5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Buffalo/Darien Center, NY
September 3, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Buffalo/Darien Center, NY on September 3, 1999 at Darien Lake during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Little Amsterdam
Past The Mission

Sister Janet (solo)
China (solo)

Father Lucifer
Professional Widow

Precious Things


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From faeries_revenge:

Ha Ha!
Even though the setlist was already post, I want to repost it; just because. [i've never done this before]

The Setlist [as written on my arm]

Little Amsterdam
Past The Mission
Sister Janet
Father Lucifer
Professional Widow
The Waitress

Precious Things


Excellent, Excellent [especially since I was sitting next to a bootelegger] I really loved Jurez it was just so beautiful. The band sounded *fan-freaking-tastic* Jon Evans was just tearin' up his base during Professional Widow. I was so shocked to hear Sister Janet, I was amazed. It was so beautiful, I haven't heard it live in such a long while.

The meet and greet was fabulous. I met Tori [for the first time ever in life]. It was crazy, everyone I met was so nice [if anyone who was there is reading this, It's Jessica [the girl in the black tank top w/ blue sunglasses and the black bookbag] Tori is such a nice and beautiful person. I was in awe and it really hasn't hit me yet. It will later probably. During the M&G I asked her if it would be alright to play Cooling, she wrote it on her hand [i died!] And about 15 minutes later it was over. She didn't play Cooling [i was hopin' she would] but thats for the best. I would have lost it.

Damn, life is beautiful.

From Jmr414:

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. What a great show! It was the most energy i've ever seen at a Tori show. At the end of The Waitress, the place just blew up! The setlist was great. It has already been posted so i won't waste space, but wow! I had never heard the plugged versions of Sugar, Father Lucifer and Prof. Widow before. They are so cool. I'm really glad she played Sister Janet and Past the Mission. But the best thing to come out of this concert experience is that i CAN'T WAIT FOR TO VENUS AND BACK!! Juarez, Bliss and esp. Concertina were so great. Oh and by the way, for some reason i liked Waitress better this time than last year, and Precious Things was superb as usual.
By the Way, does anyone know what Tori was saying during either Widow or Waitress that was something "for five fucking seconds" Just wondering

From magic:

Beautiful--fantastic--the only Tori Amos. The show was wonderful--Sister Janet was incredible. FYI, she was talking to some girl who was standing up during her set and Tori told her she was being rude....way to go Tori. Ive never seen Alanis live before, but she's pretty cool--holy energy!!! To all you going to future shows---it will be a blast-thanks to mp3 for the awesome seats!!!!!

From delirium:

Woah what a day... First of all we got lost on the way down there...UGH. We missed the meet and greet... *sigh* We got in free to the park though. Some guys were handing out free passes to the park. So I met a lot of cool people today. Like ButterBean for example. I just wish I wasn't mega-dehydrated and feeling exhausted from the heat. Oh...I also got to meet fascist panties and jupiter finally too..! So an hour or so before they open the gates this mp3 guy walks up to us and asks us if we want to go around and temporary tattoo people with mp3.com tattoos and he'd give us front row tickets. I was lazy and tired and didn't feel like doing it and he seemed kinda sleazy so we stuck with our 18th row....are we high??? Probably.

So the show was amazing... I'm actually pretty happy that she's avoiding Choirgirl this tour. And very impressed with the attention she's giving BFP. It was kinda funny because before the show I said the ONE song I did NOT wish to hear on "secret time" was China... and of course she plays it..lol. She did Sister Janet beautifully though and performed China very nicely...I'm just not a big fan of the song.

Father Lucifer was a fave that night...beautiful. And I LOVED Concertina. And holy she FREAKED on this girl up front. Yikes Tori's scary when she wants to be... I don't even know what the woman was doing but when I looked over she was standing facing away from the stage. Tori said something like "YOU! Yeah you in the white shirt!! SIT DOWN...SIT DOWN...FOR FIVE SECONDS....FIIIIVE FUCKIN SECONDS" Can't remember how she worded it exactly but she was ANGRY. The audience cheered like crazy when she did this... Precious Things was an intense closer. It and Waitress brought very mixed feelings because I adore the two songs but I knew they meant the show was almost over.

I bought two necklaces...the one with the pink beads and the one with the kinda grey ones. I bought a keychain and two tshirts. We left right after Tori and gave our seats to two Alanis fans sitting on the lawn.

Oh...interesting way to close off the night...we got freakin pulled over at the border. We got in shit because we didn't declare anything even though HE DID'NT ASK us if we bought anything. ASSHOLE. So they searched my car completely, took apart door panels, searched my friend's purse with a fine tooth comb. Asked us where we work, who we are, blah blah blah... Jerks.

Anyhoo...that was my day/night. I'm sad I can't make the meet and greets but oh well. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's Toronto show.

And again, to all the people I met that day...you guys rock.

From DrOwNeD wOrLd:

Ok, so today was the best day ever in my whole life! It started out with me and my friends getting there and then they ditched me. So there I am hauling my big oil pastel for Tori which Brad so kindly commented on and I get to the little shade barn and everyone is taking pictures, and then everyone loved my picture when they saw it and I met 2 of my internet friends, one being Jessica who posted above. Then the security guard calls us over to wait for Tori. Then Steve comes out and tells us to go sit down. Then the call us up again and this time I run to the front and I ended up being like, in the middle of the second row right behind Jessica. So we're all huddled together and then after forever, TORI comes out and she's like, 2 feet from me right!? And then she's singning things and I pass up my portrait to Joel and he took it and I asked if he would take my letter too, but he said that when Tori got over to me, he would tell her and I could give it to her then. So, OMG! Then she gets to me and sees that Joel has this huge portrait in his hands, and she goes "Wow! Who made this?" and I raised my hand and she goes "Hi honey, did you want me to sign this? " and I say "Oh no, it's for you" and then she said "Do you have anything you want signed?" and stupid me, all I had was my Raspberry Swirl import instead of Bliss like I wanted. But oh well, I love RS. So I give it to her and she opens it, pulls it out, and says "Where should I sign it?" and I said "You can sign it on your belly!" and this made her and everyone else there laugh. Then I said "Oh yeah, I have this letter for you" and then she takes it, hands me back my RS single and looks at the letter which has my name on it and says "And you're Jason right?" and I said "Yup!" and then Jessica asked Tori to play Cooling and I said "Oh, Tori, if it's possible, um...it's my favorite song, could you play Siren?" and she said "That's not gonna happen honey, and you wanna know why?" and then she gets right up in my face and is like "The guys are all excited and they only wanna play the new stuff and they're all into condom packing so..." and I'm like "Oh yeah, it's ok, I understand" and then she moved on and I was so excited I almost cried. Oh, THEN someone hands her the new Alternative Press magazine and she starts thumbing through it! I guess she never saw it before and then she goes (to all of us) "You know, you spend hours and hours at the photoshoot and then they make you look like egghead!" (reffering to the cover). The rest of the m&g is a blur. I got to be in a documentary for EWF and I think I'm in it like, 3 times or something.
Then we lined up for an hour and a half to get in and when we finally did, I bought a black shirt that has the full Bliss cover picture on the front and the tour dates on the back. I also got the purple bead Venus Envy neclace thanks to Jessica for trading with me. The show itself was fucking amazing! What Tori really yelled at the lady was "Hey! Yeah you! The lady in the white shirt! Do you mind for fucking 5 seconds!?" and this was during the part in The Waitress where she goes "Cause I know just where she is" and then she pointed at the woman in the audience when she sang that line!!! It was SOOO funny! I knew all the words to all the songs and sang along and screamed so much! Especially at Professional Widow! I can barely speak now Soooo...I wish today would never end

From attila the honey:

hi everyone...i just returned from the tori show in buffalo (where i live), and i must say i had a wonderful time. even though it's been posted, here's the setlist i scribbled down on a sweaty piece of paper in bright orange crayola marker (and distributed to my fellow ears with feet in the crowd!):
little amsterdam
past the mission
sister janet (solo)
china (solo)
father lucifer
the waitress
precious things
i admit that even though i've been a truly hardcore toriphile for four years, this was my very first tori show, and yes, i cried. when she came on and started off with god, i started getting a little emotional and my friend ruth reminded me to breathe (hey...i was doing just fine, thank you!).

as for the show, i was a little pissed off, because i felt the show was very slanted towards the alanis crowd...to me, it almost seemed like tori was opening for alanis, partly because she went first, and also because a lot of people (around me, at least) we being very rude, especially this guy behind me who was yelling at a couple a row in front of me (i was in section 201, row 7 seat 7) to "sit the fuck down," while tori was playing china, while not one of my favorite tori tracks, i thought that was a bit disrespectful...if i were tori, i wouldn't want someone doing that to me.

so aside from that, i thought tori was just plain amazing! god and sugar were awesome, and it was such a pleasure to hear past the mission and sister janet, which i was under the impression she didn't play much anymore. father lucifer was probably the highlight of the evening for me, because the new arrangement is so different and so amazing, i flipped out when she played it. professional widow was also wonderful (one of my favorites!), as was precious things, as usual.

so that about sums up my first tori concert experience...and for those who asked, tori yelled at a woman...she said "hey lady, you in the white shirt in the front-can you sit down? can you sit down for 5 seconds? fiiivvveee fucking seconds?" or something along those lines. i spent far too much money on a purple shirt with a splufty pic of tori on the front and "to venus and back", and on the other side, a picture of venus (the planet...ha.) and the list of stops on the tour, as well as a program. i also met a lot of really wonderful ewf...i love you guys, you're great!

From professional widower:

holy fuck, whatta show! to clarify tori's outburst (i was in the 100 section): this bitchy alanis fan stands up, w/her back to tori, during a fabulous jam of the waitress. tori, in part 2 of don't-fuck-with-me-when-i'm playing, screams, "hey lady! can you sit the fuck down for FIVE FUCKING SECONDS!!!!" ouch. it seemed to be a rather alanis-dominated audience though...and whilst i don't hate alanis, it was amusing more than anything to see her follow tori w/her...eh, passionate harmonica playing, and one chord acoustic guitar stumming (that was just magnificent). setlist has been posted. where was cornflake girl? crucify? the set was fabulous, but seemed a bit short. the m&g went well---not too many were there, tori signed my anthology, and i told her that father lucifer would be excellent...and look, she played it! heh. all in all, a good show.

From Eric The Red:

okay, here's what happened during "the waitress." i was sitting in seat four, my friend in seat three, of row four right up at the front. we'd gotten there way, way, way late (we got to the parking lot for "china" but it wasn't until "professional widow" that we actually got to our seats). :-( :-( :-(

i was practically in tears. these were the best seats i'd had for a tori show in years, i'd been on the road since ten o' clock this morning driving from d.c. to get there (with a stop on the way to pick up my friend), and i get there for only the last song and change. still, i determine to make the best of it.

based on the fact that they all stayed in their seats during tori and then stood up and shouted for alanis, i can infer that we were surrounded by alanis fans. we were two seats in from the aisle, thusly:

[alanis fans] [me] [my bud] [af] [af] -aisle-

and the alanis fans to my immediate left begin looking towards the aisle and waving, and basically getting in my face as tori was getting really into "the waitress"... finally the people that they were waving at arrive, with the security girl in the white shirt, to stand in the aisle to our right. the people to the left of me are waving and shouting over me, and the guy on my left taps me on the shoulder... and i about lost it completely.

i don't think that my seat was actually in dispute, [and i'm positive we had the right seats] but i was absolutely not in the mood to be interrupted during tori's encore. at that point, i stood up and handed my ticket to the girl in the white shirt, who looked at my seat number and said "oh, you're fine." i then sat back down and put my hands up on either side of me in "talk to the hand" mode, trying to block out the b.s. display going on around me so i can focus on tori's finale.

tori, meanwhile, has apparently been *WATCHING MY ORDEAL* and decides that she can't let it stand. at that point she begins to sing what the others have said above, mostly variations on "hey, YOU! the girl in the WHITE! do you MIND? for FIVE FUCKING MINUTES!?!?"

i don't know for *absolutely* sure that she saw me and/or recognized me (though she *does*, blush blush, know me on sight, and i do cut a fairly recognizable silhouette), and i don't know for *absolutely* sure that her singing was necessarily "coming to my rescue," or what have you, or stepping in to the argument i was having (standing up, in other words, for the ewf surrounded by rude alanis fans and security guards keeping us from enjoying her song).

but at this point, i'd just as soon not know otherwise. ;-} i want to believe. i think she is just that cool. and i'm going to prefer to interpret tonight as a personal effort on her part to prevent us from dealing with that kind of interruption. and this may be total hubristic delusion on my part, but i'd like to think she did it because she recognized me and saw that i was being hassled and stepped in. ;-}

at the very least, the absolute minimum, it completely and totally turned around what had been turning into a really crummy experience and turned it into a wonderful moment. :-D

oh, and alanis was really creative tonight. i didn't see the ending of her set, but she performed (sans video, so no hair-jogging for "would not come" or skiing for "you learn") her songs mostly out of the sequence that i've come to expect. she also broke in out of nowhere with a b-side ("thoughts"??) at one point. okay, okay, i take back all the fuss i made at the merriweather show. she *can* improvise when she wants to.

also, the last two shows i've been to (tonight and camden) are the first time all year that i've seen her that she's not fallen down while spinning during "you learn." [maybe she's learning? ;-P ]

eric the red

still in the afToriglow...

From rickt:

Wow. The first M&G I've gone to, and I was totally tongue-tied. She hugged me anyway.
God, Concertina was lovely. First time I've heard the complete song.

I was about four feet away from the woman Tori was ripping into during Waitress. It was a Darien Lake usher.

What happened was this: the first six rows of seats in the venue are just folding chairs. They aren't well labelled with row or seat numbers.

As Tori was doing Waitress, two people (accompanied by two ushers) come in to try and locate their seats. It's total confusion because the ushers themselves don't know which seats are which. It's not the first such scene during Tori's set.

So, we have these four people standing at the edge of the row, with their backs to Tori, taking a long time to try and figure things out. Some comments are made to them to please let others see, and all but one usher make some slight attempt to do so.

She's still standing there when, in the middle of the song, Tori says "Hey, lady." The usher is paying no attention at all to what's on stage. "Hey," Tori says again, "Hey, you, in the white shirt!" She looks around at that. "Can you just sit down?" Tori askes, "Just for FIVE FUCKING SECONDS?"

The usher crouches down low, (so do the other three) and doesn't move until the end of the song. Everyone in the nearby folding chairs cheers, becuase, as I said, this had happened before.

No idea if it was a pair of Alanis fans, or not. Probably, but that's only based on the fact that they were just finding seats that late in Tori's set.

Also no real idea if Tori *knew* who she was yelling at, though my impression was that she knew *exactly* what was going on.

From Katriona:

So I took my 12 year old daughter Hanna to her first concert (can't really count the Jefferson Airplane concert when she was 3, as she doesn't remember dancing with the deadheads at all) last night. I thought; "the best of both worlds, I am a HUGE Tori fan, and she being 12, likes Alanis". Thanks to my boyfriend (thanks Kem darlin) we had excellent seats in the 10th row (100 section) center, and could see very well, outside of this really really tall guy who stood in front of my daughter a lot of the time. We had the fortune to meet a very nice lady (named Ruth, I think?) who sat right behind us, that had been to the Good Morning America Central Park show that morning, then driven to clear across the state to Darien for last nights show. She said she was friends with one of Tori's road crew and had brought them coffee that morning, and gotten a bagel from Tori. She talked with us a lot, and gave us some really wonderful insights. She even danced with my daughter briefly in the aisle. She had a backstage pass, oooooooo were we jealous! I asked her if she could tuck my daughter in her back pocket and take her back with her. The one thing that happened that I didn't expect at a Tori show was the behavior of this woman (wearing a white shirt by the way) who was in the row ahead of us. She was standing and dancing through most of Tori's show, and the people behind me, one girl in particular, had finally had enough and asked her to sit down....stating that she hadn't paid 45 dollars to watch HER wiggle her butt. The girl flew into a rage...swearing, menacing, and shouting things, right over my daughters head! At one point she turned around and actually SPIT in the woman's face who had said something. I couldn't believe it! I took my daughter's arm and took her to the aisle until the little hothead could calm down, and when the security guy came (they always do) to tell us we had to sit back down, I explained what was going on to him. Thankfully the woman wandered off soon after this (turns out that wasn't even her seat!), and also thankfully the people around me were sooooo wonderful in the way they treated my daughter, that this did NOT spoil our evening. When Tori yelled at a woman in a white shirt later in the set, we thought for sure justice had finally been served, Tori style! It wasn't our "lady in the white shirt" as our little section had thought at the time, but I still like to fancy that it was. Tori said what everyone in my section had wanted to. My daughter came to see Alanis primarily, but after watching Tori...she was ready to leave after Alanis' second song. *This made Mom verrrrrry happy* As to the music, many other postings here have already stated how wonderful it was, so I won't go on and on....however...I will say Father Lucifer blew me away, and the new songs she performed were out of this world (venus perhaps????) What a Blissful concert!

From jupitergirl:

ohmygod! this was absolutely the best tori show i have ever seen! i missed the meet and greet ( ), but when i got there, the soundcheck was just starting and i heard little amsterdam playing, which got me so so so excited because it's one of my favorites! she also played god, past the mission a bunch of times, father lucifer, concertina, sister janet,
and mother (which i'm sorta sad didn't come out during the show, but it was wonderful even in soundcheck!)
by this point i was freaking out with excitement, but i talked to a whole bunch of wonderful people whilst waiting (if anyone's reading this i was the one with the purple hair and my friend kate had sorta pink hair).
anyway, the show...
God: not usually one of my favorites (it's wonderful, just not one of those make you cry songs), this version rocked! i was so nervous and excited from waiting and the anticipation was killing me when tori was singing from backstage but we couldn't see her! when she came out (in jeans a brown or red tank top, and a black sheer shirt with her hair tied back), i was so excited that this song just sent me over the edge and i was crying...
Little Amsterdam: one of my favorites, i've been especially obsessed with it in the last couple of weeks! amazing...(more tears) Juarez: couldn't make out many of the words, but this seems like a song that will be popular with ewf's. the beginning was especially beautiful. Sugar: i love this song! it absolutely rocked with the band! she made a hammer gesture when she sang "and hammers he used one on me" which was both intense and adorable at the same time. a very good moment... Past The Mission: aaah! i never ever expected to ever hear this song live! when she played it in sound check, it was exciting but in the show it was flawless! lots of people seemed to be excited by this one. Bliss: i liked this song when i first heard it, but not the way i love some tori songs. i admit i was taking a while to get into it, but this show made me love it! it was just so passionate and beautiful live, that now i love it.
(Secret Time)
Sister Janet: she introduced this by saying some girls had asked her to play it. whoever thos girls are, thank you thank you thank you!!! this was beautiful, another song i didn't expect to hear live. one of my favorites of the show...
China: not usually one of my favorites by a long shot, but this was absolutely amazing. some of the alanis fans around me (we were almost completely surrounded by them in section 102) were chatting during this song, but i just tuned them out and it was beautiful. (band comes back)
Concertina: probably the best song of the whole show! this was just absolutely beautiful. it had a nice beat to groove along to, but it was also melancholy and quiet, sorta. just beautiful. definitely my favorite from the new album so far.
Father Lucifer: i couldn't tell what she was singing during the intro (sounded like little cigar) but once i realized that it was father lucifer, i realized she was singing lucy girl. i had never heard this live and it was wonderful...sounded very different from the album version, because she played around with the tempo and the order... Professional Widow: it rocked! absolutely amazing. that's all i can say about it.
The Waitress: i was sad because i knew it was coming to an end, but this was still great. i've heard it all 3 times i've seen tori live, but this time it was somehow different. i'd thought that i didn't want to hear the waitress live again because it was done too much, but this completely restored my faith. she sang the hang ten honey part over and over in the middle and more and more people started doing the gestures, until the whole place was completely rocking. i think this is where she told the woman to sit down for "five fucking seconds" and the crowd was going wild! it lasted so long, i never wanted it to end. there were lights flashing all over the place and it was just crazy and chaotic and incredible!
Precious Things: beautiful as always. she drew out the "so you can make me cum that doesn't make you jesus" line, eliciting many cheers from the audience (or maybe that was just me )
overall, an incredible show! i can't wait to see her in toronto on wednesday...

From dionysos:
hello! man... this concert was absolutely amazing! um.... hmmm... i'll start with the m&g... we got there late... at 2:00, so i didn't get to meet her, but we saw her... and she is sooo small! i couldn't believe it! so, she's in the front and i am short and in the back... needless to say, i barely saw her, but some nice gentleman let me get in front of him (thankyou), i thought that it was pretty calm compared to other reports i have heard of meet and greets... and when she was almost done she peaked over the sides of the barracades and i got to actually say hello and wave. but anyways. we hung out all day and meet some really cool people. im horrible with names but i remember whitney and natalie... hmmmm and a really fun boy from long island. ps (i am the girl in the striped overalls)
so the show:

it was just amazing! most people were sitting down... our row was the first row standing up... so i had an awesome view! during little amsterdam tori drooled a big gob of drool! and hmmm... whatelse...she said that it was relly pretty here and that they've never been there before. that thing during waitress was sooo funny! she was just getting into her "hang ten" part of the song... and she was like incorporating "hey you... sit down" into the song... and the people she was talking to totally didn't know that TORI was like speaking to them... so tori stopped and was like "you in the fucking white shirt, you are so rude, cant you sit down for five fucking minuts?!" and i think she even had to say that once or twice until they understood. then she's singing "im g onna go where she goes" and was pointing to the lady in the white shirt. i just thought that part of the song was really fitting b/c it was 'i believe that she's the devil bitch' part... and thats just about it... china was absolutely beutiful! if i hadn't sat-en (hehe... is that a word) outside all day, and if i wasn't compleately dehidrated i would have been bawling!

god... whatelse?! ummm... the atmosphere was pretty good. i saw a couple conflicts with dancing and people sitting down...but it was a good crowd.

OH! during the concert tori was wearing navy jeans, and a red shirt thing under a black shirt thing. and... im wondering... did someone give her a red ribon? people from the dent were supposed to wear red ribons to the show... and tori had one around her neck! she also had no hair extentions, and her hair was pulled back.

sorry this is sooo long! hehe... trying to get down everything before i forget!

also hellos to:

- oh i forgot the name... black shirt...tiger stripes hehe... sorry. i am very very bad with names... but everyone i talked with

oh yeah... alanis was surprisingly good. she mostly played her hit songs.. i think there were only 2 that i didn't recognize, and i am not a fan... but i thought she had amazing energy! > sidenote... during alanis's set (well. part of it) darien lakes were putting on their fire works (the do that at night) and it was kind of cool to look over and see them.

(on the setlist was mother instead of china.... i am glad china was there)

*please. if anyone booted the show, let me konw. i will pay or trade, this show was so special and awesome for me... just email me please *

wonderful beutiful show

From Stargazerlily:

ah the buffalo show.....this was my 5th tori concert but the first concert ive seen her w/ the band.....
this was the BEST tori concert i have EVER seen..... i went w/ my friend chris (Torimisfit) and hes posting a review based on memory and some things i scribbled on paper so i'll leave the review to him......
anyway lemme tell you about the meet+greet

first off im a pale chicka and i HATE the sun and it was just not good...i was sick and tired but i was in a really good mood anyways.....when tori came out i was about 3 ppl behind the front and steve had come out and said he wouldnt let us rotate ppl (we were in a long line rather than spread out) so i handed her a postcard of a Dali painting called 'eggs on a plate w/out a plate' and she looked at it and said "Oh! dali!" and i said 'you like him?" and she said "sweetie, i love him" and she signed the back and it says: "eggs.


Jill (thats me!)

Tori Amos"

and then i said "you were so wonderful on good morning america" (i had watched it at home)and she said "oh youre so sweet!"

and then she moved on to other ppl and i tried to move back to let other people see and steve kept yelling at me for moving....he was terrible! he wouldnt let ppl hand stuff up.....fucker

at one point i made everyone yell "we love you tori!"

so anyways to all you lovely tori ppl i met (most of yer names ive forgotten becuase im really awful with names.....im sorry!) i was the chunky redheaded girl with specs and a green shoulder bag.....i had a black shirt on and i was really loud and i hugged everyone.....so please email me! id love to speak to all of you! Stargazera@aol.com


From Venus9399:

I went to the darien lake *tori* concert..it was AMAZING! i had the most hectic day tho,our car broke down on the way there and we had to be towed to the concert! i was determined to make it cuz it was my first time seeing tori...i was so extatic when she came out! the entire time she sang i was in awe...she really is the most amazing person. it was really funny when she yelled at the lady in the white shirt to sit down!i definatly loved hearing her sing Sister Janet cuz my name is janet..so that was great!!! i cant wait for her new cd,everytime i hear Bliss on the radio i get all happie! i have question tho..what is the meet and greet session thing everyone is talking about??? i couldve met her??!?!?!?!!!? someone please fill me in!

From BLISSful:

hey there... so I know... I haven't even put my review up yet for the concert on my site! ( http://fly.to/stringbeanlove ) But that's ok! What can I say... this show was amazing... the Tori aspect of it anyway... I almost died during the meet and greet from heat exhaustion but that's another topic! I couldn't hardly see a thing.. I was the one who asked people to duck so I could see! the one with the Toriphile shirt on... yes also known as RedSpark18@aol.com ... TO ANYONE THAT DID't KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH THE LADY IN THE WHITE SHIRT she was so fu*king annoying! she was sitting about 3 rows in front of us... (my bro, ma, and I)... she got up in the middle of "The Waitress" while Tori was singing. She shimmied herself out of the row (which made everyone in that row stand up) to get some beer or something. Then she shimmied back down the row to get her money and shimmied out yet again... then she shimmied one more time to snag her husband/boyfriend/date.... whoever! She made a total shimmy time of 5 shimmies.. it annoyed everyone including me and of course tori... so I don't blame her for getting mad...pissed even! AND ALSO during Alanis's set... (don't know if any of you toriphiles stuck it out or not)...Alanis made a comment to the 'white shirt' crowd to the audience to her left (stage left.. alanis point of view her left!) then she dedicated one of her songs to "the folks over there especially in the white" I don't know if this was "IRONIC" don't you think!? It's like rain.. on your wedding day... SORRY I got WAY carried away there... but anywhoo... the concert rocked.. i got a few autographs, teeshirts, tourbooks.. etc. so all is well... if anyone has mp3s or even wavs of that show please feel free to email me RedSpark18@aol.com or BLISSful@bombdiggity.com ... hey didn't you all love "PAST THE MISSION" and "CHINA" and "CONCERTINA" ?! How can I say I didn't like this concert~?!

From venusfly:

I've been waiting to see tori for sooooooooooo long. FInally, i got to see her. THe meet and greet was small, only about 50 people or so. She pointed me after awhile and said "oooo honey! Lookin gorge! (as in gorgeous)what's your name dear?" I think she thought I was interesting cuz i was the only boy there with glittery eyebrows and painted nails. LOL. so she wrote on my boys for pele booklet : Brad,
Looking Gorge
Love ( actually a heart)
Tori Amos (which looks like Toi amos).
Someone there ( who I know posts here) had the most beautiful painting of tori and gave it to her.)
Setlist! :
1.) past the mission ----- played a lot of this........over and over again....

2.) father lucifer........only a little

3.) concertina.........hard to hear.


1.) God --- beautiful.......tori had a crossing her leg thing going......great!

2.) Little amsterdam----- i thought " a bfp" song!!!!! wonderfully done!

3.) Juarez---- i sense good things with the new album just hearing this......

4.) Sugar!!!!------- now, i must say, for a long time, this song did nothing for me. But now I love it........it was the Pussy Version!!!!! GREATGREATGREAT!

5.) Past the mission-----i figured she play this after the lengthy sound-check she did on this.........greatly done......i started to tear-up.

6.) Bliss-----made for a live performance.....great.......beautiful lights.

===========secret time!=========

7.) Sister Janet---- I was confused .... She said "this was requested by a few girls tonite" ......i figured it was gonna be "mother" since i heard people request it, and the intro she was playing sounded a lot like it........then I though "cloud on my tongue"......then I though "here, in my head".......finally about 30 secs. in i realized what it was.

8.) china------i cried, a lot. it was wonderful,tori can do magic without even trying.


9.) concertina------sounds even more catchy live. Really good on tori's part. I'm gonna love the new album.

10.) father lucifer--- 'another 'bfp' song!....... it had a reeeeally odd intro.

11.) professional widow----on piano! Soooo cool and unique! It was soooooo interesting.......Pele got three tonite!

12.) Waitress------ lots of things to say about this.......she was hold up a mug in the beginning........then a little ways through, while she was playing, she yells at this woman in the audience:" HEY! LADY IN THW WHITE! SIT DOWN! YOU! IN THE WHITE! CAN YOU SIT DOWN FOR FIVE FUCKING SECONDS! SIT!" it was hilarious.........and it fit so nice with the song........she added a lot of improve and new stuff to the ending! VERY cool!


13.) precious things------i knew she gonna play this...........so cool, i finally heard it live! and w/ the band! i was sooooo proud!

I was shaking after she got done.........I left my emotions in the venue........

--------------other notes----------------

- alanis was going on rides w/ security (the venue is connected to a six flags park).

- I saw the guy from the 'ultrasound' piece on tori.... i'm suprised I recognized him!

- caton had his wine on the amp......suprise! lol

- there were 9 lava lamps on the stage........strategically placed almost........

- she changed her outfit 3 times in one day.....on good morning america, changed for the meet and greet, then changed for the show.......

- the merchandise is cool! but overpriced. and the necklaces come in two colors.........nifty.

Well, that was my first Tori show, hopefully not my last! Alanis may be still on now.........oh well, i dind';t stay for her.

From Peles_Fire:

The concert was amazing. We missed the meet and greet by like 10 minutes, just for some aspirin. The band walked pass us though. My friend recognized them and she kept saying "Oh my god, oh my god". They just smiled and waved when she tried to talk to them, but it was the funniest thing. I couldn't really recognize them, but she probably could a mile away. Anyway...I think Tori was just tired for this concert, and when those people were standing up in the audience, she just snapped. We poor people were on the lawn for this concert and they have movie-sized screens. The screen was right by me so I could see Tori's face as she was yelling at that lady. I would NOT want to mess with Tori. Just the look she had on her face was enough. She was like "Fuckin sit down"
*this was in the middle of Waitress* "Hey lady, fuckin sit down. Lady in the white shirt, can't you fuckin sit down for fuckin five seconds?" Then she just went on singin. She played Sister Janet. I almost died. I love that song. I wish she would play Butterfly just once before I die. This is only my 4th time seeing her, so I'm hoping that she keeps going. Okay, that's it. Peace, love, and a hard cock. - kathy

From Lazlo:

I was mildly disappointed in Tori's song selection, but I think that the reason she chose some more "obscure" and "mellow" (not all of it was mellow, I know) material was because she'd been up for 24 hours. This showed at times, including her outburst at the woman who was standing. I was up front so didn't see who she was talking to, and think it may have been an act. One reason she'd been up so long was because of her gig for Good Morning America at around 6 that morning. I was a bit miffed that she did that show on the day of a concert and then didn't get any sleep, which affected the show, for which I paid a lot of money. This being said, seeing China performed live for the first time was almost worth the price of the show.
As I mentioned, I was lucky to get a seat in the second row, but this was ruined by the inconsiderate and obnoxious Alanis fans who rushed passed the inadequate security at this cheesy venue and filled in the space between the first row and the stage.

From Zombie46:

hello everyone. this was my first tori show and she did not disappoint in any way. i went to the meet and greet too...the most amazing experience of my life. i didn't get to meet her or give her my letter or get her autograph but i saw her and that was enough. i was shaking the whole time. i thought they could have made so that people in the front moved out and the people in the back could move up. and i was kinda mad when someone shouted "alanis, you suck." but i am not complaining. i think the opening band must have started about 2 minutes after they opened the doors so i was buying my 3 tori shirts, 1 alanis shirt, tori tour book, alanis tour book, and tori keychain and talking to people. i didn't even know they went on.
my seats were in section 203, row 11. they were ok. when tori came on, i was in a trance. i loved every second of it (even when she yelled at the lady in a white shirt during Waitress). i can't really pick any favorites cause they were all so amazing, but i loved the new versions of Sugar, Little Amsterdam, Father Lucifer, Professional Widow, Waitress, and Precious Things. i was so...fulfilled. alanis was very good as well. the word i would describe the performance is entertaining. the one thing i really didn't like was the piano solo before Uninvited. alanis is not nearly tori, but it was fun and she seemed to be having a really good time. her set list: Hand in My Pocket
All I Really Want
Would Not Come
Are You Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
These Are the Thoughts (?)
So Pure
You Oughta Know
Thank U (encore)
Ironic (encore)
Overall, the most amazing night and left me with hope to meet tori and get better seats next time in a better venue (i don't like darien lake very much).

From Whitney:

Here is my looooooong ass review of the concert. Pictures are coming soon so email me if you didn't already give me your address at the show. I love all of you guys, you're the best. September 4, 1999

Yawn. It's the morning after the concert and I am exhausted. I want to write about my experience as soon as possible so I don't forget.

Once again, the Tori-concert crew which consists of Natalie, my Dad and myself, left for Darien around noon. We had a slight delay as I insisted on going back home to get Grapes of Wrath. Anyway, we arrived at the venue a bit after one and Nat and I made our way into the little shelter area where Tori fans were congregating. A bit confused, we asked a nice woman named Sarah what was going on. She told us that they were going to bring us out to where the meet n' greet would take place. So, more waiting at the shelter-thing.

A little bit later, a security guard came and told us it was time to line up. He took us over to the barricades and we all squished in. Natalie and I were about second row back. About five minutes later, Steve came out and told us all to back off, find some shade because he didn't want anyone to pass out from the heat (it was really really hot). So once again, the group moved. This time to under a beer tent that was still being set up.

Finally, Steve gave us the okay and told us to line up where we had been before. Everyone started running so Nat and I joined in. I'm glad we did because we ending up getting in front. To everyone that was standing around me -Kristy, Jen, Sarah, Melissa-sorry if I was ever in your way, you were all so kind.

So Steve came back a few minutes later and told us the usual routine. One thing signed, no pushing or passing. About ten minutes later, Tori came out. Oh my God. She looked beautiful and was in a really great mood. She was wearing a purple button-down shirt with a pink tank underneath and dark denim jeans. I got a picture of the shoes, which happened to be black sandals.

She started over to Sarah and signed things in that area for a while. All the while, she was standing so close to me. When she finally got right in front of me, all I could mutter was a weak, "Tori." I was shaking so badly and I think she could see that. She said to me, "Oh, you've been so patient." Then I asked her if I could have a picture with her and of course, she said yes. She asked Nat to help with the camera and of course, she said yes. Tori put her arm around me and we posed for the picture together. Except my camera wouldn't work at first and I felt like an ass because I had to fix it. She was so nice about everything. After taking the picture she signed my Winter single and made it out to Whitney. I gave her my letter and smiled at her.

I'm not sure if it happened before she was talking to me, but someone gave Tori the new Alternative Press to sign, which she had apparently not seen. She was looking it over with Joel and was very humorous about it. She said somewhere along the lines of, "You sit and pose for hours and then you wind up looking like an egghead." It was so cute.

Another funny incident occurred at the meet n' greet. Someone handed her a CD booklet to sign and she asked the name of the girl. She replied, "Desire" to which Tori asked, "Accent?" in a very funny French accent. Then after she had written Desire, the girl realized that she was mistaken and that Tori wasn't signing her booklet, she was signing a girl name Linda's. So then Tori was like, "Don't worry hun, we'll fix itŠ" I was standing right next to her so she started conferring with me on what to write. It ended up as something like, "DesireŠyourŠcreativityŠ" I just could not believe that Tori was standing there looking at me and wanting to know if something she was writing was okay. Of course babe.

Yet another cool incident. Tori was signing someone's Plugged tourbook, she pointed out her husband to me, and said, "That's my husband." I told her, "Awww, he's cute. Did he buy you that ring?" I was referring to the big mammoth blue ring that she always wears. She said, "Yes, and this one too." She then pointed to a beautiful silver diamond ring that I had never seen before.

So she worked her way down the line and when she got to Jen, Jen asked her to take a picture with her. Her friend, an adorable Canadian whose name I did not catch, was taking the picture. Well she was crying hysterically and Tori started talking to her. The girl told Tori that she had lied to her mother to come to this show and that she was sorry. Tori said, "Don't apologize to me!" and gave her water. She then took the water bottle back and said, "What's your mother's name?" The girl told her it was Vera. Tori proceeded to write on the bottle, "Vera - We gave Amy water. Not heroin. Don't worry. Tori Amos." It was somewhere along those lines. Sorry if I got it messed up.

So finally, she got to Natalie. She told her she'd been so helpful. Natalie didn't have anything for her to sign so she asked her to sign her hand. Tori said to her, "Promise me you will wash this though. Promise?" Nat promised. Right when she was about to do it, Kristy asked if Natalie if she wanted a page from her Little Earthquakes booklet. She gave it to Nat (On behalf of Natalie, thank you Kristy!) but before that could be done, Tori had already signed Nat's hand. She ended up signing the page too. She asked was Natalie's name was and how to spell it. She also asked, "Do people call you Nat?" She made out the page to "Nat" she drew a smiley face, heart and something else. She wrote "helpful person, Tori Amos". It was sooo cute. She also informed us that she had a Natalie working for her and she was "fabulous".

After that Tori signed a few more things and finished up. As she was walking out, she had either Natalie's or my letter in her hand and nodded in our direction. Man, it was amazing. Realizing this, that Tori had talked to us, had a conversation with us, touched us, connected with us, Natalie and I hugged each other and cried. It was so awesome. I should mention that again that Tori looked fantastic and was in great spirits. Also the meet n' greet took place quite early (around two).

After the meet n' greet, Natalie and I walked around the parking lot for awhile. "Butter Bean" and her boyfriend were kind enough to take pictures of us in front of the 5 ½ Weeks Tour Bus. We also met Melissa (fascist panties on the Dent -haha, that does sound weird, "Hi I'm fascist panties."), her friend "Joyful Boy" (I'm sorry, I didn't catch your real name, Allison and Sarah (a different Sarah than earlier).

After being harshly told to vacate the parking lot, we found ourselves sitting/laying on the grass near the entrance. We met up with Allison and Sarah again and found them to be sweethearts. The four of us hung out for a good portion of the four hours left to wait for the gates to open. We also met Tony and Merl. Theater students from Long Island. They were funny and veryŠenergetic.

We heard the soundcheck from our waiting area. Tori sang, God, Little Amsterdam, Past the Mission, Juarez, Concertina, Mother and Sister Janet.

After our long wait, Melissa, her boyfriend, Nat, my dad and I got in line. Natalie and I got in line at the merchandise tent. We met up with Allison again and met a few other people. I don't remember anyone's name so I am so sorry. Girl with the blue hair from Toronto, you were very nice (are you piano dancer?)! Umm, I bought the purple t-shirt and tour program. I'd like to say that I am now broke.

Anyway, the opening act was playing their last song as we were finding our seats. I feel bad; I didn't even catch their names. Anyway, back to our seats. We kept on going up and up and getting closer and closer to the stage. By the time we found 16th row, we were practically peeing ourselves. They were great seats, thank you so much Dad for getting them and giving them.

Now, on to ToriŠ Here is the setlist first:

Little Amsterdam
Past the Mission
Sister Janet (solo)
Mother (solo)
Professional Widow
The Waitress
Precious Things

The guys came on and all of a sudden, a familiar voice fills the air, "God sometimes you just don't come through. God sometimes you just don't come through babe. Do you need a woman to look after you? God sometimes you just don't come through." Then Tori came on and it was crazy. Natalie and I moved up to some vacant seats in row 13 and danced through the song. I thought God was awesome and a great way to open.

Next Tori launched into a very cool Little Amsterdam. It was awesome with the band and I'm super glad I got to hear it.

A new song, Juarez, came on next. I didn't recognize it at first because I had never heard it before. But then I listened to the lyrics and the cowboy part made me realize what it was. I liked this song a lot. Afterwards, she introduced the band.

Sugar was absolutely incredible. We had just been listening to the Hey Jupiter EP on the ride down and I really wanted to hear this. I noticed that instead of singing, "Šbubble gum trade" she sang, "Šlollipop trade".

Past the Mission, incredible. We had heard this during soundcheck and I was so glad she sang it.

I absolutely love Bliss, as does Natalie. We were very excited to hear this one. It was so fun and I loved the way Tori sang my favorite part, "take it, take it, take it with your terra, terracide."

Secret time was next and Tori sang a beautiful version of Sister Janet and China. They were so very nice. Tori said at the beginning of Sister Janet that, "Some girls asked me to do this tonight." Also, on the original setlist, China was supposed to be Mother but I guess Tori had a change of heart.

When the band came back on, they started playing what I knew was a Venus song. When she got to the chorus, I realized that it was in fact Concertina. Natalie and I both agree that it was a favorite.

Before starting Father Lucifer, Tori had a lip gloss boost and then started singing. She did an intro that sounded like, "Lucy girl" or "Lazy girl" or "Lucky girl". Take your pick, I couldn't decipher. Anyway, this song was so pretty and different with the band. Always been a favorite.

Then, one of the best moments for me, Tori played Professional Widow. I love this song so much and have always dreamed of hearing it live. It sounded great with the band. Ahhhh, bliss.

Tori closed the show with Waitress. A plugged classic. I had the most fun in this song during the "hang-ten honey" part. It was great to see familiar faces during this song. Tori got a little pissed during the song as a security guard and lady were standing there on the floor talking. She started singing, "Sit down, sit the fuck down." Then she stopped singing and said something along the lines of, "Sit down, you're mine for 5 fucking minutes." Eek, more tension with the security guards.

She came back out for an encore and did Precious Things. It was so much fun. It's a prefect closer. We were dancing and singing along. Just great.

Tori's set ended and frankly, we were all a bit saddened. Nat and I caught up with Allison and Sarah again and Allison convinced me to ask Mark Hawley (Tori's husband) for the setlist. She had gotten one from him a few minutes earlier. So I got the last one. Yay!

At first, Natalie and I were a bit hesitant about staying for all of Alanis' set, but we're glad we did. That girl can move man. She was an awesome dancer. I almost felt like a sucker for giving into Alanis' music but finally Natalie and I were like, "Screw it, we're dancing."

The dancing paid off though because after the show, the REM guy (a guy with a REM shirt that was at the Toronto show that Nat and I were at) and his companion came up to us. They were very nice and he said he got the show on CD. He's emailing me so I'll let everyone know when I get it. Oh yeah, I did get names with their faces. Mike and Leigh Anne. Please excuse any spelling mistakes.

So that was my brilliant day. I must say thank you to my dad for taking us and giving so much of your own time. Thanks to all the people I met, keep in touch, you made the whole experience worthwhile. Also, thank to Tori, without you, none of this would be possible.

EMAIL ME: sissy612@hotmail.com

From torimisfit:
Oh wow wow wow!!!!! What an amazing show!! I think it was like THE happiest day of my life! Um ill try to keep this review to a resonalbe length...but ya know...anyways...ill start with the meet and greet...hi to all the EWF i met there!!! You guys rock!!!! Hopefully tori will come by here again *soon*
Well anyway...the meet and greet was about 2 oclock...they had us fill in this barricade thing and after a while they told it was gonna be a bit and to go wait in the shade so no one passed out...so after a while they let us line up again and then tori came out...shes so beautiful in person...and shes tiny! oh god shes so adorable though...well i was like behind my friend and she took a whole role of film for me and tori came by and i was able to givbe her this little blue ceramic piano i made her and she told me she thought it was prett and said *oh this is pretty you are so sweet thank you so much honey* i was beaming from ear to ear...she asked me how i was and my name and she signed my winter single...i was so happy...i left and started crying lol...it was the best experience...oh wow..ill never forget it...then we all left and we went into the park where we saw a really cool EWF on the precious things mailing list their with her mom and we talked for a few minutes! (hi if you read this!) SInce gates opened at 6 we walked back at like 5:45 and we got their and i was really nervous about them finding my camera cause i had all my M&G pictures on it soi this really nice girl stuffed it in her shirt for me thanks! um i bought a tour book and the purple To venus and back shirt...well the opening band was this guy playing acoustic guitar...but then he left and a half hour later tori came out and played....i had 18th center...and what a fricking amazing concert! i had the coolest set list!!
God-a cappella intro sung offstage...it was soo cool! i love t his song...tori was wearing jeans and a black tank top thing with a sheer purple? jacket over it...her hair was back in a ponytail...but most of it was out by the end of the night

Little Amsterdamn-WOW!!! i heard the opening notes and screamed little amsterdamn! this song was so cool with the band..it really captures that sultry southern feel wto it

Juarez-God this song is beautiful. Its really got some booty to it..but underneath you realize that this sog is really about this horrible thing...and when tori started singing the "no angels came" over and over again at the end it was so chilling and wonderful...i realized where i was and everything and it was so overwhelming and i started to cry...oh yeah she started this song out kinda standing with one let on the stool...

Sugar-holy sh*t-this song was christing amazing...i hoped for this so bad...i was screaming and crying and jumping i was so happy!! totally a high point for me...

Past the mission-she soundchecked this song like 8 times so i was sure to hear it..it was so good...this set list wsa like spoiling me rotten...the *they found a body* part wasa so good...she looked right at us...and i almost strted crying again...

Bliss-this girl was made to be played live...its so good...some evil people kept making beer runs and i kept having to get up...

Sister Janet-WOW! This osng was requested by some girls before hand..ths intro reminded me of colud on my tongue...but it was so beautiful...one of my favorites...

China-i didnt know what this was still she started singing...this song is so much better live

Father Lucifer-didnt recognize this one...its totally rearranged...but it is so good...the improv thing in the middle is so cool and at the end tori had her hand on her head and was swiveling her hips around reppeating something that sounded like "lucifer" over and over..oh and when she sang nothings gonna stop me from floating she put her arms out like she was flying

Concertina-oops...this song should come before father lucifer...my mistake...ayways..this song is so cool...the music is so great and it was great cant wait till venus and back

Professional Widow-Damn! could this day get better??!!! This song was so great! it was toatlly all funky and fun! totally got into this song...amazing live...but alanis people kept showing up late to our row and i had to get up yet again...

Waitress-Yes! yes! yes! It was soooooooo long! and powerful...the lights were great! people were doing the *hang ten* hand things at the end...some stupid bitch was standing with her back to tori and like trying to yell to her friends and disturbiong peope and tori was like *lady..he lady in the white shirt wait five fucking seconds wait five FUCKING seconds!!!!* we all cheered tori on...she rocks...

Precious Things-what a kick ass encore...this siong is so good...and the grrrrrrl was like long!

All in all tori was in top form..she was happy and very in tune with us...she said the place we were was beautiful...i hope she comes back! it was so good though...better than my last tori show...frigging amazing...

Alanis...well...she was enegrgetic as hell...all that spinning...but i dont care for her to much...but if you like her youll lover her live...excpert she doesnt make like eye contact with the audience...

Well that was my PERFECT day


From WiggySpaceship:

JMR414 asked what Tori was saying when she yelled out "for 5 fucking seconds", I was in the 5th row (actually the 4th row of folding chairs), and she was yelling at the usher and a guy and girl who came into our section and were just standing there blocking everyone's view. Tori saw this and she was yelling for them to sit down "for five fucking seconds" !!!! She said it like 4 times, and then the girl sitting in front of me tapped the usher on the shoulder and told her that Tori was talking to her, then they all listened and sat down on the floor of the isle till the song !!! Tori ROCKS !!!

peace out~

From violette:

well i got home last night at two in the morning and was sooooo exhasted that i had to sleep. anyway. the concert was sooooooo incredible. i lovelovelove the new stuff, Concertina especially was just wonderful. Waitress and especially Precious Things kicked ass. the only thing that ruined it a little for me was that i was pretty far back (section 401), so when everyone else would stnd up so would i, now i have no problem with that, some of the songs, like Precious Things especially i wanted to dance to, you know? and for goodness sakes it was the encore, everyone stands up then, right? well these scary, inbreed, backwoods new york, alanis fans didn't seem to think so. they harrassed me the whole damn song to sit down, i finally turned around and told them to fuck off, that even if i sat down they still couldn't see and to leave me the fuck alone during Tori. they still kept on making rude comments. oh well. you know is really funny, they stood up the whole time alanis was on. oh well. it's ok, i managed to tune them out most of the time. i wish she hadn't played china, it was a great version, but that song was just not good for me to hear that night, i started crying. thank god for my friend brendon, he held me hand and told me it's all ok. anyway, on the whole a wonderful concert. alanis was great too, she had so much energy. and i was shocked, but pleased that she varied her setlist a little and played that b-side, which was really good. and she played That I Would Be Good, which made my friends and i go crazy, that's probally our favorite song by her. anyway, i was kinda upset that i missed the meet and greet, but we all had classes, and didn't end up leaving Ithaca untill 2:30, grrrrr. oh well, there'll be another one, another time, right? anyway, a great concert

From Kristy:

After being nearly side-swiped by a hooptyesque car, we finally arrived at Darien Lake.
I stumbled out of the car with my bookbag, 2 bags of stuff for Tori (one from me, one from Kelly Dwyer), and my lavender roses for Tori. We found the place where they stashed everyone waiting for the Meet and Greet; literally no less than 30 seconds after we arrived, the security guys instructed us all to go "in an orderly fashion" to the barricades. I was third in line! So the security guys forgot to tell us which side Tori would be coming to. I was in the front of the side which everyone thought would be the front. Then they told us it was the other side. Sweet. And, then....they tell us it's about a 10-ft space at the front of the barricades. So we go there, and wait about 10 minutes. I'm in the 2nd row. Steve comes out, and tells us to go away...he wasn't in a very cheerful mood, I must say. He's always tense before Meet & Greets, though...so what can you do?

So we're moved back to this lovely tent, and myself and a few other EWF stay at the front, anticipating when they'll tell us to go back. (Hi, Julia, Jason, Chris, Harold...and everyone else...I can't remember your names, I'm sorry! *lol*) So we're hovering at the front of the tent, and we get the "OK" from the security guys. We book it to the barricades, and I end up in the very front in the center, by some act of the faeries. We wait about 30 minutes, security guards pass in and out, glare at us, try to look intimidating...the usual security guard thing. Steve comes out. Yay! We're excited. He says, "so do you guys know the drill?" "yes, steve!" "great. there will be no rotating. those in the front will stay in the front. those in the back may NOT pass anything up. don't push, or you will be removed. mmkay guys?" "OK!" So Steve waves and disappears again. After *much* (did I mention MUCH?!?) anticipating, our lovely Tori appears. She's wearing a purple poplin shirt, unbuttoned, with a pink and white striped tank top. Dark denim jeans,and black platform shoes with a thick, angled strap across the front.

Woohoo! So we're snapping away with our cameras, etc, etc...Joel's standing in front of me, so I say, "Hi Joel, how are you today?" He smiles, grabs my hands and says "Hi sweetie, I'm great, how are you doing? Are you OK?" "I'm excellent!," I reply, "It's so nice to see you again." He laughs and winks at me. So I'm taking some morepictures, and she finally gets to me. *bouncebounce*

Tori: "Hi babe, how are you?"
Me: "I'm great!" and I hand her my LE cd to sign. Tori: "How do you spell your name?"
I tell her.
She looks up.
Tori: "WOW! Your eyes are *so* green!"
Me: "Oh, they're contacts, but thank you!" Tori: she grabs my hands in the same fashion Joel did (weird...) "You don't have to let anyone know that, babe." and winks at me, and I laugh and say thank you.

Then I request "mother", and she writes it on her hand and says "ok, i'll see what i can do."

Oh, but prior to this. Jason (who did this *exquisite* painting of Tori) asks her to play "siren."

Tori: "you know what? that's not gonna happen. you know, the guys are learning all of this newstuff, and they have to remember to pack their condoms, take their vitamins...it's just not gonnahappen, i'm sorry hon." Everyone's laughing at this...so cute! So she moves along, and Wendy gets a picture with her (i want to see that!!) this next happening made my day, almost.

Tori: "Kristy, are you OK babe?"
Me: "I'm fine!" and i smile.
Wow. She remembered my name. Fabulous!
So she's signing stuff, and asks if anyone's been on the rides yet. No one says anything, so being the loud mouth I am, I answer. "Oh, yeah!"
Tori: "been on the rollercoasters??"
Me: "not today, but i have before here."
Tori: "Oh, those aren't for me...i'd get sick." Me: "But they're *so* much fun! You need to go on the Grizzly Run. As hot as it is today,it'd be great."
Tori: "i'd get so sick!" and she laughs. Wow. I chatted with Tori again. Sweet!

So a girl 2 people down from me asks Tori to sign her hand. Hmm...it's gonna wash off eventually.
When she asks Tori to, Tori says, "You just gotta promise me you're gonna wash this soon, OK?"
So cute!
So I offer the girl a page out of my LE booklet. I'd want someone to do the same for me, if I forgotsomething for Tori to sign. Tori smiles at me and grabs the booklet from me, and starts leafing through it.Tori: "Which one do you want me to take? One with, like, the thinga-ma-bobs??"
Me: "Which thinga-ma-bobs, hon???"
Tori: "ohhh, ummm...you just pick a page and i'll sign it for her." and she laughs andgrabs something from someone else to sign. I give the girl the TIYH/MAAG page from the booklet, and Tori signs it. (hi there, if you're
reading this!)
So Tori signs some other stuff, chats with people. She was in an excellent mood, and looked absolutely beautiful. I still can't believe she talked to me so much! How incredible. Needless to say, I was immensely happy. I ended up getting exactly 25 pictures of Tori total from the Meet & Greet! All of them (literally) are very, very close. For a couple, her face was less than a foot from mine. I'm doing the 1-hour photo thing tomorrow, and I'll have them online tomorrow nite.

So, um, wow! It was wonderful. Tori was having a great time at the Meet & Greet. Joel kept trying to get her to move along, but she was chatting and making jokes and having a great time.She saw the AP cover for the first time. She said something to the likes of: "You know guys,you do hours and hours of photo sessions, and they use THIS for the cover! The egghead picture!" She called it that, word-for-word. "the egghead picture." *lol*! She also stood there for a few seconds reading the article...*lol* So, well, Tori leaves. I even got a couple of pictures of her with the flowers I bought for her. yay!! *bouncebounce*

After the Meet & Greet, we go into the park. We parouse the territory, and who do we run into?Why, none other than Mr. Jon Evans (aka Jesus), Mr. Matt Chamberlain, and Mr. Steve Caton themselves! My camera was in my bookbag and I didn't have time to get to it, but I waved andsaid "hi" to them. Jon and Matt both smiled, waved, and said "hi." Caton didn't. Fine. Hmph.

I also practically attacked 3 EWF I met at the Meet & Greet...I saw them right after I ran intothe guys, so I informed them of it, babbling probably incoherently. So what do they do? They give me sugar. Yes, candy. (Hi, Chris! And...ummm...the 2 girls! one with a faerie shirt..one with cool sunglasses..*lol*) Skittles and Pixie Sticks. But hey, what kind of person would I beif I refused candy, really??? Yay! All I needed at that point was candy, but what the hell. So I come across a bunch of other EWF I met at the M&G (Jason...umm....other people..I feel *so* awful that I can't remember the names of the 2 girls I was with for the majority of the time at the Meet & Greet! If you're reading this...*e-mail me*!!! *guilty look* the only reason i know jason and chris' names is because they posted to the forum and i knew who they were from their reviews...*lol*), and I tell them about running into the guys.

Then I go to check in at my hotel. The water smelled funny there. Bad funny. :P but anyway. The lovely Kelly Dwyer and her mom pull into the hotel parking lot! Woohoo! (hi, babe!) So I attack Kelly and we chat. So Kelly, myself, and our moms put our stuff in our rooms, and head back to Darien Lake (our hotel was 5 miles from there, so it was great). We decide to go listen to the soundcheck. we got there during it...Tori played PTM about 8 million times over, so we were excited.

About 40 minutes late, they let us into the venue. Yay! I bought the purple shirt, the pink-beaded necklace, and the tour program. IMHO, stuff is rather overpriced this tour. ($27 for a shirt? please! and programs went up $5, to $15! yuck!). so I spent over $50...that's *great* considering how much I spent last tour! I meet some more EWF. yay! So we have 5th row center seats. yay! we start to make our way down there, and I see Tiz!! woohoo!! (hi, sweetie!) It was so great to finally meet her, and she was an incredible sweetheart! {{higs}} So Kelly makes me close my eyes and she takes me to our seats. We get there, and I open them. I about fell on the floor! We were less than 20 feet from the stage! And by some act of goddess, the seats Kelly and I had were exactly even with Tori, right between the keyboard and Bosey! Incredible! And we were just at a level where we didnt' have to look up and hurt our necks.

Ray Lane played...my mom loved him. It wasn't really my thing, although I must say he did have a very nice voice. He thanked Tori, and said that it was Tori herself that chose him to play. Ray Lane goes off, and the guys start to set up for Tori. Poor Marcel! He looked like hell...absolutely exhausted. I just wanted to give him a big hug. I thought he might fall asleep while testing the mics and keyboards. Poor sweetie. Lava lamps all over, tin foil type backgroud....all around very cool.Tiz comes over and chats with me...she mentions that she heard Tori playing "Mother" during the soundcheck. (i asked her to play it at the M&G) AAH! I start crying...oh man. Insane.The guys come out and start to play, and the God opening vocal recording comes on, and Tori comes out! YAY! She was wearing a skin-coloured tight shirt with another shirt over it, I don't quite remember what colour. She looked great, though!When the band started to play, Kelly and I held hands and were both crying all the way through God... it was terrible!

God was of course beautiful! Oh, and Caton had white wine tonite. Holy....oh my.

They start into Little Amsterdam and my jaw hits the floor. this had always been my personal favourite from the DDI tour, so as you can imagine I was thrilled!

Juarez...yum. I really liked this; a lot.

Sugar is so powerful with the band!

Past the Mission, woohoo! I couldn't tell you how many times she played this at soundcheck...and it definitely paid off! It was a stunning rendition, even better than Binghamton last November (which I didn't think was possible).

I've completely fallen in love with Bliss, so this was great. The chorus was extremely powerful!

The boys go away!
Tori plays the first chord of Mother. I start crying. Kelly looks at me with this "i'm going to dieright here if she plays Mother" look. So Tori says (paraphrased): "This is for a girl I met today, she asked me to play this. Hey babe."I hyperventilate practically, and Kelly's mouth is open *very* wide and looks at me like, "AAHH!!"

She plays Sister Janet. Ow. I'm crushed. She played the first chord of Mother, then she plays SisterJanet. It was absolutely beautiful, and I enjoyed it nonetheless...but I felt like Matt had hit me in the head with his drumstick.

This is funny, now. The day before the show, I was talking to Kelly on the phone and I tell her I'venever really liked China live, for some reason I can't put my finger on. And I love the album version.I made this realization that I've never really liked China live that very day. The cynical part of me thought, "She's going to play China, you watch." about 8 times on the day of the show and the day before.She starts China. I start laughing, and then shut up and pay attention. OK, I'm won over. I think that I maybe just needed to experience it live instead of from a boot. I'm completely won over, it was one of the high points of the show for me...absolutely beautiful! *applause*

The boys come back, and they start with Concertina. I know the chorus from an mp3 clip, but that's it. This song is absolutely fabulous! It was just so beautiful, wow.

Wow, wow, wow.
Father Lucifer!! aahh!!! Great! Instead of singing "and then i run and then i run," she sang "and then i laugh and then i run." every time that verse came around.

When Tiz came to chat right before Tori went on, she said that she wanted to hear Professional Widow one more time before she went home, and that's what I've been anticipating to hear. This was just insane! *so* glad she's seemed to have done away with that Merry Widow version... I just couldn't believe how fabulous this was with the band!

The Waitress! YAY! Hmm..."Tori Gets Pissed, Part 2." takes place. There were 2 Alanis fans (theywere wearing Alanis shirts, just to verify) who kept moving up a row and up a row. A security guard working was trying to get them to go back to their seats, and they wouldn't. The woman was standing,with her back to Tori, during the Waitress. Dumb move. *shakes head* The woman seemed to be blocking the view of some people..so, here Tori goes. They're jamming during hte Waitress, and Tori says, "Can you just sit down for FIVE MINUTES?!? Just sit the fuck down! With the white shirt, sit your FUCKING ASS DOWN!!!" She sits. "I have to be rude sometimes," Tori says. During this, Kelly and I, once again, have to pick our jaws up off of the ground. Wow. What was funny, during the Waitress, was that you could really see who the hardcore EWF were there. During the "hang ten honey" lines, all of the hardcore EWF were doing the hang ten thing...it was so funny to look around and insantly see who the EWF were. And see the others look at them with a "what the hell?!?" look.
They all go away. We cheer, lots. Encore! As always this tour, they played Precious Things...it was ferocious! *applause*

They all said bye-bye, and the lights came up. Boo. So I tried to get a set list, and the security guard was, surprisingly, very friendly. He tried to get one for me and said that the crew took the set lists offstage. Argh. They usually throw them to the crowd when they're clearing the stage, so that made me sad. I saw Emi! (hi, babe!) *yay*!! It was soooo wonderful to see her again. Tiz left immediately after Tori, so I said goodbye to her. *sniffle* We decided to stay for Alanis, and eek. It seemed like a totally different crowd for Alanis. Everyone rushed the stage (they had done that for Tori's encore, but had been dispersed while the crew was setting up for Alanis)...there were a lot of drunk people. A guy down the row from us was snorting coke.Neat. :P A *lot* of drunk people. I I've decided that Alanis needs to borrow the Booty Camp sound boys. You either couldn't hear her over her band, or something funky was going on and her voice killed your ears. It wasn't her voice,it was the sound. She has a nice voice. She likes to pace the stage....that was very different compared to Tori. I really liked Alanis' outfit....a black short-sleeved shirt with small sparkly red flowers on the front, a black skirt with flowers on it, and hot pink pants with black stuff on the bottom...pretty cool.

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