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SiegessSule (Germany)
November 2002

Added November 22, 2002

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A review of Scarlet's Walk appears in the November 2002 issue of the German gay magazine SiegessSule, a local publication in Berlin. Many thanks to Sand who sent the Dent this article and who translated it from German into English. Sand warns, "The syntax is rather poor in German, too, so it's not just my translation that's lacking."

Warm - Tori Amos, "Scarlet's Walk"
Her last album "Strange Little Girls" contained adaptations of texts exclusively by male colleagues on the topic of violence in society, so that she could, as she said, "take on the power and potential destructive power of the male word." On "Scarlet's Walk" the 39-year-old, who for several years has been living in English Cornwall, returns to her own songwriting, and relates through elegaic and quiet songs all that women can experience in bubbling cities and along seemingly endless highways. This is something you need spirit for. You would do well to invest the money in buying this album. Something warm for the cold season! The winter can be long.

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