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Updated December 7, 2000

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I have decided to start giving recognition to other Tori Amos web sites that I find to be incredibly vital to the Tori net community. While I enjoy almost all Tori sites, there are some out there that are so useful, unique, inspiring or entertaining that they deserved to be recognized. Every month or so I will be choosing a new site to add to this list. Here you will find all the sites that the Dent had designated a "Super Site," along with my full review.

For a FULL LIST if Tori links, go to my Tori Links Page instead.


    Designated a super site on June 8, 2000 - There was really no doubt as to which site I would feature first. While I did not notice it for a while, once I visited, it quickly became my favorite site. The design is clean and very appealing, and the content is useful, unique, and reflects the creator's passion for Tori's music. Audrey is the web mistress of, and she has created a special place for all Toriphiles.

    The "when pianos try to be guitars" section is a good place to reveal the special nature of this site. Here you can find all kinds of unique content pertaining to the piano. There is a biography of Tori and the piano, a list of quotes from Tori about her instrument, images of Tori at the piano, piano links, and links to sheetmusic. The instrument that is often the focus of Tori's music comes alive on this page.

    This site also has content that all Tori folks will appreciate. There is a full lyric archive a nicely designed discography. It has a huge photo archive, including pictures from many Tori books and the 1999 concert program. You can find an excellent section called Diagnosed Sounds, where you can find many valuable Tori sounds clips, a guide on how to find more Tori clips online, and WinAmp skins. Since the Dent is a news site, it does not contain these items, but has you covered!

    There are 3 more sections I want to mention. There is an Artistic Impressions section with Tori inspired artwork. Another section on author Neil Gaiman covers the many times Tori and Neil have mentioned each other in their work. Finally, there is a wonderful section of called The Mystique. This section is made up of an Astrological Compatability analysis between your sign and Tori's, an Elemental Affinity disection of all of Tori's albums, a Song Numerology, and a set of custom designed Tarot card deck using Tori as the inspiration. The site can do a Tarot reading for you as well! This is a site that will both inform and inspire you, which is not easy to do. Please pay a visit and bookmark it!

2) Tori's Beauty...and a Gun

    Designated a super site on July 11, 2000 - I often am asked why the Dent does not contain a multimedia section. There are many reasons, but one of the main ones is the fact that other Tori sites are already doing a superb job at providing sound and video clips to the Toriphile community. One of the very best and most unique Tori multimedia sites is called Tori's Beauty... and a Gun. This site, maintained by Ian Mullins, offers some really cool and unique MP3 sound files. For example, there is a section featuring live Mp3 sound files, conveniently divided by album. You can also find a section on lost or rare Tori songs, such as demos.

    Contributions by other Toriphiles or fans are also featured on the site. There is a really fascinating section dedicated to custom remixes, which is actually quite popular and exclusive to this site alone. Some of these remixes of Tori songs, which are not commercially available, are really good! You can also find a covers section, where you can download MP3s from people who have covered Tori's music or created Tori inspired songs. Most of these people are fans like you and me, and it is fascinating to listen to all the material that is here.

    In addition, you will find some video clips, a photo archive, lyrics, a links section, and a bio on Tori. This is a true multimedia super site, and deserves an acclaimed place in the Tori Net Universe. The site is easy to navigate, and great fun. Visit the site and see just how unique it is!

3) Toriphoria: the Word of Tori Amos

    Designated a super site on August 14, 2000 - Toriphoria was originally created in March 1997 as an archive of quotes from Tori Amos about her songs, but has grown to include The Philosophy of Tori (quotes about religion, etc), a lyrics archive, discography, and more. The webmaster is J'ason, and he is very dedicated to this site.

    You can find the Tori Song Place, a collection of quotes from Tori Amos about all of her albums and the songs on them, as well as b-sides and covers. There is also the philosophy of Tori section, which features a series of Tori quotes divided into different topics like spirituality, Gid, the afterlife, and Lucifer.

    There is a lyrics archive that is searchable, and he has also translated some of Tori's famous onstage improvs, which is really cool. There is an extensive interview archive (which is also searchable).

    You can also find meet and greet photos, a section telling you who's who in the world of Toriland, a discography, stories and insights from fans, some mp3s, random facts and info about Tori (including some books she has read), a list on Tori's covers, and more.

    This site is an invaluable resource on the web. Check it out!

4) Tori Amos - Musical Miracle

    Designated a super site on September 30, 2000 - Tori Amos - Musical Miracle was created by Toriphile Dawn Adkisson (piano_girl76). I have chosen it as a super site because of the design of the site and the enthusiasm Dawn obviously has for Tori and the web page. You can see that in the Flash animation you see on the entry page to the site, which is very well done and touching. You can also see it in the way the information on the site is presented and arranged. Her love of Tori's music leaps off the page and makes the site fun to visit.

    One of the site's most valuable sections is the one dedicated to Midi files and MP3 sound files. This is an excellent resource. The site also has a nice photo archive, and a collection of very nice Wallpapers for your computer. The choices made in all these sections are excellent.

    You will also find a Tori biography, a discography, a forum for leaving comments are starting conversations, a news page, a webcam section, and more. I expect that we will see many interesting additions as Dawn gets even more adept at HTML. This is a site to keep checking, and is a wonderful stop on the web. Check it out!

5) Tori Amos Lyric Database (TALD)

    Designated a super site on December 7, 2000 - The Tori Amos Lyric Database (TALD) is an incredible resource for Toriphiles. The web site is a collection of the lyrics to all of Tori's songs, including covers, B-Sides, and album songs. Along with the lyrics to each song, you will also find many quotes from Tori talking about each "girl". This is a wonderful resource to find out the many things Tori has said publicly about her songs. In that respect, the research potential of this site can not be overstated!

    The site is divided into sections for each album, as well as sections for Covers, B-Sides, and Others.

    If there is a downside to this site, it is the fact that it has not been updated in over a year! While there have not been many new songs in that time, I still would like to see the site updated more. But despite this, it is still a vital resource that was recommended to me by several people. Check it out!

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