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Radio station WBRU 95.5 in Providence, RI
November 17, 2002

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Tori did a small intimate performance for radio station WBRU 95.5 in Providence, RI on Sunday, November 17, 2002. I have a report below from someone who was there. Tori performed the following song live at the piano. (Thanks Victoria.)

a sorta fairytale


From Lunasea417:

I was one of about 10 people that won admission to this rare event. it took place yesterday at 12 noon about 5 minutes from my an old firehouse that has been remodeled into a recording studio.They led us into a small living room where we waited for about 15 minutes. Then, a rep from Sony came in and advised us what we would be doing. He led us downstairs into a tiny room with a large oriental rug in the middle of the floor, directly in front of the piano. Joel was there advising us to all sit on the rug and keep still while recording took place. I sat right in front on the rug, Tori came out and said hi to everyone. She played 3 songs from the new album, (im so sorry i cant remember what they were, i was in a complete state of shock at this point) then she answered some questions from Dill, the girl who interviewed her for the radio show. After the interview Tori went away for a few minutes, they arranged us in a semicirle, Tori came back out and took a group picture with us . I will scan these pics when the station mails them to me. After the group pictures they lined us up to meet her. They passed out new posters to us and I got to talk to her for a few minutes about being a mom. She hugged us goodbye and we walked away with memories that cant be beat.

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