Toriphiles speak about the New York/D.C. Terror attacks

Updated September 24, 2001

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I have gotten numerous emails recently about the horrible events of September 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington D.C. You can read them below. The newest entries are at the bottom of the page.

First, here are some helpful links or resources:

  • Tori Amos's comments on "MTV Comes Together: Artists And Viewers Speak"

  • A nice site set to Tori's version of Imagine

  • Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan - Truly shows how horrible and brutal the Taliban is...

  • America's tragedy as seen by the world... an amazing set of photos that show the support people all over the world are sharing.

  • MSNBC has a page with helpful numbers and resources for survivors, family members, and ways we can all help

  • Here is a web site where you can let people know you are safe and where you can search for people to see if they are safe. - There are links there to 3 other sites that are doing this as well.

  • has a good page with emergency contact information and details on how you can help

  • A Tragedy Support Community at

    Toriphiles Speak About The Tragedy

    From Mikewhy:

      In memory of Toriphile Alicia

      The attack on New York took the life of one of the posters on the Dent Forum, Toriphile Alicia, known as littlejupitergirl. There is currently a thread about her on the Main Tori Forum. Words can not describe the grief I feel. Please keep her family in your thoughts and post in this thread in her memory.

    From Ann:

      I know a lot of people are turning to Tori's music for support during this difficult time. I also know that many sexual assault survivors are EWF. And there are other EWF who have survived other traumatic events. To anyone that has suffered trauma in their past, the tragedy in NYC and DC could be triggering. You could feel like you are going through your traumatic experience all over again. If you are feeling this way, there are places where you can get help. If you are a sexual assault survivor, please call RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE to be connected to your local rape crisis hotline. If you have any other type of traumatic event, please look in your phone book under "Crisis" and call your local crisis line. You don't have to go through this alone.

    From franco:

      i have sent you some mail during the past few weeks...

      anyway, i live in downtown manhattan and it really has been an out of control day/night. i just got back from going down to see if we could help at all, but it is a mess...and one part of my brain always did wonder where tori was and what she would make of this...

      i just got home and was wondering if you would have put anything up, and for some reason i can cry because this is a part of my being, my community, and this rollercoaster of emotions has changed a lot of people for the rest of their lives. we don't even realize yet...

      there is no way that anything but love can start to heal this...i imagine if tori still does the interview on saturday she will not be able to avoid this topic...

      i don't really know why i am writing to you, mike, but to thank you for having this site to check in to to help bring me back to not feeling so alone. we really all need to help people...there is so much to be done. if anyone in new york city contacts you about needing anything, i will help. in the name of humanity and in the name of tori i will give what i have.

    From King_ Of_Pain:

      I send my deepest condolences to all the American people via The Dent from Lebanon, in reaction to the big catastrophe that occurred early this morning in Washington, New York and Philadelphia.

      May God bless the victims and their families. Those innocents didn't have anything to do with some insane religious people.

      We saw white flags flying minutes before the second tower collapsed. Many lost lives, many blessed persons, many collapsed buildings.

      This big tragedy will soon find its way to the truth.

      This is why I send my deepest thoughts to all the American community and especially to the families of the lost innocent victims.

      Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

      All our thoughts are with you.

      From Lebanon.

    From Kirily:

      Hey, Mike, Aussie Kirily here. Just wanted to let you and all the American Toriphiles reading your page know that the horrible hell going on over there is not only for Americans to bear. It's not just a USA thing for you all to deal with all alone. Many people, including my mum, even with no US contacts have shed tears and pure disbelief really at what has happened. It's still absolutely surreal and almost inconceivable. Don't think that the world will not band together on this one against the sick people who could pull of such a thing. Yes, Tori news is rather irrelevent right now. I'm sure many things so important before are suddenly less relevent than they seemed before. I know what I've written could seem rather drivelly, but I just thought it was important for Americans to know that this is in no way being ignored or being treated lightly by the rest of the world, ok? Anyway, keep safe, everybody, the bastards will be found and caught, and I so hope, that this sick tragedy doesn't lead to anything bigger that could wipe out more people. We have an absolute wanker of a Prime Minister, but I'm sure even he can manage to do the right thing in supporting and helping out as best we can. All the best, Kirily

    From Eldad:

      I can't even tell u how i am completely shocked by this terrible terrorist attack in N.Y and all of u.s.a.

      As u might remember i am from Israel and my country was brutally attacked by terror many times in the past and even as we speak (some terror attack had happened less then a week ago) but even my country ever seen this kind of terror and I'm just felling heartbroken...i really am.

      many people have asked me since this happened to cancel my trip on October to N.Y because of the terror attack but i said NO ! i won't let them win by making us feel like prisoners in our day to day lives so i decided to go no matter what...and it even made me realize that life is short and i should try to make my dream come true and meet tori cause u never know what might happen...

      Thank you for your update-Im so glad to hear that tori is fine, i was really worried cause i knew she is in N.Y right now...

      again i want to say that all of us in Israel are with u and thinking of the American people and pray for u...may u never know this kind of sorrow again.

    From Haullie:

      Dear America,

      To say your name is a privilage. To cry for you is respectful. Even as I say I need you now, somehow I know you will stay strong as the day you were thought of by our greatest leaders. Still inside part of me feels a deep ache, because I love you America but why did it take me this long to believe it? Why did it take a National disaster to see that you held us together for so long. Never will my appriciation for you falter as it has for so long. You not only give me a new hope but a new inspiration. War cannot stop our love, our heritage, our life, our fight to struggle. You can count onus to stand as tall as your mountains for you, to go to any distance to say "We will not go un-noticed." Let this not be a day of saddness for you , but a day where we can be proud, for being a country so free for the people and so full of Liberty and Justice, one nation under God. Let us give thanks to the fire men and to the military, to the police force who risk they're lives to help aid in ours. Let is give thanks to the people who make America so beautiful for hanging in there and sending they're prayers to the lost ones. Let us thank the President and all of his wonderous efforts to lead our country into victory. America's wounds will heal and her land once safe and strengthened again. In time we will all heal from the battle. The emotional chaos. The unimaginable terror of today. Yet let us not fear for our lives any longer......let us stand with the courage to seek justice for those who poison our country with they're terrorism. America you are with us, therefore, we are with you.

      Check out Haullie's web page about this horrible incident.

    From John a.k.a. cruelsugar:

      American citizens died today. They died in glass and fire and steel. They died in fear and prayers and tears. To say today's events have been shocking is a mass understatement. People died. They died. That was what kept rolling around in my head over and over again and again all day today. They died for no reason. Parents are now without their children. Children without parents. We lost mothers and fathers today, we lost our children and our friends, grandparents, grandchildren, best friends, lovers, and neighbors. We lost far far too much today. Tragedy is the word that comes to mind. So does Stupidity. It was a senseless act of hatred. Everyone I know is transfixed by the images of strife and agony from today. The image of someone falling so many, many feet to hit the ground. The image of such a huge building imploding in ash and fire. The image of a burnt doll in a rescue worker's hand, and we can just wonder about what happened to the doll's owner. I'm only eighteen years old, that feels like such a small handfull of years. I'm only eighteen but words like Homeland and Patriotism mean volumes to me. Honestly? I would lay down my life for my country and it's people if it came down to it. But instead I sit here and feel helpless because there is NOTHING I can do to help my land and it's people. I feel helpless because it all feels so unreal and it was all so senseless. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about what's happened. They bombed my people today. They hurt my country. My heart goes out to those who have lost today. My heart goes out to my Nation that has lost so much today. My heart goes out. There is nothing I can do that would help anyone. I can't give blood because I don't qualify. The only thing I have in this day and age is my voice, which I use. I use it here, in this simple little journal that anyone can stumble across and read. I can not do anything.

    From Allison:

      I want to write something inspirational. I want to sound hopeful. I want to give magic to words that will move across thousands of miles east to heal the lives and bodies of those who have been affected by today's events. However, my words are not magic. They are only my clumsy attempts at verbalizing the thoughts and emotions swirling within me.

      We cannot change what's happened today. We cannot turn back the clock, warn the proper authorities, beg the airports not to let those planes take to the sky. The images ingrained into our minds forever, the twin towers exploding with the force of a giant fireball in the form of a commercial jet, people screaming, leaping from windows hundred of feet to their deaths, the towers collapsing in a cloud of smoke, dust and debris -- all of this is real. This is not a movie, a dream, or a test. This is our reality. It is all the more real for those who witnessed it by their own senses, for those who gave their lives, and for the families of the casualties of this attack.

      Our sense of national security has been shattered. Our Pentagon, a major symbol of our nation's capital which houses the Department of Defense, was infiltrated and afire. At this moment, over 12 hours after it happened, the Pentagon is still flaming with no signs of letting up. While I feel a deep sorrow for the tragedies which occurred earlier today, sorrow which broke me down several times during the day, I also feel stripped, exposed. I feel as if these terrorists peeled the roof off our secure America and poked its fiery finger inside at us randomly. I admit it, I am fearful. We don't know at this time whether the attacks are finished, or if there are more to come. The fact that all we can do is sit and wait boils anger in my veins, but underneath the anger I am afraid. I fear this world we live in, where our own planes were taken and used against us. Where technology allows a missile to destroy major cities with the push of a button. Where the idea of biological warfare haunts my thoughts. Where our carefree way of life may be drastically changed because of today's events.

      We cannot forsee the future, and we cannot live our lives in fear. The most we can do right now is send our thoughts and positive energy to those injured and killed in the assaults on our country, and to the families and friends in mourning of their loved ones. Donate to the Red Cross and give blood to help the victims. Most of all, LIVE. Show those terrorist bastards that we will not lie down in fear, that this will not stop our lives. No matter if we are afraid, we cannot let them win.


    From Rasputina11:

      I am shocked and saddened by yesterday's events in New York City and Washington D.C.

      I felt like I was watching a horror movie as I sat on my couch in Florida and watched everything unfold on t.v.

      I felt helpless until I realized that there was something I could do- DONATE BLOOD! I talked to several people today who thought it was a wonderful idea, but were just too scared of blood and needles to do it. It made me sad to think of these trivial fears, when you could be SAVING LIVES. There are blood banks all over the U.S.A. you can call 1-888-256-6388.

      One more thing, please remember that we must practice good international relations with people all over the world right now, and that a failure in diplomacy helps no one.

    From tony t.:

      Thanky ou for your support to NY by having those websites available on the dent... I give you my gratitude as a New Yorker whose friends and family have been stuck in the city for the last hours. It is this compassion that helps bad situations. Bad being an understatement.

      Thank you also for having letters posted from other Ears with Feet, especially those from Friends across the seas... hearing those words mean alot. I know that they will help alot of us get through a terrible time. I pray that your family and friends are safe as well... (should you have any out this way or DC or PA).

      It'll be an eerie feeling, to know that when i go to the top of the Empire State Building that i will no longer see the same Majestic sky line... but rather a proud statement torn assunder. However i pray that through the wreckage hope emerges.

      I too wanted to say something profound for fellow NYers and people in DC and PA could look too for inspiration, but there is nothing anyone can say other than, I pray for you and those you love, that will help this situation. I am reminded though of a saying that goes something like: Courage is the absense of fear...

      i guess we must be brave with courage now...

    From Kim:

      I have no words for this tragedy. Except a link to a prayer for peace and for the victims, maybe it can help to comfort someone by saying it. Here is the link in case it will: Link

      And John Steinbeck's Nobel speech about the resilience of the human spirit is something to remember during this time. Past generations have been through horrors of nightmare proportions and, in the aftermath, went on to plan and live out positive lives. No matter where this might go from here, we will survive, and we will endure, and we will prevail, as human beings all over the world.

      Steinbeck's speech.

    From sekkhen:

      all the french hearts are with american people
      stay proud

    From Courtney:

      I am just sounding off here about the tragedy. By the way, I was glad to see that Tori is safe.

      I am over here on the West Coast, in San Diego county. My first view was of the pieces of airplane insulation lying in the streets and next to it were rivers and streams of blood on the sidewalk. Oh my god. My mother dragged me out of bed on my day off to see history and as I watched all day, I got the sense I was watching history, but the human aspects of it seem to only hit home in the last hour. Ace. The last seconds of his life I watched on tv over and over again from every concievable angle and only after seeing it for probably the 100th time did it hit me, and I cried. Everytime after that when I watched that video, I cried and each time it was for all of the people whose lives ended in that one act. Not just Ace. Everyone. The people on their cell phones talking to loved ones. The financiers. The firefighters and other rescue personnel. Everyone. I never thought I would witness a tragedy such as this. I always thought that events like this only happened before I was born, in a less civilized time. Today is apparently no less civilized than it was today, but America may be more vulnerable then ever. I shall never feel totally safe in this country ever again.

    From Shawn & Alix:

      For those of you who want to help the victims of the attack in the U.S. yesterday, you can donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund at two web sites online using a credit card. More information on exactly what the Red Cross is doing can be found at

      For donations: and

      Amazon donations can be from $1 to $50, Red Cross donations can be for any amount.

      This isn't a forward we've gotten, so, it is not just a scam, for those worried. It may have already been broadcast somewhere on the news, but we've long since turned the news off out of the pain of watching the same heart-wrenching scenes over and over again.

      This is also not meant to be seen and a solicitation or manipulation or guilt trip.

      We're sending this for those of you out there who have watched the tragedies in America unfold and are left feeling utterly horrified and helpless in a way to act in this. A way to give anything to repair the damage done. It is simply information for you to use as you can or want that we thought some may not know about and may want to. We are sending it to all our contact lists. Of course, feel free to pass the message on to any you feel could use it.

      For any who have suffered a loss, my heart and blessings are with you. For those of you involved in the the armed forces and rescue crews, thank you.. and be safe.

    From felicity Edwards in the U.K.:

      I know it may not mean much or change anything, but my heart and soul go out to all those effected by disaster. I've shed tears and the pictures of people jumping to their deaths will be etched in my mind forever. Just to say I'm thinking of all those effected and that you are not alone.

    From Alice from Rome:

      Hi Mike,this is Alice from Rome. I am very sympathetic with all the Americans. My heart goes out to all the victims:too many victims.

      We need justice,I hope somebody will arrest the terrorists. All the islam fanatics all over the world should be neutralized. I cannot believe they have been such violent and that they have no respect for other people's lives! Fanatism is horrible!

      Today I went to the university and I met some friends and we started talking about the attack: everyone was shocked. We are now willing to see what Bush will do. By the way, I've realized that when his father was President of USA there was the war against S.Hussein then Clinton was President and there was peace; now Bush jr is president and there is this attack (which is not a terroristic attack but to me is a kind of declaration of war)! Do U think it's just a coincidence? I'm afraid it's not a coincidence.

      I'm glad to know that Tori is fine. I didn't even know that she was in NY! I've heard it trough the Dent. I want to say that U did a very good job with the Dent putting on the web very helpful links (like CNN,etc) and the e-mails U received. If U want U can put mine too.

    From Kathryne Scott:

      I read a lot of e-mails today from people concerned and saddened by what has happened. I, too, feel deeply saddened by what is going on. However, for anyone who is frustrated and feeling helpless, there are things that you can do to help out. The Red Cross will be in desperate need of blood all over the US. I didn't realize until yesterday that many hospitals fly in their blood supplies needed for transfusions from all over the country. If you're not good with needles, food donations, clothing donations, money donations . . . donate your time, offer your support. Just offering your ear to someone who needs to talk can be invaluable. Pray. Your local news stations often have websites with numbers to organizations seeking assistance. Utilize this information! As with all of the nation, we should not let the perpetrators of this horrible event make us feel helpless!

      The Red Cross numbers are:
      1-800-GIVE-LIFE to locate a site near you that is accepting blood donations
      1-800-HELP-NOW to make a monetary donation

      Thanks, Mike, for making this site available always and especially now.
      May Godbe with everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

    From Sylvain:

      One of the first things I thought yesterday when my friend phoned me to let me know the news about New York and D.C. (these days I'm in a small town in France and don't have neither TV nor the radio) was : I wonder if THE DENT will "cover" (I'm sorry, the word seems unappropriate but I don't find another) the event in its columns. I'm proud, as a member the toriphile community, that you did. I have absolutely no idea of how you american people must feel. I am very far away, yet I feel vulnerable ; such an attack could strike Europe too, as easily ; we're on the edge of world war III, and I have a feeling that this is gonna be worse than the two precedent ones. I have absolutely no trust in George Bush, yet I hope he won't be too stupid. Some men have a dick instead of a brain, he has a gun instead of a dick. After the horrible events in Italy for the G8, and now this, I definitely think our times are among the worst there are ever been. ABOUT THE DENT and the toriphile community : these columns are doubly (excuse me if I create words) in their right place here : This is a war (as most of the wars are, but here especially intensively) about religion and all the disasters it brings. Tori herself and the Tori people can't be deaf to what this means - My Boyfriend just phoned me to let me know that Europe will have a mourning day on Friday. What is going to happen ? I'm sick. I think I'll post more later.

    From Jill:

      I have taken my timereacting because, honestly, I have needed a day to digest all that has occurred in our country. Asmy best friendAnnika might tell you, based on our telephone conversation yesterday, I am not one that reacts quickly, or even like anyone else might think me to react. I was more interested in eating my omelet and talking about my poetry. Should I, though,add that every television in the house was tuned to the ongoing coverage of this horrific tragedy?

      I don't quitethink it sunk in until later last night, while I was sitting up watching the news withmy fiancee'sparents. It was the first time the film of the first plane smacking into the World Trade Center was shown. I had seen the films of the second plane, but to see those twin towers standing there, oblivious to the certain destruction ahead, and to imagine the hundreds of thousands of people inside those buildings, kind of struck me. Perhaps I'm slow, but that's when it hit me.

      I didn't cry. That would be weakness in a time when that is not acceptable. My heart does go out to those who have lost family, friends, colleagues, etc. I am even debating rolling up my sleeve, putting aside my horrendous fear of needles, and donating blood (I have O-type with an Rh-negative factor, making me kind of rare). If I had a ride, I'd be at the public memorial at the Puyallup Fair right now.

      I even somewhat admire that dork we have in the White House right now. How it must suck to be the man in charge when all this happens--to have to view what has happened to your country and not only react to it, but to be the one person that everyone, around the country and around the world, is looking towards for information and consolation. I may think he looks like he was dragged around by his ears as a child, but I don't envy his job right now. His words have been well-chosen and, although not very well spoken (the man is a terrible public speaker), hard-hitting. His eyes do show the sorrow of a nation and for that he is human again, like the rest of us.

      This country will remain strong. There was an on-the-street interview on the Seattle news station today where one man said that although America may have been brought down onto one knee, she will rise stronger than before. I believe that. I'm not about to go and wrap myself in an American flag, but I have an undeniable faith in the strength and perseverance of this country. We are not beaten and these attacks have failed at what they were really meant to do: frighten America into the shadows. Instead we are doing what comes naturally to us--find the survivors, treat the wounded, mourn the dead, and rebuild. We will find those at hand and they will be punished--we will not retreat into the shadows.

      I'm reminded, oddly enough, of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The Grinch may have stolen the decorations, the food, the presents, and everything associated with Christmas, but he could not steal the spirit out of Whoville.

      And they haven't stolen the spirit out of us, either.

    From Leslie(from Arkansas):

      Hi Mike-I have been reading the e-mails that you have posted on your site and I thought I would add a few thoughts to the hundreds that you have probably received.

      In this terrible numbness that we all seem to feel, there has got to be a lesson of some sort, and if I dare, I am going to say what I think that lesson may be. For a very long time, Americans have considered ourselves to be this invincible fortress, surrounded by two protective, mother oceans. I think that this was the prevailing opinion, until yesterday. We have lived in our own self-constructed borders of ethnocentricity and denial about the power of a fundamental belief system. A belief system that most Westerners dismiss with a shrug out of nothing but pure indifference. Somewhere along the way, we accumulated this blind arrogance and pride, that eventually turned into complacency.

      We have forgotten that unfortunately, in today's world, the darker, and more horrible parts of humanity sometimes manifest into something that we could never imagine. In short, we doubted the power of people who have nothing to lose in life, but everything to gain in death.

      I guess that I am saying that it is so important for us to open our minds and hearts to things we know nothing about. It is time for us to stop taking things at face value, and start looking behind our actions. We need to be courageous and look in those dark places that have been unlit for so long. How can we be accepting and open if we are afarid to look into our own hearts? Someone asked Carl Jung once if he thought the world could be saved, if we all were ever going to make it as a society, and Jung said, "If enough people will do their inner work." I am not saying that we deserved this, please do not misunderstand me. What I'm trying to say is that we have got to find that light that exists in all of us, be better people, be more open. We saw fundamentalism at its worst yesterday-This world is too beautiful and complex to ever think that one belief system is the only one that should exist.

      Guys, we listen to Tori to try to find a way in, to try to learn how she found her way inside, beyond the blackness, to become a whole and complete being. So, stand up, be proud and strong and let the journey begin. The world needs this now, more than ever.

    From Eve:

      hi..sigh** i am still in shock after yesterdays events and talking about it helps a lot. we all need to help each other and get through because things go on, unfortunately not that easy. i am still in a state of denial that something like this could of happened. and i live right in ny so it was very close to home, about a half hr to be exact. the twin towers will no longer be there the skyline no longer the same. and the pentagon too. i dont even want to hear the number of casualties because it is just unfathomable. my school was a big panic field yesterday after everyone found out. Everyone eager to find out the details and who was responsible and if they had lost anyone. It was awful. It was awful to walk down the halls and see people hysterical and withworries on their faces trying to find out what just happened. The busy halls were filled with a muggy thick uncomfortable silence yesterday, as well as today. I cant even imagine the scene at the pentagon and the towers. stunning. Everyone who is anyone was effected by yesterdays attacks. I myself was very lucky that i had no one in the city but i had heard stories of friends familys, freinds, mothers, and fathers perishing in the towers. It hit so close to home my emotions just came to the surface and i cried and worried as i saw what had happened to our nation. As i had a moment of silence and said the pledge of alligiance today in school the energy was incredible. everyone really listening to the words of our pledge and concentrating on our beautiful flag. It was the most meaningful pledge that i have ever recited.i felt extreme pride for the united states of america.i was very proud of our country for handling the situation so well and taking it at a step at a time and not jumping to conclusions and having false panic attacks. i was very moved by the presidents speech when he reassured us that we will find who did this to our country and seek revenge. My brain is still numb and i cannot fully register what happened. My heart goes out to the familes that have suffered a loss. my heart also goes out to all of the brave forefighters and police officers that have sacrificed their lives for others. We must all be there for one another, through the tears, shock, and disbelief. Our nation will never be the same after yesterdays events but i have faith in our fine country that we will get through this.I also urge you to please donate blood if you can. You can also call your local Red Cross and find out ways that you can help.

      God Bless America

    From October:

      Reading everyone's respective stories on this page nearly made me cry. I just wanted to tell everyone that I am so sorry, and I wish you all the best for the future, because there will be a future. No matter what. We will go on, and although we will never forget yesterday's events, we will move on. And while I'm here, I might as well tell my own story:

      I'm a freshman in highschool. When I was in second period, a teacher who had been listening to the radio during his off period came into the music room and announced to us that a 737 had crashed into the World Trade Center. My first thought was that it was an accident. What a weird coincidence. That was random. So all 25 people in the class herded into the tech lab to watch the news on the TV there. As soon as we turned it on, we saw the second plane crash into the other tower, live. We were shocked. Everyone just stood there crowded in the tiny tech lab, staring, in total disbelief. Eventually, we had to go to third period, so we went, in a daze. I live in North Jersey, about a half hour commute from the city, so a ton of people's parents work there. I was lucky enough not to have any family there, but so many people weren't. There were people running down the stairs sobbing, and people standing in the halls crying and clinging to each other. It was unnerving. People were coming from phys ed, and had no idea what was going on. I explained it to all my friends who had had gym that period, and they were dazed. I kept thinking, "This a this a this is not really happening/You bet your life it is" and it's been running through my head ever since. There were announcements over the PA system about how if you had family who worked in downtown Manhattan, to go to the guidance office where they'd try to contact them. Later on, passing the office, I saw it packed with crying teenagers. It was such an upsetting sight, seeing friends, acquaintances, and strangers all sitting there in anticipation that I nearly cried myself. It was the scariest day of my life. I send my condolences to everyone who is still waiting to hear from loved ones, or has already heard bad news. I know this is cliche, but it'll all be ok, eventually. It will.

    From Nightlilei (Crystal):

      I have been a "hoarse" member of your online community for several years now. I do appreciate all of the info I have received from you about Tori. I do now however, have some information to give back. I am an employeeof the American Red Cross in Charlotte, NC and I would also appreciate it if you would spread the word about the need for blood and pheresis (plasma) donations. Currently we need people to fill the O and Rh negative void that was made by the attacks. As you know, O is the universal donor and can be given to anyone, and a negative is a rare occurrence so we try to get as many of these types as possible. I would also like to tell you that as of right now we have enough people giving their blood in the other blood types (A pos, B pos etc) for the next couple of days. So please let your fans know that while there are enough now, there will be more needed in the following days; waiting a couple of days will help greatly. Also,we here at the ARC are working extreme overtime to fill the need, and if we are completely bombarded with blood that we cannot process within approx. 12 hours then that blood product may not be viable for use. So again waiting a couple of days would help greatly. One other thing, many people know about donating your pint of blood, but there is another donation that can be made that will help: pheresis or plasma products. While this process can take up to 2 hours to collect from the donor,it is extremely helpful to those with burn wounds. As we know, there are many who have been burned. Thank you so much for the spread of the word. And again, thank you for the world of Tori that you have opened to me.

    From Kelley Bevis from RAINN:

      I would just like to tell you that people are amazing. I have gotten so many nice e-mails from people that were wanting to know if we were ok here. Everything is so surreal, and I was doing ok until late this evening when I received a message from my mother that my stepfather has had a heart attack this evening. Unfortunately, it was a voicemail because the phone lines are so jammed that she couldn't get through. I have been frazzled because I can't get through long distance on the phone, so I don't know how he is doing, and I can't fly out because no flights are going out, and the first available train won't get me there until Friday.

      I just don't want people to think that I am not grateful for their messages earlier about being concerned about us being in DC. I just haven't had it in me to answer most e-mails because I am doing what I can to find out about my stepdad. Please tell everyone that has sent e-mails that I said thank you, and it so much appreciated. I don't know if I will be at work for the next few days. I just have to find out what is going on and what I am going to do.

    From Trey Bunn:

      Given the uncertainty and fear in the nation and the world right now, I find myself wondering if my friends and I are even going to get to see Tori perform in Atlanta next month.. I mean, if things return to pseudo-normal then I'm sure Tori will go on with her tour, but as of now, no one can be sure. She certainly isn't making any of her scheduled appearances and concerts now, since no one in the country can fly anywhere, and who knows if this will be remedied by October.

      It seems a bit petty and selfish to be worrying about attending a concert, but I think what's keeping Americans from just crumbling from despair (which I was doing Tuesday night, just out of fear of what this whole thing might lead to), trying to get back to their lives as they were before this tragedy occured. And as all Toriphiles know, Tori, whether she tries to or not, provides an enormous amount of comfort to certain people in moments of pain. The night my father died (a little over a year ago), I read through "Images and Insights" just to calm myself enough to go to sleep. But now this is a whole new ball game. It's not just the loss of loved ones that we're dealing with; it's the loss of a sense of security that we've had in this generation. As I said to a friend of mine in email Tuesday night: "Last night, my life was about mixing together an audio track for a CD I've been planning to make for Nicci. It was about anticipating seeing Tori Amos in concert next month. It was setting my VCR to tape a show on Wednesday. And tonight it's about wondering what the fuck is going on in this world, wondering who's going to get bombed, whether the nuclear power plant near Augusta is going to get bombed and my life is going to end in a flash, if the time I hugged your sister goodnight tonight is for the last time, if any of us are going to see another sunrise."

      I'm a bit more calm about things today (Wednesday), but still, there's that uncertainty and fear. And I applaud you for keeping your site up to date in spite of all that's tried to grind this nation to a halt, for still providing up to the minute information as much as is possible. Please continue to do so; your site is wonderful.

      I wonder, if the shows get cancelled (I'm guessing some already have?), if people will be able to get their money back from Ticketmaster. If you get any information on that, please post it. Given how uncertain everything is right now, people should probably be keeping an eye on their money. Though if I do get a refund in the event that my show (October 2) gets cancelled, I'll most likely donate it to the Red Cross.

      And just to add: "This is not really happening. You bet your life it is."

      thanks and stuff.

    From ashleigh:

      hi all. this is ashleigh from new orleans. there are not enough tears in me to express my great sadness for those people that have passed or are still suffering in those buildings. i say thank you to all of those from other countries that have expressed their sympathy. (especially those from israel and lebanon) to them and all americans, i say we will go on. we will fight. we will survive this horrible tragedy. as brothers and sisters of the entire nation, we must stand together to let these people know that we will not give up. i pray for all of the rescue workers that are giving their lives to save the lives of others. i ask that each of you who can give blood will please do so. others can make donations to the red cross. donate food, clothes, anything that you can. anything that you can do will help. your donations are not too small. each and everyone of you is special. love knows no boundaries. take care of each other. god bless.

    From Cori:

      After all of the events that have happened ... that have changed the lives of all of us...

      And knowing that this is not going to get any better and we must unite...

      We need to bring each other together and show the support to the nation. Have you heard of any ribbon wearing or tying around trees? With such a large Tori community that we have formed I think that it would be very easy to spread something so symbolic to our fellow coworkers, friends, and families...

      If you are aware of anything like this let me know so I can help

      God Bless America

    From Various People:

      Friday, September 14, 2001 s U.S. Color day. Red, White & Blue should be worn in honor of our fellow Americans that died. Jeans worn will be blue.

      The goal is to get the whole nation to participate. ÝSend this to as many people that you can to show your support. In memory of all those who perished; the passengers and the pilots on the United Air and AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and all the innocent bystanders.

      Send this message to as many other people you know. Let's get the whole country into it. Thanks.

    From SpinnyBoy:

      Light a candle for unity!

      Friday Night, September 14, 2001 at 7:00PM, step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism. Please pass this to everyone on your e-mail list. We need to reach everyone across the United States quickly.

      (I am not sure what time zone they mean when they say 7:00PM. Do what is convenient for you.)


      Thank you.

      We need press to cover this - we need the world to see.

    From Alisha Parker:

      The world stopped this past Tuesday in almost every sense of the word.

      I've spent the past two days in shock and in sadness trying to make sense of this tragedy. All my life I've thought it fascinating how the mind works: how the mind deals with all emotions and reacts in according ways. I think what happened yesterday is incomprehensable and I know my mind has not fully been able to process it yet. Policemen, firefighters, pilots and flight crew, passengers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and friends died on Tuesday.

      I am amazed at how much this has devastated me personally. I know there are hard-hitting reactions and implications for everyone-- even those, like I, who did not have a family member or friend on one of those planes or in that building. I just feel profound grief and sorrow for these people that have suffered and who are suffering--people whose names I do not know.

      The shot of the plane streamlining towards the South Tower and then slightly tilting to the left, then swiftly crashing into the structure is one I cannot bear and will forever be etched into my memory and the memory of countless others. There are many amazing acts of heroism that, in some small way, partially restores my faith in humanity: the rescue personnel who un-selfishly gave their lives in the hopes to save others, the men on board the Pennsylvania flight who attempted to overtake the many acts of care and compassion not to mention courage. They all have restored a faith in me that I never thought would be resurrected.

      In another way, my faith is not restored, if that even makes sense. The violence in this country and in this world is unfathomable and it scares me to death that something like this has happened in this day and age. Such a deplorable, despicable act was commited--an attack against our country and it sickens me that in its wake I have heard numerous reports of people whose airline flights were cancelled asking for refunds. On one hand you have the violence and the reprocussions, and on the other, as if it's not bad enough already, the appaling insensitivity: people saying 'enough with it' and wanting to get back to their daily lives and watching their baseball games. This is a tragedy that many people will never get over and for those who do, I believe it will be a very long time.

      I happen to believe that time is the healer of all wounds and although the memories will never fade and the scars will always remain, I believe that in time and with faith things will become better for everyone and I certainly hope that pain wll be eased.

      We can only imagine what was going through these people's heads. Workers in the towers looking out the window and seeing a plane headed straight for them, and they can do nothing but watch. The people trapped in the floors above the plane's impact who made the harrowing decision to jump to their deaths rather than further hasten it.We can only hope it was quick and that they suffered as little pain as possible.

      When I think about this, I think it makes all of my pains and aches seem microscopic compared to the pain others are going through at this very moment. My frustration in regards to my medical conditions and problems pales in transparent, ghostly white to the pain of those in New York, Washington D.C, and Pennsylvania. And God how my heart goes out to them.

      Finally, as I believe there is a lesson to be learned from everything I certainly believe that there are quite a few lessons to be learned from the events of the past two days. A lesson of compassion and kindness. A lesson of patriotism, because America truly is the land of the free and America provides so much opportunity for each of us every single day. Opportunity that I think many of us, (myself included) have taken for granted. America is pulling together as a nation and I am proud to be a citizen of a country who will not give up, nor give in, and is most definately the greatest country on this planet.

      And I believe that we, as a nation, will overcome.

      I, for one, refuse to take anything for granted anymore. This horrible occurance has really opened my eyes as to what really matters in life. And if I can implore anyone to do anything this day in regards to their own lives it is to savor and cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones because you never know what may happen. Make the most out of everyday because tomorrow might not come.

    From Kim (MusiqueZion):

      I think through all of this, one major message should be love. Show love for those who died, and those who had loved ones that died. Tori's music teaches love, for yourself, and others. Her non-violent message is especially imporant at times like this. Carry her voice with you always. My deepest sympathies go out to those that lost someone. We have to be strong; i know we will prevail.

      Note: I am heading a fundraiser at my school that will be donating all profits to victims, and families of those killed in the attack, especially firefighters/policemen. If you would like to make a contribution, big or small, contact me at If donating to someone you don't know makes you feel uncomfortable, then please donate locally. Put yourselves in their shoes.

    From Dana:

      thank you for creating this page. watching the second plane crash into the WTC was something that has changed who i am. i cant watch the news anymore, but reading people's heartfelt thoughts from around the world has definitely brought a little bit of peace to me. it seems like every one in the city knew someone who worked down there, if not in the WTC then in the financial district, my dad among them (who got out fine and walked across the manhatten bridge where he saw the second tower fall). it just makes the world seem that much smaller.

    From Connie Van De Weerd:

      Just like everyone else I am stunned and amazed about what has happened. I have been wanting to cry so badly since the unraveling of all these events, but until I read the post from alicia's sister I wasn't able to. All I can do the last couple days is sit in front of the TV paralyzed.

      What does this mean? What can we do? What is the true answer behind all of this?

      I believe that war will not change the deep pain and anger and sense of evil we all feel right now. Potentially killing innocent people in other countries will not change the underlining cause of why all of this is happening.

      I believe the best way to help is to focus all of our positive energy and prayers to the people who gave and lost there lives. Have we not learned that nothing comes out of war other then more pain and anger?. Revenge is like feeding poison in to our veins very slowly.

      My love, heart and soul goes out to the victims, their families and everyone risking their lives to help. All the love in me is focused on you now. Thank you more then you know.

    From Kaycee from Tennessee:

      Hey. I'm not a girl that talks to much on the computer. But after reading the responces and emails about this week I felt the need to write.

      First of all. I am attempting to grieve as we all are. It hasn't hit me yet. Tuesday, I was just worried all day about my brother in law who is in and out of the pentagon regularly- so that filled my head, instead of processing what else has happened. As it all begins to sink in, I feel an overwhelming sence of urgency. I want to express my view to as many people as possible.Which is this...

      Violence Breeds Violence. It will not stop. I stand against anyone who feels the need to react to this act of terror with their own terror. We are part of a global community- that includes nations that we often ignore. Why is america hated across the world? Maybe because we only like to help people who could possibly help us. If our nation wants to really be leaders to the end of terrorism, It needs to go to the source of the problem.

      I ask that all ewf, toriphiles, mourners, humans seriously consider every stance that you could take right now. Our government is going to make decisions without us unless we let our opinions be heard. Listen to NPR, turn off the television for five minutes, and discuss with someone the things you inherently believe in. Once you decide this, don't be afraid to DISCUSS it with others. I am afraid that there is going to be a huge split in our nation of people who want peace, and those who want revenge. I don't know what the right answer is, but I know that more violence is the wrong answer, and I want to find a way to express that to our leaders.

      One reason that I love the music that I love- Tori, Ani Difranco, DMB, and many others- is because of their politics--- anti-violence, tolerence, communication, and love for this earth.

      I am looking to their lyrics for solace right now...what are the lyrics from a b-side "our little earth, she tries so hard, sometimes she must want out of this place" thats not right, I can't remember off the top of my head. All out of context, but still." Look at where the profits are, thats where you'll find the source..." ..."Screaming from the minerets..."

      BUT above all...

      "I believe in peace, Bitch."

      "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope some day you will join us and the world will live as one."

    From Stefanie Shea:

    From Sean:

      I myself have been grappling with the problems that have been facing our nation over the last days. But what I have finally realized is this: we must move on. Yes, our world has truly changed. This was not a "little earthquake" if you will but a monumental shaking. It was more than a loss of a friend or end of a relationship. It was more than a simple attack on our city, or even our state. It penetrated much more deeply than these things. But as hard as it seems, if we spend our time in pain, they will win. To move on is for us to show what we are and that we are better and stronger, that our way of life is meaningful and worthy.

      I say this not because I want trivial information on articles about my favorite pop star, or because my obsession with her is more importatnt than the events that have occurred. I say this because the service you provide gives meaning to many. There honestly have been days where all I have to look foward to is new material from your wonderful website and I want you to know how much it means to soooooo many. You have turned a passion into something worthwhile and that counts for something. I am also saying this as much to convince myself that things are ok as to encourage you.

      But here in Memphis at 3am I feel somewhat better although I have fear for the future. I recently told myself that to be excited about a new album coming out so soon after something so terrible was wrong. But we can not always mourn. We must continue to play ball and look for something good. Tuesday [Sept 18, 2001] means so much to me now and I hope you will feel some comfort soon.

    From felicity edwards:

      What happened was beyond belief and understanding. The pictures of people throwing themselves from the collapsing towers will be forever engrained in my memory. I have cried tears for those that are lost, those that have suffered and those who died in fear. My heart and soul go out to all affected by this.

    From Reicha Snell:

      if u are not aware of this site i just wanted to email u about - RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan). I believe this is important because the recent tragic events of our people have been multipied by the thousands to these women.

    NOTE FROM MIKEWHY: By looking throught this web site, you can see how twisted and horrible the Taliban government is...

    From Rachel Hurley:

      I have been asked by several people about my experiences on September 11th. I live just two short blocks from the WTC and was home when the attack happened. After having a week to digest the events and media coverage, I have formed some strong opinions and wanted to share them with you. It is quite a bit more than I originally intended to write, but I find it hard to edit in terms of importance.

      I watched the World Trade Center Towers burn and then fall to the ground from the window in my apartment, able to feel the heat of the fire. I watched people, burning alive, jump from the highest floors of each building. I watched people on the street below run for their lives as the first tower shook and roared to the ground. Since that day I have been couch surfing with my boyfriend and two 3 month old puppies. We do not know when or even if we will be able to go back to our apartment. We are thankful that we were together, we were not hurt, we did not know anyone who was hurt, we have friends and family who we have been able to turn to for help and we were able to take our pets with us, because as you may know, many people were unable to retrieve their pets right away.

      We have been glued to the television since last Tuesday morning. You have to watch this disaster over and over just to prove to yourself that It happened. I wasn't scared as I watched from my window, there were a few moments of adrenaline when the first tower collapsed. We were watching through the huge picture window in our living room which was wide open. We saw a huge black cloud of smoke coming our way and quickly slammed the window shut and ran to the back of our apartment in anticipation of the window blowing out. But the building did not even shake, it just turned darker than black outside and we could no longer see anything. That's when we became confused. Should we stay where we are and risk that more attacks were on the way, or go outside into smoke as thick as cotton in the air? Just as the air started to clear, the second tower came down. Then there were knocks on the door and we were evacuated to the basement (not exactly my first choice for safety). But as I said, I never really felt scared, I knew that I wasn't going to die. Which now I see as, almost, arrogance.

      It's the same arrogance I saw when we were told to evacuate to Brooklyn. With thousands of others we walked down to the FDR highway and walked up the East side of Manhattan to the Manhattan bridge and across it into Brooklyn, carrying our dogs because they were too confused by the masses of people to walk on their own. On television, news anchors remarked upon the calm of the people as they marched along the streets of the city. Within the midst of the group, I didn't feel a calm, caring collective of people walking in solace, I heard people joking and laughing, hundreds manned with their cameras and video gear. Obviously, at this time no one knew the full extent of what had happened, and I don't mention any of this to say that anyone was uncaring, but to point out our obvious collective feeling of invincibility.

      Since being in Jersey City, where we are staying with a friend, it's been harder and harder for me to sleep at night. Every loud truck that drives down the street sounds like a tank, every siren, and there are quite a few, makes me wonder what's happening, every plane that flies overhead makes my muscles tighten in anticipation.

      I know this is not going to be a popular thing to say, but I just don't feel good about the way our government is reacting to this horrific tragedy. To automatically come out and promise retaliation just does not make sense to me. We need to, as a country take a closer look at what our government is promising us.

      We are asking that Afghanistan turn over Bin Laden to our government. No one has even mentioned a trial yet, which is what our justice system is based on, so I assume that is what would happen. But, what happens if the Taliban gives us Bin Laden? Does that end terrorism? Do we stand by our commitment not to attack them? It almost seems as if our government is depending on the Taliban to say no. We are daring them to.

      We refuse, out of arrogance, to even address the events that led to this attack. The sanctions against Muslim nations that have far worse hurt the innocent citizens of the nations than the governments they are intended to damage. Bin Laden's own words in an interview in 1998 shed great light on events that so many Americans choose to ignore: "When sixty Jews are killed inside Palestine, all the world criticize the action, while the deaths of 600,000 Iraqi children [because of the US sanctions] did not receive the same reaction. Killing those Iraqi schoolchildren is a crusade against Islam...Resistance against America will spread in many, many places in Muslim countries. Our trusted leaders, our ulema, have given us a fatwa that we must drive out the Americans." Because of America's refusal to acknowledge any reason for the US Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania-(hatred of America, per se, is the usual explanation)-few chose to point out that they occurred on the eighth anniversary, to the very day, of the arrival of the first US troops in Saudi Arabia in 1990.

      Please bear with me, and believe me when I say that I, in no way, believe that Bin Laden's actions can be understood or empathized with. All I can do is look at the history of the struggle and see quite clearly that if we do not change our path, there is no end in sight. It is often said, you can not change other people, all you can do is change yourself, and in that you will change the way people react to you. I am not saying that no military action should be taken, but retaliation and revenge should not coincide with words like justice.

      There are thought to be terrorist cells in 55 countries, and if we kill Bin Laden we will thrust him into Martyrdom and there are Hundreds of men waiting to take his place. By attacking Afghanistan in hopes of retaliation and revenge, we only justify the hate that so many people feel for us. We become the murderers they believe us to be. Is there really so much difference between the suicide hijackers and the masses of Americans who now say they are not afraid to go to war and die for their country?

      And for Bush to go on national television and say that we want Bin Laden dead or alive is, I feel, a travesty. I know that down in Texas, Bush stood behind the idea that killing people solves problems. But there is just so much more at stake here. There are many in our own country that people know for a fact are guilty of crimes, such as rape and murder, are we now going to rally behind the idea that we should murder people that commit evil against us. Or is the defense that we have to have a certain number of people that want some one dead to justify it? What are the new rules for morality? And the fact is, most of the people that die in retaliation attacks will not be guilty of anything except circumstances. This kind of sentiment is not going to help rally bin Laden sympathizers to empathize with us. That was just a dumb thing to say. Bush reminds me of some junior high school gym teacher, it was fun to cheer along with him and all his machoisms, while secretly all you could think about was what an idiot he was.

      There has also been a lot of talk about God in all this. Their God is with them and guiding them, your God is guiding you, we are God's people, they are God's people, God will see us through, God lies on their side, No, GOD is on our side. Our God is right, NO, our God is right! It seems that whether you are a Terrorist or a citizen in any country, anywhere in the world, if you believe in God, He is on your side and is guiding you. They are being guided by God, we are being guided by God, the Gods are working overtime this week. I have said this often, even before this incident, at least with Christianity, there are no clauses attached to thou shall not kill. I don't know if other religions have similar commandments, I assume that they do. There's the old eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth argument, which is highly interpretable, and as I am not a religious person, and claim no particular god as my own, maybe you can justify murder with this. All I know, is if I had to choose a God to follow this minute, I would want the one who was smart enough to teach me how to overcome my enemies without destroying them. Aren't you Christians supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin?

      So how does that happen? How do we overcome terrorism without killing? Well, first we take a new look at our foreign policy concerning the Middle East. We as Americans have ignored the problems there for too long, feeling like it didn't really affect us. We have now been affected. Next, instead of spending billions on killing innocent people and making the Middle East more chaotic than it already is, we change within. Literally and figuratively. We begin to take the steps to really make our nation safer, whether it be National ID cards with background checks, more secure borders, condensing databases of intelligence and security agencies, networking some of our info with that of our allies, allowing fewer immigrants to come to live and study in our country,(I would much rather see some people discriminated against than others dead), even house to house searches if necessary, because I don't know if you have been paying attention, but the FBI is still looking for 200 people, and I don't even want to think about what might start happening within our own country once we fire on Bin Laden. When I get on the subway now, I always fear that this will be the day that we fire on Afghanistan, and this will be the morning when biological weapons will fill the air in NYC. Taking these actions will be hard, it means cleaning our house and mending the frayed ends.

      I am not a politician, I don't have all the answers, but I know that they are out there if we choose to look for them. I see it kind of like raising a child. When they act badly, the easiest thing to do is lash out and spank them, take your anger out on them physically. The hardest thing to do is look at how your own behavior affected their actions and to take the time and effort to correct them and their wrongdoing without physically assaulting them. Which brings up the question, "what will our actions teach future generations?" Will this be another mistake that we will look back upon with shame?

      The last thing that I would like to address is the question of how someone could hold that much hate inside them to kill so many innocent people. So many people have said that it is unbelievable. I, on the other hand, do not understand how you could not believe it. It is the same hate we see with racial and other hate crimes, with blacks and Latinos and even whites being killed just because of their skin color, and although we don't pay too much attention, that does still happen here, in the USA, all the time. It's the same hate we see against homosexuals. How could anyone hate us so much just because we are Americans you ask? Well, how could anyone hate a man enough to kill him just because he likes to kiss other men? As Middle and Upper Class White Americans, which made up the majority of people that died in the WT., we say that racial and hate crimes are intolerable, but underneath, we still understand it. But now, we have been targeted, and all we can say is, "how can this be?" How could anyone hate us? We are the good, we are the brave, we are the light of the world. There is hardly a difference between Bin Laden's hatred for us and Hitler's hate for Jewish people. We now know how it feels to be targeted for something we have so little control over.

      A lot of good has been accomplished over the last week, let's not, as a nation, make it meaningless by taking the easy way out. I hope we don't contract the hate that we have been contaminated with. I hope that we can take a step back, look at the sickness and begin to slowly, but soundly look for a cure, not something that just quickly pushes down the symptoms, while the cancer spreads quietly beneath our skin.

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