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Columbus, OH radio station WBNS 97.1 Acoustic Lunch
November 24, 2002

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Tori took part in an acoustic lunch for Columbus, OH radio station WBNS 97.1 on November 24, 2002. The event was only for a few lucky contest winners and took place at "The Club", located at The Hilton, Easton. Here is a report on what happened from Micah Westfall.

From Micah Westfall:

I was just writing to tell you about the amazing experience I had at the 97.1 acoustic brunch in Columbus on Sunday.

It took awhile for the radio people and the Tori people to figure out how the show would run and when the winners would eat. I wasn't too concearned about the food. I was pumped to see Tori! It was finally decided that the winners should eat in a different location and let Tori warm up, and then everyone could come back for the show. The food was amazing. I'm a fairly simply guy, and I must say I've never been anywhere so fancy that salmon would be offered with brunch. I was impressed (and starving...).

Then we go to go back over to the lounge where the show was going to be. It was like a living room setting. Some folks were on couches, but almost everyone else was sitting at little tables. No one was more than ten feet from the piano. The piano was a small yamaha.

Tori finally came out. She sat down and launched into an amazingly sweet version of CRAZY.

After CRAZY, she announced that she was no longer going to play what she had originally thought. From there she played a very long intro about vampires. There were at least there verses in the intro before it lead into COOLING.

CARBON was next. It is so amazing solo at the piano. I was agog with delight! She made it into such a tender and moving song until..... She messed up about half way to two thirds into it and gave up singing CARBON but sang something about how some songs aren't ready yet and shouldn't be rushed.

She ended with MRS. JESUS. And then spoke one at a time with everyone that was there. She signed photos and such. It was such an amazing experience!

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