TV & Radio Appearances - April 1999

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VH1 Road To Fame
April 19, 1999 and many dates after that
    The first airing of the VH1 program Road To Fame that featured Tori aired on Monday, April 19, 1999 in the U.S. The show was repeated on Friday, April 23, Sunday, April 25, Tuesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 29.

    The show did show some of the same footage that was shown on Before They Were Rock Stars III. They showed older interview clips with Tori talking about how her imaginary friends around the piano were more fun than the real people who were around her when she was little. She also talked about getting a job at a gay bar when she was 13 and her reaction to getting kicked out of the Peabody Conservatory. They showed footage of her parents with her mom talking about how Tori likes to be different and shock people. They showed various videos while telling Tori's "Road To Fame" story, including the video for "Raspberry Swirl." They also showed many photos of Tori as a young girl and during her Y Kant Tori Read days. Many of these photos are in her authorized biography, though I did see a few I had not seen before. Most of the interview clips I had seen before too except for one brief one. One interesting part was when they talked about the impact Tori made in high school. She was in the play "Gypsy" and in a part when she was supposed to bare her shoulder, she accidently showed a lot more than that. A Student at the school now says they actually have a "Tori Amos award" they give to the student each year who shows the most skin on stage! So the show was somewhat interesting but nothing groundbreaking.

    Here is a description of the show from angell. I will have more details after I see it myself.

    i saw road to fame, taped it actually. Tori's parents are both shown, mom and dad. there are pictures of tori hanging on the walls behind them. I was startled it was the first time i saw Tori's mom. They both have grey hair. They showed good pictures of tori's youth. Tori's mom states how..Tori always wanted to shine..she always wanted to be different, and the center of attention. It shows Tori's music teacher at the high school and he says...Tori wanted to join the choir and when she tried out he listened for 3 seconds and thought shes's problem she's in..and he asked if he could play the piano for her to sing to it, Tori i have that under control..and showed him up!! it goes on it was really good the whole 10 minutes of it..they also show an early family picture which i thought was nice..

MTV Ultrasound: "Young, Loud & Skinny: A Year In The Life Of Jesse"
Aired on many dates in April 1999

    There was an episode of MTV Ultrasound featuring Jesse Camp, who was the winner of the 1998 inaugural contest for a job as an MTV veejay. The show is called "Young, Loud & Skinny: A Year In The Life Of Jesse." This show features footage of Jesse with Tori. He talks about how much he loves Tori and they show footage from MTV Live where Jesse and Tori are singing Aerosmith's "Dream On" together. This has already been shown on MTV several times and they plan to show it throughout April 1999 and on May 2, 1999.

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