Rail Magazine
June 1998

Added June 11, 1998

Toriphile Hendrik Jan van Elmpt translated and send me a short article that appeared in the June 1998 issue of the Dutch train-only-magazine 'Rail'. He also sent me 2 photos from the article which you can see below.

Tori Amos: Fairy or Shrew?

'Tori Amos is irresistible and pitiless at the same time. One of those obstinate women in the popmusic, with her own personal musical style, like in the past Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush did. At earlier concerts in our country (Holland!) she proved to cope with the world, behind her grand piano. She commemorated Kurt Cobain two years ago, with a breathtaking version of his 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Religion, sexuality, man-woman-relationsships - Tori's songs are filled with them. Cryptic songs, in which you never know with whom you're dealing, a fairy or a shrew, but they both show their magic. She reached two times the hit parade (Holland!), first with the catching 'Cornflake Girl' (1994) and later again with 'Professional Widow' (1996). Tearing down the patriarchy within relationships, and women showing their own justice and strength, that's what it is all about, as she says.'

Where: June 10, Den Haag (Congresgebouw)

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