"Take 3 Girls" Box Set from Dressed To Kill Records

Updated August 3, 2001

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You can find at Amazon.com an entry for a boxed set with the name "Take Three Girls" from Dressed To Kill Records. It turns out to be a 3-disc package that was released on June 12, 2001 and includes covers of songs from the artists Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Bjork.

Here are details about this release from Toriphile Lizzy Daymont:

    I have in my hands a copy of the "Take 3 Girls: A Tribute To Tori Amos, Bjork, PJ Harvey" box set. Here's a description: it's in a jewel case-sized box, with a picture of Tori, Bjork and PJ Harvey on the front. On the back of the box is the track listing. It contains 3 discs. The track order is all mixed up...you'd think they would put Tori on one disc, Bjork on the next, etc, but no. They alternate, and at the bottom is a key showing who "originally performed" each song. Nowhere on the package does it indicate who is actually performing, but I'm pretty sure it's that Jemma Price who did the Tori and Kate Bush tributes on the same label. In fact, in the middle of the "spectacular 24 page booklet with full biogs and beautiful pics" (as it's described on the box)İthere is a 2 page spread which says, in very large lettering across one page: "If you are a fan of these ladies, you will almost certainly adore new U.K. singer songwriter Jemima Price". On the opposite page from this glorious announcement is a photo of Jemima Price which advertises her new album, "Easy". I found a web site that has some info on her,İmostly an interview. Apparently she goes by Jemima now, rather than Jemma. But again, it doesn't actually say that she is the performer here.İThe songs are the exact same songs as the "The Pretty Good Years" tribute album, so I'm 99% sure these are the same recordings. They even appear in the same order (broken up by theİPJ and Bjork songs of course)İIt sounds like it might beİol' Jemima Price on the other tracks as well, but I can't be absolutely sure. The discs themselves are each in aİclear plastic sleeve, and each has a picture of all three women (Tori, Bjork, PJ in different arrangements). None I have never seen before. The booklet is ok, and the Tori bio inside is up to date by including the birth of her daughter. It's very brief. They also include a discography of each artist.

    So, I'm sure you can tell that this isn't really all that exciting and only a piece which would appeal to the Tori completist only. Or, if someone is also interested in hearing covers of PJ Harvey and Bjork. I'm not really familiar with their music, so I can't tell you whether it's any good or not.

Remember that Dressed To Kill Records put out in 1999 an album called "The Pretty Good Years: A Tribute To Tori Amos", which was basically an album of covers performed by E-clypse featuring vocalist Jemma Price. You can find out more about that album here. The reviews for that album were mostly negative, therefore this is also an item that some of you may not care for.

Thanks to Peter Cain and Courtney K. Whitmore for alerting me to this item.

Courtney K. Whitmore emailed me with this additional information:

    A search on cdnow revealed another "Take 3 Girls" box set from Dressed to Kill that has something to do with the music of Cher, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue. Again, it contained no further information, but your assumption of some kind of tribute record compilation is more than likely correct.

In fact, there seems to many CDs out there with the Take 3 Girls title, and each one features covers of the songs of 3 female singers.

This "Take 3 Girls" release should not be confused with another covers album that was released in 2001 called "Songs Of A Goddess : A Tribute To Tori Amos", which is from Cleopatra Records,

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