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Added January 14, 2001

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 Entry Page has voted Tori's fans among the best on the net! In a feature called "The Net's Best Fans (And the Artists They Connect With), which appeared online sometime in early 2001 or so, they list Tori along with several other artists. See what they wrote below along with the list of artists with the most zealous online fan communities. Thanks to Gretchen Harris for first alerting me to this!

Back in the not so old days, pop stardom was a one-way trip. There was no way for musicians to share information, get immediate feedback, or even swiftly dispel rumors. And outside of the occasional fan club conference, there was no way for devotees to express themselves.

The Net changed that for good. Now artists can reach fans like never before: posting midnight thoughts on the Web, uploading unreleased demos or jumping into the mosh pit of online chat. As for the fans, the Net allows them to completely indulge their obsessions.

Not all artists excel at -- let alone even want -- such intimacy. But the ones who do have spawned some of the most passionate communities, from Prince's Newpowersoul Family to Pearl Jam's Jamily. In some cases, the fans have done most of the work (calling Mr. Slim Shady?).

Either way, here's our list of the most zealous online fan communities

  • Tori Amos - Toriphiles rock each other while Amos brings up baby
  • The Beastie Boys - The Ill communication lines are open
  • The Beatles - Fab Four fans prove "1" isn't the loneliest number
  • Beck - Sissynecks and Jack-Asses know where it's at
  • David Bowie - The Sailor's crew download -- and bank! -- together
  • Dave Matthews Band - Warehouse dwellers "do it" better
  • Eminem - Slim Shady's crew stand up online, with or without him
  • Hole - Love her or hate her, Courtney takes care of her fans
  • Korn - From album covers to set lists, the Children call the shots
  • Marilyn Manson - The Antichrist Superstar lives online these days
  • 'N Sync - Get ready for the ultimate virtual teenage riot
  • Offspring - It pays to be an Offspring fan . . . literally
  • Pearl Jam - The Jamily that grieves together, trades together
  • Phish - It'll take more than a hiatus to stop the phresh posts
  • Prince - The Newpowersoul Family follow the sun
  • Public Enemy - Believe the hype: among the Net's most savvy bunch
  • Radiohead - Cryptic rockers makes for cryptically cool community
  • Rage Against the Machine - With or without Zack, the Comrades rage on
  • Britney Spears - Britney fans -- and future husbands -- unite
  • Ween - All Ween, all the time for Ween weirdos

If you click on Tori's name you get the following on the Rolling Stone web site:

    Key Sites (official),,

    The Skinny
    One of the first major artists to embrace the Web as a commercial medium, Tori offered her single "Bliss" for sale as a digital download, while MP3 sponsored her 1999 tour with Alanis Morissette. She's been quiet of late -- blame it on motherhood -- but Toriphiles remain rabidly loyal online, trading info and MP3s about her various soundtrack contributions. You can gauge the devotion of each fan by their posting status -- ranging from @pprentice to @ddict.

    The Buzz
    Fans are wondering how long Tori is going to stay on hiatus (due to her newborn infant Natashya, born September 5th), contesting rumors about upcoming tours and albums. If Madonna could pop out a kid and still perform, why not Tori?

    Tori Amos›Writes:
    "An ounce of breast milk is even more potent than the finest tequila."

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