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November 4, 2002

Added November 19, 2002

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A review of Scarlet's Walk appeared online at the German web site on November 4, 2002. Martin Strathmann had translated this into English from the original German, and you can read it below. He says it is a good reviews, but does contain a lot of errors.

Tori Amos - "Scarlett's Walk"
(Sony Music)

What else could you expect from Tori Amos and her piano? Hadn't we all sighed silently after her last regular album "From The Choirgirl Hotel" (1998) [ack!!!] and sadly waved goodbye to the red-haired siren's songwriting qualities as they went into the empire of the past? When a full album of weird cover versions ("Strange Little Girls") was released, the heart finally had to remain on the outside of things as it was all about headwork. Then September 11 happened and obviously left its trails with Miss Amos. The singer went on a months-long road trip and collected little stories about the Americans' inner turmoil after the attacks. [well, yeah, sort of ... she was on tour, you know?] The result of "Scarlett's Walk" maybe is the best Amos album since her astonishing debut "Little Earthquakes" (1991) [ack!!]. Gentle, honey sweet melodies meet with anguished outbursts and cacophonies, fragile whisper alternates with hard vocal whips. The scarlet red musician brought to life full 18 stories with different protagonists [ack!!] whose fates cover the whole spectrum of the distraction: anguished ("Don't Make Me Come To Vegas"), longing ("I Can't See New York"), frustrated ("Amber Waves") or insecure ("Your Cloud"), to name but a few highlights on this great album. The perfect female counterpart to Springstenn's "The Rising", at least.

Andreas Borcholte

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