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August 2000

Added July 3, 2000

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Mike Gray tells me that the August 2000 issue of Total Film magazine in the U.K. includes a review of the Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack that mentions Tori. (It is not a flattering mention.)

Mission Impossible : 2

A truly impressive soundtrack featuring the kind of people for whom bodypiercing is the fashion of choice and not the result of a road accident, and who view Kerrang! magazine more as a way of life than something to be more embarrassed about than Woody Allen buying Orgasm in newsagent ... Your mission then, should you choose to accept it, is to stick with this no-holds-barred in-your-face rock compilation until the tape forces your Walkman into meltdown - which it might if you're the sort that rates Natural Born Killers higher than Abba The Movie.

Limp Bizkit's faux hip-hop treatmetn of Lalo Schifirin's TV series theme works best in the mellow interludes before they get to their trademark cruncherama - something about the chase being better than the catch. but Take A Look Around has the feel of a movie tune we'll be listening to for a long time.

That may not be true for some of those acts further down the batting order, but the majority of the 17 cuts here should enjoy a reasonable innings on any hard rocker's playlist. Rarely challenged kings Metallica are as ever - even if they do drift unnervingly towards techno-rock a la Rush in parts of I Disappear.

Elsewhere, there really is something for everyone prepared to indulge themselves - the reliably weird Butthole Surfers, the nutzoid Rob Zombie (bawling his way through Scum Of The Earth) and a touch of maturity from the likes of Chris Cornell, the Foo Fighter and Brian May (covering Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here). Okay, so the quality declines towards the end and Tori Amos is one gatecrasher this lot ought to have sent running for the hills, but as a full metal racket, M:I-2 serves up harder than Pete Sampras on a good day. NJ

**** out of *****.

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