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Updated November 2, 2002

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This page gives some of the details about the Tori's Scarlet's Walk album, such as the credits, thank you and liner note information, musician credits, scans of the album booklet, and anything else related to the actual album that you can buy in the store. It will also covers Scarlet's Web, an exclusive online world which you can access using the Scarlet's Walk disc as a key. For more general news about the album, also be sure to check out the Scarlet's Walk News Page. For specific details about the limited edition version of Scarlet's Walk, check out the Dent's Limited Edition Page. Some of the info below, such as the liner notes, applies to the Limited Edition as well! Below, you can see the cover of the album, the back of the album, and the album disc. Look below to see some scans of the album booklet. Many thanks to Andre Julliay for the scans! Click any thumbnail to see larger.




The standard edition of Scarlet's Walk is housed in a jewel case, and has more photographs in the inlay than the limited edition. The map from the limited edition is there, but it's very small across two inlay pages, and this makes it almost unreadable. The disc is the same as the copy of the album included with the limited edition version and will be used as a key to access Scarlet's Web online.

In France, there is a special "limited edition" version of the Scarlet's Walk album that includes a booklet with a French translation of the lyrics. This is NOT the same thing as the limited edition version of Scarlet's Walk which includes the DVD. (Appearently that version does NOT have the French lyrics.) Here is a report on that from Toriphile Etienne:

i'm just writing to tell you that there is, indeed, a french limited edition for Scarlet's Walk, including a special booklet with the translation of the lyrics. This is quite common in France where we are poor in foreign langages! I remember seeing albums from Suzanne vega or Leonard Cohen with the same kind of booklet. I haven't bought it yet, but I guess it should be interesting to see what the booklet looks like (usually they slightly alter the original design, but Leonard Cohen's had original paintings from him in it). By the way, this "Edition limitee" caused some problems, as it was often confused in shops with the "Edition Collector" (the one with the DVD). Still, I guess the lyric booklet addition is included with every first edition of the album, something as "as long as stocks last".

Scarlet's Web details and help posts the following about Scarlet's Web:

Scarlet's Walk is your key to "Scarlet’s Web," an entire online bonus world right here only accessible when the disc is in your CD-ROM drive. ConnecteD technology recognizes the CD and will then let you unlock this exclusive content. Once inside "Scarlet's Web," you'll find three maps to navigate through a vast, bonus world of photos, songs not found on Scarlet's Walk, lyrics, a track-by-track commentary from Tori, behind-the-scenes video, mini movies, stories, contests to win front-row concert tickets, and souvenirs to collect along the way. A special highlight of "Scarlet’s Web" will be exclusive live tracks recorded along Tori’s On Scarlet’s Walk tour that embarks on November 7. These live songs from the road will be premiered exclusively for fans in "Scarlet’s Web."

Here are more details on how Scarlet's Web will work from Mike Gray:

You go to the web-site, download a Shockwave Applet and it checks the CD in your drive is the correct one, and by doing that allows you access. No need for a multimedia portion on the CD. So don't panic on Monday / Tuesday when there's no data session on your CD. There isn't meant to be one!

For more, check out this page at

On the Scarlet's Web was lauched, October 29, 2002, there was only one b-side available for download called "TomBigBee". The quality leaves much to be desired though. Some Toriphiles are having a hard time finding it. My hint to you is "Mississippi"! Many people have asked me how they can download this song. I am really not sure (I have not had time to play with it too much!), but it can be done because there are clips of the song online already in different places. The quality of the song however leaves much to be desired. Being the perfectionist that Tori is, I am surprised she would allow them to post an inferior sounding version of the song, unless maybe they hope to release it on a single one day and don't want a good recording of it floating around...

Most people were shocked to learn on the day that Scarlet's Web went live, October 29, 2002, that Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Mac OS X users, as well as Linux users, were unable to access Scarlet's Web. This left out a lot of people!

A day later, on October 30, 2002, the following email was sent to various fans who emailed Sony disillusioned with the fact that they could not access Scarlet's Web with Windows XP or 2000. The letter says:

To Tori Amos Fans

Thank you for your ConnecteD email, we're sorry for any inconviencence we may have caused you.

ConnecteD is supported on Windows XP/Windows 2000.
Windows XP/Windows 2000 users may have experienced problems accessing the Tori Amos ConnecteD. We have uploaded a patch which allows the plugin to be installed properly.

Please Note
In order for the ConnecteD to work you need to have administrator access on your computer.

Thank you,

So most of you using Windows should be able to access Scarlet's Web now. Make sure any firewalls you have are shut down, that you are not on any instant messenger program, and that you do not have any other video/audio player, like Windows Media Player, active. Mac OS X users are still locked out, but booting into Mac OS 9 should allow access for Macintosh users too. (You may have to boost the memory of your browser using the Get Info command from the File menu.) Both Windows and Mac users must also have the latest Shockwave software and Quicktime 5 or higher installed.

Here is more troubleshooting advice from Christian Roberts AKA Wungy:

Just another additional bit of advice I found, for AOL users with Win XP/2000, be sure the AOL quickstart icon is closed in the system tray, this program handles alot of media defaults and will interfere with Scarlet's Web access, only after I disabled this was I able to get ConnectED.

If you are using Windows XP or 2000 and still can not get access to Scarlet's Web, try the following workaround as a LAST resort:

I have been told by landj9697 that Windows XP users have been getting into Scarlet's Web by first going to a similar web site for the band Korn with the Scarlet's Walk disc in your CD-ROM Drive:

  1. Go to and select "Click Here To Begin"
  2. The next page will ask you to install some ConnecteD software. Let it.
  3. Then go to Scarlet's Web and try to use it.

It seems worth a try, but be careful! The Dent can not guarantee this is risk free!

Album Booklet Scans

Song Lyrics

Lyrics to all the songs on Scarlet's Walk have been posted to the Toriphoria web site!

Musicians on the album

  • Tori Amos - Bosendorfer Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Arp and All Vocals
  • Matt Chamberlain - Drums and Percussion
  • Jon Evans - Bass
  • Mac Aladdin - Electric Guitar on tracks 2, 3, 11, 12, 15 & 16, Acoustic Guitar on track 5
  • Robbie McIntosh - Electric Guitar on tracks 1, 3, 6, 14 and Acoustic Guitar on tracks 2, 3, 14 and Dobro on track 17
  • David Torn - Electric Guitar on tracks 6, 16 and Acoustic Guitar on track 6
  • Strings Arranged by John Philip Shenale, Conducted by David Firman, Orchestrated by Scott Smalley, Performed by Sinfonia of London, Directed by Peter Wilson on tracks 4, 13, & 18. Chamberlain Flutes on track 13 - John Philip Shenale
  • Extensive credits cans be found on Scarlet's Web

More details on Robbie McIntosh

This comes from Mike Gray:

Tori snagging Robbie McIntosh is pretty big, the guy played with Paul McCartney and other huge names in the world of rock... he's pretty much a legend in his own lifetime.

Prompted "Hitchhiker's Guide" author Douglas Adams to write

Linked to The Beatles,

"Among the top names in the business"

Credits and Thanks

Mike Gray sent me the following Credits and Thanks from the Scarlet's Walk album:

All Songs Written by Tori Amos. (c) 2002 Sword and Stone Publishing Inc. (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. Recorded and Mixed by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek. Assisted by Adam Spry at Martian Engineering, Cornwall, England. Produced by Tori Amos.

Mastered by Jon Astley at Martian Engineering, Cornwall, England.

Photography : Kurt Markus
Art Direction : Sheri Lee and Dave Bett
Web Producer : Laurie Mucciolo
Illustration : Jeffery Fulvimarj

Management : Arthur Spivak and John Witherspoon for Spivak Sobol Entertainment

Production Coordinator: Mike Rose
Studio Technician : Adam Spry
Project Research & Personal Assistant : Chelsea Laird Bsodenrfer and Keyboard Technician : Trevor Lowe
Chef: Duncan Pickford
Studio Accounting: Helen Gilbert
Household Coordinator: Debbie Ward
Resident Mary Poppins: Hayley West
Entertainment Coordinator: Natashya Hawley

Strings Arranged by John Philip Shenale
Recorded by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek Assisted Andrew Nicholls & Ryu Kawashima At Sony Music Studios, London, England

All photos of Tori / Scarlet photographed in Montana by Kurt Markus. Produced by Ron Beinner
Represented by Wild Horse

The talents of the Glam Squad: Karen Minns, Leslie Chikes and Cim Mahoney

Native American Resource: Manny King at Haskell Indian Nation University

Project Accounting: Phil Holthouse and Cindy Cooper at Holthouse, Carlin and Van Tright
US Tour accounting: Bill V and Martha Liermann for PRovident Financial European Accounting
David Ravden for Martin, Greene and Ravden Legal Representation: Jaime-Young and John Branca at Ziffren, Birttenham, Branca and Fisher
Dr. Marie Amos Dobyns with DRS With U medical support for Tori and crew.

US Booking : Carole Kinzel at Creative Artists Agency European Booking : Mike Dewdney of International Talent Booking

Project Thank You's:
Polly Anthony and Dave Glew - no words needed Steve Barnett, Ceci Kurzman, Piero Giramonti, Rose Noone, Michelle Schweitzer, Tracy Bufferd, Joel Klalman, Sheri Lee, David Bett, Adriana, Sierra Dukakis, Harvey Leeds, Karen Gonzalez, Mike Sarkissian, and Cory Llewellyn

To all those at Epic US - be seeing you soon. To Epic UK - many thnks, especially to Rob Stringer, Alisa Robertson, Kim Machray, Angie Sommerside and Malcolm Eade.

Personal thanks:
To Mark and Natashya - home is wherever the two of you are. To Mother and the ancestors - this one is for you Dad - as always, the song protector.
MIchael and your visions.
Marie - "we are pomegranates not apples"
Nancy Shanks- sanity and guide through the darkness to a good bagel. Johnnie - ounce upon a time there lived a faerie on your shoulder - kinda like it there...
Arthur - the ties that bind, Blessed be.
Neil Gaiman - keyscdstrucksbeachesinpockets... Phil & Katie Holthouse - we've almost got a basketball team Marcel & Thea van Limbeek - from our diaper genie to yours Philly & Marta - a time signature in itself Matt Chamberlain & Jon Evans - the groove machine Duncan Pickford - the true good earth
Jon AStley - our favourite frequency and clam-baking dude.

Special Thank You's to:
Cody, Casey, Kit, Kelsey & Corey, Debbie, Wesley, Philip and Kelly. Dr. Marlow & Staff, Carole Kinzel - my favourite redhead. Irene Hawley - the most understanding woman in christendom.

Hayley, Trevor, Emily, SuperDebs, Siany and Reese, Adam & Karen, Edward & Luke, Mick & Pearl, Andrew and Barry Pluke. Billy 7 Betty Reckert, Vincent Cooper-Smith, John The Builder, "C", Bob, Phil, Gary L, Malcolm, Jason, Rick, John B. and Dave. John & Heather Penn at SSE, Neil at Neve. John Gardiner, Debs, Lee and Victoria. Martin at Woolacotts. Alf at Trewin Design. Nat & Rob

Very Special Thank You : Kevin Aucoin

Additional Crew Thanks:
Jerome Crooks, Andy Solomon, Dam Boland, Rosalind Walker, Jenni Clark, Joel Hopkins, Steve Sanchez, Andy Yates, Don E. , Rupert and Stan Whittaker.

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