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October 3, 2001

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While in Nashville, TN on October 3, 2001 for her concert during the StrangeLittleTour, Tori appeared on the Nashville show "Talk Of The Town" on TV station WTVF. If anyone can send the Dent some screen shots, please email me.

Below you can find a complete description and transcript of her appearance on the show from Chad Kelly.

    This is what happened on Talk of the Town. Harry Chapman introduced Tori while playing a clip of the "Strange Little Girl" video. Then, Tori sang "Time" beautifully. Next, Tori was interviewed for about 3 minutes. It was a very good interview! It seemed much more personal and more laid back than interviews you see on national television shows. The following is the transcipt of the interview:

    Harry Chapman: Good to see you! Thank you for coming by. You know, that song is such a healing song to listen to with all the craziness that has been going on. That is a nice song to have you perform for us.

    Tori: People seem to be responding to that song. Tom Waits wrote it. It was first brought to me by a man who had lost his best friend. He said that this song is helping me feel closer to this person that I've lost and I said well, I never saw it that way before but I think I can (with a big twinkle in her eye and a dimpled grin on her face). So that's how it sort of made its way into my life.

    HC: That's a beautiful song. What made you decide to take all songs written by men and sort of reinvent them with your own interpretation?

    Tori: (She raises her hands above her head and makes devil horns with her fingers)

    HC: (laughs) The devil made you do it.

    Tori: Well, it was really irresistable, the whole idea of how men say things and what a woman hears. I just had to pick that one up.

    HC: That's been a thing for all eternity, I'd say. What we'd say and vice versa, really.

    Tori: yeah

    HC: You know, They say tori, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me and that's what we're talking about here. Words that are beautifully crafted into music.

    Tori: But words, as we know, they can wound and they also can heal. Words are like guns, they are very powerful things. I think right now, also, after sept. 11th, there are a lot of hate crimes happening as well as just crazy things all at the same time. and don't you think we just have to go okay, where do I stand? I'm not gonna get pulled out of my center. Cause so many people are getting pulled out of their center. We just have to remember what are beliefs are.

    HC: Yeah, just don't freak out.

    Tori: Right, don't freak out.

    HC: You became a mother. Natashya is your beautiful girl. Has that changed you as a singer/ songwriter?

    Tori: Well, I'm becoming a mother lioness. So, you know I'm very protective of my cub. I'm in a place now where ummm, how do you have so much joy in one hand and so much concern in the other? Because as a warrior mother, this stuff is intolerable!

    HC: As a parent, I can relate to what you're saying.

    Tori: Well yeah. Before, I used to be a little rough on the soccer moms because I saw things a little different politically. But now, I'm marching right there with them to protect my cub. With a high heel on, of course (laughs)

    HC: (laughs) You know, you've been playing sold out shows all over the U.S. We're deligted to have you in Nashville playing at the Ryman which is kind of our special little place here.

    Tori: yeah, there's magic there. I'm excited!

    HC: We're excited to have you and I hope people get a chance to listen to this album. Thank you so much Tori! A pleasure to meet you.

    Tori: Thank you.

Toriphile Kara Bradley added the following details about the show:

    OK, she was wearing like a grey/black dress kinda thing, with white piping. It had a lot of ruffles. Her hair looked like she just got out of the shower! It was long and wavy and just kinda hung there. SHe sung "Time", which of course was beautiful. Then she talked to Harry Chapman (one of the hosts). He talked about how healing a song "Time" was, and she said that a friend of her's who had lost his best friend first brought that song to her. Then he asked the ususal "What made you decide to record songs written by men" blah blah, and she got this devilish look and held horns over her head. Then he asked about how being a mom has changed her. ANd she said she has become a "mother lioness" protecting her cub. She said she used to be a little hard on the soccer moms, but now she was marching right beside them, in high heels of course. AND she said the Ryman was a magical place!!! Oh tonight is gonna be goooooood! Woooooooooo!

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