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The Kitchener-Waterloo Record
November 7, 2002

Added November 27, 2002

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A review of Scarlet's Walk appears in the November 7, 2002 edition of The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, a newspaper in Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Lucy for sending it in.

Amos in fine form on Scarlet's Walk...


Tori Amos

Scarlet's Walk (Epic/Sony)

Why has Tori Amos written her best collection of songs in years? She credits the experience of travelling the U.S. on her 2001 tour in the wake of Sept. 11 for inspiring the 18 songs here. If there is some connection there, it's pretty tenuous and her lyrics are as cryptic as always -- this isn't The Rising.

More likely, she has rejuvenated herself in the wake of 2001's all-covers album Strange Little Girls, where her interpretive skills resulted in one of her best albums ever. And before that, 1999's To Venus and Back was accompanied by a live disc that put the "real" album to shame. That brings us to Scarlet's Walk, which finds Amos in consistently fine form, even if she's playing it somewhat safe. The best tracks are the bookends: the opening poppy porn parable Amber Waves and the beautifully nostalgic, string-drenched Gold Dust.

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