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The Greatest No 1s Of All Time on BBC Radio 2
November 9, 2002

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Tori appeared on the BBC Radio 2 program "The Greatest No 1s Of All Time" on November 9, 2002. This was broadcast again on November 17, 2002. (There may have been other times as well.) The show was a rundown of a chart voted for by listeners. Tori was heard on the show talking about her own favourite. She chose "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones. She talked for less than a minute, just mentioning a time when she was stuck on the M4 (a major road in the UK) and this song made her feel better. The song "Paint It Black" came in at #42 on the listeners poll. Thanks to Ian Smith and Steven Mcilroy for the details. You can see a little summary of the show and a nice photo of Tori that appeared in the Daily Mail Weekend TV Guide. Thanks to Steven Mcilroy for the scan.

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