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Sightings reported from December 1, 1999 through March 16, 2000

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Tori On Fox's "Get Real"

(March 16, 2000) - Michelle, Mike (Jesus Freak) and Laura Craig report:

    If anyone watched "Get Real" tonight on FOX, one of the characters, Kenny, was watching TV in one scene and while flipping through the channels he said, "Tori Amos is on Larry King." Very small Tori news but just thought I would share it.

    I was watching the show Get Real (I hate it..but am strangely addicted)..and the kid kenny is sitting on the couch and his brother asks him to change the channel..and his response is "Tori Amos is going to be on Larry King" Weird huh? Ok...well the show aired 3-15-2000 at 9:00 eastern.

Tori On The "Twisted Singers" Web Site

(March 16, 2000) - Meghan and Lauren Wirt report:

    Meghan amd Lauren told me that Tori was part of a web site called "Twisted Singers: We Create Our Own Super Musicians". This site says, "In the next millennium, we could have the power to mix together all kinds of people through a highly complicated process involving a kitchen blender. Explore along with us, as we ponder the various "musician mixing" combinations we can anticipate in the next century. " There is a page with Tori here.. There you can see what happens when you mix Tori Amos with Master P. I found this pretty humorous! They state, "Master P breaks it down weirdo style when he merges with Tori Amos to release the confusing "Playas for Pele," a spiritual, albeit crude, opus on the importance of not hatin' Pele. Singles include, "To Venus Will Crack," "Ugh, iieee" and the daring, "That's My Soul, Sucka." Be sure to catch a peek of Pink at an NBA tryout near you!"

Blue Focus Management

(March 16, 2000) - Amanda Morgan reports:

    an interesting article appeared in Variety yesterday, Feb. 14th [2000]. Two of the industry's top film music agencies (Kraft-Benjamin-Engel and Vangelos Management) have merged to form a new company called Blue Focus Management. The firm will rep a myriad of top composers, as well as music supervisors, and a number of recording artists and music producers with regard to film, including Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and Chuck D, amongst others.

    hopefully this new representation will be more aggressive in placing tori songs in film, something i'm sure we'd all love to happen.

Tori Amos And "The Sims"

(March 16, 2000) - courtney mcgee reports:

    i am not sure if you know about the pc game "the sims". it was just released at the begining of february. it is sort of a real life simulation where you control these little game sprites' actions. anyway, you can change the way the characters look in the game by use of "skins", and someone made a skin of tori amos! you can download it here.

'Precious Things' Used On PBS Frontline

(March 16, 2000) - Eric Wilcox reports:

    I just wanted to let you know, Frontline (on PBS) used Precious Things in an ad for their episode on teen sex competitions. [This aired in early February 2000] Apparently, at some places (high schools typically) there's some sort of underground competition where you get points for how many and which people you have sex with. A strange place to hear Tori, indeed.

Dad's Garage and the Improv-a-thon

(March 16, 2000) - Russ Marshalek reports:

    here in atlanta there's a little improvisational theatre company that calls themselves Dad's Garage. they do shows every thursday, friday, and saturday night. this past weekend [Feb 12, 2000], they staged a fundraiser they called an "improv-a-thon", which was 25 straight hours of improv. i was in attendance, as were 2 of my EWF friends..during one of the 1st shows, a spoof of "match game", one of the characters playing [the character's name was "Blake"...he was supposed to be a yuppie-type] was answering with various female singers....."jagged little pill" was one of his answers, as was "stevie nicks".....the final question, which he was not required to answer, he said "i'm not supposed to answer, but i shall anyway.."..lo and behold, his answer was "tori amos" [with a heart used to dot the i]...the host responded with something like "if you put that women with a pig, watch out.." it was INCREDIBLY funny...

'Professional Widow' played During Italian TV Program 'Nonsolomoda'

(March 16, 2000) - Heles reports:

    'professional widow' was played shortly as background music in a program called 'nonsolomoda' (literally, 'notonlyfashion') that broadcasts on Italian national network Canale5. the program was broadcasted yesterday 12.02.00, but this was actually a repeat of the previous week episode (which aired sunday 06.02.00). on a side (if a bit personal) note, 'nonsolomoda' has, say, paid attention to tori's music more than once in the past, and I had actually hummed at the thought of getting my first tori album, hearing 'god' and, I think, 'icicle' played as bg music during that very program.

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Books

(March 16, 2000) - Michelle Cobb reports:

    On page 263 in one of the Buffy, the vamp slayer books, the quote reads as such,"After he finished listening to the last cut of Tori Amos, Spike emerged from the room he shared with Drusilla in the little cottage." The book is No. 2 in the Gatekeeper Trilogy called "Ghost Roads"

MTV Webriot

(March 16, 2000) - Several Toriphiles report:

    MTV Webriot is a U.S. program that shows music videos and asks contestants questions about them or the artist. Tori has popped up on this show a few times

Meghan MQ and Chris report:

    Today [February 18, 2000], on MTV's show WebRiot, hosted by Ahmet Zappa, Tori was one of the featured videos. While "Cornflake Girl" (the US version of the video) played, contestants were asked 3 questions along the lines of:

    "Though she is known for her rebellious attitude, Tori Amos was recieved what title (or honor) in high school?"

    1) ?
    2) ?
    3) Homecoming Queen
    4) Drama Queen

    (answer: Homecoming Queen)

    Tori describes "raisin girls" as open minded, unlike "cornflake girls" which
    she says are:

    1) self-centered
    2) too dependent on men
    3) ignorant
    4) naive

    (the correct answer being self-centered)

    "On the cover of her 1996 album, Boys for Pele, Tori caused controversy by holding what to her breast?"

    1) a piglet
    2) a knife

    (answer: a piglet....however, if wasn't on the cover...oh well)

    sorry I couldn't remember the other possible answers. Also, Ahmet made a side comment that he owned all of Tori's albums, and I believe he was serious, although he tends to be extremely sarcastic.

Sarah McGee reports:

    i was watching mtv's WebRiot, and the contestants were trying to figure out scrambled videos. the last video was what looked like Tori's "God" vidoe, but even me a devoted ear with feet couldnt see it that well, and they stopped the game before the contestants were able to answer. A few of the choices were, choice number 1-Tori Amos, 2- was Kate Bush and 3 and 4 escape me. This aired Friday Feb 25, 00 at 4:30pm. Just a cute little peice of Tori Trivia!

Pink Frog reports:

    the video for jackie's strength was featured on the mtv game show webriot today [Thursday, March 16, 2000].

Tori Parody on Upright Citizens Brigade

(March 16, 2000) - Mike reports:

    I just saw [Feb 7, 2000] a Tori parody on the Comedy Central show, "Upright Citizens Brigade" They had one of the male members in drag, with red hair, sitting at the piano. It was not his voice, but a voice similiar to Tori's! It was really funny.

Children's Book About Earthquakes

(March 15, 2000) - Kate Morin and her son is Chris Martinez report:

    My son (who's 10) is reading a book in school called "In The Heart Of The Quake". It's a children's book (school age chapter book) about Natural Disasters, however, it is in story form (the story part may be fictional). It's by Scholastic Books, and the author is David Levithan. It includes the following:

    "Oh these Little Earthquakes.
    Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces.

    "It's from a Tori Amos song", Dr. Hoffman explained. "It fits" I said, thinking of Stieg.....

    I just thought it was so interesting that she showed up in a children's book about earthquakes, and the book actually quoted lyrics from her song. I think that Mr. Levithan is a bit of a Tori fan or possible Toriphile - EWF himself. *big grin*

    I don't think the story is supposed to be really sad or anything (i.e. I don't think Stieg ACTUALLY got ripped into pieces), but I do have to confess, I didn't read the whole story because of that one Tori comment. Although, it is a book my son won in class, so I'm sure the content is very appropriate. My son was so cute, when he came downstairs to show me. He covered up the part where it says Tori's name and just showed me the song lyric part. He asked me if I knew what it was....trying to test me, the little bugger. He knew I'd like it though. His name is Chris, and he was so psyched I was telling you guys about it, he let me use the book all day to make sure I reported it to the Dent. =)

Bosendorfer Newsletter #14

(March 15, 2000) - Valentine Micheal-Smith reports:

    Tori is on the cover of the Bosendorfer Newsletter available at most fine piano stores or galleries that sell Bosendorfer pianos, The finest Piano in the world. The cover of the newsletter has a blown picture from the cover of To Venus and Back. With a small picture of the disc on the bottom left. The small article is written in English and German and it reads:

    New CD from Tori Amos

    THE POP-ICON TORI AMOS enthused her fans with her new double album "To Venus and Back." The recordings were drawn up like a musical journey of the artist. The first part- is titled "Venus Orbiting" and is a collection of exciting new songs; the second half includes the highlights of her live performance of her "Plugged" - World Tour 1998. Besides Tori Amos playing on a Bosendorfer, drummer Matt Chamberlin, bass player John Evans and Steve caton on the guitar can be heard.

    There is also another random picture of Tori (I had never seen ) inside the 8 page newsletter, in the section titled Bosendorfer Artists.

Tori Mentioned in MXG Magazine

(March 15, 2000) - Mary reports:

    MXG magazine (April/May 2000 editon) has a very very brief mention of Tori on page 16, in the article "For Art's Sake." which talks about how a girl can express herself. It says...

    "An alternative to the lay-down-on-the-couch-and- tell-me-about-your-mother approach, art therapy asks you to express your problems visually. We know it sounds a bit Tori Amos-ish, but think about it. What bad break up inpired da Vinci to pained the sullen Mona Lisa?"

Dream Team For ABC's Politically Incorrect

(March 13, 2000) - Lucy Sanders reports:

    I was skimming the website of ABC's Politically Incorrect and they have a place called "Dream Team" where you can suggest 4 people to be on the panel and why-- Tori was chosen for this combination:

    Dream Team #2 - Submitted by Kelly from Ewing, NJ

    Angelina Jolie--Actress
    Christine O'Donnell--SALT Spokesperson
    Tori Amos--Musician
    Bill Bradley--Politician

    Submitter's Comment/Explanation:
    "This group would provide an amazing debate on the role of religion in America. Tori Amos, the brilliant, if sometimes kooky, musician would offer her usual insight on Christianity. Jolie could provide a rebel youth type perspective. O'Donnell always provides the hard core Christian viewpoint. And Bradley, with his refusal to answer public questions about his religion, could offer his refreshing perspective of why religion and politics don't mix."

Tori In R.K. Overton's "More Letters to Rollins"

(March 13, 2000) - Beth Winegarner reports:

    I got my copy of R.K. Overton's "More Letters to Rollins" in the mail today and one of the first letters makes reference to Tori (and also to me! -- I'm good friends with the author). The letter is from a character called Jimmy Jones. The relevant paragraph goes like this:

    "This girl Beth in the dorms insists that you married Tori Amos in a Winter Solstice ceremony at Stonehenge and that you're working on a yodeling album with Jewel. I could see the Jewel story being true because I know you're into The Sound of Music and lederhosen but I don't know why you'd marry Tori Amos since she's already married to her sound technician."

    You don't have to be a fan of Henry Rollins to enjoy this book -- not in the slightest. Mostly you just have to be a fan of laughing a lot. You can order both this book and the first one, "Letters to Rollins," directly from the publisher at

Create Your Own Grammy Contest Winners

(March 13, 2000) - Mikewhy reports:

    On Friday, March 10, 2000 Atlantic Records sent out their weekly Digital Spew email newsletter. (#121) In one section of the newsletter they write:

    Think the Grammy hype has subsided? Hell no! Of course we've congratulated Rob Thomas (of matchbox twenty) for nabbing three awards for his work with Santana, and props to Kid Rock, for tearing off the roof with his super-charged performance that evening. But we've got a different announcement to make. The winners of our Create Your Own Grammys Contest! After boat-loads of creative entries, we've selected three winners who will be getting sent a pile of CDs.

    They are:

    Stephanie Greene of San Francisco, CA nominated Tori Amos for "Best Posture on a Piano Bench"

    Lacey Austin of Arroyo Grande CA nominated Bif Naked as "Most Likely to Create a Legendary Empire and Seduce Marc Anthony" - this one takes a little more thought - see Bif's I, BIFICUS album cover for assistance.

    And though we don't know the name, an amusing anonymous nomination came in for Hedwig and the Angry Inch as "Most Likely to Overthrow the Metric System"

Tori Mentioned In Rolling Stone

(March 13, 2000) - GlynisGCO reports:

    I just got the newest issue of rolling stone (N'Sync is on the cover, issue #837), and there are many, many tori mentions. Most notably, in the special section devoted to the internet and music (beginning after page 40) her name pops up a few times, and in the Sheffield report (page 24), which talks about Madonna's cover of "American Pie" and mentions the fact that Tori has covered it as well. There are no major tori features, although her name appears several times in the issue.

Tori Mentioned In Ithaca College Booklet

(March 10, 2000) - Katie reports:

    So I'm a high school junior and I'm getting all this college stuff. Yeah rah. And today I got this booklet thingy from Ithaca College, and I was flipping through it and there was a little section that talks about all these fun things there, and this was one of them:

    "Perform in or listen to a concert: you can choose from over 300 concerts and recitals every year, from Tchaikovsky to Tori Amos--all on campus."

VH1 Rock and Roll Jeopardy

(March 10, 2000) - JelloFaerie ka Kristen reports:

    on vh1 rock and roll jeaopardy they had

    "tori Amos followed her 1991 smash album with this album exploring her "womanhood" and the answer was under the pink

    and meredith brooks was like "in the pink?" silly meridith you should know your tori

Quote about Tori from Paula Cole

(March 10, 2000) - Spark271 reports:

    Paula Cole was asked the question, "What do you think of performers like Tori Amos and Fiona Apple? Paula replied, "I'm jealous of Tori's touring success. She works really hard and deserves it." [At this time I am not aware of the source of this quote.]

More Tori Music On Passions

(March 10, 2000) - Several Toriphiles report:

    Tori's music has been heard several more times on the NBC soap Passions. The producers must enjoy her music on that show. Concertina was heard on the show March 7, 2000 and 1000 Oceans again on February 25, 2000.

People Magazine Crossword Puzzle

(March 10, 2000) - lauren reports:

    i was doing my people magazine crossword puzzle in the march 6, 2000 issue and the clue for 25 across is "To Venus and Back singer Tori ____". just thought i'd pass that along :)

MEA Records

(February 17, 2000) - Bubah Johnson reports:

    You may recall that the first songs Tori ever released on record were "Baltimore" and "Walking With You," which were put put on a private label called MEA Records, which are the initials to Tori real name, Myra Ellen Amos. There is a new independent record label called MEA Records now which formed in 1999 and is a forum for groundbreaking electronic artists. Their first signed artist is Entranced. If you go to the MEA Records web site and click the About MEA link, you will see them mention Tori. The site says, "Unlike other record labels, MEA was created to help get independent musicians careers off the ground, then move on to better things." They go on to say, "This philosophy originated from MEA's origins. The first musician to ever use the MEA label, was a young woman named Ellen Amos, later to be known as Tori Amos, early in her career. MEA actually happens to be this young woman's initials. Those three letters have become a symbol for meager beginings that grow to legendary proportions. We hope to carry on this tradition, and continue to launch talented people's careers." I found that really interesting. This label appears to have no affiliation with Tori at all except for the name. They even have a small photo of Tori's old records!

"Concertina" on the NBC Soap Passions

(February 17, 2000) - Several Ears With Feet report:

    Concertina was heard on the NBC soap Passions on Friday, February 11, 2000. A week and a half earlier they played 1000 Oceans during the show.

"Lust" Played During The TV Show Charmed

(February 3, 2000) - Several Ears With Feet report:

    During tonight's (February 3, 2000) episode of the TV show Charmed, they played 30 seconds from Tori's song "Lust." Thanks to the 20 people who emailed me about it, especially Danica, Morgaine, Susan, and Rachel Brookhart who were the first. Here are more details:

    From Danica: "WOOOO tori was played on my favorite show tonite. at the begining of Charmed [on the WB - about 3 good witches that are sisters] they plays Lust from begining all the way through "running through the underworld" where it faded out. they always play like 2 or 3 songs of good length by various artists and then tell where the music is from at the end of the show as well."

    From Susan: "I am right now watching the WB's show "Charmed" (airing at 9pm Eastern time). They played a fairly long clip of "Lust" (YAY). The scene was one of the sisters (Piper) in the hospital bed and her sister Pru (Prew?) was walking up to the bed."

"Bliss" and the Super Bowl

(February 1, 2000) - Ears With Feet Matt Miller and Josh Dehlinger report:

    Just thought I would let you know that in ABC's pregame for the Super Bowl, they had a feature about NFL players who helped build homes for the homeless and they played a clip of Bliss. It aired at 3:57 in the afternoon on Sunday [January 30, 2000]. I found it very humorous. Tori and football. It was great. My dream come true.

"1000 Oceans" On The NBC Soap Passions

(February 1, 2000) - Ears With Feet Jen, Kelly Wilson, Thomasena, Kara Berryman and Edward report:

    the NBC soap Passions played 1000 oceans for several minutes [on January 27, 2000] while two chararacters talked in a coffee shop. i was so surprised and happy. the two women (Grace Bennett and Ivy Crane) are kinda friends, but ivy is secretly after grace's husband, so when it was playing "sail you home" it was thick with meaning, as ivy was long ago his lover, long before he knew his wife grace. so, the song was on for 3 or four minutes, and i was super pleased.

Matthew Perry and the cast of "Friends"

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Rebecca McGee, Dawn Adkisson, Kristin Evans, Shannon and Tom report:

    I wanted to mention that i saw Tori's name in an article. it's from the new edition of People magazine, for Jan 24th, 2000. there is a big article on the show "Friends", on how they all get along, etc. anyway, near the end it says:

    "And a good time is being had by all. The guys battle it out playing Super Mario during breaks. Trading gossip and decorating tips, the girls are especially close and always will be, Aniston told Rolling Stone last March: 'Try getting us out of our dressing rooms when one of us is needing to talk....We're like, this is priority. Friend in need!' And the posse keeps hounding Perry for listening to all those brooding Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan ballads, which make everyone blue."

    Also in this issue's crossword puzzle they have tori in it for rocker Tori ---- (to venus and back.)

VH1 featured "Hey Jupiter" on Rock Of Ages

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Ciccone4 reports:

    VH1 featured "Hey Jupiter" on rock of ages, a vh1 show. pyromaniacs and firefighters judged videos with fire in them. Oddly, "Jupiter" was examined, but they featured a one second clip of Tori's back in a chair in the aprtment on fire. Jewel, Prodify, and Foo Fighters were among the artists examined. Still, its Tori- her back or not!

Article On Remixer Armand Van Helden

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Richard Handal found a Tori mention in an article on remixer Armand Van Helden that appears at the Keyboard Magazine web site. Here is an interesting excerpt:

    Some people might argue that a flat fee could be a rip-off to an artist whose remix hits big.

    My Tori Amos remix blew up, and you know what, I didn't see nothing from that. Zero. But at the same time I got about 40,000 other mixes because of it. You see what I'm saying? So, in a way I did get paid back from it. And probably easier and faster than trying to collect it from the label.

Naomi Wolf Quote

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    An article appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News web site on January 18, 2000. It consisted of various quotes from Female activists reflecting on society's changes now and then. Naomi Wolf, author of "The Beauty Myth," said the following, ""Barbie's ads now read, 'Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open' and 'Be Your Own Hero.' Oprah is talking about how to walk out of an abusive marriage and Tori Amos and Fran Drescher speak out in the celebrity press about sexual assault. This flood tide could either crest further to change the landscape forever, or it could recede once again. This is what historians call an 'open moment' and women have blown such moments in the past."

David La Chapelle Photography Book

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet j'ason reports:

    i was at Barnes & Noble flipping through a book of photography by David La Chapelle and came across 2 pictures of tori from her 1998 Rolling Stone cover story photo shoot. the pictures are the one from the cover and the one with her standing in the flower with her arms outstretched. The book is Very nice indeed. It's called Hotel La Chapelle.

New York Times Article About Time Warner

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Lauren reports:

    An article in the January 16, 2000 edition of the New York Times called "In the Interest of Telling All, Sort of" mentions Tori. It is an article dealing with Time Warner and their merger with AOL. In the article, the writer is printing a fictional account of Gerald R. Levin, chief executive of Time Warner, talking to his shareholders about the deal. In one part of the article the writer has Gerald R. Levin say, "The movie industry is saturated, our music business has stunk for two years in a row and the circulation of our flagship product, Time magazine, for years has been as flat as Tori Amos's tummy."

Tori Tattoo At The Body Modification Ezine

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Brian reports:

    i got this tattoo awhile ago and just found it on the web [at the web site of the Body Modification Ezine] in tattoo artist Dean Brockert's mini-portfolio. amazing work. [Click on the link to see the Tori tattoo.]

Did Soul Coughing Sample Tori?

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Stephanie Sloup reports:

    I am a big fan of Tori, therefore I am always trying to find new stuff of hers. Well, I was looking for Cd's by one of my favorite bands, Soul Coughing. I was reading a bio of them at CDNow, and it said that in one of her songs, I believe "Mr. Bitterness" [from the 1994 album "Ruby Vroom"], that Tori quietly sings "I feel stupid" in the background. [This would be a sample from Tori's cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"]. I listened to the song, so I'm wondering if the article was saying she said that in the background of a different song. Do you happen to know anything about that? Just curious if it is true, or if CDNow just got things mixed up.

From Mikewhy:

Article On Producer/Remixer Vincent Vero

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    I found an article at The Record Online about Producer/Remixer Vincent Vero from January 13, 2000. Here is the part of the article that mentions Tori:

    "Vero still produces albums and singles for other big companies as a way to pay the bills. He once remixed a single by alternative-rock goddess Tori Amos and called it "Hasbrouck Heights mix." [This was a remix of "In The Springtime Of His Voodoo"]. He had been living there at the time."

Tori Mentioned By Dennis Miller

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Sariah Cumming and Bethany Rusen report:

    I heard this on the radio this morning and thought you might be interested. In Dennis Miller's new act that he premiered last night he was talking about the upcoming presidential election and said,

    "The current two party election system is received with about as much enthusiasm as Tori Amos doing an acoustic set at a monster truck rally."

"Precious Things" During Local News Broadcast

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Mandy reports:

    A clip of "Precious things" was played during a segment of the local news, broadcast through central and western, Pennsylvania I believe, about rape and sexually transmitted diseases. I missed most of it, and heard the clip from the other room while my father was flipping through the channels, so I have no idea if Tori and/or RAINN was mentioned.

MTV's webRiot

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Andre Somma reports:

    I was playing MTV's webRiot online the other day and they asked a Tori question. Who was kicked out of the Peabody Conservatory at age 11? Tori was also listed as one of the wrong answers for a question on the TV version of the game.

Israeli Newspaper Ha'Aretz

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Sand reports:

    The most recent Friday Supplement [January 7, 2000] of the Israeli newspaper Ha'Aretz has a small Tori mention and accompanying picture. It's about 1/8th of the page and is an LE promo if I'm not mistaken. The not-so-flattering but unfortunately familiar text is a combined one on Tori and Alanis, and translates:

    Between them, Morissette, the angry young woman, and Tori Amos, the theatrical faerie (except they would probably spell it fairy), have more similarites than differences. They both fit snugly inside the definition "angry white woman". Both translate their rage into carefully calculated albums with just the correct dose of emotion, as well as carefully calculated images that combine honesty, independence, and feminist awareness, in a form that doesn't allow them to be ignored but also doesn't make them threatening.

    Amos' career is longer, and started officially in '91 with her breakthrough, the beautiful "Little Earthquakes". Since then she has released UtP ('94), BfP ('96), FtC-GH (98), and the new tVaB, which between them have sold 8 million copies.....(Alanis biography)....the importance of Amos and Morissette is in their being the standout representatives of the Generation Now of American Female Rock Singers, a fact that surely was not lost on the two when they decided to tour together this past summer, a tour of which parts were broadcast guessed it, the Internet.

Syndicated TV Show "Wild Web"

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Richard Handal reported the following to the Precious Things mailing list on January 11, 2000:

    Okay, over the weekend I saw the Wild Web program that woj told us about, and indeed it was a story about MP3 opener Chlorophyll (taped in Mansfield, Mass. on 8/31/99). They interviewed Chlorophyll at the venue and showed them live onstage, showed a bit of Alanis live that night, and some excerpts of the Bleeess video. ;-)

    That was pretty much it. Not much true Tori content, other than some members of Chlorophyll saying they were more intimidated about when they were going to meet Alanis and Tori than they were about playing the shows themselves. They said Alanis and Tori were really nice to them.

    They also showed the official tour website and a brief shot of Tori with the stuffed animals from it, and they showed the MP3 tent at the show.

    I enjoyed it, though. It put me back in Mansfield for a minute. Cool.

    Thanks for telling us about it, woj.

Music Appreciation Class Text Book

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Marla Page reports:

    I just got my text book for my music appreciation class at school, and found this picture of Tori! There is a section on singer-songwriters in the twentieth century and it says this:

    "Female musicians in particular have found their singer-songwriter niche congenial; their line extends from Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell in the 1960s down through Tori Amos and Alanis Morisette today."

    The text is called "Listen" - Brief Fourth Edition and it's written by Joseph Kerman and Gary Tomlinson. Published by Bedford/St. Martin's Tori's picture appears on page 413.

The Book "Stolen Kisses" by Liesa Abrams

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet KelJosephine reports:

    I'm not sure if anyone told you about this or not, but I was reading a book and Tori was mentioned in it! It's #37 of the young adult series Love Stories, titled Stolen Kisses, and written by Liesa Abrams. (I'm not a teenager, and I can't believe I still read these things, but sometimes it pays off!) She's mentioned on page 89: "...posters of singers like Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan." She's mentioned in a good way, in my opinion, and it's nice to see our Tori being included matter-of-factly in a young adult book.

Note from Mikewhy: I fot an email from author Liesa Abrams who confirms that the Tori mention in her book was indeed meant to be positive and that she is a big Tori Amos fan.

Drag Act Kiki & Herb

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Angela reports to the ToriNews mailing list:

    I don't know if this is still going on, but in NYC, a really great drag act called "Kiki & Herb" was doing a cover of "Crucify" for their Christmas show. Kiki and Herb play at Fez under Time Cafe on Lafayette and 3rd or 4th St. in the Village. I do not know if this song will be incorporated into their regular routine.

Tori Blurb in Chicago Tribune

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Annie R. reports:

    I found an article with Tori in it in the January 4th issue of the Chicago Tribune. Writers Lou Carlozo and Allison Stewart picked some of the Best and Worst in 1999 music. The Tori and Alanis concert was in it, and it sounds good. Here's the article....

    Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos, and Lotusland at the New World Music Theater Sept. 11: Alanis Morissette was less vocal tic-heavy than usualand Tori Amos was, well, Tori Amos, but show openers Lotusland, an unsigned Los Angeles band reminiscent of a poppier Patti Smith Group, were the evenings nicest surprise.

"Picture This" at

(January 21, 2000) - Ears With Feet Amanda reports:

    Just wanted to inform you on a little Tori sighting.... No i didnt actually see her, but there was a trivia question about her at I am addicted to a game called "Picture This" at - a game in which you must answer trivia questions to reveal portions of a celebrity's face. (Then, obviously, you have to guess who the picture is of.) Anyway... the question went something along the lines of ...

    This singer believes in fairies despite the strict upbringing of her minister father... I dont remember who the other 2 choices were... but we all know the answer is our dear Tori Amos!! No one else in the room got it right.. hehe

Tori Mentioned On NBC Game Show "21"

(January 14, 2000) - Several Ears With Feet report:

Candace was the first to tell me and she says:

    As i was glazing some pottery, i had the TV on NBC's new game show "21" for some background noise. One of the questions was:

    Which female pop star won a grammy for her 1997 album which included the single "Sunny Came Home."

    the choices were:
    A. Tori Amos
    B. Shawn Colvin
    C. Fiona Apple and
    D. Sheryl Crow (at least i believe thats the order they were, Tori was A for certain)

    of course, i knew the answer was B. Shawn Colvin, but the contestant chose A - our beloved Tori. :]

    i just thought it may have been of some interest to you, as we all witness Tori's ever increasing popularity.

ESPN Dance Competition

(Updated January 14, 2000) - Ears With Feet Erin and Jennifer Herrera report:


    Mike! I was just watching the National DAnce Team Competition on ESPN and there was a group of girls dancing to "Precious Things"!! It was really kinda cool! Their moves went along with the song really well. They also had an Ani Difranco song but I'm not sure what song it was. The girls were from a highschool in Louisville, Kentucky. So, I thought I'd let you know so maybe you can post it on the Interesting Places where Tori has been spotted page!! :)


    So I'm sleeping at my Grandma's house and I get up the next morning and see that she's watching the National High School Dance Competition. (I'm a dancer, so naturally I'm interested). Then I go in the other room and I hear "Raspberry Swirl" is on. I don't think anything of it! I guess that's because I listen to Tori so much that it didn't register with my brain that it wasn't me playing Tori It was the TV! So Los Alamitos High School (I'm not sure where they're located) danced to a remix of Swirl. They took 2nd place. The act following that was another high school, also doing Tori! They were Assumption High School (I think they're from Colorado somewhere) [Note from Mikewhy: There is an Assumption High in Louisviile, KY too and this could have been them, but I am not sure...] and they're doing this ludicrious mockery of "Me and A Gun", like when Tori says, "Far from sleep" they move their hands like their on a lot of caffee. Then it stops after "and some chips" and goes into "Precious Things".. . Assumption High ended up winning the national competition!

    I saw this just the other day, and I think they're re-running it. It was great seeing Tori's girls be able to help dancers win a national competition! (BOTH 1st and 2nd place winners did Tori songs!)

'A Question Of Pop' On BBC

(January 6, 2000) - Ears With Feet Emma Taylor + Andy Tebbutt and Mike Gray report from the U.K.:

    On a new bbc tv pop quiz " A Question of Pop ", shown monday 3 jan, they played about 20 seconds of tori singing " the sandwich song ( that's what i like mick ) " ( audio only ) and then said " that was Tori Amos with a b side she recorded in 1996, but can you tell me who did the original ?" The celebrity panel of 3 got it right with chas and dave ,then played a bit of their version.

    So Tori was a question on british tv - without calling her 'kooky' or 'weird' or mentioning cornflake girl ! Amazing ! a good start to the year !


    There was a new "pop quiz" called "A Question Of Pop" on BBC television [in the U.K.] this evening and one of the rounds was songs recorded by other people - they played the cover version, and then asked who performed the original. The Tori song played was "That's What I Like Mick" - one of the BeeSides for the UK "Caught A Lite Sneeze" single... what a weird surprise!

Rock & Roll Jeopardy On MuchMoreMusic

(January 6, 2000) - Ears With Feet Susan Tkachuk reports:

    On a recent episode of Rock & Roll Jeopardy I saw on MuchMoreMusic, the category was "A.K.A." and the answer was something like "Born Myra Ellen Amos, a preacher's daughter." Obviously...."Who is Tori Amos?"

Tori In Sample Cassette From A Survey Web Site

(January 6, 2000) - Ears With Feet Micah Westfall reports:

    I just got a sample cassette from called Alternative Mix. The track listing is as follows:

    Side A
    1. intro/nookie - limp bizkit
    2. freak on a leash - korn
    3. dissention - orgy
    4. new skin - incubus
    5. all star - smash mouth

    Side B
    1. 1000 oceans - TORI AMOS
    2. higher - creed
    3. someday - sugar ray
    4. got the life - korn
    5. crazy baby (live) - joan osborne

Tim Roth's "The War Zone" made Roger Ebert's Top Ten Movies of 1999

(January 6, 2000) - Ears With Feet Cynthia and Micah Westfall report:

    Tim Roth's "The War Zone" made Roger Ebert's Top Ten Movies of 1999 list coming in at 7. I was pleasantly surprised, even though I haven't seen the movie yet. It looks like the kind of movie that might be brutal to watch, kind of in the vein of "Once Were Warriors". I know I couldn't watch *that* one again, despite its superior quality. (Click here for more about this movie and how Tori is related to it.)

Tori In YM Magazine

(January 6, 2000) - Ears With Feet amanda reports:

    tori was in the spring 2000 issue of YM Magazine. THere was a quiz about "What kind of rock star would you be?" The "mostly F" answers was the "Soulful Sisters" including Tori, alanis, and lauryn hill.

Paul Westerberg Quote

(January 6, 2000) - Ears With Feet Caroline Kenney reports:

    found this quote on CDNow's AllStar News on Dec 30, 1999: "I would pay Tori Amos to be her piano bench." -- Paul Westerberg on how he would spend $1,000,000 in one month (allstar, Feb. 25).

VH1 Pop-up Video Trivia Game

(January 2, 2000) - Ears With Feet morgan b.(themoonisalwaysfemale) reports:

    one of my holiday gifts was the vh1 pop-up video trivia brother was reading out the questions and we came across a tori trivia! it was under the R.E.M. section and the question asked "she did a piano-based cover of REM's "Losing my Religion"....of course we started screaming.

Tori And The Game 'Beat The Clock'

(December 30, 1999) - Ears With Feet Menley reports:

    i was in a (english) pub in cambridge the other night playing this game called 'beat the clock', it's basically this game where you put 50 pence in this machine and have to answer questions within a certain amount of time. i was quite surprised to see under the category 'music' this question 'what artist had a no. 1 hit 'pretty good year' in 1996? TORI AMOS! i'm not sure how accurate the question is since i only started listening to tori in '96 but i thought it was interesting nonetheless. just goes to show toriis everywhere...

'Not Tonight Josephine'

(December 30, 1999) - Ears With Feet Menley reports:

    i was reading the oct. '99 (english) edition of readers digest christmas day and came acrossthis interesting tidbit of info,

    Q: did napoleon really say 'not tonight josephine'?

    A: There were circumstances when he might have used words to this effect. Napoleon resolved to divorce the Empress Josephine because of her famous infidelities while he was at war, and because she failed to produce an heir.

    When he got back from battle in October 1809, Josephine found Napoleon offhand, and discovered he had ordered the doors between their apartments at Fontianebleau to be blocked up. This could have been when the famous rejection was issued. Two months later they were divorced.

    By the late nineteenth century the phrase had become popular in music hall sketches and a song called "Not Tonight Josephine" was sung by music hall performer Florrie Forde in 1915.

    i never knew this but now understand 'josephine' better.

Photos Of Tori At The WBER Web Site

(December 30, 1999) - Ears With Feet Lecy reports:

    You can find photos of Tori at the web site for radio station WBER 90.5 in Rochester, NY, a station that supports Tori quite well. The latest photo shows Tori with a DJ on the day of her Rochester, NY show on November 12, 1998. (Once at the web site, click on PHOTOS and then find Tori under the letter 'T'.)

News Story About A Shooting At A Jewish Community Center

(December 30, 1999) - Ears With Feet Rebecca and Cristina report:

    I was watching the national news (12/28/99) and they were doing a "stories of the year" segment...Anyways, they did an update of the kids shot at the Jewish Community Center a few monts ago...One of them was a 17 year old girl and they showed a shot of her room and she had a big Tori poster on her wall! [She survived the shooting.]

    I just read your updated Tori sightings page and wanted to clarify (or add) a couple of details to the Jewish Community Center story concerning Tori that aren't mentioned on your page. When NBC aired the "stories of the year" segment, the 17 year old survivor was interviewed because she HELPED those children stay out of the line of fire. Even though she was wounded twice in the leg, she still maintained the courage to save as many children as she could. Of course she explained that she was "just doing her job," but we can all easily see how heroic she was. Believe me, I was extremely proud to see Tori's poster hanging up in her bedroom. Maybe that will show all those cynics out there that we're not all psychos!

CNN Article On Atlantic Record's Founder

(December 30, 1999) - Several Ears With Feet report:

    There is an article at the CNN web site about Atlantic Record's founder Ahmet Ertegun which mentions Tori.

MTV Trivia Game Includes Tori Questions

(December 27, 1999) - Ears With Feet Brandon Sink reports:

    I got the MTV Trivia Game for Christmas, and I just thought I'd let you know that I have already found two Tori questions! The first one is on Trivia Card number 62 and it reads: "What 11-year-old prodigy was reportedly ejected from Baltimore's Peabody Institute for playing John Lennon and the Doors?" They give this question a 4 (out of 5) on a level of difficulty. The second is on Trivia Card number 70 and it says: "Y Kant Tori Read was a hard rock experiment undertaken by what musician before she found her true sound?" This question's difficulty level that they give is a 2 (out of 5).

Tori's "Little Drummer Boy" Played At 12:12AM Christmas Day In New York

(December 27, 1999) - Ears With Feet William Fuentes reports:

    Tori Amos's Song Little Drummer Boy was played 12:12 am in New York Citys only Alternative rock station as the first song for December 25 Christmas day. The funny thing is though, they never play Tori's music. On the contrary, they make fun of tori from time to time. This is the last Christmas before the new millenium and of course it should be celebrated with the most beautiful verson of drummer boy ever.

Billboard Technology Online Article

(December 24, 1999) - Ears With Feet Sariah Cumming reports:

    Tori is mentioned in article from Billboard Technology Online. There's only a mention, but it's an interesting article. I've copied it in below:

    Labels Scurry For Positioning In Digital Download Race

    STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: The scramble to establish a foothold in the ever-evolving world of the Web resulted in some uncanny alliances in 1999. Competitors became partners and any reputable player was fair game for a deal.

    Sony, EMI, Universal, BMG, and Warner Music linked in a technology venture with IBM dubbed "the Madison project" to provide albums and singles for sale through digital downloading.

    The project, announced Feb. 8, shut out music merchants and caused reaction in brick-and-mortar stock prices. But retailers seemed unconcerned that the majors were testing downloading. "If they don't, somebody will," said Bill Teitelbaum, chairman/CEO of Carnegie, Pa.-based National Record Mart. "The question is how will downloading fit into the marketplace."

    Indeed, that question remains to be answered, as EMI and BMG each began selling digital downloads in the fourth quarter, and Atlantic made a Tori Amos single available for sale in the fall. According to a Jupiter Communications study, sales of music from digital downloading are expected to bring in $300,000 this year and by 2003, such sales will have grown to $146 million -- or an estimated 5.7% of total online music revenue.

    The year also saw Universal Music Group and BMG team to form the venture in April. UMG and BMG also teamed with AT&T Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. for a new digital delivery platform code-named "Nigel," with Matsushita expected to make portable digital music devices compatible with the new standard.

    The system is said to be ready for the sale of secure digitally delivered music by next spring. The "Nigel" strategy also allows room for traditional retail, with its Electronic Media Distribution technology expected to be made available to brick-and-mortar stores, which would carry new kiosks allowing consumers to download music onsite.

    Columbia House, the record club joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, acquired CDnow, which later in the year struck deals with Cductive and for music to sell in its download store.

    In June, EMI purchased 50% of custom CD company and signed an exclusive five-year licensing deal covering approximately 500,000 songs for use in both digital downloading and custom CDs.

    The deal left many brick-and-mortar retailers wary of the arrangement, cautioning that they would be on alert for any signs of preferential treatment. EMI added another piece to its digital download pie with its pact in November with Cupertino, Calif.-based Preview Systems as its "recommended technology provider" for secure delivery of music online.

    Its various deals culminated in the news that it would make 24 albums and dozens of singles available for sale at a new music portal in December. The company also plans to sell singles for download in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Musicmaker launched a 20-city test of a new kiosk system for custom compilations in retail stores, with Tower Records, Trans World Entertainment, and Wherehouse Entertainment signed on to try the stands.

    BMG also began selling downloads in the fourth quarter, with 11 secured tracks made available from 10 label acts, including Alabama, and Alan Jackson.

    Digital-On-Demand pacted with Sony and EMI to send downloadable music into in-store kiosks. The company, which was purchased in October by Alliance Entertainment Corp., signed on Trans World Entertainment, Virgin Megastores, Musicland Group, and Wherehouse Entertainment to be a part of its test of the RedDot Network of kiosks.

    Indie labels also stepped to the forefront, with Portland, Ore.-based Allegro Corp. putting up for bid the digital music rights for 200,000 tracks. Meanwhile, obtained exclusive partnerships with some 60 labels.

    The Zomba Group of Companies entered an exclusive five-year deal with The deal gave the site access to the entire catalog of Zomba, which includes releases from Jive Records., the online music, video and video game store jointly owned by Hollywood power broker Michael Ovitz and the Yucaipa Cos., entered the market this summer, striking deals with the streaming media outlet Entertainment Boulevard and the Ralphs Grocery chain. In November, the company struck a deal with Wherehouse to take over the retail chain's music offerings.

    Microsoft closed out the year with a plethora of alliances, including deals with EMI, BMG, TVT, and Virgin Megastore for various applications of its Windows Media technology.

Erik Von Detten Mentions Tori In Twist Magazine

(December 24, 1999) - Ears With Feet Annie reports:

    this girl I work with has a teeny-bopper magazine called Twist, and I was looking through it, and they have this tiny interview with Erik Von Detten, who is on Disney's So Weird. They ask him:

    "Who are your favorite musicians?"

    he responds with...

    "I used to have a huge crush on Alanis Morissette. But I recently met Tori Amos and she gave me a hug . . . Now I think we're in love."

"Winter" Featured On The ABC Series "Once And Again"

(December 23, 1999) - Over 20 people emailed me (Leanna was the first!) to let me know that Tori's "Winter" was heard twice during an episode of the ABC TV series "Once And Again" on Tuesday, December 21, 1999. Read below for some of the details that were sent to me:

From catherine

    i thought you'd want to know that "winter" was played twice during the show "once and again" tonight (tuesday, dec. 21). the show started with the song and then about 47 minutes into the show they played part of it (more this time) again. it as great to hear it on the show and it added a lot to the scenes for which they used it. i was really shocked to hear it because this show - despite the numerous young characters - seems to be geared toward adults in the 35-40 range. not that people in that age group don't love tori, but it just struck me as an odd, but totally fabulous, choice for the producers to make. maybe they are seeking a younger audience and this is one way of achieving that.

    anyway, the show re-airs on lifetime on friday night at 10pm central time. the show title is "the gingerbread house." my cable guide does not say that it's the same episode 9actually, it doesn't give any description), but under friday's listings for lifetime at 10pm central, tv guide says to refer to tuesday night's listing for details. that leads me to believe it's the same episode.

From Pixie

    Last night, (12/21) I was watching the TV show called Once and Again on ABC, it came on every Tuesday nights at 9 PM Central Time. Last night was the Christmas episode, and it opened with Tori Amos singing, "Snow can wait, I forgot my mittens" They were playing Winter! Close to the end, they played it again, almost in its entirety, but they edited the "hair is gray" part out. It fit the show perfectly. One of the families in the show was going through this thing where the kids thought their mom and dad were getting back together but in fact getting a divorce. Right after the mom tells her kids and soon-to-be-ex-husband that she wants a divorce and after the youngest daughter comes to the realization that there is no Santa Claus, you hear Tori singing, "Things are gonna change so fast" There could not have been a more perfect show.

From Erin Stynchula

    HI! I was watching The ABC Series "Once And Again" tonight(Tuesday, 21) and to my surprise, the opening song was Winter!! A character was shown getting ready to go out, she was putting her lipstick and hat on. It was a sad scene, but I was so happy when I heard Winter!

From kelly mulligan

    i'm sure somebody has already written you about this - but winter featured on the abc show "once and again" last night toward the end of the show. the song started right from the first strains (everyone in my family thought i was nuts for being able to recognize it just from the first two notes) and was cut somewhat during the first chorus - going right from "when you gonna make up your mind" to "cause things are gonna change so fast" leaving out the "when you gonna love you as much as i do" (my favorite part of the song.)

References to Tori in Entertainment Weekly's Best and Worst of 99 issue and in the Sacramento Bee

(December 23, 1999) - Ears With Feet Lisa reports:

    There is a fleeting reference to Tori (the only one in a whole magazine's worth of The Best and Worst of 99...grrrr) in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Under the Best of 99 section, under the topic of Internet, the number 1 "Phenom of the Year" is Digital Music. The reference to Tori is: "The threat was easy for the recording industry to dismiss when it was just a bunch of kids pirating MP3 files. But then came the second wave: A horde of computer nerds stormed the green room and somehow convinced headliner acts like Alanis Morissette, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Creed, the Beastie Boys, Tori Amos, and Metallica that traditional music distribution was as worn as a used eight-track tape. Legitimate music distributors like Liquid Audio,, and signed them up, followed by online record labels like Atomic Pop."

    Also, in today's Sacramento Bee, [December 21, 1999] there was an article entitled "Across the Musical Landscape: Songs that helped define the 90's" by Bee Pop Music Writer, Chris Macias. The article lists 99 songs "that helped to define the decade's wide-open musical landscape." It also says that the songs are in no particular order, which appears to be true since the songs are categorized under headings like, "The Unavoidable," "Alternative/Indie Rock," and "R&B." Under the heading, "The Haunting" - at #99 - is Me and a Gun.

"Lust" Played During A Weather Forecast!

(December 23, 1999) - Ears With Feet Sherwin reports on what I must say is one of the more unusual and amusing sightings for quite some time!

    A few nights ago (Friday Dec 17, 1999) I was watching the Ch. 7 news and overheard a familiar tune during their weather was "Lust." They were playing "lust" while they were showing the weather forecast. I really thought it was weird, but I was excited to hear Tori being played in the news. This past Sunday, I saw a commercial for a special segment for the Ch. 7 news called "Making Babies" and the music that they used for the background was "God." I was thinking that Ch.7 is really keen with Tori's little girls.

Tori Featured In Tower Records Commercial

(December 23, 1999) - Several Ears With Feet report:

    There is a new Tower Records TV commercial that features a clip from the "1000 Oceans" video. They must have "to venus and back" on sale and are promoting it.

Tori In Mademoiselle

(December 21, 1999) - Ears With Feet Robyn reports:

    In the Jan.2000 issue of Mademoiselle, in the section on page 19, there's a little Tori mention. It's in response the numerous (I'm assuming;only 3 responses were published) commentary on writer Nina Malkin's article "Bad-News Bands" in the November issue that critised bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit for the rapes and riots at Woodstock, Nina wrote:

    "The "puke rock" piece was not a music critique-if it were, it surely would have noted that Korn's Jonathan Davis is the hottest bagpipe player on the scene today. Rather, it was a commentary on a particular pop culture trend, and its effects on a portion of it's audience. The point isn't that women musicians write anti-male songs and nobody complains (indeed, plenty of people do). The point is that female fans at, say, the Tori and Alanis show did not run amok, grabbing or kicking male attendees in the crotch, or demanding displays of genitalia. The treatment of women at Woodstock proves that "puke rockers" tacitly encourage misogynist behavior. Do they promote it outright? Of course not: It would be bad business. No matter how they feel about women, they still want them to buy their records."

    I thought the whole bit was rather interesting, and thought some of you might be interested as well. :)

Vogue Article On Designer Alexander McQueen

(December 20, 1999) - Ears With Feet Elizabeth R Weber reports:

    In an article on Alexander McQueen (Vogue VH-1 Fashion Music Awards Avant-Garde Designer of the Year)...

    "Small wonder McQueen's attracted fans from the music world; he's dressed rock's influential style mavens Madonna and Courtney Love as well as the resolutely antifashionista Tori Amos."

    Dec 1999
    pg. 154

Rolling Stone Article On Christina Ricci

(December 15, 1999) - Ears With Feet Becky Wall, Sarah Waffle and Cruel0 report:

    The December 9, 1999 issue (#827) of Rolling Stone magazine includes an article with Christina Ricci that mentions Tori. Here is the part of the article that mentions Tori:

    "As Ricci glides past cracked Greek sculpture and old master paintings, a heavyset young woman in a Tori Amos shirt slips to her side; the girl falls into and blushes and stammers that are the international symbol for recognizing a celebrity. She asks if Ricci would mind posing for a picture with her; she tells her she's attending college in Paris for a year-it's her first time away from home. Ricci listens patiently. Here is a girl she might have become, if she'd never been an actress. When she leaves, Ricci says, 'that must be scary, being alone.' "

Juarez, Mexico In The News

(December 3, 1999) - Various Ears With Feet report:

    You can read stories at the CNN and MSNBC web sites about some mass graves found in Mexico near the border city of Ciudad Juarez by U.S. and Mexican authorities. These were likely the victims of drug-related violence. In case you don't know, Tori has a song on her latest album, "to venus and back", called Juarez. Not sure if these deaths are exactly the same as what Tori refers to in the song, but there could be some overlap... Thanks to Aaron Yeats Carico, Ben Kitabayashi and Andrea for bringing this to our attention.

Meatloaf Bashes Tori

(December 1, 1999) - Ears With Feet Mikewhy reports:

    There was an interview with Meatloaf from the Canadian Press which was posted to the Jam! Music web site on November 18, 1999. In one part of the interview, Meatloaf made comments about Tori that are not only misleading, but are flat out wrong. At my suggestion, many Toriphiles emailed Jam! to complain about the article and set the record straight. On November 23, 1999, Jam published several of these letters and made it a news story! Read the Toriphile letters that were published at Jam! here. Below you can read the part of the article where Meatloaf talked about Tori:

      "Bands are in a humidor or in some kind of enclave -- they're insulated all the time. They travel amongst themselves, they're the kings of their world and that's who they are. They don't share. Even if you open for somebody, the first band isn't sharing with the second band. What are you sharing, some lights?"

      That attitude can be blamed on rock's youth, he says, an elitist paradigm "about entitlement and about rock being real and you can't do it unless you write it -- unless you live it, you can't be it."

      "They're not used to sharing. I heard Tori Amos speak up and say: 'If my audience doesn't give me something then I don't think they're entitled to anything.' That's not an exact phrase, but I wanted to slap her -- that's the most insane thing I've ever heard in my life. She's not the only one that thinks it."

    Assuming you can stomach it, you can now listen to a RealAudio sound clip of Meatloaf dissing Tori at the Jam! Music web site. It was this interview that was quoted in the article they published last week. I am not sure what the source of the sound clip is. To read some of the responses to this comment and the attention that the incident has gotten in the press, go to my Articles Archive.

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