Tori In Vox Magazine
March 1998

I received information about this article from Ken Tough, Paul Debraski, and Danica. Danica sent me the photo.

Tori appeared in the March 1998 issue of Vox Magazine in the U.K. (Issue #89) in an article called "The Diva." Others said the article was called "The Most Wanted Women 1998."

There was a several page spread on the 20 top divas. [Tori was #8]

Tori was pictured wearing a "Junkies Baddy Powder" T-shirt, next to this text:

Here is the top 20 Diva list posted to the newsgroup by Paul Debraski:

20 Mary J Blige (whose name I thought was Bilge for about 2 years)
19 Bjork (witha charming full page photo)
18 All Saints
17 Marianne Faithfull (witha someowhat revealing photo, shocking!
16 Polly Harvey (a neat full page photo)
15 Dolores O Riordan (they mention how she a bit off her rocker)
14 Shara Nelson (?)
13 Alison Shaw (Hey Dances, look, the Cranes!)
12 Skin (from Skunk Anansie) Wearing a shirt: Clit Pop!)
11 Sinead O Connor (A very cool B& W full page photo)
10 Martina (from Tricky's albums)
9 Lauryn Hill (from the Fugees)
8 TORI AMOS (Sadly a small circular photo, of her in her Junkies baddy
powder shirt, witha shit eating grin tee hee) *text at the end
7 Gabrilelle (?)
6 Erykah Badu (A very neat full page photo)
5 k d lang (a sassy half page photo)
4 Beth Gibbons (of Portishead) (a very strange photo that I didn't
recognize her in it)
3 Spice Girls ( 5 Divas in one apparently)
2 Courtney Love (an interesting courtney/Jesus collage)
1 Madonna (a rather old picture...stating that she's gonna live forever)

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