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VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists
September 24, 2002 and other times

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Tori was one of the featured artists on the show 100 Sexiest Artists on VH1 in the U.S. Tori was #77 on the show. The show was shown for the first time on September 24, 2002 in the U.S. on VH1. You can see a web page about this at The show was broken down into 5 different 1 hour segments, and Tori was on the show featuring the artists who came in #80-61 on the list. Below I have a description of what they showed and what they said about Tori. A interview clip of Tori was also seen on this program when they reached Annie Lennox, who is #63 in the countdown. The Tori part itself had no interview footage from Tori. Just clips from her videos or performing, and comments from others.

An interview clip wth Tori was also shown during another hour of the program, when they featured Robert Plant, who was at #37 in the countdown. (Thanks to Hillary Westbrook and Natasha for that info.) Tori commented on how Robert makes her think of the devil.

The show will be repeated many times in the future by VH1.

This was one of those compilation shows that networks love to air because they are so cheap to make, since they mainly edit together clips of the artist from the stations library and then get a few celebrities to comment on the artist.

Here are details about the show from Jenny N:

I saw the 100 Sexiest Artists on VH1, and caught the Tori part. Here are details of what was said:

(Playing "God" and "Crucify" in the background, among others)

Host: Her image is an arresting one. Playing piano with a thrashing whip of wild red hair. She holds nothing back on stage or in her songs. And her beauty is the kind that is impossible to sit still for.

Bonnie Fuller, US Weekly: Tori really exemplifies the idea that vulnerability can be sexy. She draws you in with this sort of sense of there is somthing very dark and deep going on inside her.

Todd Oldham, designer: Theres a vulnerability to her sexiness, and there is a sort of quietness to it which ultimatley creates a very big presence, that sort of quiet sexiness

Sarah Silverman, comedian/actress: Tori Amos, she's got that whole fucking a piano bench thing going for her.

Duncan Sheik, singer/songwriter: That thing where she jirates on the piano bench, its definately a very erotically charged...

Jimmy Kimmel: Tori Amos is very honest, I think thats what people like about her. Some of the things she sings about are things that most people would never admit to anybody.

Sandra Bernhard: Her songs are very (aptic?) and kindof coming from that crazy, lost out on the (mores?), you know, smokey coming out from the mist kind of vibe. Thats her particular brand of sensuality.

Here is another report from Tara Leigh:

Here is a partial transcript of Tori's appearance on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists countdown. I apologize for the gaps...

Tori is #77, in between Barry White (#78) and before Marc Anthony (#76). Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) introduces her by saying "Her image is an arresting one...playing piano with a wild thrash of hair." Cut to the God video, then Bonnie Fuller, editor of US Weekly: "Tori really exemplifies the idea that vulnerability can be sexy. She draws you in with the idea that there is something dark and deep underneath."

Then designer Todd Oldham also talked about Tori's vulnerability, while they showed snippets of Tori videos. Next was a brunette whose name I didn't catch, who remarked "She's got that whole fucking a piano bench thing going!" while Duncan Sheik agreed "The thing where she gyrates on the piano bench is very erotically charged."

I couldn't believe the next person who talked about Tori - it was Jimmy Kimmel of the Man Show! But he was very complimentary, noting "Tori Amos is very honest. I think that's what people like about her. She sings about things no one else admits to." They closed with Sandra Bernhard alluding to Tori's music evoked images of walking on the moors .....

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