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'The Slot: Miscarriage' on Channel 4 in the U.K.
March 25, 2002

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On March 25, 2002, Tori was seen on a brief 5 minute film on Channel 4 in the U.K. called 'The Slot: Miscarriage'. 'The Slot: Miscarriage' comprises of four films directed by Jo Terry for Dual Purpose Productions. The first five-minute film was shown on Monday, March 25, 2002 and in it Tori Amos talked about her miscarriage experiences. Clunky and Heather have sent me a transcript of everything Tori said and you can read that below. Clunky also sent me some screen shots from the program, which are now available below as well.

Channel 4 has a web page with information and links about miscarriage.

Warning: Tori talks about the very sensitive topic of miscarriage. Such a discussion could be triggering for some people and they are advised to proceed with caution in reading the details below.

Screen Shots

Thanks to Clunky for sending these to me!

Complete Transcript

Special thanks to Clunky and Heather for typing this transcript of what Tori said and sending it to us!

The first time i, miscarried, i was in the first trimester near the end. And, i was at the beach and, something didnt feel right, and i realised that i'd started to bleed and so i called the doctor, he had me come in, they did a scan, and i looked up at the nurse and she had tears in her eyes, and she said 'im so sorry'.

It's all very thief in the night stuff because you go into an emergency room or whatever and you walk in thinking that you are an eco system and you walk out completely barren and empty.

The physical impact got tougher with each miscarriage so that by the third i think i was at my physical breaking point, you know you get revved up and then the crash and then the emptyness, there's no coffin, there's no outwards symbology, there's no kind of ritual, there's just you and your partner.

It's not nessecerally a reality for anbody else, very few people know how to respond to it there's not a lot of awareness on it, it's that taboo kind of thing, and nobody wants it to happen to them, so it's kind of like you've got the plague, like can you catch it.

If you said to me is there anything positive about all that i think it's made me appreciate life, and it knocks you for 6, but if you choose the wisdom out of the wound then there is healing and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you dont see it when you're in the trenches i mean, you know, there is a dark night of the soul, and you have to walk that.

Although i wasnt able to bring them to physical life, i was able to bring them into song form, and there are songs written about them that i play even now, then you turn around death into some kind of expression of life.

(spark video plays with end credits)

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