TV & Radio Appearances - October 1996

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The Big Question (BBC)
October 27, 1996

    An excellent interview with Tori aired on October 27, 1996 in the U.K. The title of the TV show was The Big Question (BBC). Interviewer Mark Lawson asked artists about their philosophy in life, sprituality, religion and what generally makes them and their world tick. Tori's answers were simply fascinating! Read more details about this interview and the ENTIRE transcript!

Tori On David Letterman
October 4, 1996

    Tori appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman, Friday, October 4th. As usual, she was the last guest and did not get to speak, other than to tell Dave who Caton was! She performed Father Lucifer, and did a wonderful job.

    See Photos From Tori's Oct 4th Letterman Appearance

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