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Vibe Magazine
December 2002

Added November 22, 2002

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There was a good review of Tori's Scarlet's Walk album in the December 2002 issue of Vibe Magazine (Toni Braxton on the cover). They gave it 3 discs out of 5. Thanks to Josh and Jimmy for being the first to tell me about this.


In the year since Tori Amos released her wanly received cover album, 'StrangeLittleGirls', the singer/songwriter catagory has been filled with a new breed of manufactured star: vocal featherweights such as Vanessa Carlton and Norah Jones who come equipped with a piano and ready-made angst. At the moment, major-label A&R departments seem to be cloning this prototype with such velocity that they threaten to crowd out the genuine article. But with her seventh album, 'Scarlet's Walk', Amos is reclaiming her space. Typically, she's not taking the easy route: the self-produced 'Walk' is a distinctly high-brow work, illuminated by gently swaying rhythms, sublime acoustic guitars, and entrancing melodies. Amos shows a newfound appreciation for straight pop songs ("a sorta fairytale"), and her voice resonates warmly even as she wades through the emotional and physical ruin of "Don't Make Me Come To Vegas" and "I Can't See New York." But ultimately, the moments of bare beauty on such tracks as "Your Cloud" and "Crazy" set Amos apart as a true original. Her ladies-in-waiting would do well to listen. (Aidin Vaziri)

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