TV & Radio Appearances - March 1999

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MTV Revue In Germany
March 28, 1998
    Michael Heiker and Christoph Viethen inform me that the MTV Revue episode that originally aired in the U.S. on November 4, 1998 aired on MTV in Germany on Sunday, March 28, 1999 as part of a block of programming called "MTV Masters: Alternative Women." which aired between 05.00 pm and 08.00 pm. Christoph reports that the 3-hour "MTV Masters" consisted of one and a half hours with Anouk, the MTV Revue show with Tori at 6:30 pm and then a one hour MTV Unplugged with Jewel.

Best Of Sessions At West 54th
March 27, 1999
    On March 27, 1999, Toriphiles in many U.S. cities were able to see a special Best Of Sessions At West 54th episode on PBS. It included some of the best performances from the past season. Of the 13 or so artists featured, Tori was included. They showed "Past The Mission," which was one of the songs featured on the one hour Tori episode that aired in many cities on February 6, 1999. Since some PBS stations show Sessions on their own schedule, some cities may have seen this episode later.

"Later... with Jools Holland" Repeat
March 19, 1999
    On Friday, March 19, 1999, the episode of "Later... with Jools Holland" that originally aired on May 22, 1998 was repeated on BBC 2. It was on at 01:45 - 02:55 a.m. - which was really Saturday morning, 20th March.

Saturday Night Live Repeat
March 15, 1999

    Tori was featured on a repeat of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central on Monday, March 15, 1999. The repeat was from January 20, 1996. The repeat only show Tori performing "Caught A Lite Sneeze", but on the original airing she also played "Hey Jupiter." You can see screen shots from both performances elsewhere in my TV/Radio Archives.

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