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One On One #3
Radio Station 100.5 The Zone
Sacramento, CA
December 12, 2002

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Tori performed for radio station 100.5 The Zone in Sacramento, CA on Thursday, December 12, 2002 on a show called One On One #3. Tori performed live at the piano and did an interview. Look below for full details from Toriphiles who were at the event. One decription contains a transcript of Tori's interview!

Tori performed the following live and solo at the piano:

a sorta fairytale


Here are some photos from this event showing Autumn Eden with Tori. The photos were taken by Clay:

Commentary (Include Transcript of Tori's interview)

From Autumn Eden:

Through the extreme kindness of a lovely person named Lindsay, I was able to attend the One-on-One #3 hosted by the Zone in Sacramento. I was unable to win tickets to this (only 100 were available!) but Lindsay did and was unable to attend so she gave me her ticket. Note: She and I are complete strangers -- she got a very nice bouquet of flowers since she did not want any money! THANKS LINDSAY!!!!

Anyway, I arrived at 10 and the show was supposed to begin at noon but Sacramento was too foggy so Tori's plane got diverted to San Jose and they had to drive her up to us. The concert got postponed until 2:30 and the station let us know that there was plenty of seating so we could leave and come back because it was so cold outside. I, along with about a dozen other crazys, decided to tough it out and wait in the very cold weather rather than risk leaving, so the station brought out some hot cocoa for us. They sent a couple of people out later in the morning to get the names and addresses of the people who were there waiting since earlier in the morning because they said that the record company wanted to make it up to us since she was running so late. I am not sure if that means that they are going to send us something but I don't care because I was there and got to see her.

They let us in at about 2:20 and there were a number of tables set up so I got seated at one about 2 tables back from the stage in the center of the room. I had a PERFECT seat! They had candles lit and a Steinway baby grand. Tori came out and she was wearing black boots, black nylons, a denim skirt (knee length) and a white zip up jacket with blue stripes down the arms. She looked cute but I am sure that she did not have time to change before the show. She immediately went to the left side of the stage and moved a candle that seemed to be blocking someone's view and then moved a huge poster of her that the station had put out since it was blocking a group's view. She said "I think we all know who she is" and then sat down at the bench and made a comment that she would "be good", she paused and then asked "So, am I supposed to play now?" which got a huge response from the audience. She played Crazy, Pancake and A Sorta Fairytale. Between songs, the DJs that were hosting the events asked her a couple of questions:


Q. What is the story behind her sapphire ring? She wears it all of the time.

A. It was a present from Mark and was an "I like you" ring. She saw it and asked if it was for her and he said "yes". She said that she liked him (and liked sapphires, too!) *cute smile!* This was two years before he "popped the question".

Q. Since you are married, is it hard to work together?

A. YES! (another playful grin) She said that they had a really good working relationship and they decided to fool around and see if they could take the relationship further (which they probably shouldn't have -- another huge grin!) but they work really well together. Sometimes when they disagree, she will say that the wife has left the room and that he is now talking to the producer.


Q. What was the inspiration for the cities that were visited on Scarlet's Walk?

A. (There was a bit of echoing when she began speaking but it got corrected) She talked about doing road trips and visiting various cities and about how she has gotten nasty letters about not visiting Alaska but that she wants to.

Q. How does she continually find the strength to share so much of herself?

A. She said that the songs are alive and separate from herself so she is able to perform them consistently. She said that she like to think of herself as "a good librarian with cute shoes". If she was unable to perform them, she would probably be an ice skating judge.

I missed the last question (I think it was about the emotional response her songs bring out -- there was a girl up front in tears) but she talked about bawling when a new girl comes to visit and that she has to get over it because otherwise she would have to "play with sneezies on the piano". Another cute grin.

A Sorta Fairytale

After this song, the DJs went back up front and said that they are going to call 20 names and that the people should come up to the left hand side of the stage because Tori wants to do something special for them. They started calling names from the pieces of paper that we had written our names and addresses on. I was about the 11th person called. We got to go backstage and go upstairs in groups of 6 to meet Tori.

Due to her needing to catch another plane, you could either get a picture with her or have her autograph something. I finally got to meet her after wanting to for so many years!!! She held my hand for a minute and asked my name and I told her and let her know that I just wanted to be able to say "thank you" and gave her some roses with a note. She promised that she would read my letter and gave me a huge hug and then signed a picture for me. A very nice gentleman named Clay took pictures of us during our meeting but I am not sure how they came out yet. It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to see her again on the 21st in San Francisco!

From Beth Harter, obscure:

Well, it's been a long long LONG LONG day.

I arrive at the radio station around 10:00 am. There's about 8 people in line already, and I was kind of surprised at that. It's freezing cold, and really foggy. I wish I brought some socks! Well, Exit 75, Desolation Angel and his wife arrive.. but before that I am given the news from the DJ's that--

--Her FLIGHT WAS TRANSFERED TO SAN JOSE and that she wouldn't be able to be there until 2:00-2:30 pm. Great... so it's cold.. they aren't letting us in... and I want to keep my spot!

Hours and HOURS go by... finally the time comes! But before we're let in the first 40 people in line are given a white piece of paper to write our names, addresses, and phone numbers on so that Atlantic could send us free stuff because we were standing outside and waiting for SO LONG!

They finally let us in.. as we all make a dash to the front table! YAY! So finally she comes out.. She's so addorable!

She played:

A Sorta Fairytale.

She answered questions in between each song.. and she was quite the funny little lady! I loved her answers. I'm way too tired to remember it all right now though.

The ogirinal plan was for Tori to play for 1 1/2 hours and take song requests. But since she was late and had to catch a flight within an hour ruined those plans... but something.. i was not.. EXPECTING happened.

Yanno how they took all of our names? well, the first 20 people the drawed from the list got to go back and MEET HER.

My sister was there and wasn't as fanatic about her as Jared Melanie and me, so I asked her if I could go if her name was pulled.


And then Melanie's name.. and then..

MY NAME WAS CALLED! So my sister let Jared go instead. Rob came along anyways.


I was the first person in line. They let 6 people go up at a time.

I had no idea how to act.. I had no idea what to say... and then.. they let me in to meet her.

She comes up to me.. and I just stare at her... She then proceeds to give me a nice hug and then asks my name... I say Beth... and then I'm just standing there.. staring at her... and all I could say was, "THANK YOU!"

She then gives me another BIG BIG hug and says, "A red-head!" And then looks at the care bear in my hands, which my sister wanted me to get signed for her... but Tori thought it was for her. I felt bad because she was SOOO excited to see the Care Bear. I guess I have to buy her a Care Bear now. heheh.

Well, I get my picture taken with her and a FREE gorgeous POSTER!


Well, hmmm, I'm still not sure if that even happened, but, wow.

I am so tired and my back and legs hurt from standing so much.

Tori is soooo so so little!


BTW, her preforance was so beautiful.. really beautiful. Those songs were AMAZING solo. AMAZING!

Oh, and we saw her van pull up to the station while we were waiting in line... it stopped... the driver looked at the crowd.. and made a mad dash out of there.

They let us listen to the radio station while we waited.. and Monica Lowe (the DJ on at that time) Said, "And this song is for Tori Amos as she pulls into the St.... Sacramento." And then proceeded to play A Sorta Fairytale.

Yah.. uh huh... "Sacramento." Right.

I don't really remember all of the questions asked nor the exact answers, but I will try my best to remember.

1) She was asked what the ring on her right hand was from.

-She said it was an "I Like You Ring" from her husband who wasn't her husband then. She said something about how nice it was to get an "I Like You Ring" with Sapphires.

2) She was then asked about how it was like to work with her husband and if it was easy.

She gave a short "No." and Laughed. And said that they took the role of husband and wife out the door and that she was now "Producer" and said that her husband would say "bring it on."

(sorry! I'm trying to remember!)

3) The DJ then asked her how she was able to bring out so many personal issues through her music (or something to that effect.) She said something very cute, I don't remember.. Maybe Jared or Rob remembers? Anyways, she then mentioned that if she didn't write about some of the issues, the songs would "kick my butt."

Even though she was on a very tight schedule, she put on a great show. She smiled and winked at the crowd.. she looked like she was having a great time!

Before she started there was a huge poster picture of her up on stage. The first thing she did was ask, "You all know who 'she' is right?" and then started to move it because it was blocking the view of some people.

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