TV & Radio Appearances - April 1997

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MuchMusic's Word For Word
April 17, 1997

    Super Toriphile Julia has told me about a cool little Tori interview clip that has been appearing on Canada cable TV station MuchMusic. She says they always have little segments called "Word for Word" that are about 2 minutes long when they need filler programming. Tori was on it April 17. They were interviewing artists on their favourite books to read. They also played at bit of the Caught a Lite Sneeze video before, after and during (in the background) of the's what she said:"

    "Well I'm reading all the time, I always have a different book going, uh..... I don't always finish them though. I read the first page and a lot of times I buy five books at a time for a period of two weeks, three weeks and just get through them as much as I can. I know I make more money than some people but I've done this my whole life, I've always bought a lot of books and I pass them off to my friends and they pass theirs on to me. So it becomes very much like a recycle thing."

    Check Out MuchMusic's Word For Word Section On Their Web Site (Once there choose 'T' for Tori)

    You Can Also See Part Of This Interview As A Quicktime or AVI Video Clip!

WFNX In Boston Airs 1992 Tori Special
April 15, 1997
    Radio station WFNX, 101.7 in Boston MA broadcast a Tori program from 1992 around 11:00 pm April 15. The special included the songs Crucify, Leather, Silent All These Years, Whole Lotta Love/ Thank You, Me and a Gun, and Girl. I have received some emails that say this appears to be taken from a concert at the Coach House in San Juan, CA in 1992. Toriphile Helena says you can hear the same thing on a boot called After The Rain. Graeme McKellan says it is on a boot named Whole Lotta Teen Spirit.

"The World's Most Intriguing Women" On E!
April 13, 1997

    Tori was one of the women shown on a program called The World's Most Intriguing Women which was aired on US cable TV Network E! Entertainment on Sunday, April 13th at 3:00PM Eastern. It was aired again on April 19 and the morning of April 20. The 1 hour show profiled women from politics, sports, music, the arts and so on. Tori was shown briefly during the music segment. The Tori clip is only 16 seconds long. Thanks to Richard Handal, I now have the exact quote from Tori, as well as this photo.

      "There's enough room if you are being who YOU are. If you're, if you're not trying to be...I could never be Joan or Alanis or Jewel or, I'm not...and they could never be me and to want to be them is where you go wrong."

    Tori mispronounced Alanis's name. She said it with a long A, like "A Lay Nis."

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