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The Scotsman
January 14, 2003

Added January 16, 2003

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Lucy sent me the following review of Tori's January 12, 2003 concert in Glasgow, U.K. which appeared in the January 14, 2003 edition of The Scotsman newspaper.

Fiona Shepherd

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

SINCE taking a couple of years out of her career to start a family, Tori Amos has been productive in other ways, with two new albums - Strange Little Girls and Scarlett's Walk - now under her belt. On this return to touring, her fans could not get enough of the empress of the ebony and ivory, encouraging her every overly theatrical coquettish gesture and seductively drawled anecdote and still whooping with delight at a bass solo a full 90 minutes into the set. In her floaty frock and mad boots, wedged between her two keyboards - a grand piano and a synthesiser - in her familiar stool-straddling pose, she looked like Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie with extra affectations. But you've got to buy the whole angst vamp act to get through two hours of homogenous material without attention wandering.

While Cornflake Girl has the corniest lyrics, at least its dramatic piano refrain has a dynamism lacking elsewhere in her set. Familiarity may bring out the nuances in the material. Otherwise, Scarlett's Walk was just too long a journey to undertake if you were not already smitten.

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