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Norwegian newspaper VG
October 29, 2002

Added November 22, 2002

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Read this review of Scarlet's Walk from the Norwegian newspaper VG that was published on October 29, 2002. Thanks to Kirsti Stien who translated the article from Norwegian to English. Read the article below or read the orginal in Norwegian at the VG web site.

Tori Amos : "Scarlet's Walk"

Almost perfect from the colorful Tori Amos.

Tori Amos has always been an eccentric and colourful song-bird. This time she's been inspired by the American highway on a frugal album.

The eighteen songs on "Scarlet's Walk" invites to a long musical journey across an enormous country, populated with highly different people.

With empathy, warmth and soul, Tori Amos describes a totally different USA than portraited in media after September 11th.

The Amos' highway album is plain, frugal and looks after the melodies at the expense of the complex and ambitious arrangement that dominates many of her earlier albums.

The relatively naked arrangements helps furthering the fragile and distincitive voice, the eminent piano-play and the intricate lyrics, that is the Amos trade mark.

As pop music "Scarlet's Walk" is great art. We are talking about one of the best albums of the year, irrespective of genre, but a total length of 74 minutes is tough - Tori Amos could preferably removed three-four songs and the album would have been a direct hit.

Rating: 5 / 6

Author: Espen A. Hansen

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