list! I'm never good at remembering the songs! Overall, I thought it was perfect and the audience was awesome, very energetic and I never heard any boo's or anything like people were saying they heard at the Ft. Lauderdale show. She was on for about 1 hour and 40 minutes I think. Alanis was awesome too. She sang, I think, exactly the same set as the Ft. Lauderdale show, but Alanis never seems to vary that much anyway with her shows it seems.
Personally I love BOTH Alanis and Tori, but love Tori more! Alanis is great, but doesn't make you feel the way Tori can make you feel!! I thought the show was just awesome, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am so glad I flew down for it! I got one of the purple Tori shirts, but they will probably be available at the Houston show in September since they have those dates on the back. I just thought it would be cool to have the shirt in Houston a month before most people! So if you see a guy wearing a purple Tori shirt with the planet Venus on the back, it is most probably me!!!
Anyway, a GREAT show and if you can catch any of the remaining ones I highly recommend it!!


From BrianO:

Just wanted to post--the concert got a glowing review in the newspaper. Here's a copy:
Two stars hold sway with playfulness and passion By GINA VIVINETTO

St. Petersburg Times, published August 22, 1999

TAMPA -- For all Tori Amos' babbling in interviews about Never-Never Lands, "faeries" and imaginary childhood friends, it was her tour mate Alanis Morissette who Friday night displayed much of the behavior associated with sprites and spirited kids blessed with vivid imagination.

First, there was Morissette's entrance: The star did not dance so much as stagger her way across the Ice Palace stage. Sometimes skipping, always flinging her long, dark tresses in circles, Morissette went from stage side to side serenading her 8,270 fervent fans.

The rock star, capable of selling millions of albums in a single bound, seemed more like the playful pixie Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Her unabashed dancing, which seemed ecstatic, was followed by a series of odd, mischievous crouches.

She belted out songs from her 1995 hit-drenched debut Jagged Little Pill and last year's follow-up, the deeply cathartic Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.

Second: the artist's clothes. Dressed in a makeshift, East Indian-inspired get-up of a green sarong over blue pants with a loose-fitting white top and very large tennis shoes, Morissette resembled an ambitious school pupil about to give a show-and-tell on f oreign cultures. Indeed, both the star's attire and her music have morphed since her recent pilgrimage to India. Her five-piece band gave hits such as You Oughta Know and Uninvited funky Eastern percussion and sitar effects. Morissette's stage set included ornate cloth hangings of colorful, swirling paisleys and a primitive black-and-white mosaic backdrop.
The Grammy-award winning singer played harmonica on All I Really Want, later doing a sort of rain dance, twirling in circles and -- oh, why not? -- merrily hopping along on one foot. The remarkably tiny Morissette grabbed an acoustic guitar, which made her look that much more spritely and strummed her way through Are You Still Mad? That song exemplified the new, mature direction of Morissette's recent work. Its confessional tone and conversational, often awkward delivery hint of Joni Mitchell, suggesting Morissette is now content to sacrifice clever rhymes in lieu of deeper messages. While this approach doesn't guarantee hits -- as indicated by the less-impressive sales of Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie -- the material's effect in a live setting is startling.

Morissette played flute on That I Would Be Good, followed by You Learn. Later the singer spun herself topsy turvy -- tipsy, some may argue -- in circles with such intensity and abandon, she finally tumbled to the floor. She smiled, blew kisses and flashed peace signs before encoring with Thank U and Ironic, whose lead vocal she let the audience handle for a spell.

Amos was equally mesmerizing. Much to her credit, the talented performer managed to single- handedly smash the theory about Generation X's allegedly short attention span. The red-headed songbird sat at her piano for almost an hour and a half, tearing through hits such as Silent All These Years, Cornflake Girl and Crucify. Amos, a dramatic performer, does not let her instrument tether her. Nor does she let an arena venue strip her set of intimacy. Wearing blue jeans and a flowing pink top, she brazenly straddled the piano's bench. The singer, as small in stature as Morissette, stomped her feet, much consumed by playfulness and passion.

Though Ice Palace sound was muddy, Amos' vocals pierced through. A classically trained performer, Amos seemed incapable of hitting a bad note; she went from escalating melodies that sounded snatched from Verdi arias to more bluesy, improvisational scatting. Amos shook out all the demons, alternately banging cold chords, then ever-so-delicately tickling the keys, with a delivery made more resonant by her devilish grins and guttural growls.

In this age of divas and highly conceptual, theatrical concerts where performers are upstaged by their own sets and headresses, the Morissette/Amos tour is a blessing. Such unchoreographed, spontaneous shows are what pop music is missing. These two prove some stars still regard performing live a joy, not a chore.


1. Meet and Greet times, number of people there, general atmosphere:It was pretty calm, though with some of the other people I was off to the left and couldn't meet her, but if I wasn't I wouldn't have met some really kewl people there "HEY JEN HEY LAEL HEY JESSY" 2. Opening act review ( good? Bad? okay? ):For some reason the opening act reminded me of Jewel, go figure, and to be honest I think that she was her biggest fan there.

3. Full or partial setlist ( whatever you can remember): Hmm, well this is my only complaint, and keep in minds that this was my first toriconcert yeah, tori virgin, but I thought that the band played so loud that it drowned tori out btu I did love the concert non the less, just didn't knwo which song she was singing half the time

4.Any drooling, funny faces, or crazy dances done by Tori or any of her band members: She did some pretty kewl dances, the one with one hand on both pianos and her standing in the middle dancing, and a lot of the little head shakes and short eratic gasps while really gettign into it, and she did a dance in dark purple lighting but can't remember the song, also one mroe thign she like raised her hand then when she pulled it down bright green lights flashed into the audience, SO KEWL!

5. Energy level of crowd: everyone was very hyped, I don't think a second went by when people weren't screaming and cheering

6. Energy level of Tori and the band: they seemed totally phsyced, excited, the tour is still new and what not, big treat.

7. Any stories told by Tori: nope, she started one, right before siletn all these years, she said "this is a song, I was living behind a church and my gramdmother" then she started the song, btu I remember seeing her on tv once and saying a different story for silent, she must;ve been confiused or something?

8. Post show meet and greet atmosphere: there wasn't one, thoguh I was standing there when teh first bus poulled away, hoping,lol

9. Any run-ins with venue security: nope, btu i snapped like 15 non flash pics and didn't get caught, WHEW

10. Sightings of Tori tour staples such as Mr. Puppethead, Joel, Steve, Jon Evans, Matt, and Caton: umm I am not sure I did see Joel from 50 feet during the M&G and heard everyone mumbling unkind things about steve,lol

11.MikeWhy sightings!: I did see Mike, the girl I met, jen pointed him out to me, but when Iw as going to say hi to him right after the meet and greet he was talking to someone and said he was aboutt o go look for someone or somethign and i didn't wanna bother him...

I have soemhtign to add, did we meet any kewl people there, and yes I did, like I said, I was sitting there kind of bummed cause I wasn't with anyone and Jen came up and started talkin to me and took me in with ehr friends, and we all went to the bar across the street, and they all drank there beers and what not and I sipped my sprite like a good little minor, if they read this, HI GUYS!

Well that's my review, great show, ~Brian~

From xiola:

hi guys...
i just wanted to comment on security. i read some posts that people shoved cameras in their pants and stuff. well, i sneaked in a camcorder and all i did was put it in my backpack. when she searched my bag i thought i was definately going to get caught and the woman acted like she didn't care. i know she saw the camera bad in there and she never asked me to open it. i could've had a gun and they wouldn't have known (not that i would carry a gun with me)
did anybody else but me videotape this show? who was the other girl with a camcorder? i'd like to compare somebody else's with mine.

From badtzmaru:

So even though this was my fourth Tori show, I'm a mere babe when it comes to the Tori universe. I went to my first meet & greet (she came out around 4:00)and I accomplished my mission. I'm shorter than the average bear and hated being engulfed in the lunging crowd, but it was all worth it when Tori somehow took my LE cover out of my hands from three rows of people back. I can't wait to frame it. Thanks to Dor who put up with all of my questions and was very kind. I enjoyed the show, but it didn't touch the Dew Drop show at Ruth Eckerd. The fans were better behaved than I had expected. I had been to an Alanis only show long ago at the SunCoast Dome (pre-Tropicana Field days) and her fans were errupting into ugly drunken brawls and such. None of that happned here in my area. Although, I had some good laughs with the Tori fans around me at the SCREAMING teeny bopper Alanis fans.

I think I may take my baby sister (age 10) to see Alanis for her birthday in Pittsburgh. She loves Alanis, but I'll make a Tori fan of her yet. If anyone has any Pitt ticket connections, let me know. It's for a good cause!

From red head fairy:

Merry meet to all tori fans. I was blessed with seeing the goddess herself in concert. I am a little bit mad as i never got to see the FULL show.. not fault of my own.. i was ready at 10 and had to wait for everyone else.. but thats besides the point.. i came in on silent all these years and that brought tears to my eyes.. we had floor 2 row 4 seats (amazing view).so i'm not going to go on and on about the concert if you wanna see my say on the concert go to my page (http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Disco/1203) ... n-e-ways.. i got the purple t-shirt and the necklace.. never got a program *grrr* one thing that made me very anger was an alanis fan that was sittin behind me..i like alanis but not half as much as tori so i would never bash her.. but this rude idiot says to his friend/grilfriend during the break " i can't believe anyone can like Tori i mean she starts feeling herself and getting off on stage and her fans go crazy.. its so stupid" i really had to bite my tounge at that comment...n-e-ways besides that stupid comment i ahd a awsome time and met new EWF one was very nice.. if you read this.. we were sitting on the curb and you were looking at my "all these years" books.. anyways hey to ya... ok thats enough for me.. anyother EWF that want to e-m@il me my addy is ivy_butterfly@hotmail.com or anyone that has the concert on audio... ok blessed be *kisses& hugs with fairy dust*

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