Radio stations playing songs from Tori's "Strange Little Girls" album

Updated August 2, 2001

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Here are some of the radio stations that have played songs from Tori's album "Strange Little Girls". It is by no means a comprehensive list. Some may have the song in regular rotations, while others may have played it only once. Some of these stations started playing from the new album as early as mid-July 2001. I was surprised by this. The Atlantic Press Release says that the "Strange Little Girl" single would be sent to radio in mid-August. I still think that is when Atlantic will start to push the single and go for radio adds. ('97 Bonnie & Clyde is likely not a single, but will get played because of the attention it has gotten.) Some of these radio stations are also playing '97 Bonnie & Clyde and Heart Of Gold. These 3 songs are on an Atlantic 3-track promo CD that these radio stations have.

Radio stations playing material from "Strange Little Girls"

  • 96.1 KISS FM - Denver, Colorado (Thanks Hillary.)

  • CFNY - Edge 102 - Toronto, ONT (Thanks Dave Awesome.)

  • 91.1 KLSU - Baton Rouge, LA (Thanks BJ.)

  • WRLT 100.1FM - Nashville, TN (Thanks Jeff O'Kelley.)

  • 105.7 the Point - St. Louis, MO (Thanks Jeff O'Kelley.)

  • KBCO - Boulder, CO (Thanks Jeff O'Kelley.)

  • WZBC 90.3 - Boston, MA - They played '97 Bonnie & Clyde (Thanks Jim Gussen.)

  • 89.9 KCRW - Los Angeles, CA on a show called "Morning becomes Eclectic" (Thanks VivianaFB.)

  • 91X - San Diego, CA (Thanks Bethany Thomas.)

  • 96X - Salt Lake City, UT (Thanks Brandie.)

  • 92.3 WTTS - Indianapolis, IN (Thanks Aaron and Ashleigh.)

  • WMUC 88.1 FM - Maryland/Washington D.C. college radio (Thanks Alison Stine.)

  • WBER 90.5 - Rochester, NY (Thanks Dan.) - Reportedly first radio station to play Strange Little Girl They also play '97 Bonnie and Clyde and Heart of Gold. This is a wonderful radio station!

  • WWDX 92.1 The Edge - Lansing, MI (Thanks Brandon.)

  • WBRU 95.5FM - Providence, RI (Thanks John Sarmento.)

  • WXRV 92.5 The River - Boston, MA (Thanks Genevieve D.)

  • WWCD 101.1 - Columbus, OH (Thanks Erin Stynchula.)

  • 99.9FM The Buzz - Burlington, Vermont (Thanks Geneviève.)

  • Star 95.7 - Tampa, FL (Thanks Jenny Quillen.)

  • WXRT 93.1 - Chicago, IL (Thanks Krissy Claes and Christine Melange.)

  • WOXY 97.7 - Southern Ohio (Thanks Tracie (SexyRedHead).)

  • 92.1 Premium Radio - San Diego, CA (Thanks Kit.)

  • KNDD 107.7 The End - Seattle, WA

  • 89X The New Rock Alternative 88.7 FM - Detroit. MI - Reportedly the first radio station to play "'97 Bonnie & Clyde"

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