Italian Paper 'D: la Repubblica delle donne'
December 21, 1999

Added December 23, 1999

Toriphile heles from Italy has transcribed from Italian to English an article that appeared in the Italian Paper 'D: la Repubblica delle donne' on December 21, 1999. You can read and see 2 very nice photos that were printed with the article below. Many thanks to heles for doing this for us!

well apparently tori missed all her Italian dates for a reason, but the Italian press didn't miss to notice her in a few occasions in this late time of the year.

I'm sending you a transcript (a translation actually) of an article that appeared on the Italian paper 'D: la Repubblica delle donne' (='D: the Republic of Women, where the letter D stays for 'Donna', in Italian = 'Woman'). This paper is actually a weekly supplement of the daily newspaper 'La Repubblica' (whose online place is and is supposed to bring out the 'feminine side of a nation', hence the title.

the article appeared on the 21st December 1999 issue (n.181 year IV) of the paper and dedicated a three pages space (three columns and half) to three of the most&best loved 'folk' singers of the '90s, namely Jewel, Ani di Franco, Tori Amos. I will report only the bits that swim around tori here, but if you would like to know how an Italian paper would comment on the other two, I'm willing to translate the whole thing.

I've also scanned the two half pages pictures of tori. overlaid on top of the tori pics are the words 'Dal mondo' = 'From the world'. on the left side of the pic, I preserved the title and comment of the article.

708 x 607

529 x 641

here goes the translation:

by Olga D'Al

Jewel the spiritual, Ani di Franco the committed, Tori Amos the bashful. They are the queens of the American musical scene. Capable to talk of life in words and notes.


They couldn't be more different one from the other. Still they are the three American songwriters most loved by critics and public, both in their motherland and on the international scene. In order to define Jewel, Tori Amos and Ani di Franco, somebody tried to clutch at vaguely trite definitions: such as heiresses of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, Chrisse Hynde and Suzanne Vega. Heedless of the fact that some of these "ladies of music" are way far from having their creative vein dried up. Besides, it's true that these three girls have strongly contributed to relive a genre that didn't look much attractive anymore: folk music revisited.

[snip: jewel bit]

[snip: ani di franco bit]

[quoting tori side note]

Tori Amos:"I'm the producer of myself, it's the best way to protect my art. I work with a team of musicians and sound engineers that I deeply respect: if they have some intelligent suggestions, as a producer, I seize them"

[back to article text]

She keeps herself strictly far from the star system, she's Tori Amos, class of 1963. After her wedding, she ha driven herself to a secluded corner of Cornwall, reachable only through a tortuous pattern of country roads. A land that must've had her haunted, since she forfeited her Italian commitments to promote hr new album ( a double CD set titled 'To Venus and Back') because of homesickness. Such a runaway can be forgiven to an artist who never spared herself and tells how tiring can be to rise to life her songs :"I stare at my piano, I pursue it, and it stares back at me, it yawns and gets back to sleep. It's like it's telling me: scream off, Tori, I'm on vacation. Then it pries up for just a second. Just before it hides again and engages me in another hunting party".

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