Tori Amos On Television & Radio - November 2000

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U.K. TV show TOTP2 on BBC2
November 29, 2000

    On November 29, 2000, Tori was one of the artists shown on the U.K. TV show TOTP2 on BBC2. (TOTP2 stands for "Top Of The Pops 2", which is a kind of more mature/retrospect version of the main show "Top Of The Pops" which airs on BBC1.) Basically the programme shows old clips from the "Top Of The Pops" show.

    The performance shown on TOTP2 was of "Cornflake Girl" from 1994. Theo van Dijk says, "I have a little addition to what you said about the TOTP2 appearance on the BBC. Tori was not miming, that's true, but she also was not playing the piano live. There was a Bosendorfer and it looked like she played it but in fact she didn't, because somewhere in the first chorus there is a shot of Tori having her hands up (ie not on the piano) while the music just keeps on going. I've heard there were a couple of other appearances around that time where she did it, but I haven't seen those, but I'm pretty sure that the pianoplaying was fake here!"

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