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Nick News
January 23, 1999
    Tori was featured on Nick News, which airs on the U.S. cable channel Nickelodeon, as well as some local TV stations. It first aired on Saturday morning, January 23, 1999 on some local TV stations. Then on Sunday night, January 24, 1999, this episode of Nick News was shown on Nickelodeon. The Nick News was repeated on May 16, 1999. Below I have several more reports about the show and a nearly complete transcript kindly typed for me by Toriphile the Feral Rain Sniper:

    Here is the transcript:

    Linda Ellerbee: ...But you probably know her as Tori, and you probably know her new album "From the Choirgirl Hotel". What's the story of this girl and her tunes? Hear now the adventurous art of songwriter Tori Amos.

    (Cornflake Girl clip)

    Tori: Some people, you know, write their own music, and it's 'chang chang chang chang, I had a girl, chang chang chang chang, and she was good...'. Well, you might sell millions of records, but that doesn't mean you're a musician.

    My name's Tori Amos... and I'm a musician.

    (More of Cornflake Girl)

    I was called a child prodigy- those words are hard to come out of my mouth, because, you know, you sound like such a freak.

    (Winter clip)

    I was classically trained by the time I was five. Classically trained means that you spend a few hours a day playing classical music. I kept at that till I was really 21. Year by year I was playing music that really spoke to me.

    (Crucify clip)

    I think music was sort of my key, no pun intended, but it was the way that I got in touch with another... you can call it an imaginary world.

    Everybody has creativity and each person has it in a different way. Some people aren't musical, some musicians can't even think about painting or gardening. There's so many different ways to be creative.

    When you talk to kids and go 'Well, what do you like to do?'


    You go 'Ok, well that's interesting. What do ya mean, nothin?'

    'Well, you know, watch TV'

    You mean sit on your butt and watch TV, that's what you like to do? Well, aren't you an interesting person...uh...Duh! Everybody has something, I really believe that.

    (Scene cuts to Tori walking through a door, through a hallway, etc)

    Tori: So I'm gonna take you to one of my favorite places, this is uhm, the kitchen.

    (Tori talks to one or two people in the kitchen cooking, gets excited when she hears they're making spaghetti marinara.)

    (Professional Widow Remix clip)

    Tori: Fame comes easy, too easy to some people. And for those of you who have to struggle to get somewhere, you need to appreciate what that brings you, that brings you humility, that brings you respect- for other people that work hard and really achieve knowledge of their craft. (Silent All These Years Clip)

    Glamour doesn't have a lot of substance, there's nothing wrong with glamour. But it's a veneer, it's like painting your skin gold. But what happens when the paint wears off? You better hope there's something inside. That's very important.

    (Cornflake Girl Clip)

    EWF Laura S. and Eva Pedersen also told me about this appearance and said they showed a lot of clips from her videos. Here is what Eva said about the program:

      There was a cute little segment on Tori talking about kids having interests other than "just watching TV." Basically she told kids like that to get off their butts and do something with their creativity, 'cause everybody possesses some kind of creativity...' Then she took us to one of her favorite places: The kitchen where some guy was cooking up a storm. *g* She also talked a little about her training and practicing the piano for hours every day when she was a kid.

    Jennifer Cypress posted the following comments to the Precious Things mailing list:

      The part where I came in showed Tori standing in some restaurant's kitchen and they were discussing the finer points of pasta. A woman who worked in the kitchen told the cameraman that she had met the Spice Girls before, but that Tori was much nicer-- "she actually said hello to me". Tori was goofing off and having fun in the kitchen. She was dressed up so it looked like she had either just done a television spot or a concert or was about to do one of those two things. I'm guessing the restaurant was in New York (no British accents).

Virgin Radio's Top 500
January 1999

WFUV Listener Poll
January 1999

    Rich Koppinger tells me that radio station WFUV in New York recently compiled a listener poll of the top 50 albums of 1998, and Tori made it to the list at #41. See the entire list at the WFUV Web Site.

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