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Updated September 1, 2000

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Tori did a "duet" with Tom Jones called "I Wanna Get Back With You" which appeared on the October 1995 Tom Jones album "The Lead And How To Swing It" on Atlantic Records. (The album cover is pictured to the right.) The song was also released as a single in the U.K. through Interscope. I place "duet" in quotes because in reality, Tori is only heard singing during the chorus, and in such a way that she is really a backup singer on the song. But the song is commonly called a duet. I am not sure I would have even recognized Tori on the track unless I already knew it was her.

In May 2000, a Tom Jones biography called "Tom Jones: Close Up" was released. The bio was written by Lucy Ellis and Bryony Sutherland. It is a 390 page hardcover book from Music Sales Corp and has an ISBN # 0711975. (You can see an entry for this book at

Toriphile Kelly was the first to tell me about this biography, and she found the passages in the book where Tori and/or the duet is mentioned. Tori is mentioned on pages 321 and 323. On page 321 it says:

    "The Lead And How To Swing It' was released on November 26,1994, six weeks after the first single, "If I Only Knew". The album reached 55 in the UK but made no impact on the US market at all. Australlian fans were rewarded for their long support of Tom with a second bonus CD featuring highlights of a London concert, comprising "Unbeleivable","Take me to the River","Walking in Memphis",'Green green grass of Home",It's not unusual and Kiss. Two singles were lifted in promotion for the regular album, the veritable opus of "If I only knew" and "I want to get back with you", a duet with Tori Amos produced by Richard Perry and Thom Panunzio.

Page 323 reads:

    The following single to "If I only knew" was "I wanna get back with you" a ballad which featured Tori Amos's vocals on the chorus, although it was generally described as a ''duet". In the same month that "The lead and how to swing it" was released, Tori's current album Under The Pink was certified platinum, and a joint appearance of Tori and Tom could only have benefited him. However the pair were never seen together, either in Tom's promotional video for the duet, or performing live on stage. Without a visual union of this strength, the single completely failed to chart. Although Tom missed out on capitalising on Tori's success and standing he now became quite vocal about another female pop star with whom he would have liked to share a microphone. Apparently his admiration for Madonna was reciprocated.

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