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Dutch radio station '3FM/Radio3' - 'Isabelle'
July 18, 2000
    On Tuesday, July 18, 2000, the Dutch radio station '3FM/Radio3' again aired the mini-concert Tori performed on November 5, 1999 at the Wisseloord studios in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Tori performed 6 songs during that mini-concert, and 4 songs of this concert were broadcast on this station previously on November 15, 1999 and the two remaining songs on January 31, 2000. This was the first time all 6 songs were broadcast on this radio show hosted by 'Isabelle' at the same time!

    They also aired one more live song as a bonus this time. You got to hear Tori sing "Bliss" from a live performance she gave for Studio Brussels in Belgium on November 3, 1999. So they aired 7 songs in all this time! (Thanks to JP for telling me about the bonus song and where it came from.)

    If you missed this, there's a real-audio archive available until one week after the show at this URL, so any of us can hear this on the net! Once your Real Player starts playing the file, you will need to forward 1 hour 25 minutes into the show to start listening to Tori. She comes on right after Michael Jackson's song "Rock With You." (Thanks to Kevin Crays)

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