5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Boston/Mansfield, MA
August 31, 1999

Updated July 5, 2000

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Tori performed in Boston/Mansfield, MA on August 31, 1999 at the Tweeter Center (formerly Great Woods) during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl

Angie (solo)
Winter (solo)

Professional Widow

Precious Things


From The Tech

Added July 5, 2000 - Read a review of the 1999 Tori/Alanis concert in Boston that appeared in the MIT newspaper The Tech. I have also stored the review here on the Dent.

From Richard Handal

September 3, 1999 - Something really interesting happened as Tori started Winter. The song was dedicated to a girl named Nicole, who was supposed to be there that evening but did not make it. There were several guys in the front talking loudly. Tori stopped playing early into Winter and says loudly, "Hey guys, EAT MY PUSSY." She then said, "Be quiet or show me your dicks." She then resumed playing!

(I later found out that the song was for a girl named Nicole Finn who died recently. A friend of hers named Stephanie and some others wrote Tori a letter about it.)

Tori played from 7:59PM until 9:16PM. Reports from the meet & greet that afternoon said it went smoothly.

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From slunk:

got a call from MA
cornflake girl


professional widow
whe waitress

precious things


From Antigone:

OK, just got back from the show.
When Tori dedicated Winter to Nicole, there was a definite sense that "couldn't make it" was a euphimism...very very sad. Winter started off beautifully. I curled against my boyfriend, because that song is special to us (I had asked for it in a note to Tori, but didn't get to give it to her...) and then...

TORI WAS SO MAD! The audience went CRAZY cheering when she just STOPPED mid note and screamed EAT MY PUSSY! Look, shut up or show me your dicks! And then she started Winter from the beginning...and it was angrier, harder, less emotional. And she sang "boys get dis..." (stare at the guys) "covered as winter melts..." It was just weird. I assume it was some guys being jerks in the pit. What a shame.

That moment definitely disrupted the vibe of the show. But Suede was amazing, Juarez was amazing, Angie was breathtaking, ProWidow was great...

soundcheck was Cornflake Girl, a bit of Angie, Suede I think, and at least one new song, if not two, that didn't make it to the show.

During Suede the lights were really cool - a lava lamp look.

I just feel...strange after this show. Wish I could see just one more.

Oh, and we attempted to stay for Alanis, because my bf and I think she's not horrific. Well after 30 seconds of the AUDIENCE - high shrill shrieking that DID NOT LET UP - we had to leave.

And also, to the girl with the laminate who sat in front of me - why the hell did you HAVE A laminate if you don't understand what the Dent is. I bet you'll never even read this. GEEZ. (Hi to Boo and Steve and to Sean who was a doll - I hope you get to hear Black Swan soon.)

GOtta sleep.

From Medea34:

I too went to the Tori show tonight in Mansfield, and i have to say that Tori played an (**sigh**) amazing set. However, i would like to share something that utterly depressed me with all you Tori fans . While at the show, my sister and i were one of few in section 7 standing for Tori's performance. I was ridiculed and harassed by the people sitting behind me, and objects were thrown at me and my sister by Alanis (drunkard) fans. I was so overwhelmed by this harassment, that i begun to cry and i felt pressured to sit down, thus ruining my entire Tori experience (i DID not sit down however, despite the pressure)...to make a long story short, i would like to extend my hand out to others who faced similar harassment from beligerant and obnoxious, uncaring and unknowing non-Tori fans. Luckily, i did not allow these cruel peopel to ruin my night, but i feel shaken by it, and would like to thank all the caring Tori fans who supported me and talked to me amidst this careless cruelty. I met some wonderful people tonight, and all of you to whom i spoke i have only this left to say: You give me a little bit of hope for humanity...(cuz i believe in peace...)

From sadness:

Yeek... okay. (sigh) Well, here's my little Tori experience for the evening. It was, in my neck of the woods, a horrible show. But Tori played beautifully, don't get me wrong!! I'll start with the set list and then go from there... God
Conrflake Girl

secret time:

Professional Widow

Precious Things

(deep breath) Okay... Well, the meet and greet went pretty well... The two people in front of me that were against the barricade wouldn't shut up about how many times they've met Tori. I'm glad for them, meeting Tori is (I'm sure) a wonderful experience. So I was happy for them... But it was kinda frustrating that they took up the very front space (and a WHOLE bunch of her time) if they've already met her a bunch of times. That was kind of frustrating. (I still haven't met her... when she signed my little earthquakes cover, she was too busy talking to the guy in front of me to even make eye contact with me when I thanked her for signing it. (This was one of the people talking about how many times he had met Tori.)

My girlfriend has a little dollar bill she got on e-bay with a nice money-green colored photo of tori superimposed over washingtons image, and when she passed it up to get signed Tori looked at it and said "Oh my GAWD!" and made a cute little face. She talked to her for a little bit and said her glasses were cute.

So, the short version is that my meet & greet was overall a good experience. Oop! Almost left something out. Those two people that were in front of me talked about, when they rushed the barricade, Steve had told them not to go to the barricade until he told them it was okay. They just sort of grinned and said that they hoped he wouldn't be mad when he came out, etc. etc. Steve WAS mad, however, and he came out and talked (borderline yelled, really) with them about how if they don't follow directions there won't be any more meet & greets, etc. etc. More frustration and anger at the repeat-meeters (for lack of a better phrase) there.

As for the show itself, it was extremely anticlimactic. I love Tori live, and her stage presence outshines even the most seasoned of performers. And she was great, and played fantastically... If I could say something to Tori, it would be the old tragically cliched expression "It's not you, it's me." The venue was horrible, first of all. Seats everywhere, except on the lawn.(where I SHOULD have been)

The crowd there was pretty nasty. There were lots of fun Tori people (hi Antigone!! Hi PinkMustang!! hi HoneyDust!!) that I met and had a lovely time talking to, but the overall atmosphere was really strange. Tons of people were having tailgate parties in the parking lot. Grilles? Meat and beer a go-go? These things were not food items I normally assoicated with Tori Amos shows. So that was unsettling to begin with.

It got worse when the show started. I tried to stand up, maybe dance around a little. Someone behind me kept screaming "Sit the fuck down!" and then when they poked me I turned around and looked at them. They repeated "Sit down! I can't see!" and I simply shook my head. Sit down? At a Tori show? Where did they get the crack they were smoking?

Seconds later, it seemed, an old woman who was undoubtedly some whiny teenagers mother came over to me and started touching me asking me to sit down in a very motherly "Eat your peas or go to your f*cking room you little piece of human waste." (motherly? I suppose we don't ALL get good mothers...) tone of voice. I glared at her and asked her to take her hands off of me, and she did. So I sat. What could I do? Plus those icky icky boys making Tori so mad she stopped in the middle of secret time (!!!!) while playing winter shouting at them to "EAT MY PUSSY!" and "SHUT UP OR SHOW ME YOUR DICKS!" as has already been said. Flaky mean people that don't know how to behave at a Tori show. What is the world coming to? Why did she tour with Alanis? Will she ever go back to clubs? (I'm all about venues.)

Of course, in perspective, there are thousands of dying children in third world countries that haven't eaten bread in a week. So, relatively speaking, my night was out of this world.

Thanks for listening. I'd love to hear from you guys about my experience.

From Stephanie:

I went to see Tori tonight and she did the most amazing thing . She spoke about my friend Nicole Finn sadly recently died, we all wrote a letter to tori and signed it. It made me so happy that she said want she said about nicole, it was also very sad, me and my friend both cryed. But i just wanted to say thanks to her and every tori fan. And the rest of the show was wonderful.

From Mikewhy:

Thanks for telling us about that Stephanie. That really explains a lot and I am sorry there were some rude people while Tori was singing that song. It also explains her anger very well. I will always think of Nicole now when I play "Winter"...

From BeulahBoy:

Ok I just got back from the show and I had a blast!!! This was my 7th time seeing Tori and I had the most fun at this show...I was in sec 6 and there seemed to be other Tori fans around me..and the Alanis fans there were very respectful of us EWF.
Personally I feel bad for the people who were stuck near obnoxious Alanis fans, but dont let them generalize your view.(not saying anyone is..just saying it).
Personally,I like to watch Tori from my seat..I can just sit back and take it in. Although I did stand during the Waitress and Precious Things, but I wasnt yelled at or a target of any projectiles. Actually the Alanis fans around me seemed to like that I was getting into it. Anyway I thought she sounded great, in fact maybe sounded better than any of the Plugged shows I saw. But nothing can top DDI tour...anyway the Bose was really loud and wasnt drowned out by the band, which is a big pet peeve :P of mine.
And the "eat my pussy" thing was soooooo great!!! Granted it was Winter she was singing, and it was kinda a mood shifter, I still loved how she put those pricks in their place. YOU GO GIRL!!! Anyway, I thought she sounded great, looked great, and really put me in a grrrrrrrrreat mood.
So Mikewhy, dont be disappointed, there is still hope for other nice reviews!!
God..no I cant sleep after this show..I have my first class tomorrow!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!


From Laurie:

Tori was so amazing tonight..I will try not to repeat what others have written. Tori was wearing a brown/black dress with a pink blouse type thing over it..her hair partly pulled back, she truely looked beautiful and unbeleiveable sultry tonight...AWSOME!!! She introduced her "brothers" again as the human loop ad the boogie man..so cute
Steve Caton had a bottle of wine as well as his usual glass..he was his usual smiling self. Tori seemed to have so much energy tonight, she would look up at everyone and smile alot. She is just so personal with all the eye contact she makes to her fans. She was very passionate when starting out with Winter..it was apparent how upset she was at those guys and even though she started singing winter over again..at first she just wasnt there,very distracted by those jerks in the front who were very close to where I was) I saw tham after the showing telling everyone how after Tori yelled at them security came over to them and frisked them..they were laughing..I was so mad at them for upsetting Tori!!! ..I have to say i was a little disappointed in Alanis..mostly because after spending time with Tori and she is so warm with her fans, Alanis never even made eye contact...she kinda paced from one side of the stage to the other.
I just couldnt stay for the whole set...i saw her in Camden and couldn't do it again. I really hope Tori doesn't co-tour again, in my experience it was so frustrating as well. Alains fans would talk through out Tori's show,around me they were completely drunk and obnoxious. She just attracts a differant crowd.

From Foxfirebug:

Okay, let me say this: it was my first meet and greet and probably my last. My friend and I showed up and we were only about 20th in line to meet tori, so we thought. Everyone, who got there hours later, decided to push against things and other people and not let us meet her. My friend did get something signed and hopefully someone handed tori my note, but I wish there WAS the number system. If you want to meet Tori, GET THERE EARLY and have a freakin number put on your hand. It's not fair at all. I couldn't even see her!
on to the show:
amazing! I had asked her to do Upside Down, but alas, no. It was really sweet that she played Angie because a girl yelled that out at the M&G, and also Winter for Nicole. It was an amazing show, but I wish she wouldn't play just her popular songs. I wasn't all that impressed with Suede or Juarez. I don't know why..the show was still amazing

We stayed for Alanis. I don't know the exact setlist, but she played, *Hand in my pocket, ironic, uninvited, you oughta know, still (from dogma), Thank u, so pure, Forgiven, You learn* She didn't do UNSENT which i wish she had, i don't even think she's played it yet. I was impressed with her, but if I was following tori around on this tour, I wouldn've watched Alanis once only. She's good, but I'm not enthralled with her.

I know i am going to regret saying this, but yes, i taped it and came out really good. If you email me and say you want a show, I will put you on a list and handle things sometime next week, unless I don't get alot of replies. I have about 6 people who already want this. If less than 10 email me within the next few days, I'll handle those. I start school thursday so let me know soon!

Have a good sleep and good luck to anyone who meets tori (you're gonna need it!)

From Fiery Girl:

I just got back from the Mansfield show, it was AWESOME. I booted it, and unlike the Holmdel show, I had no problems at all getting everything -- even all of Alanis' set (for the Holmdel show I only got a half hour of Alnais' set.

Here was Tori's set--

Cornflake Girl
Winter -- at the beginning I guess a bunch of guys were being rowdy and she yells-- "Hey guys, eat my pussy! Either shut up or show me your dick!!!" That was my personal favorite part of the show . And she started Winter COMPLETELY over from the bginning Suade
Professional Widow
Precious Things

I played the show on the way home and it sounds AWESOME! I was actually in the third row (not fourth as I originally thought), and it sounds like Tori was singing DIRECTLY INTO MY MIC, especially during the "quiet time".

I will be happy to trade this on tape (CDR won't be available for a while, I plan on purchasing a recorder when I get my pay check whjich is the middle of Sept.). It takes up one 110mn tape and all of one side of another one. If you only want Tori's set, its only one tape. But I am only looking for `99 shows ONLY now.

Hey, did anyone catch Tori's spot on WFNX today??? I was so upset that I just caught the last few minutes of it. I would be happy to trade the entire Mansfield show for that. Also I am looking for the radio spot that Broadcasted on Sunday. I've e-mailed a few people who had it and didn't get any responses I would be happy to trade the entire show for that too, or both the Holmdel and Mansfield shows for someone who has both radio broadcasts.

Take care

From Gloworm:

ok i won't repeat everything else that had been said about the show already but i have to say this- i dont know what those guys had said to make tori so mad but i am willing to bet they were doing more than talking loudly... i mean if you guys could have been there u would understand- she mentions someting about Nicole who couldnt make it and i sort of sensed what she meant, it was so nice, the crowd had hushed a little than the beautiful piano started - (winter always makes me cry, one of the first tori songs i have gotten attached t so maybe its why i am so upset)...so than everyone gets loud becuse they realize what song it is, than quieter to listen, and there was such a moment in it really, than she just stops dead and says "hey, hey guys *aggravated* hey eat my pussy- yeah show me your dicks or shut the f*ck up" i mean she was bullshit!i could see somes sort of security gaurd say somehting to them than had them move- i was so angry, i mean angry - i never get angry! so (very classy like i think) she justs starts over but after each line she sort of paused and looked like she wanted to scream at them. i dont blame her. i was scared would stop and freak out on them. but she finished great - i just think the happy tori bondy type mood i always feel whemn i am with ewf or talking to them was totally killed there. sorry for ranting so long.
medea: i am so sorry that happened to you and anyone else who was harrased- i wish i had known or seen it, i would have had you come sit by me and barked at anyone who said ANYTHING.

i just think the tori and alanis thing was a bad idea - in my opinion 2 different types of fans - music- and perfomance styles.

i was in section 2 dead center and i lucked out all of the people near me were very nice. when ever i am in a new place i do this thing-a friend detector- i smile at everyone who makes eye contact with me and if they smile back i am happy happy, and get a good vibe and the smile factor was very high. (if that makes sense)

well i would like to post again tomorrow to talk about the songs themselves (if anyone doesnt want to hear any more outta me- feel free to hurl bricks my way).. i just had to get that off my chest!


From SlaytBlue:

I just got back from the Mansfield show...a couple of things... In regards to sitting/standing thing, I believe it is VERY rude to stand in front of someone who is sitting, they purchased the seats to sit, if you want to stand go to field, anybody can do it. I understand it if those in front of you are standing, because otherwise you can't see, but I must say it was really really really annoying when some people where randomly standing/dancing wildly with total disregard to those around them. Some people choose NOT to stand so everyone should respect that because after all they were in SEATS. The world does not revolve around YOU. (Can you tell there were some annoying standing people in my section? One girl started screaming and swearing at someone who asked her to sit down and the security had to come and calm her. Another girl would get up for some songs and flail her body and arms about as if no one else was around her)
However, all in all it is the best Tori concert I've been too...which is kinda sad...it's weird, Tori is great, always, but every time I've been to a concert (3 times) there's always a small group of Tori fans who always seem to make it NOT fun. Tori has some great fans most of them are nice, kind, considerate, fun, caring people and then there seems to be a certain type of Tori fan who apparently think the world revolves around them and them alone. It's got to the point where I really prefer the aggressive, testoterone driven concerts (like Tool) because at least none of those fans are PRETENDING to be something they are not. Anyway, I'm sorry this sounds so bitter I just really wish people would think of others sometimes.

Winter was very sad, the "Eat my pussy!" was funny but it but a damper on the rest of the show. I kinda felt like Tori must not be enjoying herself. Also, why did she have to replace TIYH w/ Cruel, TIYH is the only song I have NEVER heard live and really want to.

Waitress, Bliss, and Sugar were great!

After Tori was done my husband and I went up to the lawn and randomly chose two girls to give our seat tickets to.

Drunk Alanis fans loudly talking behind you during Tori is NOT fun.

People smoking around me is NOT fun. I don't smoke for a reason. Why do I still have to suffer through someone else's habit?

*sigh* I'm determined to go to a good Tori show, I really liked the Webcast.

From St.Theresa:

My first ever Tori show...sigh. TOO SHORT! I blinked, and it was over. But something cool happened. My husband lost his ticket and had to buy another one in the parking lot (I was already at our seats when he showed up during Cruel.) His ticket was for 20 rows back dead center. Since our seats were practically on the lawn, I took it and ran up there. GREAT VIEW. I had binoculars, too, so I could see her sweat and got to watch those magical hands carressing that Bosendorfer and see her facial expressions. I happened to be looking at her through binoculars when she had to shut up the pricks up front. Damn, they didn't deserve to be up front if they couldn't appreciate her. Anyway, you could tell from her face when she spoke of Nicole that Nicole had died...genuine sadness. What a beautiful song to use as a tribute; what a bunch of losers up front there; what a MOUTH on Tori (way to go, girl) and you could see that she was PISSED.
I won't repeat the set list, but let me just say I was sort of wishing for less Venus the time she got to Professional Widow and finally stopped doing Venus -- whew. I'm sure I'll love it...but right now I wanted to hear what I already loved. Luckily, I already loved most of the show

Oh, after Juarez, Tori called us the "Land of the Witches" and said that's why she and the band are drawn there. LOL -- Tori, I thought we were the "Land of the Bitches!"

I have a sort of Alanis list here. Sorry, but I wasn't fully prepared and don't know some of the song titles.

By the way, Alanis is VERY good live. She most definitely did not suck. Now, I love Tori more, much more, and always will, but, I have to say that from the view of an Alanis fan, Alanis stood out. Those of us who know Tori better, know better.

Enough of that or I'll be lynched.

Hand in My Pocket

All I Really Want

?? (Great tune, whatever it's called -- one line is "If I am vulnerable I will be trampled....")

Afraid? Says the word "afraid" a lot

That I Would Be Good?

You Learn (very good)

Forgiven (I've always LOVED this )

So Pure

You Oughta Know (love it but not done so great tonight)

Uninvited? - Okay, help me here. Friends said this was from "City of Angels" and called "Uninvited." I've heard it, it's good, etc., BUT...to me "Uninvited" is the a capella song from the CASSETTE of "Jagged Little Pill" about going to an ex's house when he's not home and crying in his bed and shower, etc. She has TWO songs called "Uninvited?"

Thank You


Alanis' voice was incredibly strong.

That was a great night. Tired, though. Getting too old for this....

From SnoKone73:

Hey everyone -
I too just returned from the Mansfield show. as a fan of both Tori and Alanis I can definately say that i love them both, and for different reasons (I have sort of fluctuated between both of them as my favourite, but as of now, Tori definately comes out on top.) So, with that in mind, Here's my mini-review. I got to the venue around 3:45, not really expecting to attend the M&G, as i thought that it began at 3, not as late as 3:45. To my surprise the M&G was going on! I got to see tori, and say hi to her for a second.. After that I went to dinner and came back to the venue at around 6:00 to meet some friends. Now lets just cut to 8:00 when Tori came on. as soon as I heard "..God sometimes you just don't come through.." I was pumped. I hadn't seen tori since november, and I couldn't wait any longer! I Loved hearing Juarez, Suede and Bliss.. I just wish she would have played TIYH and some more "Venus" stuff. What happened during "Winter" really put a damper on the night. My friend was sitting right behind the boys who Tori yelled at, and I believe that they were talking very loudly and holding their beers up really high or something to that effect.. Some people can be so rude. After that I felt like Tori was no longer happy to be performing.. I also taped this show and I can CD-R it as early as Friday.. Alanis also put on a very enegetic show, but it seems to be repetitve concidering this is the 5th time i've seen her :P Also, I guess I'd just like to say that not all Alanis fans are disrespectful during Tori, (even though I witnessed much disrespect tonight) and not all of us get drunk before the concert..
Can't wait till tomorrow night!


From Bryan:

Great show as usual... Didn't stick around for Alanis, couldn't have cared less. Sat next to people who kept bitching about how talentless Tori is, that and they made about 5 beer runs during her set alone. Love Tori, hate her opening acts... This one, Clorophyl, were particularly weak. Good set, would liked to have heard Caught a Light Sneeze, Raspberry Swirl, Tear in Your Hand. I'm not complaining, though. She does Angie better than Jagger could ever hope to.

From alittledream:

it was a wonderful show, but the people around me nearly ruined it. it seemed like everyone around me was singing. which i hate, but not nearly as much as i hate TALKING DURING SECRET TIME!!! ahhhh!!! i was sitting in the left section, and i couldn't see her when she played the piano, and there were a bunch of empty seats near the center section, so i just sat there instead.
i have absolutely no problem with alanis fans. but i do have a promlem with being pushed over by some talking drunk, in the middle of Winter, of all songs. there was sooo much talking. she did seem rather angry, playing the rest of it, and i thought she was going to stop again. the rest of the show was good, but the talking really ruined my mood and concentration, and for the first time i was looking forward to the end of the show.
the meet and greet went well, seeing that i met tori for the first time. the meet and greets now seemed to be based on luck. because we never know where it will be. i didn't think tori would come over to me, so i used up most of my film on pictures of her ear, or shouldar from far away. and when she came up close for several minutes i had no film left
oh the agony.. but she signed my little earthquakes.. so i'm happy!

Great show though. my 6th ever and 1st this tour. My first time seeing Winter too (excellent).

From Gabi:

This was only my second time seeing Tori, I first saw her at the Fleet Center, but I had a better time at this concert. I wasn't up real close but I could see very well. I also didn't experience any rude people yelling or throwing things, though there was a little talking and lots of people walking around. The alcohol was a problem. Too many people were busy getting so loaded that I don't know how they could enjoy Tori or Alanis.
Tori did alot of great songs, my favorite ones were Angie, Bliss, the Waitress, and Juarez (I can't wait to get the new cd!) I didn't stay to see Alanis' set, it would have been too much of an anti-climax.

As for the meet-n-greet, it was pure luck if people got to meet Tori. There were people in front of me that didn't get to meet her, I was so lucky. But really I owe it all to a Barbie doll that I dressed in an outfit similar to the waitress dress in the Crucify video, and a pair of faerie wings.

I feel sorry for the other people that had to deal with the annoying Alanis fans. I hope they were really put in their place by the "Eat my pussy!"

From brknstar:

I was at the Mansfield show last night, and I'd like to share my experience because compared to others on here, mine was spectacular. We arrived about 6. Waited a bit for the gates to open. There were friendly EWF in front of us, and I got to meet PinkMustang, and she was really nice.
The opening band was okay, better than a lot of other crap I hear on the radio these days, and they seemed so lost on the big stage, so overwhelmed by the size of the venue that I felt bad for them. Tori's show was amazing! I thought she was in great voice, that the new songs, Juarez, Suede and Bliss are very good. I can't wait for the album now. We were lucky to be sitting next to some very nice EWF, so we didn't have to deal much with annoying Alanis fans, although there were 2 couples in front of us who sat through Tori's set, the younger of the 2 couples, clearly didn't get Tori at all. Mostly everyone else was standing (we were section one, 4th row). I had hoped that Tori would win over the Alanis, and I'm sure she did win over some, but most weren't paying attention or just didn't get Tori. I was really upset that those guys had to go and be rude durring Winter. I mean, here she is trying to dedicate a song to someone who died, and it was clear it was death from her tone of voice, and these jerks are being so rude and causing. I was glad she put them in their place, but upset that she had to be put in that position. How can people be so insensitive and rude? That was the only low point really though. I wish it could have been a full show. I was sort of in shock at the end, like it wasn't supposed to be over. It wasn't as intimate as tori-only shows are, but she put on an excellent performance and I had a good time.
I can't wait for the album now.
We didn't stay for Alanis. I never wanted to, I can't stand her voice. She may be nice, she may have some okay songs and lyrics, but her voice just grates on my nerves. My brother had wanted to stay for a couple of songs, but after Tori, he didn't want to spoil what he'd just heard by listening to Alanis, so we left. I was glad we left for a whole other reason, we got out of the parking lot quickly, had time to get a bite to eat on the way back, and were home by 11:00 or so. Faye

From Oktober:

Having been to Great Woods/ (now Tweeter Center :P) I knew what to expect of the venue, so that was no suprise. But I almost got there late and panicked but WBCN was broadcasting an interview from the venue around 6:45. I don't suppose anyone actually caught this on tape? The equipment the interviewer was using was either bad, or the feed to BCN was bad, but BCN asked Tori a few questions- apparently they had something set up with a few fans before the show- Tea with Tori, and Tori amusingly said how she didn't have much to drink or else it would end up all over the piano. During the interview they also said she wouldn't be on until almost 7:45 so I didn't worry so much about not getting there on time.
Anyway, the set list was great, it was so nice to hear Cruel again, Professional Widow was great. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in her secret time songs because 1- Winter and Angie aren't my most favorite songs, and 2- I had heard them on my last Tori concert in New Hampshire (I think i'm an Angie magnet or something. Why not the *other* b-side!) However, Tori yelling at the boys was hilarious, even though Winter suffered a bit.

As for annoying fans of either performer, I had to say I was leery and prepared to deal with any annoying twits, but thankfully there were none. I was in Section 7 and the Alanis fans around me were quite respectful during Tori's set (and also sat down alot, which gave me a nice view of the stage) and we (my b/f and i) had some hard core Tori fans behind us, which was great b/c they identified the new songs that I didn't know, even if they did scream a little too much

After watching Alanis roam pointlessly around the stage, we left. I'm not a huge fan, but I felt Alanis lacked stage presence during the few songs that I saw. In addition to some of her younger fans screaming lyrics and jumping around,it got cold! Ah, New England weather is fabulous.


From Fallen_Hero:

i have to say ,tori sounded beautiful. When she came on i was all shaky, but i was very excited she played god first and not precious things. Winter was beautiful(and the eat my pussy part was wicked funny).IT's weird to see some of these posts because i remember seeing some of you in line while buying my t-shirt, and seeing some people bootlegging... i think some alanis fans were loud and obnoxious.They screamed in the middle of songs ,and wouldn't sit down. Alanis was pretty entertaining though. I like her voice, though it doesn't have the same quality as tori's, and most of the songs she did were major radio hits. It was practically one big sing- a-long in my area.Overall, i think the show was amazing and I'm a bit sad that its all over. Oh well, i'll have to wait till next tour.

From luminal:

More about the show:
Before the show, a roadie sat at the Bosey & gently wiped down the piano keys. He also wiped down the synthesizer. (we could still see fingerprints on the side of the Bosey) Another roadie set up Caton with a glass of Zinfandel & pack of smokes (wine bottle was stashed in an easily-accessible location for later)

We had 5th row, dead center seats--right in line with Tori's piano bench. Tweeter Center is a venue "set up" for people to rush the stage--so, as soon as the lights went down, everyone in the floor section stood up and went to the front (hence, asshole guys had a prime spot stage left of Tori). So, everyone on the floor where I was had to stand. (we stood, but stayed with our seats) And, we also had to deal with seat jumpers who had to be that much closer to Tori. Once everyone in the crowd was standing, I still could see Tori's face & occasionally her fingers. I had a straight-on view of Matt Chamberlain & I could swear he was smiling at me at one point. But, then again, he was smiling a lot throughout the show.

Long, brown (or black) dress with spaghetti straps, fitted in the chest area, then loose & flowing skirt down to her ankles. Pink sheer, see-thru long-sleeve shirt tied at the chest, falling about to her waist. Black choker necklace. Hair frizzy & wild about her face. Beautiful, expressive piercing blue eyes...

Sugar: Tori's using arm movements during this tour (like Plugged)--periodically raising her arm in the air for emphasis on the drumbeat. Also, on the "hammers, he used one on me", she poked the front of the Bosey with her fingers.

Juarez: Tori definitely was into performing this well. The "do-do-do-do" part is so deep & throaty. Very dark and bass-y.

Cornflake: "Girls, this is for when you hate your best friend" (something to that effect, she said). During this, Jon Evans & Matt Chamberlain were having a good time (actually, Matt seemed to be smiling a lot--really enjoying himself)...Jon & Matt smiled at each other & mouthed the "RABBIT" of "rabbit, where'd you put the keys..." part. Very cute & nice to see how much they get into the music.

Cruel: Lots of grooving from Tori on this song. Hand movements, body positioning---very body-oriented song to perform. I can't remember if it was during this, but at one point as she turned from the piano to play the synthesizer, she sort-of "girded her loins"...bending at the knees & making a gesture from her hips with both hands. During the opening cords, she stood with knees bent, hips forward, hands behind her back in the "cuffed" position.

Angie & Winter: "Angie" was performed beautifully, pretty much similar to any boot you can find out there, but, of course, she was doing it right before my eyes (and ears). I could feel the tears welling up as "Winter" started (that is so sad about Nicole). Then, all of a sudden Tori just snapped. So, anyone who is curious about what Tori's like when she's mad...now you know. My bf said to me later, "Now, that just didn't seem right coming from her." And, yes, the song just did seem "differ ent" after the interruption.

Professional Widow: Another song that Jon & Matt were totally loving--you could see them smirking when they knew the last line was coming up.

Waitress: During the opening of this, while the guys are setting the mood, Tori was eating out of a little soup cup with a spoon. The lighting was shining from below up onto Tori, so she looked like such a presence during the "but I believe in peace" parts.

Precious: Tori gave her water bottle to someone in the front--it looked like she stumbled a little bit as she was reaching over the barrier to the person & for a second there I thought she would fall into the pit.

Overall, a fantastic show--the sound quality was great as well. Tori & the guys seemed to enjoy themselves & the performance was outstanding!

From FullOfWish:

I attended my first meet and greet yesterday after 6 shows and I had arrived at 10:30 in the morning thinking this was early enought to be able to meet her. Thankfully my friend Jen and I met some really cool fans from NH and hung aroud with them.When we lined up at the barricades a security gaurd came out and was being really rude to us. Then he made us all move and when Tori came out hardley anyone could see her. I felt people were being rude and everyone was pushing and I am sorry if you get your whatever signed then move from the front. Somehow I got to the front and she signed my cd and looked at me and said Hi but then some girl in front of me was hysterically crying so Tori was like Honey its ok. My friend and I got some amazing pics of her as did the boy we meet. But I was unhappy with how the whole situation was handeled. The Show: We had a really good view of her and she sounded amazing. I am not going to go into what she said becasue everyone already knows but Angie was amazing and I know for the first time heard Professional Widow and Crucify in concert! Crucify was fantasic. And Precious things was phenominal. During sound check I heard Sugar and during the actual song she did a cute improve of Oh yes you just wait till they get you boys. You just wait. The only other annoying thing was tons of people getting up and down during Tori I wanted to kill them. And we did stay for Alanis and I must tell you I was impressed. She flys around that stage. She was spinning so fast she wiped out once, and she did thank us after every song and said Boston was one of her favorite places. All in all it was great time. With some minor annoyences. Does anyone think she is going to continue to tour after Venus comes out??? Love~ Jessica

From URAwinner:

Hi everyone!
I was at the Mandfield show last night and I definitely disapproved with the crowd. I was in sec. 5, row E...and I can't even tell you HOW many people kepy walking in front of me during the show! The ticket guy must've walking in front of the row (which totally obstructs the view of the stage unless you're reeeaaaallllyy tall) 8 million times...and he'd stand dircetly in front of peoples' seats while explaining to people where to go. THEN people in the rows kept getting up to get beer, nachos, etc. in the MIDDLE of songs - UNACCEPTABLE!! Regarding standing...I think it sucks...unless you're in a section where everyone else is standing up. Oh, and so many people decided that a good time to arrive at the venue would be during Tori. SO tons of people kept scooting by to get to their seats, again, IN THE MIDDLE OF SONGS!! If you're not there to see Tori, go to your seat when she's done playing or AT LEAST go in between songs. I don't think this dual tour thing really works out in the greatest of ways. I mean, face the facts...many alanis fans just *don't* want to see Tori so they see no problem with coming in during the middle Tori and being rude and vice versa. Some woman behind us knew that we loved Tori and so she was saying VERY loudly how everyone was there to see Alanis and no one cared about Tori. HAHAHA! Tori was great, though! The highlights for me were Sugar, Cornflake Girl and Professional Widow. I wanted to hear Rasp. Swirl but that's ok Got me a nice Venus necklace. I don't know...Tori didn't seem to have as much *spark* as she did during the Plugged Tour. I just think that this whole tour thing came so quickly and it was just unexpected...I dunno..it's wierd. But anyways... Winter was absolutely beautiful, nix the interruption! I thought maybe she was just yelling at the security guys for being assholes but I guess not. *Nicole* will be in my thoughts. And that's all from me )

From Bick1978@aol.com:

Last night, I had the experience of seeing Tori Amos, Live in Mansfield, Massachusetts. My boyfriend had given the pleasure of experiencing my first concert. Being a 21 year old apprenticed vocalist, and never seeing a live performance of someone as talented as Tori, it was quite an exciting evening. I believe Tori's style, technique, music, lyrics, and character are more than paramount. Tori is not only a unique musical artist and poet, she is also down to earth, forward, elegant, and takes no "bullshit" from anyone, as she made us all very aware last night, when she reprimanded some jerks in the audience. I thought the show was great, and enjoyed it very much. Thank you Tori, and Bill, for a beautiful evening, and I love you both. MEB Bick1978@aol.com

From swirled:

Wow! The show was magnificent! "Winter" was extremely interesting. But wonderful! The meet and greet DID NOT go smoothly at all. It was my first meet and greet so me, my sister, and friend had no clue what to do. We got there at two , wondered around, migrating wherever people migrated. Finally at about three (this is a rough guess), a really mean Tweeter Center security guy started setting up those metal fence things. He was an absolute jerk! Anway, when we were told where Tori would be standing most of the time (in a corner type thing), there was a mad rush and I got toward the back. Anyway, she came out a little before four. I thought there was going to be so much screaming, but it got so quiet when she first came out. SHE WAS SO CLOSE, but yet too far. I saw her, heard her (she was so cute!), but didn't get close to her. People who were there since six in the morning, got in the back (didn't meet her), and then people who got there five minutes before she came out were all the way in the front. There were only about 50 people there and Tori stayed for about 10 minutes. She could have gotten to everybody if they had done it in some sane way, but they didn't. When people met Tori, they didn't move out of the way so others could get to meet or at least see her. There was a bit of trampling here and there, but nothing too too bad. It was a bit disappointing. After that, we found out we had locked the damn keys in the car. It sucked big time. But, at least I was a couple of feet from Tori. Anyway, here's my show review: "God" = She started singing from back stage as the band ran out and started playing. The piano was very loud (a good thing) and so was her voice. She wasn't drowned out. It was awesome. I don't think she did her "you dropped the bomb on me jesus" line. No, she didn't. But it was still amazing.
"Sugar" = I was so hoping for this one. I recognized it immediately and was way too happy. I love the ending when she just sings very high. It was beautiful
"Juarez" = I couldn't really hear this song too well (the singing, anyway). There was not much piano, but a lot of keyboard (I think). I loved the "there are no angels here." Yummy! "Cornflake Girl" = Tori introduced this one as "this one's for any girls who want to kill their girlfriend" (something like that). Scrumptious! "Bliss" = I love this song, from the moment I first heard it. It's wonderful recorded, but even better live. I love the "four horse engine" part!
"Cruel" = I was not expecting this one at all. I couldn't remember if I'd seen it in the other setlists. Anyway, it was really good. I like what she does in the middle of the song. I have no idea what she's saying, but it's beautiful none the less.

secret time:
"Angie" = She said something before this, but I forgot what (sorry). It was gorgeous!
"Winter" = Another one I was not expecting. She dedicated it to Nicole, a girl who apparently couldn't make it the show. Toward the beginning, I assume roudy assholes were screaming not so nice things, so Tori got really pissed and yelled "Hey guys, eat my pussy! Look, shut up or show me your dicks!" She then started the song over again. It was really cool that she told them off. The song was beautiful, but I just wasn't expecting that outburst, so I was just in awe!

"Suede" = The band came back again and they played this one. I'm sorry, but I don't really remember this one. I know she played both the keyboard and the piano (more keyboard I believe). I remember liking it through (aren't a big help?).
"Professional Widow" = This one I was hoping for, but didn't recognize at first. It was great! The whole thing just rocked. "Crucify" = This one was so different, but great. It's barely recognizable, but it was wonderful.
"Waitress" = Delicious as always. I love the "hang ten, I'm gonna go where they go" in the middle. I love how she draws it out!

"Precious Things" = Amazing. I'm so used to it being the opener, it was different to see it as the last one. But it was a great ending. Very emotional and very powerful.

Well, there's my review! It was a great show and Alanis wasn't so bad herself (she was actually very good). A lot of the Alanis fans talked all through Tori's set. They kept getting up to do this and that. And when Alanis came on, there was A LOT of noise. There was one guy who sang on the top of his lungs to EVERY song except one. He was so loud and disturbing. Well, Tori makes up for it. She was simply astonishing. Well, hope everyone enjoys the shows they go to as much as I enjoyed mine. Good luck at the meet and greets as well!

From ttfn:

Hey folks, I have given up attending Tori concerts--I normally use a wheelchair.
I have been at Tori concerts listening to her beautiful music and looking at the butts or backs of those standing. I had transferred to a seat at one venue and not only did people run into my outstreached leg (hey that's they way it is now physically) some people sitting around me told me that I should not even try to come to concerts they truly felt that I should not ask people for just a bit of consideration for my permanent physical condition.

It seems to me that the proper thing would be: if you have bought a seat--sit in it; if you want to dance--get lawn seats.

I was at a recent concert: Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Bruce Hornsby, Shawn Colvin and lots of people were "dancing" in their seats. A few people got up and danced in the aisles--but I noted that they kept looking backwards to see if they were blocking anyone.

Another reason I've given up on going to Tori concerts is the rudeness, and hautiness of so many of the fans. Its like there is a competition to know the most facts about Tori, have meet her more times than someone else, or have a seat closer to the stage.

I have more to say, but it is just so upsetting to not be able to go to a concert and see Tori that the words just won't come out.

That's the view, from where I sit!

From honeydust:

"but I believe in peace..."
This was the most effortless Tori experience I've had, but not by any stretch the most fun. We sailed into Mansfield from Northampton, chatted up friends outside, milled around comfortably for a while... everything seemed peachy. Merchandise booths: somehow surrounded by people I knew who I had no idea that they were coming, eyeing the ugly stoner/hippie (hey, I *am* a stoner/hippie sometimes, too!) Alanis fisherman's hat with quasi-Sanskrit script on it with a dash of foreshadowing... Jon Evan's cousin asked someone with me if she knew where the backstage was so he could go hang out with his cousin! That was cool, too.

I had a gift for Tori I wanted to get to her, and was asking Boo and steve/sadness where Joel was, and boo! he popped up, walked in right in front of us. He was so nice, touched my arm and looked me right in the eye and made sure I'd included a note with my name and address, and I had, and that was that. I was on such a high just from that-- still felt connected tot he big old Tori troubadour travelling road family.

We took our seats and waited for Tori. She came on midsentence (mine). I could barely hear her singing 'God' acapella backstage because three women behind us were chatting up a storm. I turned, made stern eye contact, thinking well, if I want them to shut up, why should I add noise? God was rocking my ass, I was trying so hard to get there-- trying to open all my senses to Tori, breathing her in.

Just couldn't get there. There was no tribe last night. I fel alone. Sunk in the middle of people who weren't even trying to enjoy Tori. But whatever, I wanter to be elegant cause I said I would be. I politely asked the women to be quiet, but one started yelling at me that it was an outdoor show and what did I expect. They continued making condescending comments, and as secretime started, the girl leaned over (she was wearing the Alanis hat, ack!) and started talking again ("Hey, this is an outdoor show, what's your problem? Hey everyone, be quiet, they want to hear To-reeee") as 'Winter' started. I was about ready to turn around and say for fuck's sake, this is for someone who DIED, when the now infamous 'pussy' exchange erupted and I felt like Tori had pulled me out.

I felt like, "Things are gonna change' was that night about how she's changed-- "You must learn to stand up for yourself cause I can't always be around." I didn't want to feel Tori's emotions, raw and running thick, in that setting-- of people who I felt at that moment didn't want to hear it, wanted to stay cut off, wanted to just drain their beers and thinking that the most pressing thing in thier life at that moment was whether the nachos stand would be open between the sets. Is that bitter, elitist? Well, fuck yes. But I felt like being 16 and hshivering in my bedroom, listening to Little Earthquakes for the first time, when I was sure that no one else in the universe 'got it.' Tori's hair, with the lights, started to turn LE-red. I started crying, watching all my friends around me, all the EWF, who've maybe felt that way once, now dotted throughout the crowd, fighting in thier own way just to get inside this woman's music again. I guess that's melodramatic, but it's where I was.

'Cruel' and 'Cornflake Girl' had these amazing extra lyrics... 'Cruel' just danced and got funky for a long long time. "Suede" and "Widow" make good neighbors, and that was nice to see. "Waitress' as a closer makes so much sense now-- it ties up loose ends, grounds the energy of the crowd, gives us one last chance to get it all out there. The 'Hang 10 honey' dance persists.

Returning to 'Precious' was like that extra Christmas gift your parents hide and save for last. A glimpse into the past.

Tori's shows are time machines now. Venus is bringing us her passion, but to get there, it gets cold in space-- people in the crowd saying something in disbelief when Tori says cock, starfucker, or uses 'woman' in 'Angie' instead of changing pronouns (why should she?)-- sex is ugly to a lot of people. It was all too American dysfunctional family sometimes. But the passion still made it through-- Tori bumped and grinded with the piano, danced with it, people around me were just sputtering, "What is she doing?" "Ohmygod," which was a bonus part of being immersed in a non-Tori crowd.

Rambling, now. Just be prepared when going to these shows, um, that, it's a harsh world? Not everyone wants magic carpet rides. That's ok. But don't let them fuck with you as you're taking to the sky.

From Wali_and_the_Beez:

I would like to put in my two cents on the overall show as well. I saw Tori a few months ago in a smaller venue and thought that although the show she put on last night was phenominal, it didn't have quite all of her normal intimacy that she puts out at a "Tori only" show. She seemed like she was in and out or undecided whether she wanted to give her all to the other (Alanis fans) people. Even a half hearted performance from Tori tops all other performers.
As for the Alanis set, my friend and I were highly disappointed. We had seen her a few years back in a much smaller venue shortly after Jagged Little Pill came out, and she was very good, animated, and her voice was incredible. We both expected that we would get an equivelant show or better and were very let down. Alanis was all over the stage and almost lost her balance several times. She was flailing and convulsing all over the stage and couldn't seem to be able to focus on anything. Quite honestly, she looked like she was on speed. Also her voice was awful. I know she can sing 100 times better than she gave her Boston fans last night. My friend and I were so disgusted that we left during the fourth song. Both of us bought the tickets for Tori so we both felt it was worth the trip and the money just for her set. It seems that much of the audience felt the same way, since the parking lot was half empty and there was a line of cars leaving at the same time as us. I guess I just feel bad for the suckers who paid the $20 for the fast get-a-way parking. We had no problems and got home in enough time to enjoy our post-concert ritual at Denny's. Over all Tori gave us an A+ night.

From Turbid Blue Girl:

Hi guys
I, too, really enjoyed the show. Great set list, might I add! I have so much so say about it, but don't have the time now, so I will post more later.

I don't know if this has already been said (I have not been able to read the whole thread, I am in a major rush), but the whole "Eat my pussy" thing was in response to some guys in the front row who were shouting "Tori, show us your tits!" I could have STRANGLED them!! How ignorant, and UGH... Don't like to think about it. Tori was downright MAD. I was on the front of the lawn, and was infront of a screen by a few feet. When she said this, the camera was zoomed in on her face, and I cannot describe how upset she was (as was I). It was terrible. I was truly, truly upset by this.

Don't get me wrong though, I LOVED the show!!! I heard 12 (out of 14) songs live that I have never heard before (I have only been to 1 other Tori show). It was great!

From pinkmustang:

HI Everyone! Ok, now, that everything has been said I'm gonna add my opinions of the manfield experience but first I wanna say hi to everyone so hi to everyone sitting on and around my big green blanket all day - lisa, it was great hanging with you I'll e-mail you when I get the pics developed (and where were you when I bought a tee-shirt? I had to pay for gas and tolls in dimes and nickles ); Rain Showers Girls, nicole , christine and christy (did I get that right?) Tori was so proud of you and so am I, infinite icicle,snowflake, boo, sadness, angelle, anthony, brknstar, and everyone else I met, you guys were the greatest, and truley made my day, it was awsome to go to a show alone and feel like you went with a million friends, so thanks guys. I got there at 5:30 just in case, but like I imagined, it didn't even matter. I wasn't too upset though because it was expected to be an unfair chotic mess, I wasn't close enough to really talk to her but I did give her an important letter and a book I made and said thanks before a random camera holding arm shot infront of my face. But its ok, thats just how it is sometimes, I can't wait for the day when I can actually have a conversation with her... dreaming... I definately have been noticing the elite crowd, while most are nice enough I do get a feeling of supperiority from some, but then again that just be my own feelings of insupperiority. so thats ok too. Dor had some fabulous pics that I bought, just in case none of mine came out. The show was AMAZING i had ok seats twards the front in sec 3 on the left, I could see almost perfecty and was so excited when it was keyboard time cuz she was looking right in my direction, EVERYBODY around me, both infront and back were standing and I heard no one complain, even the 65 year old next to me stood and was looking happy clapping and dancing here and there, it was a much better experience than the Camden show where I almost punched old loud drunk Alanis fans. Oh and I adore her sitting on the keyboard eating her stuff in a mug, lack of sleep and food made me think that she was floating crosslegged into the blinking lights.
So, I met many awsome EWF, and had a great experience. This was the most trying, stressful and absolutely WONDERFUL week of my life, and the positive happenings have by far outweighed all the little bad things that happened, I can barely remember my complaints and am still shaking with excitement. see ya guys later off to put aloe on my crispy face, and take a well deserved nap , on a bed, excitement.

From JO:

Here's my review:
I barely made it there. I had been looking forward to this show for SO long...and my ride ditched me the day of. Needless to say, I rented a car, and got there within minutes of Tori...Whew!!!!

I was in Section 8 and had a perfect view of the stage, but couldn't really see her expressions/smiles/etc.

She came out after the band had begun God (like you've described at other shows). She looked lovely. She was wearing a long black spaghetti-strap dress, with a see-through short sleeve, pale pink carinagan with buttons down the front. It was fairly low cut, so you could see some of the black of her dress up top (if that makes sense).

I had never heard Juarez, and it was hard for me to make out the lyrics. (I recall one part "...cowboys and his friends...") Jon Evans strumming was very dramatic.(One strum down and left his hand there...perhaps he was doing something with his thum & index finger on the high strings...it was hard to tell.)

Before Cornflake Girl, she said "This is for all the girls out there who had a friend who wasn't what you thought she was..." or something like that. It was lovely.

Bliss - I love the intro piano live...it 's amazing! (i'm sure you've heard it, but it was my 1st time hearing it live.) It sounded very close to the studio version.

Cruel - I thought this was one of the highlights. She was really into it, grinding with her hands behind her back (between the piano parts). The white lights were constantly changing... the whole thing had an effect that was incredibly sexy.

The boys disappeared, the lights dimmed.

Tori made a comment - hello to those on the lawn. She said "I always sat on the lawn." The lawn loved it and made some noise.

Tori's speaking voice sounded a bit strained...slightly hoarse. We were a little concerned...being so early into the tour. Dave Louie said that it looked like she had a cup with a spoon in it, and that she was drinking tea or something for her throat.

She started playing Angie. It's incredibly sentimental. What would most of us give to hear an entire set of this kind? BEATIFUL. Full of sweetness. At one point she sang, "Don't you worry...you're kisses still taste sweet..." Oh, she's so lovely.

Winter - well, you heard the story. (I'm sorry to hear about your friend Nicole.) My mouth completely dropped when she said "Eat my pussy guys. Shut up or show me your dicks." She restarted the song completely...and you know, it even had more passion than ever. I hate to say it, but when Tori's pissed off, her performance can be that much better!!

Suede - I had never heard it and I liked it a lot. Very sexy!

Professional Widow - God, I really wanted to hear this!! (Usually I look forward to the more melow girls, but after being ditched by my friend and almost not making it AT ALL to the show...I really wanted WIDOW!!!) It fulfilled my mood and expectations.

It's funny, I find that when I see her live I feel like I learn something. Sometimes a personal meaning of a song really clicks for me...tonight it was about Widow (and Winter). "Starfucker...just like your daddy..." tonight I understood what she may have meant (another way of saying..."well, if you can/are...why can't I?")

Crucify - Again, the piano in this one really stood out for me.

The Waitress - lots of improv.

They all got together, hugged on stage, waved and headed backstage.

Precious Things - As expected. Definately one of my favorites. She really used her voice on this one.

I thought everyone around me was very nice. As far as the sitting/standing thing...personally, I was dying to stand during Tori...but no one in my section was and I thought it would be rude. (Actually, one guy a few rows up stood, and someone tapped him and asked him to sit. However, EVEYONE stood for Alanis (in my section). I guess I was in the group of Alanis goers. I don't LOVE Alanis, or hate her. I thought she seemed like she was having fun. I thought her set was pretty with the tree/tapestry theme.

I don't think that Tori wants to be as accessible (as Alanis seems to be to those around me)...I think Tori wants those who LOVE her, to really have to see something and have a certain level of understanding of her. And personally, I think her ewf prefer to keep it that way as well.

It was a great show. (It felt a bit short, although she played a decent set.) It was freezing!!!! (It got down into the 50s. BRRRR!!!!!) I was wearing a long dark green dress (with swirls of different shades of green in it) and a black sweater - maybe you saw some girl with dark hair who looked like she had to come straight from work. I think I'll wear 5 more layers to the Chicago show...It was just too damn cold! JO

From TwinkleGrrl:

First off, I just wanna say hello to the "green blanket crew" - alisha, lisa, jess, michelle, amanda, robin, brian 1, brian 2, lynn, ali, and all you other wonderful people that were there; definitely made the day an even more memorable experience.
also, a big thank you to those that helped out with rainn showers; we raised $787 and gave the check to tori. you could see that she was so surprised by that amount. (also, thanks to those who pushed aside a bit so we could hand it to her.... hi amber!) the concert for me was just absolutely amazing. it was my first one, so, of course, either way, i'd be ecstatic, ya know? =) we had really good seats (sect. 1, row DD), and were surrounded by drunk alanis fans who liked to make fun of us. oh well. i did think it was funny, the amount of people leaving after tori played. lol. =) i think most of the posts above me described everything pretty well. to hear 'suede', which i had fallen in love with just by hearing an mp3, was such a big thing for me; oh my goodness. =) 'winter' left me crying, as did 'precious things' (long story on the last one). it was just such a great day for me. i think about it and i get all tingly and giddy (EEEEE!). Sunburn and all, it was so worth getting there at like 5 in the morning and having no sleep.
alright, the aloe bottle is beckoning to me again (i swear, i'm living with that by my side for the next few days), so i'll end this. just once again, thank you to all the ppl i met yesterday - you're awesome! =) --kristen =)

From foxfiremad:

hi everyone -
first off, i just want to say thanks for a great day to everyone i hung out with yesterday morning, afternoon, and evening! EWF can be such sweet people... okay, so i had to edit this cuz i just discovered that we've been nicknamed the "green blanket crew" and i wanted to include that in my post too. =o) hi guys!

and i just wanted to post and say that i thought that last night's show was the best tori show i've ever been to and it was my 12th show over the course of the past five years... (i've been a fan since '91 but missed the LE tour even though i had tickets... long story).

i think the big video screens at the venue added a lot to the show, especially since the camera man did an unbelievable job! i was on the lawn, well the first row of the lawn, and i thought that my seats were great.

tori never, ever ceases to amaze me.

that's all. just wanted to share a little with you guys.

shine bright,

From Anthony B:

Well, my friends and I decided it was time to show up early and try to meet Tori at the meet and greet. We were there at 10:30am and were numbered 27-30. We thought we had a really good chance if the numbering system worked out. We were dead wrong. Not only didn't it work, most of the people who were there all day long never got to meet her and those who showed up an hour before basically were right up front. It really is luck- simply put. You have to be standing in the right place at the right time to be in the right position. Fortunately we spotted a guy in a tree and gave him our camera so he got some nice shots of her from up above. We also got a good view of her talking with people on the left-hand side.
The show was excellent as usual. I was pulling for Professional Widow and Sugar and she played both, to my pleasant surprize. We left at about the 6th Alanis song. She is great but we were all drained after being there for over 14 hours. I had a fun time hanging out with people during the day. It made the experience worth while. I'm a bit sad that this is probably the last time I will see her until she tours again

From Adam:

Hi all. First off I just want to ask Stephane if she knows my sister Shana. It was my sister along with a bunch of other people who gave tori a note, marked URGENT, to read at the meet n' greet. From what I heard the note had on it about 200-300 signatures of people from her school who had asked Tori to play a song for this girl Nicole who had planned to go to the Mansfield show, but had committed suicide. I thought that the interruption of the song didn't ruin the effect. I knew about the note she had given her and was so happy that she was playing it. I wasn't sitting with my sister but I could tell they were probably all crying at this point when she started to play Winter. I feel that Tori got so mad, because she wasn't just angry about the rudeness, but she was also sticking up for all of those who had worked so hard to get her to play a song for Nicole. One of the reasons I love Tori so much is that she is very loyal(especially to her fans) and when someone(i.e. the idiots who were yelling at her), is doing something that is a direct insult to some of her fans, or especially her fans emotional feelings, she will "give it to them". And I feel she did just that. I know the applause that I was giving her after she said, "Eat my pussy..etc." was in approval of her sticking up for my sister as well as all of Nicole's friends who happened to be there. This experience made me appreaciate Tori even more than I already did. Not many performers would fight for their fans as much as she does. I truely believe she "loves" us all and appreciates us listening to her and admiring her music. Take care.

From AtillaTheHoney:

Loved the show...as for the meet and greet...I arrived at 10 - the number system was working nicely until people started pouring in around 2 o'clock - there is NO point getting there before 2 - it's all luck. I didn't get to speak to her (I'm very disappointed about that) but I asked some nice man in a tree to take pics for me and they came out pretty good (THANK YOU!!).
The show was amazing...I LOVED that she played Angie and Winter - I hadn't heard Angie live ever and I haven't heard Winter live since back in 1994 at the Orpheum in Boston. Here's what the set list was:

God - Really good - got the energy going
Sugar - LOVED THIS WITH A BAND...SO ENERGENIC Juarez (I think) - very good song...
Cornflake Girl - this was well done too...I love when she goes off on the piano
Bliss - Loved this live - gets me excited for the new album!! Cruel - One of my favs off of FTCGH
Angie - as I said before very nice and so emotional Winter - For Nicole...so beautiful...Tori had a well deserved outburst during this song..."shut up or show me your dicks" Suede - Different sounding - not much piano but okay Professional Widow - LOVE THIS ONE...so much angst..."starf**kers"...my friends and I have the theory that this has something to do with Trent Reznor's new song...
Crucify - Very different...I like it better with the piano... Waitress - Love when she goes crazy on this...my favorite line "but I think she's the devil bitch"
Precious Things - EXCELLENT...great way to end the show...

All in all it was a great show...I stayed for 6 of Alanis' songs but the day was so long and I was SO sunburned that I had to go home...Alanis was good from what I stayed for...my only wish was that I ended on Tori's note...

From Angell:

All i can say is oh my god!
This was my first real concert..I met tori...I got to hand her a really deep note i wrote her..and i handed her a little piano..and she rolled her eyes and said cute!..I got her to autograph my bliss single..and i had a huge request.. Angie..it has to with me and my mom and my mom couldnt make it to the concert, its just a wicked long story..any how tori came by and i said please play angie..I made tori laugh!!! people were all up against each other and i said..someones hand is on my butt and someones standing on both my feet AND I DONT CARE..and she laughed!!!!! man shes gorgeous!!! so pretty ...

people went to wait for her at 5 am and didnt meet her..i got there at 1 and started waiting at 2..so 2 hours...i am glad i didnt go crazy early like everyone advised me to.
she said well its been very hard because the lists are set but i will try maybe...Guys when she started playing it i had chills up and down my whole body oh god you dont even know!!! and i cryed and just rocked back and forth..I taped the concert..yes yes i know..But i wanted it for my self mainly..i dought i will be able to make a bootleg off of it and thATS not my goal.(you can hear a little bit muffled..but i am going to have that fixed..).but i cant wait to put it on tape form..I have it on tape of.>HEY GUYS EAT MY PUSSY..and me screamig wildly!!! those guys were right near me and man i was pissed at their ignorance...they were fake crying the pricks!!!!

man tori ROCKED..she was so great..and to meet her in person..ahhh... i waited for two hours and my heart was pounding so hard..I took alot of pictures and tehy caem out great!!! tons of good meet and great pics !!!i didnt get one with me and tori which i really wanted..but shit what more could i ask for..i got to give her my note, my piano,got an autograph, and she played my song.

yesterday was the best day of my life

And the thing with the guys was funny..but i felt so bad..cause she was like dedicating that song to a girl who "couldnt make the show" and i think she might have died or something ...some people..

OH GOD ..and john evans was playing and i pointed to him and i said look..oh god he's so cute ..i love him..AND DO YOU KNOW HE LOOKED RIGHT UP AT ME!! and he smirked and then smiled right at me...and i wailed like i was 10!! lol...

i got 2 shirts 2venus enevy necklaces..there were no tour necklaces from unplugged and i got a program and a keychain...like 90$ total or something..(the guy selling this stuff got in a fight with me..Everyone who worked there was mean to me..and they checked my tickets like 100 times before i got to my seat..

MY seats were great..3rd row on the side..when tori played keyboard she was looking right at me i swear she was...

I danced the whole night and sang the whole night..I met some cool cool people...EWF are great people..all but one..the girl on the side of me asked me not to sing so loudly..and she said it nicely she did..so i was like sure i'll just move..switched seats with my friend and later on i moves back and tori played waitress.. i couldnt believe that i was like come on this is a concert you're supposed to sing and have fun..And i payed 480 for these tickets noone is gonna stop me from singing!!!!and noone was gonna stop me from having fun Section 3 was mainly tori fans i believe cause it cleared right out after tori...i stayed though.

most of her songs she tricked me i had no idea what she was playing for a while

I met that girl who sells pictures of tori for a dollar a piece and i got 13 for 10 so
it siounded like a deal and the girl was sooo sweet soo sweeet!!! she gave me her email addess tori knew her to...someone said her name and she was trhere and she says.."oh how is she" kinda setlist:
god-if i didnt know she was starting with this i wouldn't had know... cornflake girl
um ..um...um.. i just woke up and having trouble remembering..i have it on tape though and i will have a better set list later..

aLANIS:is a complete fruit loop she is like weird on stage runs back and forth and walks funny..shes crazy but she was GOOD!!! who ever didnt stay for her missed a good show...I was jumping up and down up and down .and dancing and ahh..its was great..i sang at the top of my lungs i didnt even give a shit!.oh man i sang my head off ..she played alot of older stuff which was cool..shes really good live.

Yesterday was magical...I want everyday to feel like that..I love tori more than ever and i cant wait to get lost in new york tomorrow night so i can see her in the morning

From Gatsby:

AHHHHHH what a release that was. Isn't it great to go see a kick ass show and have a good time with some friends. Almost orgasmic...I don't think anything could of ruined that night. Sure there were some Alanis fans next to me that felt they needed to talk during Tori, Sure the meet and great was kinda nutty, but come on have you ever been to a concert where something wasn't fucked up a tad. No concerts are perfect. Someone's always gonna step on your foot, someone's gonna push, someone is gonna disrespect the artist you love, and if your lucky all the big boys might start running into each other down in the pit. It was a great show! It was a great day everything was great. The fucking breeze was great so great that I went into the center of Mansfield in search of a Kite and I found one. Yes everyone that was good ol' Gatsby running around with the Kite before the show. I met some great people, hello Fullofwish(Jessica)!!!! I got to meet Tori at the meet and greet and she said "Hey Babe" I almost died. I got all these great pictures and Joel the nice guy he is made sure Tori signed my Little Earthquakes Vinyl.....Eveything was great! I'm gonna explode !!! bye bye!!!

From *silversparkles*:

I, myself, was at the concert in Mansfield last night, and as much as I HATE to admit this, I wasn't really impressed with the set-list. Tori was great, but like everyone else has said, the whole "Winter" incident sucked. The rest of the performance was great. She was seriously bullshit. From what I understand, these guys won tickets from WBCN, a radio station here in Boston, and they called in today saying that all they did was talk during "Winter" because they didn't know the song (how is THAT even possible?)and Tori was mad because they weren't paying attention. Now, I find this all VERY hard to believe- can you imagine Tori getting mad at two guys for "just talking quietly"? Come on, guys, think of a better excuse. Am I wrong here? ANYWAY--I guess the DJ at the radio station said something like, "Only we'd give tickets away to assholes like you...who makes trouble at a Tori Amos concert?" But the DJs love Tori and felt horrible. So that's that. As far as the show, she was amazing...I guess I just expected to hear some of the other stuff she's been playing on this tour.
Sugar was by far the highlight of the show for me...it was gorgeous. And Bliss...absolutely blew me away...
I agree with everyone about the whole co-headliner thing, though. Two totally different performances. Two totally different women. Both EXCELLENT.
I would advise anybody to stay for ALanis' set. Uninvited was amazing...God, she rocked!

As for the whole sitting/standing thing, we sat for Tori's entire set. And stood for Alanis' entire set. Two different vibes. And don't get me wrong, I'm a Tori fan all the way. I didn't hear or see any rude/drunk "Alanis fans". Infact, one woman sitting near me was wasted-a Tori fan-and was competely obnoxious and got kicked out. I did also noticed a lot of people left after Tori's set. Guys, you paid fifty bucks for your ticket...ENJOY THE SHOW! You might actually LIKE Alanis...I did.
But anyway, it was a great night and tons of fun...Ijust hope that people aren't rude to Tori again...it put a damper on her whole mood. I felt so bad for her.
But she rocked when she started the wole song over again..Yes, Tori! Anyway, everybody have fun at the future shows...

From Kristine:

ok, "green Blanket Crew," sorry i've taken soo long to post my little shtick here but i told like 30 people the story yesterday so i didnt feel like typing it out. but i have notihng to do right now so there. first of all, to all who were at the meet and greet and saw me and kristen present the check for riann to tori, thank you sooo much for stepping aside so we could at least touch her hand. We really only ,et her thanks to DOR (hi Dor!!!!! thank you soooooooooo much!!! you're in my heart!) and AMBER (hi Amber!!!! thank you sooooo much, you're getting free RAINN Shoewers stuff for the rest of your life!!!!!!! cuz they were the ONLY ones willing to stand up and he;lp a fellow toriphile in time of need.
My green blanket crew - pink mustang, lisa, jess, michelle, snowflake, brian, joe (thanks for holding my bag and rubbing my shoulders when i was flipping out), and all the other kidz - i love you guys!!!! you allhelped make our day so magical and beautiful that i will keep august 31st in my heart forever...we all must keep in touch so please email me!!!!

well, i'm not even gonna complain abpout the meet and greet politics because we all know what happened. the kids who got there early and waited all freakin day got shafted to the "elite regulars" (one springs to mind but i wont say names) but because Dor inspired me to just "walk over and push through," i got my chance. i didnt do that though, i made her walk over with me which made me feel a lot better! then Amber became my guardian faerie, thank you again Amber. i have never met so many kind people who understand the cause we had to meet tori and i am forever grateful to you guys. i hope that we can all touch horns the next time we meet. and i will admit, as soon as tori cmae out, i think i was squished out of about 10 pounds! pushing will not make it better!!!!! it only makes it owrse!!!!! and when joel or steve says REPEATEDLY "dont pass anymore things" please honor that cuz that's when they get angry and cancel it!!! i think steve wanted to cancel it too before she got there cuz he tld everyone repeatedly to get away from the barricades and they didnt listen cuz they thought they were cool. no. but whatever, i guess that's gonna happen no matter what...anyway. no more complaining. we're gettting to the best part here! i noticed that as soon as tori came out, i heard random people shouting "tori, there are girls here with a check for rainn for you" like over and over, and i was so touched by that and i couldnt stop crying cuz i was so happy....she finally got over to my area and after amber talked with her she asked tori to hang on a second and then she moved over. tori is less than two feet away from me. i had sunglassses on thank god cuz my makeup was all runny and i woulda scared tori had i taken them off. but um, i managed to tell ehr what we did and she seemed very proud and surprised by the amount of the check and she seemed to like the book very much (i hope so cuz i worked on thatt hing forever and those of you who were hanging out with me saw me clutching it like a wee baby)...and she said thank you and all i could say between crying was thank you back ,you mean so much to me and then i told her kristen did it too and she asked us our names and she held our hands and kris's glitter was all over her face cuz of the tears and tori said "you're all shiny" and then she asked us if we were ok, she was "you guys ok? cuz i'm ok, you should be ok too" all while holding our hands. then she saw my nails and said she liked them =) then she said she'd pass it on to rainn and thanked us again. then she went on. and it was liek it was happening in slow motion nad i noticed that the whole crowd got quiet when she was talking to us. it was like no one else was there, i wasnt being squished, it wasnt dreadfully hot, my feet didnt hurt. none of that. it was magical. pure magic. after the meet and greeet was over and we dispursed to go do whatever, i was still crying (i think i cried for a half hour straight) and i was hugging everyone and all the kids we hung out with during the day found me and we all hugged and cried. someone told me that i made them cry when i was talkin to tori. =) sorry. =) yeah and joe was holding my bag, to joe if you're reading this, i'm sorry we didnt meet up with you guys afterwards, if you read this, please email me back! thank you for holding my precious bag and assuring me that i did a good thing and for rubbing my shoulders! you're truly a wonderful person!

ok enough, i'll start crying again. then i'll get the keyboard all gross...neah....ok show stuff

got my program, i like it a lot, the pics are pretty. i got the purple shirt and the black shirt and of course my venus necklace. we went in there and realized we were closer than expected =) and of course, by showtime, we could tell that byu the people around us that it was not gonna be a smooth evening. the women next to us who said they were there for tori (*ha*) left to go get beer like 6 times and one ofd them asked me why i was writing the songs on my arm so i was like "i want to remember this, this is the greatest day of my life!" what a..nevermind....and kristen told me that peopel in back of us were making fun of me cuz i was dancing and singing but they were all stiffs and i really dont give a shit. i paid to sit there too so i was gonna do whatever the hell i wanted! but anyway, i thought the setlist was good. i wished there was more too it, not theis 75 minute crap. but hey. sugar was a highlight, suede was awesome, cornflkae was as always kickin, angie was beuatiful, but winter totally disturbed me. after the "incident" the girl totally changed. it was like the bose was mad too. she played it so angrily and i feel so bad that hse had to experience that. but whatever, people are assholes. what are you gonna do. juarez is one i gotta get used too, i think i just want piano stuff, and there wasnt a lot of it in that one. crucify sounds cool now, almost reggae-ish..i wanted iieee to come cuz she's one of my fave plugged girls but maybe next time....ok this is getting waaaay too long so i'll stop now.

thanks to all those who made my day so magical, you are all in my heart forever!!! email me asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

glitter and hugs and green blankets,

From rosepetill:

Hey St. Theresa...here's Alanis' set! Glad to see some of the Tori fans are interested
Hand in My Pocket
All I Really Want
Would Not Come
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
So Pure
You Oughta Know
Thank U


From DeliriumJ7:

I think the key point of being at a Tori concert is being in your own experiance, and letting anyone else take that away from you. Yes there were assholes at the show. I still had a great time. I liked it a lot more than the Holdel concert cause i ran into a lot more jerks there. When she played Angie, it was something i did not expect, and i ended up crying during it, i love the song. And when she mentioned that it was okay to be on the lawn (even though i was in Sec.7) I felt better like it didn't matter where you were. I was dissapointed that Tori had to stop at the beginning of Winter cause some idiots were saying stuff...really too bad. I would at least think all people there would have respect. I met two really nice people there Grace and Sarah, (hi!) and some other EWF. I also have one question, did they have backstage passes at the show, and how did you get them? ~*Jay*~

From silver:

It is now thursday afternoon, and I am still on the high that a tori show gives me. Her performance was even better than last year's show at the Fleetcenter. I would have to say that the evening would have been perfect (and brought tears to my eyes) if she had played either Hey Jupitor or Little Earthquakes. I wanted to ask one question, why is it that if a man enjoys tori's music, he is looked at differently? I love her music with it's powerful and positive message. Well that is all. thanks for reading.

From Marygirrrl:

here's the first 'green blanket' post for thread two I hust had a couple of things to add about mansfield (mainly don't ever use/trust Tickets.com - they are evil, but that'll be explained somewhere else soon). Personally, i have officially realized that being there early is more now (for me anyways) about hanging out meeting/and catching up with all the ewf. My meet and greet experience was not good and has jaded me from ever going through it again.at least i was lucky enough to have some really amazing exeriences to remember. i'll certainly be there and hang out in the back - but no more than that. As for the show - i ended up in a much better seat than i thought (no thanks to tickets.com) and was surrounded by supporters of tori and the band (jon evan's family was behind me). i had a good time groovin by myself and i am loving 'juarez.' one question: did anyone else have the inkling that when tori was talking about friends gone bad before 'cornflake girl' that maybe she was referring to alanis? just an idea to throw out there. hi again to everyone who was there. hopefully it won't be too long before we see each other again.

take care,

From MoonGoddess:

I saw her and loved the set.. I was extremely happy with Angie and loved Suede! Someone really upset ehr during Winter and she had to start over.. I have no idea what it was 'cause I was off in lawn land! Anyway, it was really good and it felt more personal than her last show even though I was out on the lawn... I love you all my fairy friends!

From luminal:

To see 3 really great photos of Tori from this performance, go to: http://www.tourphotos.com/toriamos.htm

There's also some pics of Alanis from that night too, if you look around the site.

From Spark617:

To start......I'll agree with everyone that any Tori concert is amazing and blah, blah, blah. However, I REALLY miss the angry, sweet, piano girl that I saw at the Wang Center in Boston. I was PISSED that, at times, the guitars were drowning her out. Don't get me wrong......I love a lot of her new stuff but this concert was way 2 plugged, and to top it off.....she was HOARSE which I don't think a lot of people realized. Tori once said that the reason she loved Judy Garland was because she felt as though Judy was singing directly to her and THATS EXACTLY WHY I love Tori.....I've always felt like she was singing 2 me!!! Hey, maybe I'm a bit narcissitic.....but at least I'm honest :-) And......I didn't feel that at this concert. I still love her dearly but miss so mething......don't know if anyone feels similiarly.....feel free to contact me with comments :-)
--Nobody else is slippin' the blade in the marmalade!

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