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January 2002

Added Dec 2, 2001

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Tori's "Strange Little Girls" album was #10 in 20 best albums of 2001 in the January 2002 issue of Spin Magazine. Here is what they said about "Strange Little Girls":

    "In which one of Eminem's tall tales becomes a ghost story, Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" becomes Iggy's "I Wanna Be Your Dog," and two George Bushes blubber about how, well, sometimes happiness isn't a warm gun. Even when the ideas outrun the treatments, they'll get under your skin. And as the wartime body counts rise, art that forsakes memoir to get inside the head of the Other is exactly what we'll need."

Here is the complete top 20 list:

  1. System of a Down: Toxicity
  2. Radiohead: Amnesiac
  3. Basement Jaxx: Rooty
  4. Bob Dylan: Love and Theft
  5. Bjľrk: Vespertine
  6. Gorillaz: Gorillaz
  7. Jay-Z: The Blueprint
  8. Daft Punk: Discovery
  9. Weezer: Weezer
  10. Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls
  11. Richie Hawtin: DE9: Closer to the Edit
  12. Manu Chao: Pr█xima Estaci█n: Esperanza
  13. Lucinda Williams: Essence
  14. The Coup: Party Music
  15. The Dismemberment Plan: Change
  16. Tool: Lateralus
  17. Macy Gray: The Id
  18. The Strokes: Is This It
  19. Craig David: Born to Do It
  20. Various Artists: American Pie 2: Music From the Motion Picture

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