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VH1 U.K. 100 Greatest Women
Early October 2002

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VH1 in the U.K. had a vote for the 100 Greatest Women of music and then in early October 2002 revealed the vote on TV on their 100 Greatest Women program. Tori came in at #34 on this program! The first couple of times they showed it, there was a frustrating glitch in the program that made it skip Tori's part! This was later fixed and they finally showed Tori on the program. Here is a breakdown and a transcript of what VH1 U.K. broadcast from Paul Fisher:

('God' in background).

Narrator: Myra Ellen Amos started playing piano and writing songs at the age of four. But a strain of rebellion got her expelled from her elite music school, and instead on a track to becoming a rock star. Tori had a thunderous breakthrough in 1992, immediately establishing herself as a formidable music talent and a fascinating persona.

(Clips from various 'Litlle Earthquakes' videos and music mag covers).

Vanessa Carlton: "She's so inspiring to me. Such a unique artist with such an incredible vision in her lyrics and her playing and performance."

(Clip from 'Cornflake Girl').

Ahmet Ertegun (founder, Atlantic Records): "Tori Amos is a very, very special person. She is extremely sensitive, poetic, musical, and beautiful."

Natalie Imbruglia (Australian singer, big in UK): "She just puts her whole being into her work, and takes you to her world."

Darren Hayes (Australian singer, ex- Savage Garden): "I love the fact that she doesn't seem to pander to trends."

Tori: "Sometimes the words are really the subtext, and the music takes over, telling the story. And it is a maze sometimes."

Robert Sandall (UK music journalist): She's a bit wacky, there's no question - but she does have a real, artistic vision. You could say a 'cracked' vision."

Shirley Manson (Scottish singer, Garbage): "There's no artifice, no posing. She's got an abandonment that I find intriguing, and true. And honest."

Tori: "I'm much more comfortable when I'm at the piano. I think that's why I became a songwriter. When I was little, if I told my mother I wanted macarone and cheese, I'd sing it to her."

Robert Sandall: "Tori Amos is completely out there on her own."

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