Al Stewart's "Last Days Of The Century"

Updated November 8, 1997

In 1988, Tori made a guest appearance on an album by Al Stewart called Last Days Of The Century. According to Bryan R. Cody, this album has been re-issued. The Tori Amos Collectibles book says that Tori sang background vocals on 2 tracks, Red Toupee and Last Day Of The Century. She also plays piano throughout the album. The Collectibles book also states that Tori co-wrote a track called Charlotte Corday, on another Al Stewart album called Famous Last Words.

You can read details on the Last Days Of The Century album at this Al Stewart Discography web page.

Bryan R. Cody has emailed me with some more details on this:

    I received my re-issued Al Stewart CD last week. I have not had a chance to listen to it, but tori is credited for her vocals. I saw somewhere that you can hardly pick out her voice. The CD is a really colorful picture disc. The picture on the disc is the same as the lyric book cover. There is a photograph of the cover in the Tori collectables book. I bought my copy from Yodelin' Pig in Baltimore. Their address is:

    10435 Reisterstown Rd.
    Bld. 3
    Owings Mills, MD 21117

    Their Phone # is 410) 654-0516

Dan The Kitti man provides additional information:

    Al Stewart's Last Days Of The Century was produced by Joe Chiccarelli, who produced Y Kant Tori Read. Both were recorded in 1988 and also share several musicians, including Kim Bullard, Tim Landers, Tim Farris, and Vinnie Collaiuta.

    Vinnie Collaiuta also played with Frank Zappa, and Joe Chiccarelli did some production work on Frank Zappa albums.

    Vinnie Collaiuta also played with Sting, who made a guest appearance on a Frank Zappa album, singing Murder By Numbers.

    Another Zappa drummer, Chad Wackerman, played Barbra Streisand's One Voice concert. Both Barbra and Tori did Over The Rainbow and played with a Zappa drummer. :)

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