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September 4, 2001

Added September 10, 2001

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An article on Tori was published in the September 4, 2001 edition of the "South German" newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung). There's a weekly column titled "What made you a better person recently?" and Tori talks about her daughter. This is translated from German into English. Thanks to Julia Beyer who translated it for us!

(What made you a better person recently?)

Some happy moments are simply nice. But rare moments of happiness go deeper - a big insight runs into you or a new situation suddenly appears in all its beauty. After this you're not the same person any longer.

Lately I had such an experience in Florida. My husband an me, we have a house at the beach there. When I was pregnant I spent most of the time there. Then I went back to Washington where at 5th september 2000 my daughter Natashya was born. Some time before her first birthday, we managed to take time and go to Florida again. It touched me to be with Natashya at a place that I love so much. To see her running around at the beach for the very first time! Many kids beside her started to cry when they get in contact with the water. Natashya reacted absolutely differently - she embraced the ocean. After the first bath she went to some little boys and swiped their fire trucks. I reckoned, she thought you can collect fire trucks like shells. In these moments I saw the world through her eyes. It was wonderful to join her when she made these experiences, how she wondered about it! Tashya used to look like Yoda from "Star Wars": many many wrinkles and these wise eyes, though she was just a baby. But at this day she went further. It seemed like - after this kind of Yoda-cocoon - she became a butterfly and moves her wings for the first time. I felt infinite happiness and more love for this little person than before. I intended to project never ever any wishes on her (I wanted to be a dancer long time ago...). And I hope she'll never define herself on expectations of other people.

Nevertheless, I tried to explain her that you don't behave this way to little boys. You don't have to terrorize boys. Well, perhaps when they're older. But it's also a good thing that we have boys.

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