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Tallahassee Democrat
December 20, 2002

Added January 9, 2003

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The December 20, 2002 edition of the Tallahassee Democrat includes an article by critic Kati Schardl listing her favorite CDs of 2002. Tori's Scarlet's Walk was listed first, and I found the review interesting because of the fact that before this album the reviewer did not care much for Tori. Read her comments about Scarlet's Walk below or online at

From folk to funk, these CDs are one critic's faves
By Kati Schardl

While the rest of the music-loving world was going ape over dazzling 2002 releases from groups such as The Hives, Coldplay and Oasis, I took musical roads less traveled. Those byways and back roads took me to some strange, wonderful and sometimes unexpected places.

Here's a look at the releases that grooved and moved me this year. It's a typically idiosyncratic list that features CDs I actually possess, which is why I didn't include Wilco's excellent "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" or Beck's lauded "Sea Change." I've heard 'em and I like 'em, but I don't own 'em.

•  Tori Amos, "Scarlet's Walk" : I've never been a Tori fan - I just always thought Kate Bush did the same thing so much better. So I was prepared to dismiss Amos' latest opus, a concept album on which she makes an epic musical journey across America. To my surprise, I found myself willingly joining the trek. Soaring, sad, triumphant, fiery and contemplative, the lovely, muscular, honest music charts internal terrain as well as external geography. Standout track: "Carbon."

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